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EXCLUSIVE: Alex McCord’s Prediction On Who Will Get Axed From RHONY

Posted on October 23rd, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Now that the Real Housewives of New York’s season is over — the big question on everyone’s mind is: “Who’s out and who’s in?”

We turned to our resident Housewives expert Alex McCord to get her take on the cast:

Sonja Morgan:

“If  Sonja comes back next season, I have one piece of advice either have that toaster over in stores or never speak of it again.”

Ramona Singer:

“After a very rough season …  I think Bravo wanted to keep Ramona – therefore they wanted her to come out on an up note.”

Carole Radziwill:

“I think Bravo is probably begging her to come back … She needs to be careful – she needs to invest some time in her relationship with the ladies – if you don’t they will turn against you and there will be a conspiracy.”

LuAnn De Lesseps:

“I think she’s the weakest link here of the existing cast.”

Aviva Drescher:

“I think she assumed incorrectly that the producers had her best interests at heart. They allowed her to end on an up note with her apology – I think she’s safe.”

Heather Thomson:

 “I’m worried for heather. I like Heather a lot … Being a nice person doesn’t mean you’re going to stay on this kind of cage fighting show.”

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    • Anonymous

      I do agree about the toaster oven. Two years ago she took pictures for the cookbook and we never saw that either. She needs to produce or else she’s out, but personally I’d like to see how she does without Ramona by her side. My choice to go would be Ramona, but I think the’ll give them all one more season, although Aviva really annoys me.

      • dr stone

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        • NRO

          1) If you learned a bit about spelling, grammar, and punctuation, you might actually be the tiniest bit credible.

          2) NO one is buying what you’re selling, honey. Please go away.

        • Jelane1987

          Hey this husband for pass 3 years don’t love you

    • Cassrf

      Atlanta AND Beverly Hils please

    • Vera Albright

      Hi Alex, I hlope this is a comment for RumorFix b/c

    • Mizkermit

      Blog Beverly Hills!!!!  These are great

    • Vera Albright

      Hi Alex, I hope you continue doing RumorFix, though I’m not sure I’ll continue watching other HW shows~it’s too much investment’ time, etc. What’s mostly on my mind is the way that Simon treats you on VH1. I can’t stand your husband and his whole, repetitious “Well that sounds like your problem to deal with…” You are coming from a place of “I feel this…”, or when you do that, “it makes me feel like this…”, and he just throws it in your face and tells you it’s your problem, learn to deal with it. He never came off as such an idiot on RHONY, but maybe that’s why the other HW’s said he was creepy, etc. I just want you to be happy, & if airing all your most personal dirty laundry on t.v will help you find that, then go for it, and I hope for the best. Just hope it isn’t too terribly difficult…asd it sometimes looks to be. Blessings and Butterflies and thanx for the final Recap, Xxx

      • amandatalkstv

         I agree with Vera.  I loved you guys from RHONY, but then seeing the way he speaks to you on VH1 reminds me too much of my ex husband.  He didn’t think “we” needed therapy, he just thought that “I” did because I was the one unhappy.  I hope the show has helped you two communicate better.  If not, get out.  Life is too short – even if you have kids… maybe ESPECIALLY because you have kids.

        Keep up with your blogging.  I love your comments and usually agree with the majority of them.  I think your assessment of the cast is dead on and I hope the Countess is on her way out.  Just over her.  I really enjoy Carole and Heather though and hope they stay.  I like that they can be confrontation in a civilized manor (unlike Ramona – although she does make for good TV).  Miss you on the show and take care!

        • lilymaid

          Simon reminds most women of their ex husband.  Note Simon….ex.  I am sure you care for him but he is so self involved.  You have found your niche with these commentaries about these shows  This side activity is right up your alley.  Good luck.

    • Linnreinhardt08

      BH please

    • Debrajoh

      Please continue!! I really enjoy your comments. In fact I would rather read your comments and skip the show. Great job..

