EXCLUSIVE: The Secrets To Why Teresa Giudice Is So Tough

Posted on October 25th, 2012 at 9:05 am

Do you wonder how Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey stays in shape and is so tough -- well RumorFix knows all her secrets! We spoke exclusively to Teresa's trainer, Nicole Greco-Peepas.

PICTURES: Teresa Giudice Working Out With Nicole Greco-Peepas

Nicole, who specialized in TRX and boxing, says she met Teresa at Get Fit Health and Fitness Center last year and asked the reality star if she was ready to take it to the next level. Teresa said yes, and now she's seeing results.

"Teresa is tough if I ask to give me five more push-ups, she will give me six! So I know she was giving it her all," Nicole tells us. The reality star's work out consists of TRX, boxing for aggression, plyometrics, and heavy weight training on off days.

One of the secrets she uses with Teresa is Tabata training, which is 20 seconds of one exercise with 10 seconds of rest. Nicole says, 'This will get your heart rate through the roof and I am constantly changing up Teresa's routine. Teresa works out at least five days a week. The quote that I live by is 'Pain is weakness leaving the body.'"

So what about the diet? We know that pasta-loving Italian loves her carbs.

Her trainer says, "We have talked about her diet and we made some changes to give her more protein during the day and foods to give her more energy. Overall she is having very little pasta now."

Nicole says Teresa is different from the person you see on TV, "She always shows up very positive and ready to workout."

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    1. Anonymous says:

      A positive Teresa story! YEY! I imagined she’d be tough. I like how she looks good and not bulky! Tre is so beautiful!

    2. Lucky says:

      This does not keep her from looking like a drag queen….

    3. Barbara says:

      I always wondered how she looks so good her trainer must be good! I need to follow those tips wow! They look hot!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Did you guys really take this from AllAboutTRH? It was posted there 2 hours ago with the SAME picture..LOL

    5. Bboop0514 says:

      Really I take classes with her at Get Fit and she does nothing but whine and complain

    6. Nicole says:

      Teresa is beautiful. That boxin is going to ome in handy or season. Those ladies better watch out..

    7. Ginagianni24 says:

      No wonder she looks soooo good! I love her my favorite super mom and looks super good! she’s a tough Italiana love her! Wish I could workout with her trainer live in Florida! 🙁

    8. Shishi says:

      wow i need to hit the gym! Teresa looks fabulous after 4 babies and I don’t even have one…*sigh*

    9. Anonymous says:

      Of course she has never thought of reading a book.

    10. Serious says:

      She needs to use it on her cheating husband. Maybe she won’t suffer from co-dependancy.


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