Octomom Will Miss Halloween & Thanksgiving Because Of Rehab

Posted on October 30th, 2012 at 6:38 am

Nadya Suleman, known as Octomom, is in rehab for stress, exhaustion and anxiety and will likely miss trick or treating with her 14 kids and Thanksgiving, RumorFix has confirmed.  Octomom also wants to get off Xanax.

Octomom's rep says the woman who gained fame when she had octuplets three years ago checked into the Chapman House in Orange, California over the weekend just days after she gave RumorFix an exclusive tour of her home in Palmdale, California.

The 37-year-old mom seemed unusually calm and revealed to us that she is sleep-deprived, "Mommy gets to go to bed at 2 in the morning if I'm lucky -- if  I'm lucky... then i get to rise at 4:55 -- five o'clock everyday."

Octomom is in the program for 30 days and is leaving her children with nannies and she should be out after Thanksgiving.

    • Boomom03

      She’s in rehab because she and her manager found out that the caregiver of the octuplets gave proof of the fact that she’s a drunk and a neglectful mother.


      This is all damage control, and you can be there will be a round of ‘poor Nadya’ interviews, more begging, and of course the plight of those innocent kids will be ignored. I pray it doesn’t take one of the kids being seriously hurt before CPS does something finally. As it is, under Nadya’s care they are neglected, abused, malnourished, and in an unstable environment.

    • disappointed again

      UM, NO RUMORFIX.  UGH, Can you get anything right???  ALCOHOL!  She drives DRUNK with her kids in the car with NO INSURANCE on NEITHER CAR!  OMG.  WHAT ENABLERS.  You guys are TRYING to kill the kids!

      •  If you have proof — we would love to see it.

        • disappointed again

          How do I get in touch with someone who would publish proof?

        • Anonymous

          I guess Radar Online wasn’t afraid to publish this and they are not such big fans of Octomom: (re alcohol problem in addition to drugs & whatever else)

        • ekate9

          Hey Jay McGraw, if you want proof you can easily just ask your dad. Gina B is my aunt and I was with her to pick up the babies on August 15 when his crew was her home filming the B Roll for the episode that aired August 20. There were several crew members there filming her while she was high as a kite. The producer even asked Gina “Is she on drugs?” Gina said “no comment” while shaking her head “YES”. He also has footage of the babies crying in the van “No mommy, I wanna go Gina’s house”. 

        • ekate9

          While you speak to your dad, ask the production assistant Hailey (who was there that day) about the marshmallow cream that was slathered all over her lips when she never noticed 

          • ekate9

            Nadya being the one with the marshmallow cream, of course.

          • justice4all14

            WOW ekate9. Sounds like you can provide Mr. McGraw with as much proof as his little heart desires.

        • justice4all14

          “Rumorfix investigates the accuracy of third party media reports”

          This is from your OWN site!!! Now DO IT for the sake of the 14 Solomon children!!!!!!

        • donedonedone

          You mean you actually don’t read by lunch what your competition put out there before breakfast?

          What do you plan to use to fix rumors? Ductape?

        • You’ve had it…you’re not interested in the truth. It doesn’t sell as much or what?

        • howlazycanyoupeoplebe

          Are you getting paid for this job even though you need other people to do really basic research for you? I don’t even know you, but I’m somewhat embarrassed for you. Your future in kommunikatins ain’t two bryte.

    • disappointed again

      All you have to do is go to the Radar Online article with TWO VIDEOS.

      There have been numerous tweets of her buying vodka, she’s been drunk (and high, she constantly licks her lips and that’s an indication of more serious drugs) on Dr Phil’s own show.  All of this information has been put together into CPS reports.  Yet NOBODY is taking this seriously. 

      This is so sad.  I thought journalists were supposed to expose people.

      I don’t know how you people sleep at night.

      • They don’t care about the truth for some ODD reason…

    • Anonymous

      Here is the link to the RadarOnline concurrent article about lets play rehab by TMZ. It discusses her father calling (audio/video/pics) the “nanny” (aka actual caregiver) when she is out driving drunk:

    • Anonymous

      By the way that rehab center sounds questionable if she is making calls whenever she pleases, & will be out on a pass over the weekend. Sounds more like a spa than rehab. This all smells like just one more publicity stunt and she won’t be doing any serious self reflecting except in a mirror.

    • donedonedone

      If it was  just one bottom-feeder chasing fauxlebrity, I wouldn’t wonder why gossip sites are the ONLY outlets cutting some slack for a a delusionally narcissistic sociopath who is incapable of caring for herself , let alone 14 kids.

