“Teresa Giudice Never Laid A Hand On Melissa Gorga,” Says Elvira Grau

Posted on September 26th, 2012 at 10:59 am

On The Wendy Williams Show, Melissa Gorga said that her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice "roughed her up," but an eyewitness tells RumorFix exclusively that's not true!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star claims the incident happened at Gia's birthday party last year. But Elvira Grau, who is a New Jersey party planner, tells RumorFix correspondent Real Mr. Housewife, "Teresa never laid a hand on Melissa."

Elvira, who reportedly turned down a role on RHONJ, adds, "I promise you that if -- in fact -- there was an altercation, with so many people present, this would have surfaced sooner than now."

Elvira explains, "Teresa was annoyed at Melissa trying to give Teresa’s kids Christmas presents to her during the birthday party, when Melissa really should have given them [to the kids] herself in person at the house and not at Gia’s birthday party at Space Odysssey USA many months later. Teresa asked Melissa politely to please drop off the gifts at the house, so the kids could see their aunt and cousins.

"To Teresa, it’s not physical presents but the thought to the kids. Teresa wanted Melissa’s attention to be to the kids and spending time, not the actual presents. Teresa even said ‘My kids don’t need any more presents, they need their cousins’ which I thought was beautiful," Elvira told us.

"The truth is that Melissa is trying to paint Teresa as this horrible villain that twists wrists and that’s simply not the truth. Teresa is hurting right now because of all this family drama. It’s killing her parents! She didn’t want to be on the show with her family because she always knew Melissa would stoop this low. It’s so sad. Her nightmares came true. Melissa’s insecurity gets the best of her, unfortunately," she said defending Teresa.

Grau also added, “I want America to know that Teresa is the most loving and fun person who loves her husband, kids, parents, and friends. We spent four days over Labor Day weekend together and I wish America saw the true Teresa -- in the kitchen with her parents cooking the most delicious Italian food, serving, and cleaning. They are a real old school Italian beautiful family.”

Grau owns Space Odyssey USA in Englewood, NJ, which hosts both children and adult birthday parties, as well as other private events.

RumorFix has reached out to Melissa's reps for comment.

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    1. Govdeal says:

      Teresa is evil

    2. carmella says:

      I truly do not believe that Theresa would lay a hand on Melissa.  Delivering XMAS presents at a birthday party? Really?

      • Ylyna Wyst says:

         oh gee, of course she wouldn’t, she’s not like VIOLENT or anything…she grabbed Kathy Wakile’s face a few episodes back, tormented the crap out of Danielle Staub beginning with the first table flip…if it weren’t for her physical violence Guidice would not even have a tenth of the fame she is, crazy people are entertaining, it’s only in the past year that the p.r. team she has working for her have attempted to ‘sane her up’ a bit, but the truth is she just can’t contain  her violent, rageaholic impulses.

        • stephanie says:

          let’s face it once and for all! The Table Flip was the Best TV I’ve ever seen!  It was a real, in the heat of the moment reaction and I for one can relate! There have been many a table flips and plates thrown, wine glasses tossed in my family not to mention the all to familiar chair throw! Yes my family is Italian. No one has ever been hurt or even in harms way.  A few people have gotten wet now and then but that’s all.  Never a fight has ensued after these events it is over done with lots of kisses and party continues like nothing ever happened!  No iit should not be condoned   but it is way better than someone getting physical with each other. So I don’t believe she twisted her arm she only touched Kathy’s chin she didn’t yank at it or force it up. Please!  Oh and she tormented D after Caro and Jac egged her to do so. and does everyone forget that Jac chased Danielle threw the Fashion Show too?

      • Mary says:

         And if I read the post correctly they were last year’s Christmas presents. Mel probably did it so she couldn’t be called out at the reunion by Theresa for not caring about the kids. I can just see Mel thinking, “What do I need to do so I don’t look like a jerk at the reunion. Oh yeah, I owe the kids Christmas presents from Baby Jesus.”

        I watch this show, but it is getting too painful to see family do this to each other. At least with Danielle, they all ganged up on someone who was sort of an outsider, but to see Mel and Kathy and Tre’s ex-best friend, her SIL Carol and her awful daughter lauren is getting to be too much. Please Bravo. Enough with the Manzo kids. Give them their own show so I can just not watch it. They are all riding mom’s coattails and it’s nauseating to watch. How can lauren point a finger at Tre’s comments when she does nothing but character assassinate Tre for her mother. Lauren quit her job at the 1st spa the day after it opened because….???They were mean to her and she lives at home and can afford to, then mommy buys her a new spa and has it all over the show so fame whores will line up to be patrons.

