Did Jennifer Lopez Have Plastic Surgery?

Posted on October 2nd, 2012 at 10:05 am

Gossip website MediaTakeOut is making a bold allegation, claiming that pop star Jennifer Lopez "destroyed her face forever" with botched plastic surgery.

"Lopez was spotted out in France [on Monday] for an Obama fundraiser. Onlookers were SHOCKED at Jenny's new look ... which appears to be plastic surgery. We just hope it's TOO MUCH BOTOX ... cause if that's full on surgery - she DESTROYED HERSELF forever!!!"

RumorFix has seen several photographs of Ms. Lopez taken just hours ago, and her face looks completely normal. We also checked out photographs from the set MTO is referencing and in most of the picture, Jenny's face appears completely normal. Looks like an editor at the website selected a bad photo from the set and tried to spin it into something more sinister.

That being said, RumorFix also spoke with someone close to Lopez who tells us the plastic surgery rumor is BS. And the photograph above, captured early Tuesday morning, seems to prove our point.

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    1. Whitneyyyy says:

      She DOES NOTTTT need surgeryy we won’t want her to be fake she’s sooooo beautiful without anyy workkk done!!! lucky ladyyy!!

    2. gabbba yaba says:

      what a loser

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