Exclusive: Flavor Flav Threatens “I’m Gonna Kill You,” Says Fiancee

Posted on October 17th, 2012 at 3:33 pm
Exclusive flav1Flavor Flav a.k.a. William Drayton was arrested early Wednesday morning for assault and domestic battery charges against his fiancée Liz Trujillo. And now Trujillo is speaking out for the first time exclusively to RumorFix. Trujillo, who lives with the entertainer at his home in Las Vegas with their son Karma and her son Gibran, tells RumorFix exclusively that Flav beat her up so badly she can’t walk. She also alleges that the rapper tried to kill her 16-year-old son with a 20 inch butcher knife after Liz accused her fiancé of cheating. “He’s been cheating on me for months. I saw a text on his phone from a woman saying she ‘had a great time’ with him, and he was going to meet her in Vegas. [When I saw the text] I threw his phone and the screen cracked.” PREVIOUS: Flavor Flav In Jail: Accused Of Assaulting Fiance & Threatening Son With A Knife! Flav’s baby mama tells us that the sound of the phone being smashed woke him up and that’s when the confrontation started, “He woke up and called me 'a f***ng bitch,' he was throwing me around, tossing me around. And I was bleeding and bruised all over. He pulled my earrings out. I’m damaged, I’m in complete pain, I can’t move,” she tells us, revealing that the pain was so bad she had to go to the hospital to be prescribed pain and anxiety medication. Naturally, Liz’s 16-year-old burly son came to her aide as soon as he heard Flav's rage. Liz tells us that her boy, Girard, went downstairs and put Flav in a headlock  until he promised to calm down. Sure enough, as soon as the hip hop artist gave Girard his word and Girard finally released him, Flav went straight for the butcher knife allegedly pointing it at Liz’s straight-A student son, shouting, “Now I’m gonna kill you! Do you see these eyes?! Now I’m gonna kill you!!” The frightened mother tells RumorFix that’s when she finally called the police. The rapper’s fiancée, who reveals to us that her angered beau constantly smokes and drinks and was “coming down from a high” the night of the fight, says that Flavor Flav not only damaged her, but he also destroyed the house as well as her valuable items including her iPod, iPhone, and “chopped up the doors and walls with the butcher knife while screaming and yelling like a psycho.” The bold mother, who says Flav has "mental issues, is delusional, and has something wrong with his brain," tells RumorFix that she’s in the middle of filing a restraining order against the rapper.

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    1. Br says:

      OMG! Who would have ever thunk that Flava is such a monster!

    2. CindyTheRepublican says:

      THESE PEOPLE ARE TRASH…this loser has like 10 kids, he should die

    3. Anonymous says:

      Flav’s a real fuckin piece uh work huh? Cheatin n beatin ova hea, fuckin guy…..

    4. Lea says:

      I am not surprised by this at all but I do hope she will not go back to this butt hole

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