Pilar Sanders: My Electricity Was Shut Off While Deion Sanders Makes $161,500 A Month

Posted on October 6th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

RumorFix has learned exclusively that former Football Wives star Pilar Sanders has been forced to move out of her house, because the electricity and gas have been shut off for lack of payment.

The model, who is locked in a nasty divorce with former NFL player Deion Sanders, is having a hard time making ends meet, according to her publicist Kali Bowyer.

Pilar's attorneys filed an emergency request to get Deion to continue with his support payments.

Deion was ordered to pay $10,500 a month in child support in April, but because the two are locked in a court battle no payments have been made.

According to court documents obtained by RumorFix, Deion makes $161,565.25 a month and is worth $250 million. His attorneys are claiming the $10,500 in child support is extreme and six times what everyone else in Texas pays. Plus, they claim paying the utilities is not a child support expense.

Before this crisis, Pilar's monthly expenses were $24,600 -- that includes expenses for the children like organic meals, cellphones and special hair products for their daughter.

Futhermore, Pilar claims that the $10,500 a month is just six percent of Deion's income.

Bowyer tells RumorFix exclusively, " This is an horrific situation that Mr. Sanders has placed Pilar and the children in, by completely disregarding his, not only court ordered obligations, but as well as his obligations as a father to provide support. It clearly comes as a great shock to see that one of America's beloved athletes would turn his back on a hungry child, especially his own. While Pilar has pleaded for the courts to take a stand and enforce the existing support order, she has yet to see any relief in the matter."

UPDATE: Deion tweeted us, "@RumorFix lol kids are with me half the week. Check your facts whole articles wrong. Lol God bless u. A lie don't care who tells it." We trying to reach him to get more of his side of the story.

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  • 26 Responses

    1. Serious says:

      Pilar can go get a job instead of shopping and eating out every night. She has her priorities mixed up. Please tell her bills first. Beautiful girl with no common sense.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Serious:  Are you serious?  Do you know Pilar?  Those are very strong accusations on your part.  Are you considering the fact that it’s not easy to “go get a job” in this economy.  Besides, she was a stay-at-home Mom for over 12 years who gave this man 3 beautiful kids.  I , as a man and a Dad, can’t support Deion’s position in this instance.  If his net worth is as reported, then this is not a lot of money that he has to pay.

        • SoandSo says:

          She needs to stop with the lies. She got caught cheating with multiple dudes and now she’s paying for it. The problem is her life as she once knew it is over it’s time to get a job. I know both parties well and he’s a wonderful father who supports his kids and others.

          • valerian davis says:

            I’m sorry, but a “wonderful father” does not behave like this. Wonderful people know how to preserve civility and dignity, especially when children are privy to goings-on. A mother should never have her children taken from her, UNLESS she is a harm to them. It is ridiculous to even joke that this very busy multi-millionaire media personality was as present in his children’s daily lives as their mom. The courts in this country have swung too far to the other end of the spectrum in preserving fathers’ rights. It is really about men who do not want to pay child support. That’s taxable. To them. The courts are complicitous in making it more difficult for divorcing moms to recover their footing, and they do not care. They do not care about “what is best” for the kids. It is a subtle war on women, and the children are used as leverage.

        • Toobadsosad..... says:

          Wow, really!!! You sound like a fool. She is able to get something. I’m sure we all have heard, ” you can’t get by on good looks alone”. She just had to learn the hard way.

          • Blackman says:

            @Toobad…  Do I sound foolish?  You’re saying that because she has “good looks” she should be treated differently than others?  Let me be clear, I believe both Deion and Pilar are juvenile in their behavior.  They are both spoiled and celebrity has gone to their heads.  But remember, Deion pursued her as much as she pursued him.  After 12 years and 3 kids, are you saying she deserves nothing?  Also remember, Deion violated his marriage vows with Tracey Edmonds. 

            • Email@email.com says:

              I’m sorry….10k a month is good enough if she supplements it WITH A JOB! Some people don’t even make 10k annually. Yes, you do sound foolish. Sorry, but you do!

            • valerian davis says:

              Don’t think he was married to Travey, wasn’t it Carolyn?

            • Anonymous says:

              Carolyn was the 1st wife. Deion cheated on her and pursued Pilar while still married to Carolyn. While married to Pilar, he cheated with Tracey. This “Man of God” is leaving a trail of bad examples for the kids he claims to love.

        • valerian davis says:

          Plus, alimony is a tax deduction to the person who pays it. He would reap a benefit from paying it. And that’s only if he viewed it in a dollars-and-sense light. What about ensuring your children and their real-life mom, your former real-life wife, do not suffer any loss of quality of life just because your marriage bit the dust? Were I a man, and a multi-millionaire to boot, I swear I would not go out like this. My family would know that I AM a man, and that I value their Momma. Regardless. That is the right example to set before children. Not this mess. And the way he takes and makes comedy out of his so-called religion? Shameless. Ego maniac. Narcissist. I used to be a fan.

