Exclusive Home Tour With Octomom & Surprise, It’s Clean!

Posted on October 24th, 2012 at 3:05 pm

Octomom has a beautiful new 5,000-square-foot home in Palmdale, California and she wants to keep it that way.  Nadya Suleman gave RumorFix an exclusive tour of the two-story home and it is the most relaxed we've ever seen the world's most famous mom.

"I love the kitchen," she tells us, "Most of the time, I'm here barefoot and cooking." But because she has 14 kids who live in the house, she needs another refrigerator.

PICTURES: Octomom In a Pink Bikini

For the first time in three years, Nadya is financially secure and brought brand new furniture for the new house. She says, "Nothing has been destroyed yet. My secret? No crayons, no markers allowed in the home."

PICTURES: Octomom & Kids Fun In The Sun

And there are other rules:

  • The kids can only eat at the table in the kitchen
  • No jumping allowed in the living room
  • The kids clean up after themselves in the playroom
  • The children make up their own beds

The 37-year-old is especially proud of the children's bedrooms -- "No more mattresses on the floor. All the boys, six boys of the eight have their own beds -- bunk beds," she tells us. "I've chosen to keep the plastic on in case of an accident. I've potty-trained all of them before three."

With gratitude, Nadya says, "They are so happy here."

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    1. Boomom03 says:

      Oh right…she has all these rules and gee what a perfect mom she is. Baloney, this is just damage control since a caregiver who truly loves the kids has gone public with the abuse and neglect Natalie Doud has done toward these poor kids since they were born. It is really nauseating how you, Rumorfix, aren’t looking into that instead of trumpeting what a wonderful person she is. She’s a narcissistic lying mentally ill famewh*re who uses these innocent kids to get famous.

      • Azracer04 says:

        Have any of you who criticze her ever been in her home or spent time with her and the kids?  I give her credit for keeping these kids instead of having an abortion or giving them up for adoption. It looks like she has things under control no matter what you say.
        It’s not easy raising kids no matter how many you have. It is going to be hard on them to live in this world/society when they are old enough to understand the degrading things people like you are saying about their mother. I thank those of you who are helping her. May God bless her and help her to handle her/their lives.

        • Suethorntonwww-misc says:

          Abortion?  Please!  She intentionally got pregnant with as many kids as she could at once so why would she ever even CONSIDER abortion??!!!  She did this to herself, with no forethought about what her life or her children’s lives would be like.  Selfish, with no clue.

        • Pmoy88 says:

          Thank you, Azracer04, for caring. I too love her and wish her and her family nothing but the best.

          • boomom03 says:

            You’ve been paid by Gina. This is all a big whitewash.

          • Playful_nature says:

            The two are incompatible. What’s best for her family would be hard on the mom, and vice versa. She deserves to be imprisoned for her acts of motherhood, and they deserved to be freed from the limbo she has created for them. I wish her the best (strongest)dimly lit cell and an unbreakable mirror so she can watch her plastic face melt over time. I wish happiness and love and joy for her children from this point forward.

          • Oz says:

            I think you should give her your money.

        • boomom03 says:

          Have you been in her home and seen how she treats the kids?? Have you watched the documentary a German crew made of her dangling the babies by one arm, throwing cold bottles of milk into their cribs? She didn’t have those kids to love and cherish, she deliberately had an overload of embryos to use them to get rich and famous. She spent 2million in donations give specifically for those kids to get herself plastic surgery and expensive treatments, neglecting her son with the cleft lip till she could get it done for free AND get paid to let it be filmed. Do some research, this is all documented…along with the pictures of the filthy house, how her kids have to scrounge at night for food, everything.

          • Kat says:

            Things can be made to look far worse than they are, have you seen it first hand.
            There is an old saying “believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see”.  So what would you do now, take the children, those children are use to receiving love from her, you can tell by the way they initiate the interaction with her. Children who do not receive affection do not do that.
            If the old house was filthy does that mean she should not receive a chance to do better.
            Try to keep house for fourteen or fifteen people, and take care of very small children, especially in a house that is to small. 
            she deserves more credit than she is getting. It is just as easy to wish people well, as it is to wish them ill.
            I hope all turns out well for those children,
            she has evidently been investigated by CPS, and she still has her children.
            I do not think she can be as bad a mother as most people try to make her out to be.
            People seem to resent her, because she was given a home to live in.
            That  is one of the pettiest things I have ever heard.  My grandson gets up in the middle of the night and gets in the refrigerater looking for food, when children are growing they do this. He is allowed to eat all he wants when he wants it. And know he is not over wait, he just eats less at a t ime. the doctors say it is the healthest way to eat.

            • Jodi Klimek says:

              Nadya, they looked much more happier, cleaner, and nourished with Gina B. then they ever did with you. Even though it was really a low thing for you to do, selling one of the pictures she took of the babies at the water park…it made it very apparent how much better they do out of your care.

            • Mona Stenzel says:

               A lot of us have seen it first hand. Don’t be so quick to talk about something you obviously know nothing about except what  you see and read on the internet, or what you are paid to post. There are eyewitnesses to the abuse and neglect.

              When the octuplets are given food, they hoard it, knowing it may be a long time before they get another meal. They broke out of their cell and raided the kitchen because they were hungry. She feeds them egg white omelets with raw bell peppers and, of all things, Benefiber, in them (one of her Vblog shows). People like you are the ones who keep sites like rumor fix in business by believing the crap they put out in order to get clicks. If attention were focused on the helpless children they would have been removed long ago – but them sites like this wouldn’t have anything to write about, would they?

        • Jmgpanda says:

          I agree Azracer04, it is easy to point fingers and judge, but when the camera is turned around on others suddenly things aren’t so wonderful. Many people now days are struggling and trying to make ends meet. Myself included. Many people are probably making choices that they thought they would never have to make. Sometimes in life we do have to make those choices. They may not all be choices one is proud of but when you have a family to take care of then you do it. So really what is she to do? I agree welfare is not the best way to go so is her alternative to refuse it and not feed her children because of what society will think? The house she has is def nice and paid for by ways she saw fit at the time and donations. Is she Satan because of it? I know many people out there who do what she did in their spare time and don’t even get paid for it what is that called? Look we can point fingers and judge or we can worry about our own lives. We have the right to our opinions sure but we are also all guilty of doing things or making bad choices at sometime. She should be encouraged to do better not put down for surviving. Put yourself in her shoes and see what you would do? My opinion really doesn’t matter much but for the record i think the last year she has greatly improved and trying hard to give the kids some normalcy. I would be willing to bet that many of the comments against her are coming from men or fathers who probably owe child support and such? Maybe a lot of the negative comments are coming from people who spend lots of money at the casino but won’t buy a homeless man a cup of coffee? How about the one who drives a nice car and lives in a nice house and never donates money for any cause whether it be breast cancer or AIDS or whatever? It is what it is…..LIFE and life is tough people will get by any way they can and i do not fault her for her past choices. I pray that she goes far and makes a way for those kids of hers and finds a way to ride this roller coaster of life the safest way she can. God Bless her and her children!