    3. I happened to catch that Wendy show when I saw Melissa on it and at first she said she and Teresa greeted each other but other than that, Teresa never said a word to her and then all of a sudden as they were leaving, Teresa grabbed her arm while she had her youngest son in them and was roughing her up.  Really?  I didn’t believe her for one minute.  Melissa lies like a rug.  She’s still talking to whomever will listen in magazines (what she accused Tre of doing) and going on TV shows trying to play the victim.  I remember Tre saying this is the reason she did not want her family on the show because there were problems already before they came on and she didn’t want her parents to witness any of this.  She knew why they wanted to come on and Bravo accommodated it otherwise, why would they keep it a secret that they hired them to be on the show when Teresa was adamant why she didn’t want her family problems aired.  The entire thing was done to make Teresa and Juicy look bad using her family to do it.  They also enlisted the help of Chucky and Lushy (Caroline and Jacqueline) who used Tre’s family for their own benefit.  Low down dirty dogs all of them.  Good riddance.  I wish Tre and her family all the best and will look out for anything else she does.

      • RealityBitesBack says:

         Didn’t you see Teresa pushing, grabbing and pawing at Melissa during the finale?  Didn’t you see Teresa grab Kathy’s face when they were in California?  She is desperate and demanding and will physically grab you if you don’t instantly comply.  It is totally believable that she was pushing and pawing at Melissa as she tried to leave.

        • Ylyna Wyst says:

           yeah we ALL saw that but you are probably responding TO teresa herself or one of her lunatic dried up alligator skinned drinking buddies that troll all the housewives websites and articles now….a more delusional bunch you will not meet, but alcohol and prescription drugs will do that, in spades

        • A. Guest says:

          Let’s not forget on the 1st or 2nd reunion when she knocked Andy around and kept trying to get at Daniel has all these people forgot about the table flipping?  She has had numerous outbreaks of aggression on the show – it was not just this season.  It has been the whole time.  Not a fan of Teresa or Melissa but I can see Teresa doing those things because of previous behavior.

      • NJ babe says:

        Yes, she called her husband over to start a fight over the so called “set up”… I can’t imagine if Tre got physical with her and got away with it.  I am sure Meho will call her husband even if Tre let out a fart.  

    4. Anonymous says:

      Melissa Gorga is a Pathological Lying Sociopath. 

    5. RealityBitesBack says:

      Anyone see the season finale?  Teresa kept grabbing at Melissa’s arm.  See the trip to California?  Teresa grabbed Kathy’s face.

      Of course she got physical… that’s who she is and what she does.

    6. Anonymous says:

      here’s the proof that melissa has lied.. again.  this really is only the tip of the iceberg.  how disgusting to make up lies about being attacked at a child’s birthday party.  the only thing lower than this, is to swear on your “autistic” child, or to tell someone that they’re going to hell..this means YOU drunkard jackal-ine.

      • Ylyna Wyst says:

         teresa herself has sworn on her kids many times…

        it’s not so hard to believe teresa would get violent ANYWHERE, she incited a riot at a christening for christs sake.

        there are two strains of comments here as anywhere online when it comes to the show, those of people with common sense who can clearly see and watch the show without blinders, and delusional drug and drink-addled freaks who clearly hallucinate an alternative version of the hairy, illiterate thug named Teresa Guidice because apparently she makes them feel better about their own shortcomings

        • goober says:

          Joe Gorga caused the problems at his son’s christening. If Teresa had really grabbed Melissa’s arm, she would have twittered all about it in January when she claims it happened. She would have done interviews online and in magazines, etc

          Melissa knows her 15 minutes are almost up and she’s doing anything she can to get attention.  

          • Dox3jm says:

            Totally agree with you!

            • NYC Mom says:

              I don’t think she could have told the story then because in January the story line was leading to their reconciliation.   That would have closed down the storyline showing that they are no longer speaking before the show could show what happened.

        • stephanie says:

          Your crazy Joe started at the christening! You need to rewatch!

    7. A. Guest says:

      It seems to me both women need to grow up – both of them will sell any story line to make a buck!  Bravo should clean house and send them all packing – the past few seasons have been crap. 

