EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Laurita To Testify In $7 Million Lawsuit Against Her & Family

Posted on October 25th, 2012 at 4:35 pm


The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jacqueline Laurita and her family are embroiled in a scandal bigger than anything Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga can muster up and RumorFix has the exclusive details.

Jacqueline and her in laws are being sued for more than $7 million in bankruptcy court -- they are accused of pilfering and converting millions of dollars for their own personal use.

DOCUMENTS: See The Breakdown Of How Much The Lauritas Spent

The lawsuit revolves around Signature Apparel Group, LLC, which was founded by Jacqueline's husband, Christopher, and his brother, Joseph. Signature went bankrupt in 2010, but attorneys allege the Lauritas "drained the company of all its funds and assets in order to support their families increasingly opulent lifestyle."

Now the trustee is suing Jacqueline and her in-laws and we have learned exclusively that the reality star has been summoned for a deposition on November 13 for the case.

Documents state Jacqueline's "wrongful conduct ... contributed to and exacerbated Signature's insolvency."

According to court papers, the Lauritas spent millions of the companies dollars on their family:

  • $2 million in credit card payments
  • $331,637 on at least 11 leased cars including a Bentley and a Maserati
  • $284,793 on airline travel
  • $145,894 for private jet rentals
  • $73,793 for car services
  • $25,000 for an off-Broadway theater company
  • $16,951 in rental cars

The trustee's attorney Michael Fox tells RumorFix exclusively, "It frustrates me that they are so public about their lavish lifestyle and they show indifference."

    • It’s still less than the $11 million celebrity net worth .com says Teresa and Juicy are in debt. 

      • Anonymous

        The difference is The Giudices withdrew their Bankruptcy to pay their bills off themselves. The Lauritas walked away from their company are are being sued by the bankruptcy court and may face prison time. The total is actually 55 million. 


        • Laura


          There was so much fraudulent information in that bankruptcy filing that they were in danger of going to federal prison if they preceded with it. That’s why they are now paying it off not because they believed it was the right thing to do. Please…

          • Anonymous

            Really? Where does it show that? That’s what Andy said, I have yet to see it on paper. Regardless, they are paying their bills. 
            Now the Lauritas, they are in for a messy ride. And I for one think they deserve all the bad Karma coming their way.

            • Donna627lee

               Truthfully, there is a BIG difference with overspending and stealing.  The Giudices overspent and are paying back.  The Lauritas stole from others and have not paid back a dime. 

      • Lalagirlala

         Actually the Laurita’s stole $55 Million

    • Plyricz

      Haha wow and they made a big deal about Teresa but i guess they are all bankrupt but wow Jaccqueline Caroline and Melissa are hypocrites

    • Tweet Police

       Pretty funny that http://fauxrealityentertainment.com/ broke this story awhile ago

      • Joeyb

        when ha! like this week? who even heard of this website not even known maybe only in jersey

      • Tanyak26

        That website looks like a joke more of like a Real Housewives stalker site yikes!!!

        • Suezaret

          Wait! You think RumorFix is a train wreck? Or Famewhorgas & FauxReality? Cause if you think the latter, your probably on the side of the thieves.

          • Tanya26

            Fauxreality looks like the housewives stalker site?

    • Lalagirlala

      There is documented proof and legal documents about the scams the Laurita’s and Gorgas are involved in at fauxrealityentertainment.com and famewhorgas.com
      go check them out for yourselves.  Anyone who thinks the Lauritas and
      Gorgas are above reproach will change their minds, I’m sure. 

      • Suezaret

        Love it!!!!

      • Laura

        These are documents only that have been represented by the blog writer incorrectly. He interpreted the documents with a spin that put the Lauritas and the Gorgas in a bad light. If you want to read this stuff as entertainment so be it. But your mistake is taking it as fact and then spreading theses “facts” to other sites.

        • Anonymous

          You are 100%  INCORRECT. These documents found on Faux Reality and Famewhoregas are real documents. Nice try tho.

    • NattyG

      “The biggest problem with quotes found on the internet is that they’re never really accurate.” – Abraham Lincoln

      • Linnreinhardt08


      • Joeybice

        Duhhh really????

    • Joy

      So NOT an exclusive.  

      • Jaime56

        Did u see tmz report anything!?!? Moron!

    • Bebet

      These people are ridicuous so in denial living a mobster lifestyle stealing and cheating to live like they have real millions

    • Lina

      wowowowowo I totally thought Jacqueline and Chris were the good honest ones????

    • Moni

      Guess who will be blamed for spreading thsi news? Teresa ofcourse. All of them are dumb and quick to jump to conclusion and accuse each other. Then again, everything is done for ratings and money. Why are suckers like su are falling for such things. There are many good dramas on TV. Nashville, Smash etc are great. These are not real jsut like the housewives, but good acting and sensible story lines.

    • JMF

      RadarOnline broke this story last year (November 2011) but is now getting attention again since the defendants will be in court for depositions next month.

    • Janvier49

      dumb asses

    • Lalaanony

      Laurita’s naughty naughty.  Truth always is revealed.

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Jaquline was sure talking some nasty stuff about Teresa! Maybe she & her hubby are the ones in danger of “going away”! Who has $2-mil in credit card debit? My God! If this is true I see no way out for Chris. And with Jaquline’s mental state no telling what she’ll say on the stand under pressure! I bet she gets out of testifying.

    • Jillian

      Jac turns out to the piggy I believed her to me, now when will Carol reap what she has sowed

    • Money did not matter yesterday and surely is going to matter in this case.

    • cj

      boycotting show. get a real job low lifes