EXCLUSIVE: Steve Aoki Hospitalized After Neck Injury

Posted on October 29th, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Steve Aoki was hospitalized in San Juan, Puerto Rico over the weekend following a bad fall during his concert Saturday night.

Things turned for the worse after the world famous DJ decided to attempt a stage dive off of a trampoline.  He landed wrong which resulted in spraining his neck.

Aoki, who was ironically wearing a T-shirt that says "Watch your neck" at the time of the incident, was immediately rushed to Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital in San Juan, but was released the following day free of any major injury.

The brave music artist to to his Tumblr where he document the event:

"#aokijump #174 The Hospital Gurney Jump. Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital. San Juan, Puerto Rico. October 28 2012"


"Blow by blow the stage dive trampoline ultimate fail. Ironic my tee says 'watch your neck'"


"I made it out alive and in one piece. Thank you to the Puerto Rican doctors and EMT! 3 days to recover before Europe tour"


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    1. CRAZYAOKI says:

      OMG!!! Poor guy! He’s a crazy freak!

    2. stephanie says:

      AOKI JUMP. ahaha. 

    3. Lylax says:



    4. Jed says:

      thats why a dj should DJ not being doing stupid antics on stage

    5. Headfunk says:

      What a muppet. 

    6. Bob says:

      What an Asian idiot. Stereotypical.

    7. Davidcee says:

      Its not true faggets

    8. Yellowbone says:

      jed your a faggot stfu

    9. Anonymous says:

      this guy and all the breed of cheesy, commercial and superstar djs nowaways are the worst plague in EDM. these people merely press play. compare this with the “traditional” dj, or a band…

    10. no more stage dives haha

    11. Dalton Hurd says:

      Why are people calling Aoki an idiot? He’s a performer and he’s just doing fun stuff to light up the crowd. Would you rather him just stand there? It’s a lot more exciting when you see people crowd surfing on boats and people bouncing across the stage.

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