          • Playful_nature says:

            PUKE! I doubt you believe any of this, and if you do, I have a bridge in the California desert I’d like to sell you.
             I live on a fixed income and was a single mother for all but two years of my son’s life. He went to an Ivy League school, and has a wonderful, fulfilling, happy life. I never had a new car, few new clothes, lived in a 900 square foot house, traveled rarely, and now live on a very limited budget.I am content in the knowledge that I was able to tend well to the child I brought into this world, and send him into the world as a happy, contributing member of society.
            People are angry and disbelieving that her actions have not resulted in justice for her children. She may be entitled to suffer as the result of her previous actions, but the children should not be asked to shoulder the disproportionate piece of the load. She is not loving, supportive or even truthful with her children. Even if she were, there would not be much of her to go around. How much time could she spend helping each child with math homework or researching a project or even putting sheets on their beds (even if she were willing)?
            I think you should reassess whether she should be held accountable for her past choices. When someone commits murder, the consequence of their choice in the moment is not ignored. Why should she be given a bye for the consequences of her bad choices? And does each bad choice she makes just fall in the category of “history” the next day?  Every day, she makes new bad choices. At what point would YOU hold her accountable? Her children should not be forced to live in squalor and with deprivation while she spends $500 on her hair, and god knows how much on the rest of her! Think about it…..

          • Mona Stenzel says:

             You sure do make a lot of assumptions about the kind of people who are trying to get the truth out about what a lying POS she is and how her children, all 14, are suffering because of her choices. No one made her get IVF for the first 6, who were immediately handed off to her 70 y/o retired mother to raise, physically and financially. She was back at the IVF doc within 4 months of the birth of the first 6 for more IVF. She was living on welfare, unemployed and living with and off her mother when she had all 14 children. Her mother lost her own house to foreclosure because she didn’t have enough money to raise Natalie’s kids. When she scored the house on Madonna Lane, thanks to Dr. Phil, she was asked about what her mother was going to do now that her house had been foreclosed. Her answer – ‘that’s her problem’. Yes, it’s on video and available on the internet

          • Oz says:

            Nope, I’m a solidly Democrat, middle-class woman driving a 10 yo car, and I can’t stand her lies & fraudulent, vain lifestyle. Let’s see, point our fingers and judge vs. worry about my own life….why can’t I do both? I can also walk & chew gum! No, she’s not Satan, but do you have to be to be called out of ethical behavior? All this judging of judging, when I think overlooking & giving a free pass to unethical behavior is what helped create Octomom. When someone behaves unethically, why is judgement wrong?

        • Playful_nature says:

          It just goes to show that there are worse things than not being born! Poor children. What do you think about the 29 unborn embryos she still has on ice? Are they suffering? I doubt it!

        • Zari Trhaas says:

          Exactly! I commend her too for NOT having an abortion. This woman’s bravery is a kick in the pants to all those abortion supporters. 

          • boomom03 says:

            Not true. I’m pro-life, but I think that fact that she insisted on having twelve fresh embryos implanted ON PURPOSE for the sole reason of having a large multiple birth was wrong and the doctor incompetent for doing so. I also believe that children should be cared for competently and lovingly…and there is a truckload of video and eyewitnesses who testify to Nadya being an unfit parent. Do a google and see.

    2. Dbrisson says:

      Sincerely, Let’s give the women some credit! I doubt that all the haters and people saying bad things could do half of what she does in one day! No one is perfect! She does the best she can with what she have! xoxo

      • Shazam says:

        Being rewarded for not being responsible? Credit? Entitlement? Get lost.

        • Tookie_tooks says:

          shazam u like u hating u probably wished dat u was d father ent so u cud enjoy dat big house huh

          • Christine says:

            I agree with Shazam…accountability…we are talking humans that will hear their mom did porn to make ends meet ??? That SUCKS dude…no way would you or anyone want to hear that crap when ur growing up and forget the issues they will grow up with if she doesnt do the right thing and get them counseling before the issues start…NO WAY do I want to Octostreched out LOL she can have it all…<3

            • Mona Stenzel says:

               Her oldest has already seen the porn video – that has been confirmed. Her oldest son is also the one responsible for all the spray paint graffiti tagging and the huge holes in the walls and doors of the house on Madonna Lane.

              She said she was taking him to counseling, but she stopped, guess it interfered with her ‘me time’.

              He is now living with relatives in Whittier because she cannot control his anger and rage against her. He was recently busted for tagging a neighbor’s house – the police were called. The kids will get no intervention and no help unless they are removed from her, which is unlikely until she kills or maims one of them.

              That probably won’t take long though as she has 3.5 year old kids in bunk beds who slept on the floor at the Madonna Lane house.

              She leaves the plastic on the mattresses so they have a danger of suffocation – let’s see botox and lip plumping or waterproof mattress covers…guess the botox and lip plumping won.

              There is so much nastiness and neglect and abuse against these little ones, you would go to sleep crying every night if you knew even half of what goes on in that house of horrors.

        • JudyH says:

          Why do you say she was not resonsible? She was pregnant with all those babies and chose to have them instead of aborting them, kuddo’s to her. Have done IVF myself, I was asked what I wanted to do it there were multiples, I said have them. They made me go and see a dr that would be selective reducetion and tell us what they would do and how they would do it. I learned that each baby is the support system for the next baby, therefore aborting one could cause all of them to die. I chose to have what god gave me to have, and he seen fit with twins. I’m sure you have no idea what IVF intales or what a person goes through to do IVF. You don’t just walk into a dr office and say I want to do IVF a week from Friday. It’s a 6 month long journey just to get to the implant stage and even then you are not gaurenteed a baby. When you have embryo’s frozen they are not done one in each tube, they are all together. The chances of them surviving the thawing process 40/60. I had 4 frozen and used 4. Should I have needed the other 4 at a later date I would have had to use what made it through the freezing and thawing. Even having 8 embryo’s implanted doesn’t mean they will all take. She could have lost 5 but the 3 remaining split into triples and twins. I had 4 implanted and ended up with twins. I had triplets but one didn’t make it to 8 weeks. So until you walk in someones shoes that has been to hell and back to have a baby you shouldn’t judge. I would have done what she did, after all I went through I wouldn’t have thrown out any just because they might take and people will think badly of me for having so many. Incase your wondering I donated my 4 frozen embryo’s to  couple that couldn’t have children on their own. We don’t know and will never know if the embryo’s made it through the thawing process, or it they produced a child (or children) for a couple that would otherwise never know the joy of parenthood. I prayed everyday that that couple would know the joy of holding their baby in their arms.

