RHOBH’s Marisa Zanuck Trashes Teresa Giudice And RHONJ

Posted on October 15th, 2012 at 5:41 pm

As fans of the Real Housewives series, we have to wonder: what do the stars of the show think of their regional counterparts? Well, new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Marisa Zanuck answered our question recently in this surprising interview!

Marisa, who was was at the grand opening of Kyle Richard's new Beverly Hills boutique, told RumorFix, "I don't like the New Jersey Housewives. I'm so sick of seeing Teresa [Giudice] and her family fight. It's annoying. I don't want to see it anymore."

The new reality star is married to producer Dean Zanuck, son of producer Richard Zanuck and grandson of Darryl Zanuck, the co-founder of 20th Century Fox.  So Marisa doesn't feel like she needs to be politically correct.

"Teresa seems like a bitch," Marisa says, "I don't like Teresa. Maybe at first [I liked Teresa] in the first season. But then she was so mean to Danielle [Staub]. She went over above and beyond what she had to do to make her point. I don't like women like that. She's mean."

By the way Marisa speaks, it looks like she'll be a refreshing addition to RHOBH.

    • Debejere

      Aw ooooo > look at housewive junkies > we are getting ready for a great ride ūüôā

    • Jill

      This person seems like a real pig even before the show starts.  I predict the public will hate her because she has already shown us what a creep she is.

    • Judy Chay

      If she hates Teresa, then I LOVE her! Teresa is a pig…you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a PIG!

    • Didipie

      WOW ..Is she really this stupid? She has already dug her grave. OH MY GOODNESS!!!

    • I agree with¬† her I used to like Real Housewives of New Jersey¬† but now it has become¬† way too dramatic¬† almost to the point were its not even watchable, it has become almost like Jersey Shore¬† except the people¬† are old, I think everyone on that show is very conceited¬† and selfish¬† to a degree, the other shows might have there dramatic moments , and some might be very selfish and conceited, but at least¬† they know how to maintain a¬† certain level of class¬† while they are being selfish and conceited , I applaud this woman for her honesty.

      • goober

        They need to fire Katfish and Melissa and hire two new Housewives. Frankly, I would also replace Caroline and Jac, but that might be too much change at once.¬† Melissa and Katfish ruined the show. I can’t stand them.

    • susie

      yea she’s done for already!!

    • Liz_stephenson

      Hey,Hey Hey,Let’s see who going to TRASH MRS.ZANUCK!!!!!

      • goober

        This woman is a nobody trying to get attention by bashing a top star on Bravo.

    • Omg!!!! Get your mouth off the freaking mouth so we can hear……..dayummmm

    • Leighbeme

      Lipstick aside, in the case of the RHONJ, it takes more than a cursory view to determine exact;u who is the pig.¬† I truly believe the real oinkers ain’t Teresa.

    • Kenya123

      Teresa is a hot mess!

    • goober

      This woman totally lacks polish.

    • malibu barbie

      who is Marisa and why do we care what she has to say 

    • Misslobo75

      Thats why Mel and Kat never should of join the show! Melissa join the show with her family drama. And Marisa gets some class!!!!

    • Spoiledmom

      Damn is she going to swallow the mic? Interview much?

    • Dougdenslowe

      Tell the reporter to not speak so closely to the microphone.What an idiot!

    • Dougdenslowe

      There’s Joni Hipp choking on the mike……again!Fire her,she’s not that hot!