    • Shilcal

      Love your postings. It is great to see the ‘real’ you as I wasn’t your biggest fan on the show. I look forward to hearing your take on the episodes each week. I hope you continue with another RH franchise. My preference is Beverly Hills. It looks like it might give St. Brats a run for it’s money.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather have Heather on the Aviva!!! I hope you’re wrong on that one. I think you need to come back on the show Alex. I hear talk of Jill Z coming back? Please … NO!!! lol

    • Amber Buckley Lyons

      great commentary as usual, i also vote BH!  I did not notice that Heather did not get her ownn scene during TLF, good point although carole’s spot was so boring and that goodbye kiss was obviously just for the cameras. I lied to you on an earlier post, I said I would not allow Couple’s Therapy in my house due to Doug and Courtney, but I could not resist and watch it every week. We all sympathized with you last week, guess it was too good T.V. to edit out.

      • Alex McCord

        Haha, thank you!  Glad you are enjoying both these videos and CT….

        • Anonymous

          Alex. Can’t wait to watch the episode where you shove $ bills in Countney’s shorts! Lol you’re too funny!

    • Jan

      Interesting…. Thank You for all the recaps this season.

    • Severinojennifer

      Yes, continue!!!!!!!!

    • Flower_Power

      I love these! Such an interesting perspective unlike everywhere else. I like hearing the real story. Please continue! I think you really have something going with these. No one else is coming and talking about the behind the scenes stuff!

    • HBHouston

      Don’t stop reporting!!!! I look forward to hearing what you have to say, it really helps to clear up some of the misconceptions. Love you guys on couple therapy too!

    • Crbattjes

      Please Please Please keep reporting.  I love to hear your opinions.  It’s very enlightening!  I really hope they ditch Aviva and keep Heather too.

    • Bernadette Walsh

      Please, please, please report on Beverly Hills!! And while I miss you on Housewives I feel like I’ve now seen the real Alex.    
      Bernadette Walsh author of GOLD COAST WIVES

    • Tjc6596

      Please, please continue. I loved you on rhony and since u are not on anymore, I like watching you on Rumorfix. 

    • Lnwhiteside

      Pleeeeease cover BH.  I don’t watch Atlanta, and I look forward to your video every week!  Thanks, Alex.  

    • Ifly4freee

      Please report on BH AND Altanta. Please?

    • Tjc6596

      Oh and I like rhobh for you to report on!!

    • Azcutuli

      More please

    • Jedigirl


    • Fidura50

      yes come back please enjoy everyone

    • Ttvalenti

      You should definitely report on as many housewives as you have time for (sans Miami.) You’ve really exposed the housewives franchise for what it really is. Bravo can’t be too happy, but it’s important for the viewers to understand they’re not watching a documentary. Since I started watching you’re take on the show, I look at every scene differently. Thanks!

    • Suite410

      do beverly hills

    • NYC Reader

      Alex, please post on RHOBH or RHOA! I love your blogs.

    • Ezraftch

      You HAVE to continue please!!! I wished you did jersey too ! Alex you must stay this is your calling , Beverly Hills if I had to choose which one i prefer you do !

    • Cameron Grey Rose

      Frankly I don’t even bother watching the show. Watching you recap is easier, faster and much more fun.

    • L R

      Definitely report on RHOBH!  I really enjoyed your vlogs this season and missed you on the show.  Your assessments were fair and accurate!

    • Dbur

      I vote beverly hills! You are awesome! So cute. Love you on rumorfix

    • Starchild47

      I am going to be in the minority here but I would love to see you report on Atlanta! This season looks like it is going to be something else!!!!!!! I really would like to see your take on it.

    • Sixtiesfanjan

      I would like to hear your take on Beverly Hills Housewives.

    • Megalana

      I agree with you about LuAnne. Her “I’m better than everybody” attitude has gotten on my nerves so much. I can’t stand to watch her sometimes because I find myself either cringing or rolling my eyes. MY EYES HURT!!

      • Anonymous

         I’m with you Mega. There’s not one thing I find entertaining about LuMan. Not only is she obnoxious but this season she’s shown herself to be dishonest.

        • Megalana

          Haha LuMan. ;)

    • ShrinkerLD

      I really hope you continue your commentaries with Beverly Hills.  Don’t leave, Alex!