          • John Delaney says:

            Here’s thought Judy. This is what makes her TOTALLY irresponsible. She already had 6 children, no husband, and no job, when she DECIDED to do another IVF. She had no source of income and no plan as to how she was going to provide for the new babies, let alone the first 6. Does that sound responsible to you? That’s not judgment, that’s fact.

      • Shelly says:

        My husband came from a family of 7 children.  My husbands father died when he was 11.  his mother raised the youngest alone – without collecting welfare.  She had nothing.  She worked for the school so her kids could get a good education at a discount.  She did not collect welfare.  Nobody helped her.  Nobody gave her a 5,000ft square home.  My husband worked at the highschool on work crew like 40 hours per week as a 15 yr old freshman at school so he could get an education.  Give me a break.  This woman is a creep – I do feel sorry for the kids though.  

        • Christine says:

          This mom did porn to pay for her house…SICK !!! but lots of pervs want to watch so good luck when your kids grow up Octomom ! I would be so mad if my mom told me she did porn to make ends meet grrr baby !!!

        • Rkbeckers says:

          Think that would have been 14 ???

        • Kat says:

          So what has your mother in law, (or what she did)  have to do with this woman and her children.  My grabdmother raised eight children with a sick husband, she bought her own home. So what! many women have done it, there was no assistance of any kind then. In those days many women turned to the sex trade to put food in their childrens tummies. They did what they had to do, Just as this woman is doing, when one lives in a hate filled, judgemental, heartless society we do what we have to to live.
          What has that to with any thing. I have never needed public assistance, but am very thankful we have it, even if it just keeps a few children from being hungery.
          I am also thankful someone stepped up to the plate and helped this family, why is that a reason to be hateful.
          This womans kids will probably grow up to be very self sufficient, with a healthy attitude of being self sufficient, with big bunch of compassion thrown in.
          I wish her and her family every success. Can’t wait to see their thanksgiving dinners, when they are all grown up with kids of their own, It will be wonderful. 

          • Jodi Klimek says:

            Do some research on Nadya Suleman and her parenting. It’s not as rosy as she wants to think. Try extreme neglect, filthy housekeeping, selfishness, and sad little kids.

        • Go Bucks!!! says:

          However I give credit to all single moms and dad’s . Your Mother in Law , did that with 7 Children none toddlers. and that being said. they had a dad so mom got to collect money from his Social Security until they were 18 .and times were differrent back then, but even if not , 14 to 7 Octo has you beat. none the less who is to say one persons grief is more the the others. I wish no ill will on anyone. prop’s to the people that still help in this day.

        • kristyn says:

          funny how you talk like she was “given” what she has . educate yourself first b4 you open your mouth . and she is not the perfect parent but who is? 14 kids!!!!! I know not one single person besides the Dougers (19)with that many or more. and they are 2 parents. that have a show to help support that many kids

        • Andy says:

          I do not understand how anyone can feel sorry for “the kids” and not also feel sorry for the mum as well? I hear a lot of stories about individuals struggling with no one helping them, not collecting welfare, and “achieving” – that, by the way is quite subjective. There’s the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality, which seems to be a blanket philosophy for achieving success and self-sufficiency. However, the reality is, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sure the goal is to be self-sufficent, and to not be on public assistance, if one can help out, but I tell  you, there seems to be ridicule or even scorn if someone is on it – whether or not it is needed – more so, I think for people who do require it. I know of some individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome for instance who really require assistance because of their challenges in getting and keeping jobs, but are turned down, because they are articulate, intelligent, and “don’t look” like they need help. The irony is, they do want to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” and not ask for help. 

          • Alvin says:

             I have no problem whatsoever with anyone on food stamps.  I do, however, have a problem with a woman who lies about it saying she is not on government assistance but needs the help of the public so she doesn’t go on it yet still has her EBT card.  Sure, the EBT goes for the kids, but the begging goes to her plastic surgery, furniture, new clothes, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, Brazilian blowouts, etc.  BTW, how many welfare mothers do you know that have a corporation?

        • Nicky2295 says:

          Yes that is all good my mother did it too with you kids. she does it with 14 kids and ur talking about one.. oh please shut up and dont hate her, she is doing alot for them kids no matter how she is doing it. she was on FOOD STAMPS for a few months and the kids were 3yrs old already, so get a clue!!!!

      • Christine says:

        Oh its funny not hating but dang did you see her house before ???? OMG what a pig sty !!! All I can say is she is gonna need some Octonannies !!!…<3

      • carlyathome says:

        With what she have?  And I guess you write with the best grammar with what sense you have!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

         Credit for what? People do not want to accept the truth is coming out about what happens in that house. Nadya does not cook, do laundry, or clean.
        How many people is it going to take for others to realize every thing Nadya Suleman has been saying is a lie. Nannies are talking, friends are talking, NONE are getting paid to tell the truth.They are doing it because they can’t stand how the toddlers and the or 6 kids are treated.
        Once it comes out some are going to feel like fools for believing Nadya. Other who are being paid to post nice things..hush money… All you are doing is hurting the kids.

      • Alvin says:

         And what do you think she does in one day?  Are you going by what comes out of her mouth?  Go to nadyasuleman.freeforums.org and see what her nannies have to say.  Search out the truth, Db.

      • Jsuenrox says:

        women? have?

    3. Arlene says:

      So, is this the million dollar mansion that NataLIE Doud bragged she was going to pay cash for on her ustream show for? Nope, she got $20,000 for cash for keys for finally leaving the hovel in La Habra, payed rent for 6 months, only way someone would rent her a house..Destruction has not started on the new house cuz her eldest son is living with grandparents, police were called on him 2 weeks ago for destruction on neighbors house….Read OC weekly article, where abuse, neglect allegations are coming to light, through Gina B, octuplets caretaker 3 different nannies, 2 more are coming forward to CPS…rumors, nads own manager called her an alchoholic, & drug addict, watch Dr Phil’s show where she is loaded & eyes rolled back in her head, filming took 2 days cuz she was so high!!! She is going bald, despite using rogaine, has porn-star make-up on to hide bad, bad plastic surgery…starting to look like the cat lady…severe wait gain…So whats not to like? She is not maternal is any way to the 14 & she knows it…Never will be markable but give her manager credit for not giving up with all these new interviews….Octo, ever heard of sheets for your kids beds? Sleeping on plastic, good grief…laziest mother ever,,,,Btw, that furniture is ugly,,,looks like you got it from a rental company..