    2. Marrymorre says:

      Why didnot your mom or sister  or brother pay the bill of of you live in the house. Why is your soon to be ex responsible for taking care of your family. All yall grown people need to get a job and stop waiting on a man to take care of you. You wanted to model act and work now is your time. You clained you didnt want to be a stay at home mom….so now go get a damn job

      • Maica says:

        THAT DEION IS PAYING FOR he was ordered to pay 3000 per month in morgage for
        this house were ALL THESE PPLE LIVE not just Deion’s children. Deion’s children
        stay there ONLY 3 and a half days per week YET all these pple want HIM to pay
        for their BILLS INCLUDING FOOD … shameful… but Pilar wants to keep having
        the same life styl;e she had before and NOT WORK either it is NOT for her

        she really cared about those kids SHE WOULD MAKE SURE THEIR ELECTRICITY AND GAS
        DO NEVER GET TURNED OFF instead of paying her bills she takes the kids to a
        hotel Westin costs 300 per night… check it and see… MAKES NO SENSE taking
        children to a hotel and give them UNSTABLE situations paying 300 per night
        instead of your bills all to Accuse their Father make drama and pressure DEION


        • valerian davis says:

          I am so on the beautiful former Mrs. Deion Sander’s side (as in: Pilar, not that bitchy Carolyn), but her whole damned family definitely should NOT be living in her home. Especially with her ex footing the mortgage. It only takes a Momma to babysit so you don’t have to rely on nanny services.

    3. Just like any other dead beat dad, he’s not exempt from being a tired baby daddy!

    4. Apollonyabliss Bouyer' says:

      He sucks and I am surprise that the courts are coming down on him for violating a court order, if it was her they would have came down on her like DEA on a drug bust with a no knock warrent!

    5. Kim Koons says:

      Can’t she go get a job. She looks healthy to me!

    6. Alrober_06 says:

      I’m glad Deion CHECKED your a*s with false information.  Typical Ghetto website. 

    7. MSG4LIFE says:


      • SANDRA_GOINS says:


        • Maic says:

          The Westin costs 300 per night… but she will NOT pay ger electricity or gas… instead takes those kids to live in a hotel MALES NO SENSE

    8. ms young says:

      i’m sorry, it’s a little hard to feel sorry for someone who had(has) the means to take of themselves. it’s time to get resourceful and get out there and find your way. maybe you should sell some of your material things or better yet, find a job.

    9. Rachel Slurr says:

      How is that his fault???!! My ex doesn’t pay my bills!

    10. Seanakeith says:

      I never cared for Deion because I personally wanted him to be a better rold model. Deion has proven to be a smart person, he’s not broke, he takes care of his family, his kids will never go hungry, he a good person. Hps goal was to marry a wife not a name climber, someone who would use his hard work to gain status. $10,000 per month is unfair if the kids need special care they should live with the father who can provide for them. Pilar who get an education or a skill to provide for herself.

    11. Joelkent says:

      Sounds like Dion doesn’t see how poorly this reflects on him as a person, as well as a business person. If he truly is worth so much and makes as much monthly as stated then why not be the bigger person and throw out the prenup and offer her 25 million to settle then take the high road. Instead it looks like a little boy yelling ” mine….mine it’s all mine” now go away! Sorry excuse for a man and I hope he loses all of his money in bad business dealings or poor management. And for the record I don’t even like Pilar, but fair is fair.

    12. Anonymous says:

      fire your publicist, dumbass

    13. valerian davis says:

      Wow. What an incredibly despicable malignantly narcissistic ‘man’. This was your wife, dude. Whatever, it didn’t work out, you want new booty, whatever! This was your wife. He should be ashamed of himself. How he is treating her, positively, is a reflection back on himself. How he feels about HIMSELF. The fact that she IS (the ex) Mrs. Deion Sanders should absolutely positively mean something, like: she does not, will not, have to undergo such humiliating experience. He should have been a real man about this mess: understood her being emotionally torn up about their marriage ending, but assured her- and the world- that she AND HIS KIDS WITH HER would not suffer one iota of lack, even though he wanted to get ghost from his husband role. Alimony is a TAX DEDUCTION for the payor!!! He doesn’t want to see her recover after he exits from him and moves on with her life. But, if he had ever truly loved her, he would desire nothing less than that! If only because she is the mother of (some of) his children, for crying out loud. What does it mean to be- and to have been- Mrs. Deion Sanders? Apparently, not a damned thing. And, the first wife? Understandable if Pilar was part of a low-down showdown between Deion and her, but to insert herself in this mess is shameless. Makes HER look bad. The bigger move would have been to tell Deion “I do not want to get involved…for OBVIOUS reasons” and to have stuck to it. THAT would have made an EPIC story. And legacy.

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