EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice: My Parents Think RHONJ Is Disgusting

Posted on October 2nd, 2012 at 10:05 am

After the explosive Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion aired Sunday, September 30, RumorFix correspondent Real Mr. Housewife got the chance to chat with Teresa Giudice for an exclusive three-part interview.

There were no restrictions on this interview and it should be noted that Teresa was not paid for it. (Teresa has repeatedly been criticized for getting paid to talk to the media.)

First up -- Teresa talked about her cousin, Kathy Wakile, badmouthing Teresa's parents at the reunion.

“It was really sad. This is family. For family to do that --  it hurts and it’s very sad. I don’t know why she said it. It’s just sad and it’s not true," she told us exclusively.  "My mom is not a liar."

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Kathy also called Teresa's father a coward, "Really?!?" Teresa says. "I mean she adores him. They all went crazy for my dad. He’s an amazing guy. It’s just sad that she said that. My parents want nothing to do with this whole thing. They don’t even want to be on the show anymore. To them it’s disgusting. It’s not something that they want to be part of and it’s not something that I wanted to be part of."

Teresa says Kathy was retaliating because Teresa touched on a sensitive nerve about her cousin's marriage, "I mean, maybe now she has a good marriage, but she always didn’t. Everybody goes through ups and downs. Maybe she didn’t want anybody to know she had a down. I guess I hit a soft spot."

Teresa has repeatedly said Kathy and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, came on the show behind her back and says she hadn't  talked to her brother, Joe, for a year.

But the reality star says she misses the special time she used to share with her family.

“We had a boat -- a two bedroom boat --  on the water. Kathy used to be on our boat every weekend. We were really close -- same thing with Melissa and my brother. We used to do Sunday dinners every Sunday together. Things started changing when I got on the show. I guess they felt like I had to put them on. I invited them to every single party I had on the show. Maybe they were feeling like I wasn’t putting them enough on the show, but it wasn’t about them. The producers  didn’t want them on the show. I was trying to get them on the show but obviously they got themselves on the show behind my back eventually. That’s when things became a little weird. They felt like I had to invite them to everything and this was my job and it’s not like I could just invite people. And they didn’t want anyone but the five housewives who were on.”

Be sure to check out part two of the interview Wednesday when Teresa talks about the fiery Posche Fashion Show and why she confronted Melissa on camera on the allegations that she was a stripper.

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    1. Michael says:

      I hope you get to interview the other from the show. I would believe more of what is said in your interviews than I would in the magazines. I’m not saying that what you are told is the truth but that you “add” thing without letting us know that is is the editors comments. 

    2. Teresa has a weird way of rewriting history.  I believe Teresa brought up her parents first, alleging her mother could verify Kathy’s near divorce.  Kathy responded. 

      She says above that she was trying to get her sister in law and cousin on the show but producers weren’t interested…so why would she be upset when the producers became interested and hired Melissa and Kathy?  She keeps harping on this as if it were some great sin against mankind.    Its done…get over it or leave.

      If I thought for one second that something I was involved with was hurting and disgusting my parents… I would be out. Period.  Teresa is so hell bent on staking her claim, like a child “I was here first!”  that she can’t just step back and do the right thing REGARDLESS of who was there first. 

      If you love your parents, if you want peace with your family, if you care about the people in your life, be the bigger person!  Take the high road for once and walk away.  Count your blessings, sell your cookbooks and hair care and teeth whitening, and fabellini and every thing else….  and leave the show. 

      This could have been the best thing to happen to your family!  All of you should be celebrating the enormous good fortune that has come to you!  It is so sad she can’t see that. 

      • Tre hugger says:

        Teresa did brought up the parents first but she was talking about her own mom and while I do understand why Kathy got upset with Teresa saying what she did, I don’t see how it is okay to call someone’s mom a liar and to insult your own aunt and uncle. Not cool! A better comment would have been “Your mom is wrong” or “Don’t believe everything you hear” calling your elderly aunt a liar, that’s low!!! Especially for some who is “old school” and “believe in respect”.