      • Kat says:

        And it is all so much BS.. Just people trying to cash in on what they consider easy money. And your own nastyness is hanging out, who said there was no sheets on the beds, just because there is plastic on them. Have you never heard of putting sheets over the plastic. God your nasty, lets just all jump on the hatefull band wagon, and make life worse than it already is..Who gives a damn wither you like the furniture or not, it is better than many people in this world have. The only thing that could make you happier, was if they had no furniture at all.

         Nasty Nelly should be your name.

        • Playful_nature says:

          Who is making money? As far as I know, only Nadya gets money for selling her BS to Rumorfix or whoever will pay to listen. The rest of us listen and comment without compensation, and at the expense of having our eyes, ears, and sensibilities assaulted. Heck, she can’t even keep her lies straight within an interview. Most haters hate because of the outrageous ways she indulges herself and deprives her children. Compare the way the children are dressed to how she is turned out. Which had more of her time and attention? Less effort spent on the wee eight combined than on her overdone self. Get real, Kat!.

        • Jodi Klimek says:

          And Nasty Naaaaaadya is your name.  Or, is it Nasty Natalie?

        • Crnb says:

          You are sooooo incredibly stupid.  You’re probably one of the few watching her porn.  Thats what is nasty Kat!!

        • donedonedone says:

          Jeez, Nadya. You are so eloquent when you post and toast. Bet there is the “she needs her own reality show” coming up any minute now,
           or do you post that after you double your dosage?

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         She even admits she is not maternal – duh, took having 14 kids to figure that out. And before someone brings up her “I just wanted one more” lie, she had 12 embryos implanted to get the octuplets. She never, ever used frozen embryos, they were always fresh and she still has 29 frozen embryos, although she disputes the number, thinks it’s lower. All this info and more is documented and available on the internet from the hearing her IVF doc had before the California Medical Board who revoked his license.




         When the Orange County CPS and LaHabra police dept. finish their investigation the truth will come out about how neglected these unfortunate children are. She made all the nannies sign confidentiality agreements and until now, they have been afraid to come forward for fear of being sued. Reporting child abuse trumps any confidentiality agreement and they need not fear the consequences for telling the truth.

        I am so disgusted with the posters who just believe all the BS she spouts and who have no idea what is really going on. Either there are a lot of really stupid people who comment on things they have no clue about or her ex-porn star (an*l specialty) manager has paid people to try and clean up her image. Either way, it’s a shame that 14 kids lives are being ruined because this nut job wanted to be rich and famous.

    4. Lela says:

      I think Nadya should write a book on parenting. She seems to have a way with children that some moms don’t. She’s able to get 8 three year olds to clean up after themselves when moms of two can’ t run that tight a ship.

      • Zippitydoodah says:

         Like Casey Anthony could be mother of the year! SPECTACULAR idea!

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         Yeah, they can’t make a mess when they are locked in one room with a tv and videos and a couple of potty chairs all day long, or locked out in the backyard all day with a couple of potty chairs.

        At least at the Madonna Lane house there was a covered patio so they had some protection from the sun, but they were kept out there in 60 degree weather with no sweaters or shoes. I hope she isn’t foolish enough to leave them outside in an unprotected back yard in the desert. But it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

      • Zari Trhaas says:

        I agree with you, Lela. People want to hate her, but she can manage ALL OF THOSE CHILDREN —Wow, and they seem so helpful too…like they’re saying, “See, we’re no trouble, it’s good Mommy had us.”  They are so cute 🙂 

    5. Guest1 says:

      Is she kidding? She’s preaching accountability to three year olds? How accountable was she?

    6. Flower42000 says:

      I try to c the good in all people. I hate that she did make some bad chocies. We have all made mistake. But its funny the pulbic only wants to hear bad news. Good Luck and God Bless…. Trust God and all will be good. You dont need to sell ur boby, just keep on the right track

    7. lela says:



    8. judy says:

      I know she a good mom, cause  me i had 20kidz.

      • boomom03 says:

        Nadya, if you are going to sit drunk in front of the computer writing fan mail to yourself, at least be semi-coherant.

    9. Iveyisley says:

      Ok I am confused.  How can that many kids eat at a table for six? Two big screen tvs?  could have used that money for a larger kitchen table . Also no markers or crayons allowed in there house?  Hello the two children that were sitting at the kitchen table had markers and colored pencils. Guess she isn’t done with her fifteen minutes of fame yet

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         Her problem wasn’t markers or crayons at the other house, although there was plenty of that. Her problem was spray paint graffiti on every wall, and even the ceiling inside the house, the back of the house and the fence surrounding the house and huge holes in the walls and doors put there by out of control and undisciplined older children. Two of the older children are not living with her. The one that caused all the damage at the Madonna Lane house was recently busted for tagging a neighbor’s house where he is living in Whittier.

    10. Britani says:


      • AJ says:

        EXACTLY!!!!  Did she ever hear of the word suffocation and know its definition???  She might as well put a few boxes of Glad Heavy Duty trash bags with the drawstrings in the recreation room for them to play with while she gives tours of her 5K sq. ft home. What a dumb azz!!!!!

    11. Veronica says:

      Im on my third child and geeze her house looks clean for 14 kids mine becomes a disaster and the kids clean up i need some advice on that it takes my kids hrs…

      • Uptill3 says:

        it a show on her part. 14 children as cute and sweet as they are, who have been writing on the walls, shows have said how bad rooms smelled, kids being distructive, etc. Now thery move into a new beautiful house and they are all perfect? Lets see it in 3 months. Kids do not stop behavior over night, nor has she. I understand, it can’t be easy with that many kids. However, I would be more inpressed with her had the other house looked as great as this one and the children all little perfect. its too fony. Thought I hated the 8 plus 8 show, even her house was clean as were the chioldren and they were not destructive as these. Double the count or not. You need not take any advice from her. You get up, dress, feed, clean, have your children join you in making beds, folding clothes, etc. they reward them. work time, play time, family time. its all in they way you raise your children and a good time to get them involved is when I did it was 2 yrs. when they can walk, eat, etc. if they are old enough to get toys out, they are old enough to put them back and learn to respect them. my opinion

      • Guest says:

        It’s only been two weeks since she moved in, and the older children are not living there to tag the walls. She has said that the octuplets help clean and ‘take responsibility for their own messes, but this blabbering of hers has not been put to the test yet. Getting toddlers to clean up after themselves takes preemptive attention, steadfast guidance and help and praise for a job well done. These behaviors are not in her behavior repertoire. 

