X Factor’s Don Philip: “They Edited The Gay Out Of Me”

Posted on September 12th, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Don Philip, who did a duet with Britney Spears in 1999, was a contestant on Wednesday premiere of X Factor, but the singer is upset and shocked that his most important message was cut out of the show.

The 32-year-0ld broke down in tears and revealed a secret that he's kept from Britney for 13 years -- he's gay.

For some reason -- that emotional exchange was edited out of the program. "I'm sorry they didn't think it was up to the X Factor standard as Britney says," Don tells RumorFix exclusively. "They already outed me to the world."

Don, who went through a roller coaster of emotions when he came out to Britney, says, "Is Gay bad for FOX? I didn't do anything bad. They edited the gay out of me."

The singer, who sang "I Will Love You," with Britney at the beginning of his career, goes on to say, "I don't understand it. Aren't they a reality show? Is it too real?"

Don said that Britney didn't do anything wrong and the omission "is sending the wrong message. It's like gay is being censored."

UPDATE: An  X Factor spokesperson tells RumorFix, "While we understand his decision to discuss his personal life, Mr. Philips’ sexual orientation was not something that any of the judges or producers felt was relevant to this audition."


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    1. contentillo says:

      It was clearly extremely hard for Britney! I think she’s doing a great job so far i’m so happy for her keep it up girl! I’m glad she’s doing okay 🙂

    2. they may have edited out your revelation but it was pretty obvious that you are gay so nothing was “hidden”

    3. MGabor says:

      Get over it, man. You’ve been posting crappy promos on your FB page, calling Britney Spears “Brit”, making it sound like you two were “besties”. Your audition sucked, end of story. How can FOX be against “being gay” with shows like Glee being broadcasted right after X-Factor? Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person, trying to “milk” your 5 seconds in front of camera does…

    4. Fiddlinjosh says:

      i agree with teressa plus if you’ve ever watched glee you know fox isn’t against the gays!

    5. astrochicks says:

      They should have kept the comment in, that would explain why he was so emotional, coming out is a big deal, especially on national television. Wish Don the best!

      • Jessica Rae says:


      • Mel says:

        If “coming out” was that big of a deal for him, then he wouldn’t have done it on national TV.  It was just a huge publicity stunt he was trying to perpetrate on the public for sympathy.  I’m glad the judges and Fox weren’t having any of it.  He was trying every angle he could to get on the show, and it worked.  Fortunately for the public, we don’t have to listen to his weird-o voice again. 

      • D.P.D says:

         I absolutely agree with you. I think Don did the right thing been honest & coming out on national television. well done Don I am so proud of you & I also hope you do really well in your music career too. 🙂

        •  A 32 year old drama queen with a failed career in pop music and that audition on “The X Factor” will never have any kind of “successful” career in music.

          • KristaB says:

             Well… if you read my messages above, you’ll see my take on what I think about his real chances, but successful recoveries can be a real surprise. Never say never… eventually he may pull his “act” together, apologize, and try again. Everyone deserves a second chance. He sang once… he may be able to sing again. He may never become Michael Jackson, but…

            I just think we should remember there’s a human being there, and despite his stupid choices, terrible behavior and words during the audition, he also deserves to be loved.

            My problem with him is that it seems he thinks that crying and self pity will take him somewhere… well, lesson learned. Let’s hope he gets clean and get a descent life.

    6. Born4singing80 says:

      Britney is making 13 million of course she is doing “ok” .

    7. Jnykash4 says:

      Really man. You acted like a fool on national television. You labeled yourself as a vocal coach and came on to sing a song entirely out of your comfortable range and sounded terrible. Being gay doesn’t make you special, nor does it deserve a special spot on television. Knowing the experience you have performing, that looked like the only reason you were there was to come out. I’m glad they edited out your publicity stunt and showed what a fool you made yourself out to be.

    8. Tinker says:

      Nobody in the audience cared that he is gay. The part that worried the audience is how uncomfortably tense and nervous he made everyone feel. He was like a meth lab waiting to explode! I actually considered that maybe he was in some kind of serious accident and perhaps he had some form of cerebral palsy. Another consideration that came across my mind was maybe he had been in prison for manslaughter or something very serious. Then to find out this reaction was only about him being gay? He freaked out way too much. This was very strange. Poor guy. He needs to get some help! I was afraid he might go into an epileptic seizure.