    • ShrinkerLD

      I really hope you continue your commentaries with Beverly Hills.  Don’t leave, Alex!

    • Swineinny

      Go for it, Alex!!  Ur poised, intelligent & always interesting to watch.  I kinda hope they ask u & Jill back but I guess that won’t happen . . .

    • Aubra Pian

      do beverly hills please =]

    • Bfd5550 Sharon

      Please continue Alex, I look forward to these!

    • Razzpoutine

      I agree… Your insight really makes it that much better. You should report on all of them.

    • Tonia

      Please, please continue! I enjoyed your vlogs better than I did the actual RHNY episodes!

    • NOLA Girl

      I never comment, but I feel compelled to tell you that I HAVE TO do Beverly Hills!!!

      • NOLA Girl


    • Ginroo

      I would love for you to continue reporting.  Your inside knowledge helps make sense of what we are seeing on RHNY.  Loved your hair this week.

    • Lsnksks

      would love to see u vlog  on Beverly Hill!!!

    • Anonymous

      Come on Alex. Don’t stop now. I’ve truly enjoyed the insider’s view you’ve given about NY. You catch, and point out, a lot of things that I never would have noticed. It’s been nice to continue seeing you and I still miss you being on the NY show.
      I appreciate that you have moved on in a positive way. Jill should take some pointers from you!
      Good luck in whatever you decide to do. I’m still crossing my fingers that you’ll vlog another series :)

    • Bobbi

      Alex, really hope you decide to keep commenting on the shows. If I got to pick one, I’d like to see you choose Beverly Hills. Atlanta was vicious last year and I’m not at all sure I’ll be giving it my time this season. But RHOBH usually lightens up at times and is more enjoyable overall, imo.  

    • Gotjenks45

      As I have commented all season long ~ I look forward to your comment blog more than I do with the show!!! I hope that you will continue to do the NY blog and I do hope that you will choose to do BH since I refuse to watch Atl. Your hair looked amazing in this blog. Take care.

    • Elizabeth

      Definitely continue!!!  Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!!  Especially RHOBH.  I think RHOBH has a lot in common with RHONY and would love your take.  Loving Couples Therapy!

    • sdhat

      I enjoy your comments.  Please continue with Beverly Hills.

    • Aurora

      I think Alex should video comment on both Beverly Hills and Atlanta. Who better to do the job then someone with “Real” housewife experience? 

    • suki

      Alex, Don’t leave us.  Please!

    • MystiqueofIndy

      Alex I miss you on RHONY. This is my 1st time seeing your video and you did a good job too. Please I wish you could do both but my preference would be RHOBH! 

    • Realitywhore24

      Keep um coming Alex! Love the recaps!!!

    • Guiltypleasure

      I love your take on the show and hope you bring your voice of reason to the other cities!

    • NRO

      YES, B. Hills please!

      Atlanta looks like another “hate-fest” (to use your words) this season coming up, with Nene sticking her face in others’ yelling, as usual. Boring. She used to be so fun and lovable.

      Good point about Luann- the producers really showed some dud scenes of her – I actually felt a bit sorry for her.

      As for Carole – some of us don’t like her – I realize many New Yorkers aren’t in touch with nature as much as the rest of the country, but Carole’s dead animal draped around shoulders (‘cape-let’) is offensive to those of us who actually care about animals.

    • Letshavebacon

      You don’t have to do either. But if you do feel compelled, I think you would be much happier doing Beverly Hilly-Billies (as I call them). Leave hot mess Atlanta to a soon to be unemployed hot mess Countess. See, I have your happiness at heart. Keep up the good work.

    • Jan from MD

      Alex – please DO continue these recaps if you can make the time!  Love ‘em — my vote is for BH.  Thanks for all you do :)

    • walktoday

      RHOBH !!  Please do it !!!   these videos are fabulous and you are so good at it !!

    • Anonymous

      Alex – I’m not going to locate all the places you’ve claimed that Aviva and Reid’s arrival at teh house on St. Barth’s was somehow delayed by producers but would like to point out that darkness falls well before six in the evening.

      Between the flight from New York, arrival and all that goes with that, and then the travel time to the house on windy roads I don’t see any gap in the timeline.  The first group of ladies arrived at 4 in the afternoon.

