Deion Sanders To Pilar Sanders: “It’s A Lie As Usual” — Exclusive

Posted on October 14th, 2012 at 5:28 am

Football great Deion Sanders is responding exclusively to RumorFix to allegations that he is not paying child support and has forced his estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, to move out of her home because the utilities have been turned off.

EXCLUSIVE: Pilar Sanders Says Deion Sanders Should Be Held In Contempt Of Court

"It's a lie as usual," Deion tells RumorFix in an email. He says, "I have all my records of every child support payment." Deion and Pilar are in the middle of a bitter divorce although the former model signed a pre-nup.

Deion also disputes a claim that he doesn't see his oldest son. "We have joint custody," Deion writes, "I have my kids three and a  half days a week. I have no other obligations to her."

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As for the Pilar's claims that she is running out of money and can't even pay her electric or gas bill, Deion writes, " She's crying broke -- staying at the Westin in Frisco [Texas] ordering room service for four people three times a day. Go figure. She left her mother's home which she claims no utilities. But you leave your mother and sister there? Her sister abused my kids three weeks ago. Police kicked her door [and because of a] court order, she can't be around my kids and that's when Pilar left to the Westin. This all is True from the horse."

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  • 13 Responses

    1. Guest says:

      Deion is lying.   If he were paying the $10,550 plus $3,500 mortgage payment ordered by the court, why would she need to live in a hotel?  Cause he ain’t paying.   He filed a motion in court saying Pilar would send him to jail if the Texas Supreme court did give him a stay in the child support case.  

    2. ms. shaw says:

      I’m so SICK of Pilar’s whining…Geesh, she had no problem moving and shaking around Dallas with Deion when he was “MARRIED” to Caroline. When he was flying her in/out of town putting her up in 5-star hotels. What is your issue now?!! It was no secret Ms. Pilar, in fact you were trying to be seen. Well guess what, as the saying goes; ‘The same way you get him, is the same way you lose him’. This is Karma people…for the both of them. She is the typical wife of a baller who got caught up in the bright lights and lost herself and compromised her worth and integrity as a woman to be with a man. She expired…he replaced her. Period. Focus on raising productive citizens, and move on. You are a done dollar.

      • Maklup says:

        Pilar need to get a damn job and stop waiting on Deion to take care of her. He has moved on pilar do get over it Caroline did when he wad seeing youvwhile he wad married to her. You are now reeping what you sowed….messing with a married man…the mistress that bacsme wife…now he got another mistress…so what you think is next.

      • Babymakeup says:

        Yes. Pilar was the mistress when Deion was married to Caroline. I saw her flaunting Deion at a restaurant when he was still married. One of Caroline friends said that she use to call their house and ask for deion. Pilar even went to Caroline and Deion house and to her I f—— your husband. pilar was real nasty with hers so she is definitely reaping it now. She deserve what tracy and deion is doing in public.

    3. Pkward says:

      Why doesn’t Pilar get a job! As a woman approaching 40 with three kids to raise she’s either going to have to work or quickly find another rich husband. If you’ve relied on your body and looks for all these years seek honest work in those areas, you claimed to have been a model, go back to modeling or use those blessing to catch another rich guy. If you have smarts/a brain then find work in corporate America. But airing this out in public and begging a man that doesn’t want you makes you look very ugly…move on. You will look back on this 10 years from now and regret it. People and men make choices and you can start making better choices too. Wake up!

    4. Ciara Fan says:

      I lived in the Dallas Fort Worth Area as a military spouse and I lived like a queen off my husbands 5,500 monthly income and I worked and made 2700 a month.  We had a 5 bdrm 6 bath house, a maid,  a nanny, and 3 very nice cars.  If we can do it for under 10 G’s a month then you can do it. I worked and could afford a nanny so why can’t you Pilar?  Why are you staying in a hotel, sista.  Do you want to speak with a nice sister out there whose a real estate agent, she will place you in a bad azz rental.  Her name is Dawn Johnson and her number is (972)342-9406.  She put me in a gated community and when I tell u I was living it up (well I still am, just another duty station)   I am my sisters keeper and so are you.  Please stop displaying us in this light.  Call Dawn, she will help you get out of that hotel, girl.

    5. BTDT says:

      Why ya’ll hatin’ on Pilar Sanders, she was a young 25 yr old, who was probably lied to when she met Deion, (probably bad mouthed his 1st wife and told her he was getting a divorce)
      been there and now he’s going through a mid life crisis, caught his ass cheating, now she’s the bad guy. My husband isn’t rich and he was ordered to pay $5k for 2 children in Lousyiana :), so Deion pay want the court ordered u to pay and I hope you have to pay interest and additional
      attorney fees, because of your fame, you and the courts are making a mockery of when a rich
      man divorces and does not want to part with his money. Pilar if you had the complexion for
      the connection (all Caucasoid features), baby you would not being go through this, you keep on
      fighting and if I was financially able, baby I woud break you off a small stash, so you can bring
      him to his knees. Stay Strong!

    6. Guest says:

      oh so the kids can live large the 3 1/2 days with Deion, but live substandard
       the rest of the week, this isn’t about Deion wanting the best for his kid, he just
      don’t want their momma to have anything, you should of thought about that before
      u decided to have kids, because now they are casualities of this nasty war, kids
      are to be loved and nurtured, what Deion is showing his boys is how to disrespect
      a female after you dont’ want her anymore and what u are showing ur dgtr is never
      trust a man, especially one who builds a empire, but woud rather see if crumble,
      then do what the courts order any man to do, when he divorces and has minor children.  

      • valerian davis says:

        Thank you for being the voice of sanity, in a cacophony of haters and female mysogynists who actually support a multi-millionaire megalomaniac NOT financially contributing to his ex-wife and mother of three of their children. If the shoe were on the other foot, every last one of these so-called women would be feeling Pilar’s pain.

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