    9. Meyeboo1 says:

      He was started off strong but you can tell his voice went downhill very quickly. He is nothing of how he used to sound,,, he doesn’t look well either. He def had some issues in the last ten years. I hope the best for him and if there is a chance he can recover his voice that would be great to hear from him again as a soloist artist!

    10. Eric319 says:

      i feel for Don and I adore him! First off… people get to tell their story about how their kids get them through, how bullies get them through, but he cant talk about how being in the closet is what kept him from following his dreams…until now? That’s not relevant to his audition?? That BS!! And second of all people are talking about how he may have something wrong with him bc of the way his face looked when he was emotional… NEWS FLASH: NO ONE has a pretty face when they are crying!! And lastly: his audition was not that great but it was because he was emotional… He has an awesome voice!! Check out soundcloud and youtube if you dont believe me! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

      • Mel says:

        Feel better?

      • Erik, are you Don? I don’t know, that’s just the impression I get.

        • Eric319 says:

          No. Actually I’m not. My name is Eric. With a C not a K. As it states above! I just know him personally and I feel for him because the show made him look like a total crazy person and he is anything but that!

          • KristaB says:

             Please watch the unedited video and you’ll see editing is not the one to blame!

          • Milinhaswim says:

            I’ve just watched the show here in Brazil , and I’ve felt really bad for all of them: the judges and Don. I went to check on his voice on youtube and couldn’t believe how much his voice has changed over the past 10 years. So sth has really happened to him. I don’t believe it was only about feeling nervous/emotional. What has actually happened to him? Can you say? Is he ok now?

      • KristaB says:

        Honestly, I thought it was just me at first, but I later saw that other
        people had noticed as well that Don Philip has definitely had his
        problems with drugs. The uncommon lisp, the way his mouth moves, the way
        his hair looks unhealthy – it all gives away that he did drugs. And one
        of the heavy ones! People think that drugs won’t leave marks, but they
        do! I’m not saying he’s doing it nowadays, but he clearly did it a lot
        in the past. He’s just not the same guy he used to be… of course
        everyone changes, but he was supposed to be just an older and more
        refined version of himself (if he had kept practicing his singing).
        After drug abuse, he’s just an older and somewhat destroyed version of
        himself. Very sad! His struggle in accepting himself probably led him to
        drug abuse, but still… not everyone goes down that road, so he’s not a
        poor baby. I just wish his family had cared more for him.

        as for the audition not being great because he was emotional, well… he
        has the spotlight on him now, so he should make the best of this
        opportunity – after all in a few days no one will care about him ever
        again – and prove the judges wrong. The internet is here and open for
        everyone. Why don’t he post an unedited video of him on youtube singing a
        capella? Either your sing or you don’t… So there’s his chance.

        likes a sore loser. What Mr. Philip seems to need is a doctor and
        intensive treatment. No one is saying he can never try again and
        eventually show to all of us that he can sing. But considering the
        damage that he has inflicted on himself this last decade, I cannot see
        this happening.

        Leave FOX and the judges out of this drama. I
        think all of them were extremely patient (including self-absorbed and
        arrogant Demi Lovato). Fox is a very biased network, but they actually
        made him look sympathetic… but after watching the unedited footage and
        the way he’s behaving post show (even attacking Britney by using the
        head shave event), he kind of deserve the heat he’s getting.

        dear people all over the world: think twice before letting your kids
        step into showbiz before they are old enough to deal with the pressure.
        If Mr. Philip had been better advised, and better cared by his family,
        he’d not be making a fool of himself now! Lesson learned… I hope!

        • Mel says:

          You might want to think twice before you start blaming the family if you do not know them personally.  The monkey on the drug addicts back is sometimes impossible to shake.  Coming from someone with a son who had serious drug issues and who has spent 10s of thousands of dollars, and went in serious debt, on rehabs, I take extreme offense to your comment and I’m sure many other people do too.  The only time I was able to sleep at night was when he was locked up in rehab, so you KristaB should shut your big fat mouth. 