    12. NadiaNeedsCUM says:

      I want to have 10 more babies with her!!!

    13. BCranston says:

      Let’s not forget tha kids don’t sit still up in a playroom while mom is giving a tour.  It’s probably the end of the day kids getting ready for bed – she has help cleaning up this place her kids did not do it – she had time to prepare and she’s a complete and total idiot taking a free ride. 

      MOMS how often do we ge a shower, time to work out, do our hair and put on makeup with 2 kids let alone 10?  She is a celebrity living the celebrity life with help and houekeepers.

      Let me also say her goal to look like Angelina Jolie failed miserably.  She looks like a tranvestive Cher impersonator!

    14. Coronaldy says:

      I’m just wondering with the economy the way it is how is she going to make her monthly payments, keep food on the table, pay rent a center for the furniture and tv’s? Let alone the clothes for the kids?

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         She had to pay six months rent in advance – got $20,000 cash for keys to leave the other house so when April rolls around she will quit paying. I hope the owner of the house is ready for the damage and months he will go without rent payment before he loses his house, just like the owner of the Madonna land house lost his house because she quit paying the rent in May, 2011. No good deed goes unpunished, especially when you are dealing with Natalie Denise Doud or as she likes to be called Nadya Suleman, her stage name.

    15. Crice says:

      Thanks rumorfix for clearing up my misconception of Nadia.  Enough of the nauseam of her perfect parenting.. bla!  Don’t you guys have better worthwhile news to report?  She is a narcisistic personality who loves the spotlight.

      She looks like Cher turned man! 

    16. Maximo says:

      She’s still hot

    17. Thekittels says:

      I wish we had someone to help us out or anyone with no job and a child.  It is like pulling teeth to get any help.  count your blessings.

    18. Uptill3 says:

      I just wonder how long this beautiful clean living will last. My question is, She left the other house in disaray. If this is the new true wonderful controled family only living there only 2 weeks, why didn’t they live like this in the other house.This is like a show, I would like her to show the same viewing 3 months from now. It is nice to see, however, that many children do not become perfect little clean children, not screaming, destroying everything in sight, etc. over night. its too perfect. Bless who ever got her this beautiful house, as the other was once like.
      its only my opinion. We will see down the line.

    19. hs0316 says:

      i have four kids, never had nannys, husband is never home and working his ass off to support(the woman we need to give credit too), thats crap, my family comes first and she chose to do this on purpose. so wheres our 5000 sq. foot home, with the nice kitchen and great play area for my kids. oh no my husband is paying for her and her kids, and taking from our kids. thats not a person i give credit too, thats a person that deserves nothing because she did this to herself. we live in just under a 1000 sq foot home with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and all 4 of my kids are under the age of 8, so wheres our free hand out, wheres our break in life?

      • Kat says:

        Get off the pity pot woman, your husband is not paying a damn thing for her and her children, they are not on welfare.
        It amazes me how much hate there is in people like you, simply because this woman managed to get a little ahead for a change. And yes she did choose to do this, so what?
        I get the biggest kick out of those on this sight, who condemn her for doing porn to support her kids, ten to one those who shout the loudest, has given it away  many times, many years for free, with no real reason for doing so. At least this woman has a worth while reason for are immorality. It feeds her children.
        Judgemental devils,  
        She is working harder to take care of business than you ever have, you have some one else who is working his butt off, while you set at home doing nothing, you do not even support your self.  It appears 4 kids was to much for you and your husband, yet you chose to do it. You cannot even began to recognise this womans strength and courage. 

        • Jodi Klimek says:

          Nadya, don’t you have some kids to raise instead of running around posting fan mail to yourself? Funny how none of these supporters posting came to your defense until now…Gina’s doing maybe?

          • Mona Stenzel says:

             VaGina will soon tire of her. She isn’t making money for her now and since the abuse, neglect and sexual abuse allegations hit the public, there will be even less money coming in. Even porn stars think she is an awful mother and want nothing to do with her. That has to tell you something.

        • Mona Stenzel says:

           She is on $2,000 a month food stamps and another $2,000+ in welfare and SSI Disability that she gets for the kids who are developmentally delayed due to neglect. She bought milk with an EBT card in LaHarba and a bottle of vodka a month ago. The clerk twit pixed the exchange. She spent $600.00 at the Albertson’s in Palmdale, the clerk there tweeted she paid with an EBT card. There are many more tweets than this about her EBT card. No one would care if she didn’t go around bragging that she is ‘doing it all herself and is not on welfare’. She is not now, now has she ever been off welfare.

          Hey VaGina, your paid stooges aren’t making much headway against the truth. There are too many of us out here that know what is really going on and will continue to make sure the public knows what kind of low life the woman is. You ain’t got a mop big enough to clean up after her lies and misconduct and abuse toward the children. The truth always comes out and it is now coming out. Deal with it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Whether you like it or not she is the caretaker for all those kids.  The EBT is for the children.  If she didn’t have them she wouldn’t get that much.  When you hate on her you are hating on 14 children’s mother.  The kids can’t help it if they need EBT.

        • carlyathome says:

          If she is getting foodstamps, He is paing for it.  And so is everyother taxpayer in the U.S.  Where do youthink money from foodstamps comes from???????

        • Lene says:

          Well said, Kat! I don’t judge Nadya for doing porn to support her children… I come from a single parent home, and I have no doubt in my mind that my mother would have gone to the extreme to keep us all fed and clothed.  A job is a job… even if it’s not within your view of what good morals are. It’s better than having to give her kids up for adoption, or even worse let them starve. Nadya may be irresponsible in that she had way too many kids than she should have, but they are here, and they need somewhere to live, and food to eat, so at least admire her determination to keep them alive and healthy. 

          • boomom03 says:

            Shut up Nadya.

          • Alvin says:

             Lene, she did the porn for notoriety – not for her kids.  Any money she makes is “her money”.  She came out and said that on an interview.  The EBT and SSI payments are for the kids.  However, house payments, electrical, gas, clothes, and beds for the kids are not a necessity in her mind and stopped paying them many times.  And don’t think she doesn’t let her kids “starve”. I know from an inside source that whatever leftovers the older three had on their plates was scraped off and given to Aiden (per Nads instructions). Guess her cooking didn’t include giving anything fresh to her autistic son yet she was seen at restaurants and sushi places.

