Alex Rodriguez Not In Torrie Wilson’s Dog House

Posted on October 19th, 2012 at 8:22 am
True It looks like that stunt Alex Rodriguez pulled with two female fans last week hasn't landed him in the dog house with his girlfriend.

The New York Yankees star was photographed leaving Thursday night's baseball game with Torrie Wilson; earlier in the night, A. Rod's team was eliminated from the playoffs by the Tigers so maybe Torrie just didn't want to pile on.

Rodriguez drew harsh criticism earlier this week, after he passed a baseball to two female fans with his phone number on it. The girls hinted that A. Rod wasn't the only one trying to pick them up, but they wouldn't reveal who the other Yankees player is.

Alex's postseason antics, and less than stellar performance, has many thinking he might not be a Yankee this time next year.

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      Have you ever met such an overpaid jackas as Alex
      Tell me anyone.

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