      I really don’t see what is sinister about the fact Aviva and Reid arrived 90 minutes later than the first group.

      • Jelane1987

        Who cares what you think obout the stupid timeline, avivas an idiot and no one wanted her there, are you just an idiot to have even said this

    • Anonymous

      Bev Hills, please. Just try to slow down a bit  easy on turning pages, doll!

    • Janet

      Yes, Please continue doing these, especially Beverly Hills.

    • Christine

      Because I am such a jill fan I have never been a huge fan of you.  I have enjoyed your blog tremedously though and would love to hear your take on Beverly Hills.

    • RozV

      Please continue to comment for BH.  I enjoy your “inside” knowledge and have a great time listening to you and learning too! 

    • Jason14m

      Blog Atlanta!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Alex, absolutely report on the other housewife series.  You hit the nail on the head with each comment, and, best of all, you are never snarky — just honest.  This is only the second one I’ve seen, but from now on I’ll always tune in for your comments.  I do miss you on the housewife show, but glad for your sake that you’re no longer on and don’t have to deal with the hatefest from LuAnn and Jill.  I was always so sad to see what you had to struggle with.

      Keep on reporting — on any one of the series.  Your fan base is growing!

    • CindyT

      Love your take on it. Please keep it going. 

    • NY152

      I’ve really enjoy your analysis of the show.  It’s been really fun to get the behind the scenes information after each episode.  Please keep doing your reporting.  I’ll be checking for your reports.  I agree that Luann came out looking weak this season.  She lost a lot of dignity.  I also thought about the first season when her young son practically begged her to stay home in the evening and it seemed as if she couldn’t wait to get out of the house.  We all make mistakes and some times those mistakes come back to haunt us.

      • Agurr

        That scene where she would not stay with her children was so sad.  You could see the pain in their eyes the whole season.  Now we know that their family was falling to pieces at the time, and Luann did not want to spend any time trying to comfort them.

    • Chris Keller

      continue. Beverly Hills. Insightful, and you provide us a good laugh at these silly shows. 

    • Pam Dryburgh

      Great wrap up of the season. Please continue with Beverly Hills!!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Do Beverly Hills, Alex.

    • momo

      Alex ! I love your recaps and behind the scenes dish. Please come back and cover Bev.Hills! Please!!

    • Anonymous

      Alex, Please continue reporting for Bev Hills! I think it will be different because you probably dont know them as well as NY, but your fresh perspective is appreciated!!! Im afraid those ladies are taking a turn into the “cage fighting” arena and you will bring some humor to it!  Pretty please!!!! 
      PS you look beautiful this week!!!

    • Jennif

      Love these! Please continue!

    • Kris

      Please continue!!! I love your insider recaps of real housewives, and would love to follow your thoughts on rhobh. 

    • Anonymous

      I sure hope Alex and Simon are not trusting Jill.   Making peace is one thing,  but to trust her is something completely different.    Jill is a ssssssssnake.

      I agree LuAnn is the weakest link.   She should have been gone instead of Alex.

      Heather’s secure to return,  IMO.   She and Carole make a great team.   So do Ramona and Sonja.

      Aviva is a waste of airtime.

    • Kilnbabe2004

      Alex, you must must do HWOBH!!!

    • Summer

      I enjoy your insights, you should pick up reporting on Atlanta!

    • Anonymous

      Alex, please continue reporting on all the housewives series! I’ve enjoyed learning the behind the scenes info! Although, Andy may be unhappy! Lol. I’m curious, if Andy asked you back would you return?
      I do think Luann time is over. (btw the lunch/pizza scene w/kids was dreadful. Like she didn’t have time for them. Also telling them how to eat it & hurry up) I agree Sonja needs to stop on the toaster oven she’s been talking about since her first season. However, IMO Aviva can hit the road! I disagree with what you said on her end of season apology, seeing how she ref Rush Limbaugh with dirty smirk. I think she’s a snake! And she did continue to bash the ladies in her blog after apologies were already made. So to me all her apologies are fake for views only! I don’t find her lovely.