          • donedonedone says:

            Your posting fanmail to your own fanmail, Nadya???


        • Alvin says:

           Ah, MsSarcia/TeamNadya is back!  How ya doing Scarbutt?

      • Anonymous says:

        You chose to have 4 kids.  If you had stopped at one you would have had an easier time.

        • Alvin says:

           Octomom would have had an easier time also, if she had stopped at one.  She wouldn’t be on EBT nor having begfests every few months to have the public pay for her frivolities.  BTW, none of the money donated is used for the kids – she uses it for herself and her beauty treatments.  I know the inside info because I know some of the nannies who were there.

    20. Randysuemendez says:

      hmmm. I counted room for ten kids, where do the other five sleep? There was not a single dresser in the house. One sofa for a family of 16? The math does not add up?

      • Guest says:

        My guess? The tups double or triple-up. 8 bunks, four with tups, four with older kids. Since the older two are there only rarely, they make do with an upper bunk when home, and the autistic child gets shut in the little room with a mattress on the floor. Probably one sleeps with Nads.

    21. Abnercat says:

      If I had 14 kids id probably be smoking a ship load of meth too 😉

    22. Christine says:

      She is a ditz lol…wheres all the kiddles ? In the closet ??? Lol Is it me or does it seem as if she has a few screws loose ??? Im soooo glad she gave me parenting tips…not sure what I would have done without her Ocothelp !!! LOL

    23. Rrcoy29 says:

      Funny how she can come on a show and show off her house in such a disaster and nothing is ever done about it, yet if it where any other family and cps got wind of how the house looked theyd be there in a second either pulling the kids or making them make changes or they’d be back for the kids so clearly you could see rules only apply to certain people, and as for her being a perfect mom and having the house having a nice clean home yea that had to take some doing because we all know that isnt going to last or happend daily

    24. Rkbeckers says:

      All you oversmart people who wrote so mean commments, I wished you would be in the same situation.
      I think she deserves a lot of credit taking care of fourteen children. If that was wrong or right to have them is not the point anymore. To care for them and keep ’em together needs a lot of nerves and physical conditien. How der hell are you to judge her.

      • Guest says:

        Not a chance most of us would ever be in her situation! If we had need of a fertility doctor, we would follow the guidelines set, and would never, ever, ever, ever (her fave disclaimer) allow 12 embryos to be inserted at once!

         She does not deserve credit for hoarding children for fame and fortune! If those children were dogs, they would have been rescued a long time ago.Keeping them together in the beginning was her way of controlling them. It is for her benefit, not theirs. Now the octuplets depend on each other for comfort from the storm, so it would be hard for them to be separated from their littermates.

         Do you know why there is a prescribed ratio for caretakers to children in daycare settings? Because even a loving, well-trained worker who is present in children’s lives for 9 hours a day, can only meet the needs of four or five children age three.

        You should reassess your views of this woman’s choices, and ask yourself how she has time to go to the gym and shopping for things she can’t afford, expensive cosmetics, mink eyelashes and their upkeep, botox, hair treatments, breast and butt implants, etc,etc. Meanwhile, her children appear to need dental work, and the poor baby who had a cleft lip had to wait until she could profit from the repair video. Since her family gets MediCal, it is sheer laziness on her part that they don’t get needed dental work. Meanwhile, she appears to have had new veneers on her teeth recently. Do you get all this for yourself???? I doubt it!

    25. Ana V says:

      Thank God she is getting her priorities straight, give her some credit..there are other crack addicts popping babies like crazy and doing coke right next to them living in the shelters and having miserable lives because their mothers are too cooked up to realize reality or pretty much life of itself..oh but like nobody allow to change and everyone else are perfect ROFLMBO ..YEAH! get off the high horse people and look and count your own skeletons o-O..kudos for at least TRYING to have a roof over their heads..and please let not forget the ghetto women who has iPhones and Cadillacs with 7 kids and cheating the Government …she is trying for crying out loud!!

      • Jmgpanda says:

        You are very right Ana, we are not born with instructions and we do not always make the best choices in life but three years later she is improving and that is a blessing. People will say what they will on television and in magazines, doesn’t mean it is truth and honestly so many people who talk bad about her or anyone in the public eye are so busy worrying about what they are doing and how they are living their lives they have forgotten to live their own. Lots of people watch daytime television and follow famous peep while their house is dirty and their bills aren’t getting paid or their kids are running around God knows where.  It sure is funny how people will say anything to get the focus off them. I think she is doing better and getting to know each of her kids man i don’t even know what i would do with multiples and i have three kids. It had to be terribly crazy and tough and more crazy in the beginning. Maybe people who were involved in her life in the beginning were upset they didn’t get any money out of being her friend so they are trying their hand at being the enemy? We shouldn’t buy anything published that was done so in a negative way or that will have a negative impact on her children in some way that includes the porn she did. The focus should be on hoping the best for the whole family and building them up not ripping them down. And those who are jealous make themselves obvious by saying things like “where’s my handout” or “too bad we don’t have it that easy”? It doesn’t appear she has an easy job at all. Raising one child is hard. Come on people how about a little common decency. 

      • Guest says:

        OTHER crack addicts is right! This post describes her to a T! She is just a better scammer than most, so hasn’t landed in a shelter yet. Do you think her disability payments were legitimate? That was $165K she was paid while experiencing several pregnancies, She was unable to lift her first kid at 4 mos. according to what she told the authorities Did she scam them and cheat the government? JMHO!

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         Eyewitness to her drug use and alcohol abuse. There are even videos of her so wasted she can hardly speak or keep her eyes open.

    26. joyceh says:

      Good for you octomom! Everyone with the negativity needs to get off her back! Live and let live why don’t ya.

      • Guest says:

        Part of living is looking out for the weakest members of society. Hence, many have a need to express their dismay at her parenting choices and child-abusive lifestyle. Why do you defend her right to abuse so many kids?

    27. BARD says:

      Why did she lose her first home and how do you afford a 5,000 sq ft home after losing a home. She must have a sugar daddy on the side because I know many people that have lost their homes with children and are either living in shelters or in very small cramped quarters because that’s all they can afford.

      • barbwire says:

        She got paid $20,000 cash for keys deal by the bank to vacate the house she trashed in La Habra. It wasn’t her failed porn movie that paid for the 6 months in Palmdale. It will be the same old song again in June-another trashed house, She has no real income except subsidies if you know what I mean. It’s easy to put on a show for Rumorfix to come in and give the illusion of what a great job she’s doing. It’s called “staging”. all of her kids aren’t living there-especially the one who really did the damage on the other house (not the autistic one she now threw under the bus). She’s a phony!

