Is Justin Bieber’s Vocal Coach Ditching Him?

Posted on October 25th, 2012 at 7:41 am

Justin Bieber's vocal coach is taking to Twitter to dispel rumors that she's no longer working with the teenage heartthrob. Jan Smith, who has trained everyone from Usher to Rob Thomas on their vocals, says the gossip is nonsense, writing:

"OKAY Peeps! Let's all chill with the Bieber rumor mill! I haven't gone anywhere and am still down for JB. Just been working is all! Mama J."

And there you have it Beliebers ...

    • You forgot to mention that she also coached the great Kim Zolciak 😉 just saying 

    • wow rumors always……………………

    • Jona7560

      Rumors is just rumors Justin, you know better and everyone thats love you, sorry to say but they jelousy, yoyu are cut, have a voice of an angel and have good heart, so dont let the rumors stop you. you rock, love from ICELAND

      • Jona7560

        but they are jelousy, my English aint so good, but I will get better hahaha 🙂

      • Jona7560

        you are so sweet, I got a son as same age as you and I have to say you are an angel (your mim is so lucky and have done a great job with you)

        • Jona7560

          mom 🙂