Andy Cohen Uses Ramona Singer As Scapegoat, Says Alex McCord

Posted on October 17th, 2012 at 4:28 am

In her highly popular video blog for RumorFix, Alex McCord says, "Andy [Cohen] must have a post it note that says, 'Whenever you get bored accuse Ramona of something!"

Alex, who now stars in Couple's Therapy, gives her take on the Real Housewives of New York for us and says Ramona is  accused of everything from "You have lipstick on your teeth," to being "an alcoholic" or "a mental patient."

But Alex points out, "She's none of those."

As for this season's villain -- Aviva Drescher, "She's still making rookie mistakes," says Alex. On Monday night's reunion show, Aviva couldn't find the words to explain when things went wrong with Ramona. Alex gives her some advice: "I would have said, 'I can't remember. I need some champagne.'"

And Alex also had some choice words for LuAnn de Lesseps. She says, LuAnn has been "indiscreet" and "a little bit dumb."

The former Housewife thinks LuAnn's coverup of her pirate encounter "is so blatant, you want to bust her!"

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    1. Suite410 says:

      I hope that last comment about RHBH means you are going to blog it.

    2. Amy in the Pacific NW says:

      Great as usual!!  LOVE to see you expand to the other RHW series…maybe you will since you referenced RHWBH?

    3. Jillian says:

      Alex I am a fan of both you and Simon and especially enjoy your housewife blogs on RumorFix.  I am not different than most of the people with comments, I look forward to hearing your take on the shows.   In fact I never heard of Rumor Fix, until I heard about your blog now it’s been added to my favorites.   Good Luck and hope to see more of your blogs.

    4. Elle says:

      Alex it’s been fun, I hope to see more of your video blogs in the upcoming seasons of the RH franchises. Rumorfix are you listening?

    5. hipsfish says:

      well, I think you have found your niche! Love your viewpoint and how you are pointing it out to us..thanks Alex!

    6. glenengland says:

      I always feel that when you are discussing Jill Zarin there is bitterness,

    7. Pam Dryburgh says:

      I too love, love, love the lost footage episodes!  It seems to help make more sense of some of the plot lines that get blurred during the season!  Don’t forget everyone,  #couplestherapy tonight.

    8. Bou746 says:

      Loved your insights alex!

    9. Mary says:

      I love couples therapy and all your recaps. I hope you get signed up to do more shows. Then….write a book about all this crap.

    10. Lisa N says:

      Great blog. Alex should recap all the housewives she is great

    11. Anonymous says:

      Please keep Alex blogging, I love her insights!!  Also, would love for her to blog about Couples Therapy…..

    12. Danielle says:

      Alex, love you! You are my favorite housewife! I love how your so real! Question: if Andy asked you to come back on the show, would you?

    13. Macy says:

      Just found this! Talk about a guilty pleasure! You’re really good at this and your experience with the show gives us an entirely different take on things without ruining the reality facade. RumorFix should absolutely hire you to cover all the Housewives. Bravo should have snatched you up for this job. This would be better than some of the shows in certain cities….ahem RHNJ for openers…..My best to you and your family.

    14. Lenore says:

      Just another great recap. I felt exactly the same about the reunion, to short and lacked any real passion. On Jill I did like how she went right at Andy and let him know how she felt. Did I think she was delusional on her popularity, yes. I, like most other fans of RHONY really loved the Bethenny and Jill duo, but let’s be honest, Bethenny was the draw she was funny and witty and sarcastic to Jill’s being a great sister, friend or motherly sidekick and when Bethenny started to become successful. You saw a real change in Jill toward Bethenny. She said she thought she could just go back. That I thought was pretty naive considering all she did to sabotage Bethenny. However, I do miss all of you Jill included, except for Kelly Bensimone I never want to watch her again. Hope you will be doing all the housewives, much luck to you and your family.

    15. afan says:

      You are so witty, intelligent and I actually only found this website because I was looking to see what you had to say and am only disappointed there is not more about production as that is the juciest part, and since I assume there is restraint legally necessary based on whatever contracts you all had to sign as employees etc… it gives me an even greater respect for your analysis that still manages to entertain and inform.  You are a good reporter!  I was so disappointed that you were not on RHoNY this season.     

    16. Trudy from Pine Island FL says:

      Alex..OMG..I Found you and Simon..I miss you I do I do.. I’m sorry I laughed last night when you fell on Couples Therapy by the pool..  because You were so Mad..and that is all you needed!  Talk about Flouncing out Elequently..( bawhaha)   ( Sorry though cause that hurt I could tell.. OUCH )  This is the place where I know I can come for the Truth and Laughs.. xoxo  Trudy

    17. SweetEm says:

      Like all the new girls on RHONY, but love you Alex, AND Jill and Kelly.  Wish you could all be on the show.  Honestly Ramona’s antics, while wild, are getting old and stale.  Love your comments and insight.

    18. Mutemonkey says:

       I’ve been watching your re-caps all season long, but I’ve never gone through the trouble of writing something, and logging in and all that until now…because I vote YES to seeing you re-cap Beverly Hills! Pretty please, Alex?

    19. Sandy Clarke says:


      so good to hear your voice again, just found you on rumor fix so i guess i’ve missed alot.

      i was sad to see you & family go, but glad they got rid of jill & kelly.  jill is still as anoying as ever.

      i love carole as the new “wife”,maybe because i loved her book.

      keep up the good work


    20. Pfaccio says:

      Alex, you & your husband are horrible, vindictive people and you know it. You use the power of the press to bully those you feel have wronged you (most of the time perceived due to the inferiority complex chip in your shoulder) or dont like, over and over again and it’s sickening especially considering that you are parents of 2 young boys. You clearly have no morals & are setting really good examples for your kids. You are so petty & creepy especially Simon the creep. You may feel in your element right now, but remember that what goes around comes back around

    21. clay says:

      I love the insights but Alex, please please please slow down! You talk so fast that you almost look our of breath! Take some pauses. Speak natural. Its coming off as VERY script like. 

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