Nanny Accusing Octomom Of Abuse Is Writing A Book, Says Rep

Posted on October 12th, 2012 at 11:42 am

Two former nannies, who worked for Nadya Suleman, are writing a book and telling lies, a rep for Octomom tells RumorFix.

KCBS-TV is reporting that the nannies have spoken to La Habra Police about child neglect and sexual abuse while the mother of 14 lived in the Orange County town.

“I feel like those children are in danger,” one of the women, whose identity is being protected, told KCBS ,  “I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.”

PICTURES: Octomom In A Bikini

The nannies allege Octomom tied her octuplets to their beds with cheese cloths around their waists to keep them from getting out of their cribs. They say she also blocked the door with a chair, because she didn't want to be bothered while she slept.

The former caregivers also allege that Nadya's older children are physically and sexually abusing the younger kids.

PICTURES: Octomom's Octuplets

Gina Rodriguez, who manages Octomom, tells RumorFix, "None of the allegations are true."  She goes on to say that both women weren't nannies -- she says only one was -- the other is just a good friend "trying to make money."

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"This is a woman, who became obsessed with the children and contacted me to help her write a book," Gina says.

"The woman has been stalking Nadya, calling the kids and texting Nadya threatening text messages that she could go to police unless Nadya brought her the children."

Nadya is planning to go after the women for slander.

Gina concludes by saying, "This is why Nadya chose to move far away." Octomom has since moved into a new home in Palmdale, California.


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    1. Skyler1 says:

      Come on, you and Nadya are a couple of liars, Gina-the-porn-queen. That former caregiver adored the children and just wanted them safe…Nadya wants to dump off her kids on anyone who will take them but if they start to love the person she gets jealous and cuts them off. She treats those kids like a crazy hoarder, neglects them and goes shopping or Disneyland without them…but if someone else comes in and treats them with love and nurturing she can’t stand it. She is a total mental case who needs to be in serious therapy. If you really cared about them Ms. Porn, you would see that they were taken care of properly. You should be ashamed, aiding and abetting an unfit parent like Nadya. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

    2. Mona Stenzel says:

      Ms Hershey Highway Rodriguez will do and say anything that will generate media attention for her client. After all, she gets 20% of whatever Notamama makes. They are both lying POS.

      The woman that Octomoron left her children with all summer so Octotrash could run around the country promoting her porn, loves the children and anyone can tell by looking at the pictures taken when they were with GinaB that they are smiling and happy. None of the pictures taken over the past 3.5 years show any of the octuplets smiling. EVER. They appear to be afraid of their parental unit. Now that they are able to take instructions, she can make them smile, but you can clearly see the smile in on their lips only, it does not reach their eyes.

      It will be a happy day when the octuplets are removed from her lack of care. Her older children are so out of control she has left them with relatives in Whittier. Her oldest son, the one responsible for the spray paint graffiti, was recently busted for tagging a neighbor’s home in his relatives neighborhood. The police were called. He is also so full of rage and anger against his parental unit, that he has become physically abusive toward her.

    3. Deanna Jones1972 says:

      The nanny isn’t writing a book.  But if she did, I have no doubt it would be a best seller!

    4. Anonymous says:

      If anything it would be Rodriguez who writes any book (if she can ever learn grammar). She is just trying to discredit anyone who actually has good intentions. This is just the same spiel Octo gave in response when the allegations began to surface in an ATTEMPT to control the backlash and saying the “caregiver” was obsessed with the children. The woman simply has genuine concern for the welfare of the children- something Suleman would never comprehend OR would her agent of choice. The caregiver already declined any payment for the Radar Online Story 10/30/12 where Suleman’s father calls her saying his daughter is driving drunk. Obviously the caregiver is not the one in it for money.

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