        As for Teresa leaving the show in order for the family to have peace. You can say the same to both Kathy and Melissa. Especially when they joined the show  KNOWING that they have problems and that their family dirty laundry will come out.

        •  But Kathy and Melissa aren’t the ones complaining constantly about the show ruining their family.  Tre is going on every talk show saying the show ruined their family and Tre is the one in this interview sharing her parents feelings.  

          • Tre hugger says:

            Well, I suspect that its because they don’t care because most of the hurting is done to Teresa’s immediate family.

            You saw how Kathy and Rosie reacted just at the mentioning of their father (far worst than Teresa ever reacted to the disrespect shown to her parents) you saw how the Mazo/Laurita family was affected by the show during the Danielle days– They never left the show and Teresa won’t either, for the same reasons they stayed! 

            •  Kathy and Rosie’s father is dead.  That is why they were so passionate in their defense of their father.  But I agree with you, I doubt any of them will leave the show on their own unless something better comes along. As for THIS article,   I am just responding to Teresa telling us all how disgusted and hurt her parents are, but yet she is not making any moves to fix that is she?  (This article is about Teresa, with Teresa’s comments – that is why I am commenting on Teresa here) 

            • Tre hugger says:

              I don’t see how him being dead make it worst. I mean, what Teresa said wasn’t even that bad… Rosie just list it…

              I’m not sure Teresa can do anything to fix it. Kathy and Melissa were brought to the show to “take Teresa down”  the only thing Teresa can do is to stay well a way from them next season.

      • Bobbie Woody says:

        I agree 200% to what you just said.  I think they have always acted this way.  Teresa’s father and Kathy’s mother didn’t and still don’t get along.  I don’t know who it to blame for it.  Kathy’s mother said that her brother (Teresa’s father) stop speaking to her and her husband over $100.00.  She said it was a business dispute.

      • vickie poo says:

        but she didn’t call her mom a liar???

    3. Jojo says:

      Kathy could have found a better way to phrase it, rather than, “Your mother is a liar too!” Also, although I’m not defending Theresa AT ALL, when you watch all of them attack her, it’s pretty hard to watch. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve all signed a deal with the devil – ALL of them! I don’t buy Melissa or Kathy as the “good” ones at all. They are getting fame (granted, cheesy housewife fame) through tearing their family apart on TV. What kind of family would want to do that. People will respond saying, “They’re not pulling their family apart – Theresa is.” I don’t buy that for a minute. Every single one of them signed on for this, and for what reason? Did they think viewers wanted to watch them chatting nicely … baking cookies in the kitchen … laughing and getting along. No! They all wanted their 15 minutes of cheesy RHO fame, and every single one of them was willing to sacrifice their own integrity to get it. At least Theresa’s massive insecurity, pride and defensive nature – which I think is what drives her to do most things – is obvious. The others try to hide behind a facade of, “Oh, poor me, our poor family, look at Theresa, she’s destroying everything.” No one, and I mean NO ONE, on that show is any better than her. They all signed on for this … yep, exactly this.

      • Mgellerman says:

        WHAT TERESA MEANT TO SAY WAS THAT IT WAS NOT KATHY WHO IS DISGUSTING BUT TERESA’S DRESS IS!!!!! BADDA BING!! And “Tre”, A good father would do anything to bring his family together, so if her dad walked out on Kathy, his niece , when she was trying to extend an olive branch, and he walked out on her. THAT IS NOT A GOOD MAN IN THAT MOMENT!

    4. Tim says:

      To me, this shows a better side of Teresa. She seems more humaine and is able to get her point across without arguing. Does it all seem 100% factual from Teresa? Maybe not, but at least she wasn’t paid for this interview with the Real Mr. Housewife

    5. KimPL says:

      Theresa is a S###starter and totally disgusting.  She deserve all of the lashing she is getting from the other Housewives crew and actually, the public that witness her vulgarity.  She certainly can dish it out.   “No Family SpinOff For Me”?  Well isn’t that the best move she has made…I for one wouldn’t watch the current show if it wasn’t for the other housewives.  Thank goodness for fast foward, which is a blessing when she is the focus.  And I thought Danielle had little, if any class.  Classless fits Theresa to a tee!

