EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice: Kathy Wakile Is A Moocher

Posted on October 6th, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Reality TV fans constantly talk about the feud between Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, but what about the one between Teresa and her cousin, Kathy Wakile.

In an exclusive interview with RumorFix, Teresa unleashed her dose of reality on Kathy and her husband, Richard. “I can’t even believe they got on the show," she tells us. "They’ve gone to stores -- they expect to get free clothes. They’re such moochers."

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Teresa and Kathy used to be close, in fact, they used to spend weekends together. "We had a boat on the water. They used to be on our boat every single weekend. Then we were good, you know? They’re such moochers and users and it’s really sad. I know them and it’s just so funny to me. I’ve known them my whole life. Kathy’s mom is my father’s sister. My father and Kathy’s mom have not spoken since they came on the show. It’s really sad,” she said.

While she was taking about Kathy, Teresa spoke to our correspondent Real Mr. Housewife about Kathy's sister, Rosie Pierri. During part one of RHONJ reunion, Teresa didn't even know that Rosie threatened to "rip Teresa's tongue out."

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“I didn’t hear that until I saw the first part of the reunion," Teresa tells us. "When I was at the reunion show, I heard somebody screaming, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I thought at first it was my brother screaming. I just assumed. I don’t know why. I never thought Rosie was gonna be at the reunion show I’ve done nothing to Rosie. I have always love, love, loved Rosie. Every time I was with Kathy and I would always say to her invite your sister. Kathy never wanted to invite her before. They never got along. Now all of a sudden --  they’re all best friends. I’m just sayin’. Kathy didn’t want her sister around her kids because she was gay and because she had a girlfriend at the time. Rosie went through a lot of hard times trying to find herself. After she came out she was more comfortable with it. She was going through her own issues.”

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One would wonder with all of the family drama if Teresa will ever be able to patch things up with her family. “I don’t know about Kathy because of what she said about my parents,” Teresa said referring to comments that her parents were liars and cowards. “It’s really hurtful. For my brother the door is always open. I love my brother and when he’s ready to come back to me and wants to be my brother again, I’ll be there for him. Melissa [Gorga] is his wife so I will always have to accept her because that’s his wife.”

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  • 32 Responses

    1. Serious says:

      Why do they keep dealing with Teresa. She makes these crazy comments for publicity. She is a psycho.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Wow Tre just can’t keep her mouth shout! It’s always what someone else has done wrong or to her! She NEVER admits she is part of this family’s drama

    3. Jill says:

      Wow, I believe everything Tre says and I think she is great.  I enjoy watching her – that’s entertainment folks when it called reality t.v.

    4. I am finally glad to hear something from Teresa, it is alway something about Jac, Melissa,Caroline,Kathy with the song ” Somebody done somebody wrong song.. I am so sick of their whinning.  Jac. need to be telling about the 55 milllions dollars that her and her husband stole from investor, and from Cancer charity.  Teresa is getting to  be old news, we won’t to hear about the 55 million Jack.

    5. She says that her father and his sister aren’t talking. Tre and her brother aren’t talking.  Wow- and she wants to continue the show!!! Teresa is all about fame and the money that comes with it.  Eventually the show will be over- she will become yesterday’s news and her husband will leave his cash cow.  You heard it here first.  

      • Jenniferfloridacourse says:

        Teresa was the star of the show FIRST!!! if anyone should leave it should be the Ramesh re Melissa & her little man syndrome brother!!!

    6. Sarah S says:

      it is true, the Wakiles are moochers and even get mean and demanding about it.  It’s so obvious they are jealous of Teresa’s success. 

      • Mae Shirlie says:

        I would not define what is happening to Teresa as success.  Let’s see some cookbooks and a publicly cheating husband who sleeps in a separte bedroom from me.  We also have wines or beer or something she sells and a husband who could be the face of someone who drinks too much.  We also have the talented child Gia who is “selected” by her agent to dance at that event.  Gia is one of the most dysfunctional children I have ever seen on television.  And we have the faux love for her brother.  Because unless Joe Gorga dumps Melissa, Joe is dead to Teresa.  I would not want that type of success for all the money in the world. 