    • Amanda Dixon

      BH baby do it high class

    • amp


         Do I want your
      witty, penetrative, intriguing commentary to continue? Yes, PLEASE. I wilted when
      I heard you were dropped from the show – from the first, whether I was wincing
      or cheering or running through the whole gamut of reactions, you were the cast
      member I had the most personal investment in. Though I like Carol and have
      gained a substantial respect for Heather, no one has truly ‘clicked’ for me
      since you (and, yes, Bethanny) left.

         It’s hard to
      believe believe Bravo kerfluffling over your recaps. Frankly, I think they
      could stand to pony up a fruit basket and thank-you note for you, since it was
      your videos that piqued my interest enough to keep me watching the show. Your
      insight into personalities and social undercurrents (and yes, into how the
      sausage gets made, so to speak) make the show MORE interesting and engaging,
      not less.

         You’re the only
      housewife on any franchise that I’d ever imagined having an actual conversation
      with, and since these video recaps are about as close to that as I’ll come, I’ll
      actively miss my ‘Alex fix’ if you can’t find time for them moving forward. I
      wish you best of luck in all your ventures~

    • Hadtobesaid

      Please consider reporting on at least the RHONY. I do so miss you and Simon and love your take on the show. I understand if you wouldn’t want to do other franchises but it would be fun for us to  see if you can fit it in. We love you Alex!

    • Yukon De Witt

      Please keep it up. I’d love to see you analyze Beverly Hills, and wish you had done New Jersey.  

      I’m watching Couples Therapy just for you and Simon. If you had told your childhood story on RHONY you’d still be on the show. Bravo loves to exploit peoples tragedies. (You did the right thing opening that door; what if he had still been alive?)I do object to the way you stuffed all those singles into Courtney’s so called “skirt.” I don’t object to you having done it, I think you way over-paid for the show she put on. One or two singles would have done fine.

    • Jenny Anna

      Love your analyses Alex.  Please keep on doing them.

    • Madrace

      Alec, Please keep commenting on ALL the housewives… You are talented and very entertaining, what was Bravo thinking when they let you go!!!!!

    • Amanda Dixon

      is she going to be doing any more of these videos i sure do miss them

    • M4guy

      The only sane,smart housewife……………….. ever! Please keep posting!

    • L7024wilker33

      Thanks for the inside info on how Bravo TV portrayed their housewives. Your blogs put everything in perspective for people like me who don”t know anything about reality T.V. Because of your blogs I have more sympathy for  most of the housewives on how they are portrayed.

    • Cara Miller

      Well alex I sure hope u stay in as ur great tv and lovely person (real) as for miss zarin(fake) vile. Woman.

    • Nette50

      Dear Alex McCord
      Here in England we have just seen the final of the season and the first of the new season with all these new ladies oh my god looks like it will take me a bit to get used to all these women having said that I have some questions:
      1.looks like your not in this season
      2. After watching the final season interview and the arguing with Jill Zarin do I not remember it was Jill Zarin who introduced you to the best school in Manhatten for your son

      Regarding your absence thank god I agreed with many of the housewifes you were out of your league in the show and was there just to heighten your importance

    • Nette50

      As far as the remarks on this site I can’t believe that if they are American what on earth are they talking about I could make a fortune on the programme being a good northern girl
      Sorry Alex no you don’t do it for me and all my friends
      p.s are you still married to Simon I’m sure you are you make a food couple nobody else could cope with either of you sorry but that’s how It is

    • Jill

      RumorFix needs to get you to cover all the Bravo shows and I would read RumorFix daily.   Alex I miss you and Simon on the New York Show and would like to see you two back at double what you were making before.  New York needs  you two and Andy needs to get it together and put his feelings about you aside and invite you two back to the New York Show.

    • Cissy

      I like watching your updates more than watching the actual show. The shows give me anxiety because of all the fighting. Please recap Beverly Hills.

    • Sunraven

      You must keep doing this!!!!! I look forward to it. My preference would be both, but if I had to choose, I would pick Beverly Hills.

    • Serena Crawford

      plse continue

    • Anonymous

      Luanne or Aviva should go…..Aviva first! Her leg, second.

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