RHONY Ramona Singer Calls Aviva Drescher A Bully!

Posted on October 1st, 2012 at 12:04 pm

The claws have been out between Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher on the Real Housewives of New York City and only RumorFix spoke to the queen of Pinot Griogio to get the inside scoop.

After constant feuding between the girls on their trip to St. Barth's,  Aviva was furious with Ramona on last week's show and wasted no time going in for the attack during a showdown over tea.

"I'm hoping to get somewhat of a sober person in front of me," Aviva snapped, explaining to the camera why she arranged to meet Ramona during the day.

We asked Ramona why Aviva was bashing her.

'I don't know I mean I don't really listen to what Aviva says because basically this woman is full of anger, she's not very happy and her anger is displaced toward me," Ramona tells us exclusively. "If you saw that scene at tea, she actually had hate in her eyes. You know I feel sorry for her. You know she makes Kelly [Bensimon] look sane."

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Ramona goes on to say, "You know I enjoy life and I think she doesn't and I think some women are threatened by other women who have it all, who have a career who have great friends and I beat to my own drummer, I am not out to impress anyone and I want to live life to the fullest and who is she? I mean she is a bully!'

Is Aviva jealous? Ramona says, "I don't know what her problem is? I don't know she makes up stories. She is delusional," Ramona tells RumorFix. "You know I mean do I enjoy my wine? Absolutely! That's why I made my wine. I drink wine, listen people have been drinking wine since the roman days you drink that's what people do. You have a nice dinner you have a glass of wine. You have people over you have wine. I'm on vacation I drink wine. I'm not sitting here doing shots of vodka and tequila like Heather [Thomson] and Carole [Radziwill]. You know she has two sets of rules, one for me and one for everyone else."

Ramona concludes with "I know who I am you know I don't drink any more or any less than anyone else on the show."

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    1. Bebe says:

      Aviva is a total Witch!!! At least ramona tells it like it is!!

    2. Bebe says:

      What is wrong Aviva she is a total lunatic!!

    3. Katy says:

      I really dont understand these women sometimes fighting over nonsense its a bit crazy

    4. Alberta says:

      Can they ever get along and be civil?? I would just shop and smile’

    5. comJaniebatarla says:

      I can’t even stand to hear Aviva’s voice anymore. She is a broken record repeating the same phrases over & over again, ad naseum!!! If I heard her say,”that behavior was disgusting” once, I heard it a million times!

    6. comJaniebatarla says:

      Her anxiety is clearly not her only issue! Did Heather not tell her quite directly ti keep the coat on?? If you don’want to take direction, then don’t participate. What a pain in the…

    7. Vivian says:

      Aviva is classy and intelligent, unlike Romona, who is verbally abusive to everyone!!! Romona met her match now she can’t take it!!!  I also hope that Louann puts Carol in her place on the Reunion for talking behind her back the entire time.  And Carol needs to eat something because it looks like she is doing more than weed!!

    8. Jillian says:

      I agree with Ramona and I would also call Aviva  nutjob, along with her little doggie I mean her little Daddy George.    Aviva is given people with disabilities a bad bad name.

    9. Jillian says:

      I agree with Ramona and I would also call Aviva  nutjob, along with her little doggie I mean her little Daddy George.    Aviva is given people with disabilities a bad bad name.

    10. ann says:

      Ramona Singer is the biggest lunatic I have ever seen. Her eyes bulge and her mouth is disgusting. She thinks she is all that and when she gets with Sonja it is a nightmare. Those two have to be the centre of attention no matter what. I don’t get why her husband has never said anything to her surely he must be embarrassed by her. She certainly seems to have a drinking problem.

    11. ally says:

      Aviva is totally self-absorbed! Wanting the girls to roll red carpet, put up a party or banner to welcome her? Who does she think she is? The girls were nice not to tell her to go back where she comes from! It disgusts me everytime she appears on the screen! If she apologises, that is only to keep her in good faith with viewers, this is not sincere.

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