    7. Trelover says:

      Have always love, loved Tre.  Sure she spent money like crazy in the early episodes, but I also believe that Juicy Joe, in that typical male way, did nothing to discourage this as it made him feel like a big man.  Remember “happy wife, happy life”.  Teresa was genuinely shocked when the realization of their dire financial status became apparent.  At that point, she began to scale back and is now working exhaustingly to repay their debt, unlike those lying Lauritas who tried to transfer company assets to their own personal accounts instead of paying their creditors and are STILL lying about it.  Teresa is earning her money with honesty and hard work, unlike the Laurita/Manzo clan who STOLE Blackwater’s idea and called it BLK and along with  Brownstone sauce, an embarrassing “no calls came in” advice show by Caro  the Bully,  Carobuly’s’ no one wants your cookbook attempt, lazy Laurens failed make up business,  and jackal’s insignificant attempts with pimple cream and make-up have all been ho hum failures.  Bravo is the absolute real culprit in the planned destruction of friendships and families in this fiasco of a reality show.  Andy Cohen, HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?  You allowed and downright promoted this gang rape of Teresa’s character.  Everybody knows it was YOU.  Anything for ratings.  Have you a conscience? This, however, does not excuse the greedy Manzo?Lauritas or those awful,  awful Wakiles.  Kathy is the biggest fake out there next to Melissa and I bet a huge reason behind her traitorous treatment of Teresa has something to do with  Richie’s apparent attraction to Teresa.  He went overboard constantly putting Teresa down for two seasons trying to prove he isn’t attracted to her. Does anyone remember  Teresa  alluding to this quite a while ago.  Richie is a genuinely embarrassing fool, and LAZY.  His boner moment was an ALL TIME LOW in t.v. viewing.  GAG!!!  Then we have Melissa who is Delusional as to a singing career and  a street smart gold digger with sociopathic tendencies.  She is so-o-o much smarter the Joe Gorga  and has been playing him all along.  Don’t think she has any lows to which she will not stoop. Why don’t people who bash Teresa and promote Melissa remember how both she and traitor-cousin Kathy bashed Teresa from the VERY first time they appeared on the show.  Then after the viewers reviews of the both of them were so poor, they backed off for a while, before getting full speed ahead instructions from Andy and the other low lifes at Bravo to ATTACK  Teresa without reservation. Teresa is not evil, she is strong and NEVER talked about her family.  She didn’t want them on RHONJ because she knew their agenda was self promotion and be damned to ANYONE who got in their way including elderly parents and children.  Sneaky ass oles at Bravo hired them and none of them ever told her.  And by no one, I mean no one at Bravo and no one in her family, not even her brother.  Sneaky scumbags!    Might as well let it out on Caroline who has turned into a New Jersey version of Jill Zarin.  Having worked as a psychiatric nurse, wow, Carobully is a textbook example of the ultimate control freak. Does anyone remember her bullying Lauren in the grocery store scene over buying some cereal.  What an ass Caroline can be, but can’t see it for the trees.  She keeps denying she’s a bully and that is the most telling factor, other than the videos, that affirms she is a card carrying, full on bully.  Her sons are Mama’s boys who. I think, are terrified of the WRATH of Carobully if they cross her, so they NEVER do.  Good luck, Manzo boys , with establishing decent relationships with a significant other someday as long as Mommy Manzo always comes first.  Don’t think Carobully wants her boys (and I mean BOYS, not men) ever wants them to leave her.  Pathetic.  The best mothers realize that  one of the healthiest things a parent can and SHOULD do is to LET YOUR KIDS GO and don’t quilt them or bully them into failing to fly when the time is right.  You flunk big time on that one Caroline.  The sour look on  your face when you film at their Hoboken apartment reeks of your disapproval of their choice to leave home.  You should accept them as adults even tho you have selfishly hindered their maturing processes.To say nothing of what you have done to Lauren by so obviously preferring your sons over her.  Even several of Caroline’s siblings don’t speak to her.  And please Caroline, drop that “I decorated Dina’s .crib” story.  That has nothing to do with your stealing her thunder over Jaime’s plan to appear on her show.  That’s why you don’t speak to each other, not Teresa having some crazy ass agenda to ruin your family like you LIED about to Andy (who knows the truth, but just let Carolines’s lie outright lie with zero attempt to present the truth) And try letting Jackal answer her own questions.  It is patently obvious you are afraid she is going to slip and screw up you and the rest of your cast member’s carefully crafted attempts to (1) try to be relevant on this show and (2) character assassinate  Teresa. Actually, for the Manzos, Gorgas, Lautitas and Wakiles, without the attacks on Teresa, YOU ARE ALL IRRELEVANT.