      But, like I said, if you go out and label yourself  Rumorfix and instead of doing that you just further deceptive spin, how do you not enable a madwoman who lost interest in her kids as soon as nse realized they weren’t going to provide her with a payday after all. If you want proof of that Rumorfix, all you have to do is interview Gina Bryson. She had documented enough to give a 4 hour testimony to the cops and CPS. 
      Why not  ask GinaB what she was telling them about witnessing, being right there while this tweaker was chugging her pills and her water-bottle vodka/cranberry Trailerpolitans, driving incapacitated with a herd of kids in the car and ignoring them at home. She fed them so little- while getting huge amount in monthly food stamps- that they put on 2 pounds apiece in six weeks staying with Gina. That’s like an adult putting on 15 pounds by the way. they showed symptoms like hoarding  of food deprivation.
      She neglected to take the ones who need therapy to various specialists – although it was free on medicaid,s o that they are varying degrees of being speech and development impaired. 
      But you would so much rather report on whatever spintasies, BackdoorGinaR,  her PR person and 20 percent agent tells you. 
      And so you’ll lose the story you could have been first to put it out there wide open. 

      14 kids, terminal famewhoring, tweaking  and serial child abuse. That is not going to stay under any PR table for long now that the counter-documentation is all ready to be out there.

      You Lie, you lose.

    • Mona Stenzel

      You folks need to change your name from RumorFix to Rumors. There is plenty of proof of the abuse and neglect of the octuplets, including allowing the older children to beat up on them, give them black eyes and serious bites. Now it comes out that, as we knew it would, one of her sons has watched his mothers diddle flick on his I-Phone and has allegedly sexually abused the octuplet girls. He is no longer living with the family in Palmdale. Maybe you need to be an advocate for 14 children instead of treating them like collateral damage just so you can get the latest ‘scoop’ on what octotwunt is up to.

    • Mona Stenzel

      And one more thing… the reason she gets only a couple hours of sleep is because is on speed. No human being alive can survive on that little sleep without pharmaceutical help. Then it’s the vodka with diet cranberry juice and a couple of xanax to bring her down enough to sleep. She gets her peace and quiet for naps by either locking the octuplets in their prison cell or in the backyard (in LaHarbra). Let’s hope she doesn’t lock them in a non-sheltered back yard on the edge of the Mojave desert in Palmdale.

    • donedonedone

      “….and will likely miss trick or treating with her 14 kids and Thanksgiving.”

      She wasn’t planning on doing anything for Halloween as she said herself .
      And I’m sure if you look at theTMZ comments from last few thanksgiving days you’ll find msSarcia spends them tweaking fanmail to herself.  
      Why give any other turkey centerstage?

      If BackdoorGinaR had photoshopped that fantasy by just 5 more pixels it would look like Keith Richards in drag. If you are going to pay her publicist for photos and intend to expose reality as you state , I’m sure we’ve all seen a few more representational of actual reality. As opposed to DIY Reality programming. 

    • You call yourselves reporters, morons or what? Not sure why you’re so hell bent on covering up Octomom’s TRUE story but even Daddy Phil can tell you she was high as a kite when they did his show. Gina R. own you? Cause she says it, must be true? Just get this…each time you run one of your cover-up pieces on Octomom, you are preventing the TRUTH FROM HELPING 14 KIDS! As a dad, you think that would matter to you but you have proved once & for all that you’re only interest is helping Octomom continue to damage those poor kids! Do you know that your own mom & dad are CASA members? By the way, the good lady who set the record straight about OCTOMOM DRINKING & DRIVING, ACCEPTED ONLY A DONATION TO CASA TO BE MADE for her story. I hope your Karma is just what you deserve…shame on you.

      • Daddygotmeawebsite

        The caregiver should have the money donated elsewhere next time. I’ve thought for a long time that Dr. Phil’s supposed interest in CASA was for publicity, and I would seriously question an organization that he aligns himself with. There are many other charities.

        This site and its famewhore owner ought to be ashamed of such shi*ty “journalism,” at the expense of 14 helpless, abused children. You are even worse than Natalie Doud,
        because you are supposedly sane and you have more resources available to access the truth. How do you sleep at night? Shame on you.

    • Here is the link to the RadarOnline concurrent article about lets play rehab by TMZ. It discusses her father calling (audio/video/pics) the “nanny” (aka actual caregiver) when she is out driving drunk:http://www.radaronline.com/exc… don’t want you to have to tire yourself by scrolling too much.

    • Idiotjournalism

      This article could have been written by a fourth grader. Or a younger child who knows how to use Google.

    • AYFS

      You mean, she will miss Halloween because she’s in TN shooting a video with Cledus Judd, and she’ll miss Thanksgiving because hell, face it, she doesn’t want to be around her kids unless it’s a photo op.