Brandi Glanville: Adrienne Maloof Is A Liar I’m Not Dating RHOBH Producer

Posted on October 31st, 2012 at 10:44 am

An angry Brandi Glanville is shooting down rumors of an alleged relationship with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producer, Alex Baskin, telling RumorFix exclusively the rumor stemmed from a nasty attempt by Adrienne Maloof to discredit her.

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A gossip blog claims that the blonde bombshell has been boasting to her friends that she's been "secretly hooking up with Alex Baskin." RadarOnline continues, "Brandi says she isn't serious about the relationship, it's just a bit of fun, but that Alex has very, very serious feelings for her. Brandi's co-stars, Adrienne Maloof, Yolanda Hadid, and Kyle Richards are particularly worried that Brandy's relationship with Alex will adversely have an impact on how they are portrayed on the show on the upcoming seasons. Brandi has made it known that she wants her own spin-off show and wants as much camera time as possible while she is on Housewives. It's just not fair to the other ladies that Brandy has been carrying on with one of the show's producers."

The mom-of-two was not happy with this, telling RumorFix, "This is a 100 percent untrue. I have been dating a business man (casually) for six months and not my boss Alex Baskin. This is a sad attempt by Adrienne Maloof to discredit me and the show. Alex Baskin is a great guy and I would be so lucky, but the story is just false. All of the women on the show absolutely adore him. He is our boss and we have close but professional relationships with all of our producers. They are the best!"

Alleging that her RHOBH co-star leaked the story, Glanville reveals, "Adrienne is once again showing her true colors as she has stooped to a new low. She has made up lies about half the cast and her husband and tried to ruin lives with the false stories she puts in the press."

Adrienne's rep tells RumorFix it's "absolutely false that Adrienne or anyone of her reps leaked this." Adrienne's attorney, Stanton Larry Stein, also tells RumorFix that Adrienne was not the source of Radar's story and he points out this line, the Radar editor added to their story: "Sorry Brandi, she didn’t sell us anything!"

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    1. CRAZYAOKI says:

      Ew wtf is wrong with Adrienne?!

    2. Rational says:

      When it all comes down, Adrienne should be prosecuted for lying to police about her husband choking/ abusing their kids.  It IS illegal to falsify police reports, last time I checked.  I do believe her to be a liar when it suits HER.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you 100%!! This woman is evil! How dare her do this to her children! Not to mention her children has to be interviewed & she probably told them to say terrible things about their own father that weren’t true! It’s sad she had the money to pay ppl like her chef to lie & post pic on facebook! Why didn’t she post her own pics. Actually way did she even make them public? If they were real she should have reported when it happened!

    3. Teresa says:

      haha maybe Radar will keep Brandi SO busy denying stuff she won’t have time to use LeAnn Rimes name for press!

    4. Amanda says:

      I find it hilarious how Radar Online tweets and DMs back and forth with Brandi’s biggest fans aka LeAnn Rimes’ biggest haters on a regular basis where the fans/haters feed them all kinds of negative stories about LeAnn in hopes of getting it printed.Hence why there’s a new story about her on their website basically every other day.Once it’s out there,they praise Radar,thanking them for printing the ‘truth’ and calling them ‘unbiased’.But every single time they print one about Brandi Glanville that puts her in a negative lights,it’s ALL lies.”Radar is nothing but trash”,”their sources are liars”,”nobody believes what they’re reporting anyway” etc etc.How ironic.

    5. Freesusbwl says:

      Brandy is a liar and a trouble maker.  Take her off the show. 

    6. Fannnn.. says:

      I believe you, Brandi. I do not believe that gentleman would even piss on you..

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