    8. Sorumdesigns says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, then complain about it. That is so annoying! I hate how Tre won’t admit the wrong she’s done, but ALL the other ladies are major bullies. So I actually stopped watching the show, I am 100% not going to support any of the real housewives shows with all that bullying. I love Bravo but they should know better then to support any type of bullying.

    9. Mae Shirlie says:

      Teresa is a toxic mess and her bad marriage has taken a toll oh her.  But she takes out all of frustrations on everyone but the man who made her life a living hell, Joe Giudice.  Teresa’s daughter said “daddy is sleeping in his own bedroom”  I read Teresa’s fans always saying someone is jealous of Teresa.  Jealous of what?

    10. Fran Chise says:

      love her interview love Teresa   P S i knew they joined to start trouble on the very first episode WHEN THEY STARTED TROUBLE

    11. Shell1996 says:

      Rich and another guy, I don’t remember who were written about last year. They got nice shirts from a menswear store then thought they should not have to pay because they were famous.

    12. Merry says:

      Melissa Gorga has been on VH1 and in two magazines (that I know of)  since part one of the reunion aired. Anyone who will listen to her speak, she has bashed Teresa to, and by the way,  there is nothing in this interview that we haven’t heard on the show before. It’s funny that everyone jumps on Teresa. I get that some people have narrow minds and can only see the biggest object in a picture, while others are more creative and can see every smudge, and every outline leading to the the final creation. But it is awful annoying watching people go on and on about the main focal point when you know they aren’t giving any credit to the creator. All of this started because Melissa went to Danielle Staub and fed her personal information to hurt Teresa on the show. Bravo, knowing that these women keep much of their lives private, loves to bring in a feuding family member to air dirty laundry. Stop blaming Teresa. Her biggest crime is being inarticulate and coming across in a way that rubs people the wrong way. The truth of the matter is, if you think Teresa is a the only bad egg then you can’t be dealing with a full deck. Tell me how many of you have had friends for 10 years and didn’t know who they were. If they were your friend that long, then you are very similar in character. And I know you don’t think her family is different. That’s hilarious. Joe Gorga just tweeted that all of his followers were retards who eat crayons among other disrespectful, irrational things associated with the mentally challenged. His timing is impeccable, if I do say so myself. Making fun of the mentally handicapped after Jacqueline just learned of her child having Autism. I know her son is not mentally retarded, for those of you who will think that’s what I am saying. I’m just saying  – How disgusting. 

      • Truthnjustice4all says:

        Yeah.  The biggest object in the picture is Teresa, and she’s jealous of anyone else who gets a smidgen of attention or success.

    13. rhonjaddict says:

      OMG, Teresa iis a narcassistic sociopath!! She needs help! Just live your life w/out blaming others! That may help her.

      • Misslobo75 says:

        if melissa is such a victim, WHY DID SHE JOIN THE SHOW!!!!! WHY!!!!!

        • Truthnjustice4all says:


          She explained that. 
          It was an opportunity. It got her singing career started, and it pays
          well. Would you pass up that chance if it were offered?  To grab an opportunity in life is only
          human.  She did the right thing.  However, I do believe Bravo incites and sets
          the stage for disputes.  That’s what
          makes the show popular.  Bravo hit a gold
          mind when they came up with housewives, and they’re loving every dollar of it. Teresa
          can’t get along with anyone.  If you’ve
          been watching for a while you’ll see that eventually she alienates everyone she
          knows at one time or another.

    14. Seahaunts says:

      I wanted to like Melissa and Kathy when they first came on the show.  Teresa is right that they just came on for their 15 minutes of fame.  And to hurt her.  When brother Joe decided to tell Melissa that Teresa told him she heard Melissa would leave him for a richer man, that nailed it for me.  They wanted to start trouble and they succeeded.  Caroline and Jac jumped on the bandwagon in retaliation for Teresa being friends with Dina.  I do think husband Joe cheated on Teresa, but I admire her for trying to work through it.  They have four beautiful daughters as a reason!

    15. Anonymous says:

      Tre- nothing nice came out of your mouth the whole reunion.  Every word was hateful. Go back and look.  No humor, no humility, no apology.
      Even if Melissa and Kathy came on the show behind your back, why aren’t you over it? Why did they need your permission?

    16. Anonymous says:

      All you have to do is take a look at Teresa’s face.  It’s hatred and crazy all at once, mixed in with some revenge on top. Looks more like a grimace than a smile.   She’s scary.  And, needs help.

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