          • faggotassbitch says:

             i hope you die

            • Mel says:

              Personally I don’t give a flying fig what you hope for, and you should probably go talk to someone about those anger issues.  If KristaB is too embarrased to respond to this comment, then you should be too. 

            • KristaB says:

               I did reply, but the reply was so big that i got a comment from Disqus saying it was awaiting moderation. I participate too much on this website, and maybe the system understood I was a spammer???

          • KristaB says:

             here’s the message I tried posting days ago:

            Dear Mel,

            I’m sorry if my message upset you so much. But after u said I have a big FAT mouth, I dunno if I can respect you because your offending me in a way as well. I’m entitled to have an opinion and I dunno how having a big FAT mouth is worse than just having a big mouth. Well, I will overlook this comment of yours because you do accept and understand your pain. On the same note, I gotta add:

            First off, his mother is not speaking to him after his confession on national television, and I assume his father is equally angry. If he’s not, he should be making sure those two make up asap. Mr. Philip needs a loving family at this moment after such an embarrassing moment in a show that’s broadcast all over the world.

            Now: I completely understand that a parent who really cares for her/his son could be offended by my message under the same light you interpreted it. But one wouldn’t care having in mind the context in which I expressed my word. The way Mr. Philip is behaving post X-Factor just shows he’s a big, big cry baby. Something tells me he got into drugs not because he was a real addict, but because he wanted to escape and not take responsibility over his life and actions. That was his choice and in his case it does sound like his family was not supportive, loving and really caring. I’m sorry, but I still have the impression his family probably has some responsibility over his downfall.   

            I don’t know you or your story, but according to your message I can tell you fought for your son… you went to extremes… I’d never blame your son’s situation on your family. You were there for him and that makes you admirable. I never said that having family support always save people from falling into addiction… but it certainly helps prevent it or helps to rescue someone from this obscure world. In Mr Philip’s case, I can’t accept that his mother mistreats her son because of his sexual orientation and let him fall like that. His family should had been more attentive to the fact something was wrong. He doesn’t look like someone who delve into drugs just recently. He looks like someone who has been into drugs for a long time! Something that gives that away is the fact the judges seeing him in person kept on saying: there’s something you’re not telling us (after Simon Cowell asked repeatedly about what he had been doing in the last decade.) He played the gay card, trying to blame on society. It must be hard to come out in showbiz, but I guess it’s easier than saying: because I had problems accepted myself, I spent the last decade alternating drug binges with failed auditions.

            Wow… I’m exhausted after writing all this… but that’s what I think. But once again: family is only to blame if it hasn’t done anything (or not enough) to rescue a family member. That’s it. I hope we made peace.

            All the best to you!

      • Anonymous says:

         I’m not smoking anything. Sounds like that’s what ruined his voice. 

    11. Don, I’m friends with you and I know you know better than that. You were there to audition to a talent show, not to make a show out of your own sexual orientation. I agree with their statement, it’s just not relevant.

      I’m not denying that it caused your nerves to get the best of you and it deeply affected your audition (since I know you can sing), but that’s part of the test anyway. Sometimes artists hear of a family member’s death minutes before going onstage, and have to sing anyway.

      Don’t take it too personally – the X-Factor is a TV show, not a reality show.

    12. Giulia says:

      drugs…so many drugs.

    13. Lady Xerox says:

      I love Don no matter what. He just needs a little understanding and compassion.

    14. Oh my God, so is he upset that he came out of the closet or not? He’s whining they made him come out of the closet, then when they edit it out of the program, he’s whining that they edited it out of the program. You’re 32 years old, guy. Act like a grown man and not like a whining little boy.

    15. Peter says:

      Don Philip is a nuts. His fb makes look like he’s obsessed with Britney. I fear for her. He ruined his life and lost most of his friends bc he’s jus a total mess. Somebody get hi
      Help. Haven’t spoken to hi In years but before his true life comes up. He better get help bc I hope now that he’s been seen by millions. Nobody tells all Something he don’t want. Gay is one thing. It could get worst

      I felt sad for him though.

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