    8. Aviva says:

      Teresa is the star of the show and the reason I watch, and the reason I watched the Apprentice last year – she’s entertaining.   To Melissa and the Mazo’s the fat lady has sung, it’s time to leave show biz.   I am sick of the high school antics of Carol, she walks around looking like she is constantly pouting and her looks and how she acts on the show are truly ugly to me.     Who knows Melissa may be waiting for a call from “Hustler” magazine.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, their time is up. Melissa needs to focus on her career as a drug addict/stripper and Caroline and Jacqueline need to go back to their jobs with Ringling Brothers Circus. Chris Laurita should be preparing for his upcoming “vacation” as well.

        • Ylyna Wyst says:

           this is what Teresa wishes, so her constant humiliation at the hands of her husband will be swept under the rug. She’s so angry she is trying to ruin innocent people, which is really sad and pathetic.

    9. Betty Boop says:

      Considering we saw with our own eyes how Teresa jerked Kathy’s head quickly upward when she realized Kathy was online looking up her lies, we definitely know Teresa is not the physical type.  Considering we all saw with our own eyes how Teresa tossed Andy Cohen across a room and flipped a table while cussing like a soldier, we absolutely know for a fact Teresa is not a violent person.  Melissa, this is a stretch even for my lyin’ eyes to believe about toxic Teresa. 

      •  Well, let’s not forget the way Caroline grabbed Tre’s face at the reunion when she was trying to get her attention when she was arguing with Danielle, or Jacqueline punching Caroline in the face and verbally attacking Teresa on the show, or Ashley Holmes physically attacking Danielle and pulling her hair out. If we remember Teresa pulling Kathy’s chin because she thought she was not paying attention, then we must also call out the others.

    10. Linda says:

      Ms Grau;

      Are you getting paid to be an ass kisser? You certainly sound like one, so much so that you might be able to give lessons in ass kissing..Try to be unbiased when you are reporting, otherwise how can anyone take what you say seriously?  

      • Ylyna Wyst says:

         yeah, she thought she was going to get on the show a while back and apparently is still trying to be relevant.

        • nicky says:

          Teresa is her own worst enemy, but the entire cast has worked to systematically take her down.  Teresa has acted stupidly but others acted in a calculated and mean way.  It was evident that the rest of the cast had an agenda from the beginning of the season.  Teresa had many missteps but never sunk to their level!

    11.  Well, let’s not forget the way Caroline grabbed Tre’s face at the
      reunion when she was trying to get her attention when she was arguing
      with Danielle, or Jacqueline punching Caroline in the face and verbally
      attacking Teresa on the show, or Ashley Holmes physically attacking
      Danielle and pulling her hair out. If we remember Teresa pulling Kathy’s
      chin because she thought she was not paying attention, then we must
      also call out the others.

    12. Amanda Saxman says:

      Really?  You don’t think that Teresa is capable of being physical?  We not only saw her get physical in the first season when she attacked Danielle, but also this season when she grabbed  Kathy’s face trying to get her attention.  It’s apparent “Tre” needs attention.  If she doesn’t get it she tends to do what she needs to.

      • goober says:

         Melissa and Kathy were desperate to share a couch with Teresa on The View, and Teresa had to demand her own segment to get away from them. She even had a separate exit. That happened AFTER the supposed incident at the birthday party. Sorry, but Melissa is hounding Teresa because that’s the only way she gets noticed. That stripper’s 15 minutes are up… 

    13. Ylyna Wyst says:

      if it’s killing her parents then they must be the parents that just won’t die, we have been hearing this ‘killing the parents’ schtick for two years now…

      • Dox3jm says:

        You have gone way below the belt with statement ! Shame on you! Bottom line any parent would want to die seeing their children fight and not get along especially on national TV! Melissa has caused a lot of harm joining the show and she knew what she was doing! I totally believe Teresa when she states that this is killing her parents! Obviously you are not a parent or have parents to make this statement !

      • Anonymous says:


    14. Wdhill says:

      Teresa and all her supporters = Delusional

    15. Gwen says:

      wetpaint ran a story on this back in February

    16. Anonymous says:


    17. Junie2002 says:

      I don’t believe a word coming out of this horsey’s mouth. She has been lying from start. She came into this show to bring Tre down, so that’s what’s she is doing. She is just doing her job.

    18. Manehorse says:

      I’ve known Elvira to be a paid liar on many occasions.

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