      • Guest says:

        She got paid $20K by the bank to vacate the La Habra home. She used that money to pay 6 mos rent up front for the Palmdale digs. And this doesn’t even tap into her porn earnings. Or the begfest from Amazon for furniture or GoFundMe, She got her new furniture, paid for her oldest kids to stay with their grandparents and attend private school,  and spent porn proceeds on her new dental veneers and face, I guess. She looks like she has been eating much better than her children lately. A bigger designer wardrobe is going to cost her a bundle!

    28. Dianna says:

      Where is the doctor who thought both he and her were going to be rich and famous from this fiasco?  He should have been sentenced to being her maid. They both gambled and lost. Now these children are all that’s left of her insane move. Of course, every house is clean and nice when someone like her first move in.  Check on them six months later. Nanny writing a book about what. How many kids are being abused everyday.  Is anyone cashing in on them. Where’s a Nanny getting off “writing” a book? 

      • Mona Stenzel says:

         No one is making any money by coming forward with the stories of the neglect by Octotrash and sexual abuse of the octuplets by the older kids. The nannies who did come forward would only go on camera with their voices changed and their faces in shadows. They are all afraid of the bogus confidentiality agreement octotrash made them sign. They need to know that child neglect and abuse trumps confidentiality agreements any day and all day. They need fear no consequences for coming forward.

    29. boomom03 says:

      Nadya, lay off the vodka, quit posting yourself fan mail, this is ridiculous.

    30. leo2lioness says:

      im sorta split on this whole thing… i can’t believe she purposely wanted to take care of these many kids… n yet its incredible to know that she tries her best except too bad no personal life.. most men will turn away esp her being in spotlight and all… i dunno only time will tell

    31. Shuntajackson says:

      God bless nadya, Enjoy your kids. God hasyour back …

    32. Shuntajackson says:

      People get a life. God has her back.

    33. Robnlee2 says:

      Good for Nayda, I wish her all the best, the kids seem happy and clean, that’s what matters.  She has to earn a living to care for all her kids, so world, leave her alone to raise her family.

    34. Cycluraman says:

      She has too many kids than one mother can possible car for. She is a liar (stripper, porn) and one of the most trashy women I have ever seen. These kids should be taken away and given to real familys to be properly taken care of. Sad thing is we will hear about this skank and her kids for years to come. Its just sickening how much she takes advantage of this country and its benifits. I am going to vomit now, good day all! (except you crazy mom:(  

    35. Abberosner says:

      Who is paying for all of this????? Funny- my husband and I work very hard and could not afford such a large house with all new furniture. 

    36. guest says:

      this made me feel so sad for those kids. so sparse, no dad, plus she is trying so hard to keep saying- we keep things clean, the kids clean up, no eating in here-no eating there…..clean, clean, clean! She put on a good SHOW but let’s face it- no single person could raise this many kids all alone.

    37. Froogygreen says:

      Where are the kids clothes?  Doesn’t anyone have a small space that is their own?

    38. aha moment says:

      Tons of single mums (and some married one’s with unemployed partners) still turn to sex to help raise families. Just go to this website called tagged. You think craigslist was bad, go on there and check it out: girls willing to have sex even for 20 dollars just so they can help cover some expense or to stretch their government checks

    39. Edwardbruce69 says:

      Yep! That’s the way it is when you are a looser like her. Everyone feels sorry for the inocent little ones. Kind, good hearted people are willing to give her sorry but a home just so the kids don’t have to suffer.

    40. Ron Vergandy says:

      How do I get on Gina’s Payroll?  I’ll say nice things about nadya.  I wont call her a leech or a grifter in fact I wont even mention her porn or other sleazy ways she makes money.  I can start Monday!

    41. Concord Man says:

      If she was smart she would buy a smaller place maybe even a mobile home on a piece of land so she does not have a mortgage because she can’t do Porn forever. Wait, shes Octomom so smart does not enter into the conversation.

    42. carlyathome says:

      What is so special about a mom who irresponsibly has way more kids than she can take care of?  She was kicked out of one house for not making payments.  She let her kids run wild and destroy another house.  All of us taxpayers are paying WAY!!!! too much for her food stamps and whatever other government assistance she receives.  As a former childcare provider I could feed 12 children 2 nutritious meals + 2 healthy snacks and my family of 5 for LESS than $1000 a month.  How does a person with big screen t.v.s, a huge house, tons of toys, new furniture, etc. even get $2000 in food stamps.  Bet she’s not clipping couypons and buying store brands (which, btw are usually made from the same company that makes the name brands-just a different label).  Oh yeah–she’s out making porn movies!!  Now we all have all the info we need to elect a mother of the year.  It just won’t be her!!!  She better start making those movies fast cause she ain’t looking too good now.

    43. Mona Stenzel says:

      Just as I suspected, the posters who are all giving such credit to supermom Natalie aka Octotrash have no posting history on this site. Just signed on today and made their one or two paid comments. Didn’t work VaGina. The public knows way too much about this POS that you represent. You better hire a lot more posters to counter the truth being put out about her.

    44. Zari Trhaas says:

      Awesome! I’m so happy for her. She IS Supermom. People want so much for her to fail, but she’s making it….hahaha….in your face, critics! God bless her and her family.

      • Playful__nature says:

        Sad example of “making it.” Almost the whole world hates her, her beauty is fading as she goes through early menopause, her older kids are out of control by her own say-so, she doesn’t have enough income to sustain herself, she has worn her poor parents out and stolen all their money, she lies about everything from how many zygotes were implanted to what she feeds herself and her children, she was forced to move to the desert from her ‘comfort zone,’ she thinks everybody believes her lies, and she has to invest 15 more years in raising children that she doesn’t like, unless someone is able to convince the DA to really look at the facts. Making it????? I think not!

      • Alvin says:

        Sarcia, why don’t you post under your “abnormal” name of MsSarcia/TeamNadya?  Trying to hide or trying to make it look like there is more supporters?  Check out the ratios of “haterz” versus “uninformed”.  People are getting wise to her scams.

    45. Joey says:

      Sure looks like Octomom’s busy posting here! Isn’t she suppossed to be (lmao) barefoot in the kitchen worrying over those kids she would die for? Riiight.. We know the truth & someday soon, so will the rest of the world. I look forward to only seeing Octomom being led away in handcuffs for all she’s done…

      • boomom03 says:

        She’s her own one woman fan club. Lock the kids in one room, prop up Uncle Chair, throw some food on the floor, pour a sippy cup of vodka…and post away ridiculous non-sensical letters of support to herself.