    6. Jillian says:

      To me Tereasa is the Star of the show and her family on the show is horrible.  I agree with JoJo, they must have made a deal with the devil to hurt Tereasa and her family.     I watch the show to see what Tereasa is up to and that’s it, if she leaves the show I stop watching.

    7. Sandra Oh says:

      Everything out of this woman’s mouth is trash and lies.  

    8. Jmalory58 says:

      Here is the thing… based on her past history of lying, I think T mentioned her Mom as away to get Kathy going.  I doubt that T’s Mom sits around and talks about Kathy and her marriage.  I think it is much more likely that T knew what she was doing and brought her Mom in it to verify her own lie.  So I feel T is to blame and Kathy is in fact right that T’s Mom would be a liar if she agreed with T’s story, but it is MUCH more likely that Mom would stay out of the whole situation.

    9. Anonymous says:

      She is a liar. Now she is saying that she tried to get Melissa and Kathy on the show first. Bull. She has always said that they came on the show behind her back and that she is so mad at both of them because they did it behind her back. Talk about lying. She is disgusting.

    10. Megalana says:

      For me, from someone who has watched the show since season 1, I have seen a change in Teresa. I liked her in the beginning. But to me, it seemed like fame got to her head. I went back and watched the entire series from the beginning just to make sure my eyes were not decieving me. And this is just MY opinion. But she DOES seem jealous of her sister-in-law. And it’s sad to see her and Jacqueline *sp?* no longer friends. In the beginning, she was more reserved but now she just lashes out so fast. She goes crazy about what is said in the magazines, but forgets that she is the one that goes to the magazines herself. And here she is talking to Rumorfix ( I <3 you Rumorfix.com. ) I know I'm probably going to get crap, but that's fine. Sometimes, in order to see a change, you have to go back to the very beginning, because everything is right there for you to see. It's like watching kids grow up on t.v. Unfortuantely, it looks like she worked backwords.

      • A. Guest says:

        I agree with you about her behavior and it was not bad in the beginning of  season 1 – I think alot of it stems from after the money problems.  Season 1 they were building the new house and she had all kinds of money to spend.  When the money problems started I think she just lost all control.  Now she is just filled with hatred and resentfull of everyone and it shows.

        • Megalana says:

          I agree, I bet alot of it had to do with the money problems, and probably Joe’s cheating allegations as well. When he got that phone call when they were on vacation .. that probably didn’t help as well. Him calling his wife those names on camera to whoever was on the phone … that certainly didn’t help matters either.

      • MomsThoughts says:

        Tre learned at the end of season one with the table flip that was heard around the world: if you act out you get press. the more press you get, the more $$$ you make. That is what ALL of this boils down to. All the nonsense is about camera time and making headlines. She would throw anyone under the bus for a paycheck.

    11. vickie poo says:

      Teresa and her cousin were bad her cousin had no right to say what she said about Teresa parents and when Teresa said something about her parents her sister flipped, that’s being Hippocrates you can and i cant. all trash to me. don’t talk about someones else s mom and dad if they cant talk about yours .are you kidding me and by the way Kathy didn’t have me fooled as to being the sweet and innocent one i saw right threw that crap, shes just as spit full as the the rest of them.

    12. Ahrens says:

      Teresa is a selfish witch. Her kids are bold little brats and her husband is a dog. But very entertaining to watch.

    13. joe says:

      teresa is just a neanderthal with long hair. it’s quite obvious from her lack of forehead, hence lack of grey matter

    14. joe says:

      teresa is just a neanderthal with long hair. it’s quite obvious from her lack of forehead, hence lack of grey matter

    15. Mugles says:

      Her blinking quickly when confronted is a behavioral tell-tale sign she is lying. Her inability to comprehend things underscores her missing lobe of the brain!

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