    46. kristyn says:

      good , shes raising them all, without another parents help. props nadya! kerp

    47. Moreheadlisa29 says:

      im glad to see she is trying to be a good mom,and trying to keep the clean, she has been blessed with that pretty home, i would love to have a home like that.
      i wish her and her kids the best,
      take care good luck in your new home

    48. Rayzdz says:

      Why such deep despising feelings for this women? I mean give her a break. I grew up with 5 siblings & a single mom, it’s actually a good thing that there are 8 young lives that have a good home, mom, & an opportunity to bless this self righteous world we live in. Good for them I say. And to the rest, walk in her shoes for awhile, & back off!

      • Guest says:

        Was your mother out getting $500 hair treatments, body lift surgery, boob implants, vaginaplasty, nose job, lip plumping, tattoos and tattoo removal, new veneers on her teeth, spending on personal trainers and gym memberships, leaving her children’s cleft lips unrepaired for way too long, picking up babies and toddlers by one arm and carrying them that way? She has 14, not just the 8 babies! Her older ones are out of control, and she swears at them, and they at her. Good home? I wish!

    49. Donnywoods99 says:

      She is a dirty hoe. Just because she has kids does not mean that she is a good mother. Get a job and stop being a hoe bag…

    50. Theatercatz says:

      Forgive if I offend, however I find it difficult to understand why this woman whose personal choices (which have resulted in so many others needing to ‘give’ to her fantasy) is able to benefit when so many of our population struggles trying to make ends meet and our troops return home to less than they had when they left. Perhaps I am an old fuddy-duddy…. but in my mind, this woman doesn’t deserve a millasecond of our time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Simply because she is the media and our troops aren’t, we would be talking about them if they were. That is the media for you.
        The reason I posted about her is the amont of hate she has engendered, and I see her situation as one people that love to hate use to spew their hate, which is a thing I hate. 
        It is not only her, but many times people are just so nasty to situations thay know nothing about. We should have learned by now, not to believe every thing that is put in the media.
        It says she has been cleared of the abuse charges.
        And as far as her fantasy, that is free choice, no one is forced to help her.  But I am glad they do. For the childrens sake and the tax payers. I am not into porn, and never was, but there are many things in this life I find just as bad, and some worse.
        I don’t know if she would have done porn, except to make a living for her children,
        And as I said before, many women around the world have had to turn to the sex trade in order to survive.
        In some countries it is a way of life they sold into it at a very young age.
        Many women in this country did the same before we started the welfare programs, and many were native americans, people will do what they have to to survive.
        Thank God I never had to do such a thing, But would have before I would see my kids go hungery or homless. Call be a dirty Ho, if you must, but there is nothing worse than seeing your children hungry.
         And yes! she has made mistakes, but she must love those kids to a great extent, as she has never walked away. It appears to me she has had to work very hard, and do many things she would rather not, just to survive, I do not see profit in this thing, I see survival.

        • boomom03 says:

          You should do a little research on her. Plenty of evidence of neglectful parenting and extreme selfishness. I honestly didn’t think anything at all about her till I happened to come across some videos of her with the kids, and I was shocked. Further digging and I was heartbroken and PISSED. She talks a good game and all she works hard doing is presenting herself as a loving, sacrificing mother, but that is all an illusion. She’s selfish, self-centered, and her focus is on ME ME ME. It’s revolting. She’s spent the donations for the kids on herself, more than most people make in a lifetime, then holds her hand out for more. I don’t see somebody trying to survive, I see big gaping black hole of a person sucking and sucking and sucking.

    51. donedonedone says:

      Not to worry. She’s running on fumes now. 
      Out in the desert giving home tours on a short term lease with no income and no more opportunities.
      Needing  to feed her addictions to alcohol, pharmaceuticals and chopshopping.
       The 14 kids are not anywhere near the top of her list. Or did you not notice/

      And she’s just blown whatever disgusting plan PornalGina had for milking institutionalizing Aiden as the next beg ploy was being positioned..

        Porn blew her off. And how do you get to a lower level of bottom-feeding than doing porn (unless you manage skidmarks)? Good luck cashing in on your latest brainstorm, PornalGina.She’s way more visibly delusional and way more visibly tweaked.  Her way of fixing it all by getting more  cosmetic surgery is doing nothing but getting her scrip and bleeding her dry while turning her into a Disney gargoyle.She can’t keep leeching  the tups welfare money to keep living the tweaked life in the mirror and leisurely enjoying la vida loca. She’s been outed enough that CPS is going to be watching that money lots closer. I always wondered why someone who has no ability to bond with kids is so addicted to Disney.Come April it will be Interesting Times. Tick-tock.Co-defendant PornalGina thinks this way of life is the answer and so PornalGina can have the pleasure  of providing the future income for 15.  For another 15 years. There is no one else. Except the woman she refuses to let give the tups help.And CPS in that county is a whole different ball-game.She left it too long. These days he probably can’t even get more than the price of a lip-fill for what she thought was her ace in the hole — outing the  various Babydaddies. ( why do you think she’d tell GinaB the truth when she’s lied to everyone else?)It’s done, done done and just about over.  

    52. Sissybeach08 says:

      we are all GOD’S children,watch what you say about your,brother’s and your sister’s.Keep your word’s soft and sweet,you might have to eat them…..These kid’s can or will be able to read one day.What do you think your comment’s will do to them?adding gas to a fire wont put it out.Try praying,for them all.GOD ,can do anything.

    53. Mdwir says:

      xoxo?  More like XXX!!!

    54. Patriciadavisjmp57 says:

      Listen you all haters! Give her credit, I certainly would do the same if I have all those kids at one time, doesn’t matter what thousa opinions you might have

    55. Patricia says:

      To all those haters! Why just keep your negative opinions and just pray for those in need.  If  I had to do the same as her, I would do it as long it’s something good for my children to survive.  If you haters were very lucky for not being on welfare, Well! you should thank God and just learn to love yourself to be able to feel peace in your heart and to learn to love others. Don’t take life for granted and think you will always be up there!!!!! Karma can come to you………………..

    56. Jsuenrox says:

      She is a freak that created her own freakshow. How can anyone feel sorry for someone that chose to breed like a dog. A single, wacked out, dog.
      Adult film career?
      Nice role model.
      She wont be able to come close to be able to afford the amount of $$ for therapy those kids will need.

    57. jutty says:

      I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About a year ago I and my partner split up, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only
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      Summer 2013.

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