Octomom Releases Raunchy Sex Song

Posted on September 18th, 2012 at 8:57 am

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's first venture into pop music was released on iTunes Tuesday morning. "Sexy Party" was leaked last month, but fans of the noise can download it for .99 cents.

The mother of 14 recorded the track with pal and rumored boyfriend, Adam Barta. We've given it a couple of listens, and have to admit we love brilliant lyrics the pair came up with:

1, 2, 3, 4 / Get your asses on the floor / 5, 6, 7, 8 / Make your body gyrate
8, 7, 6, 5 / Feel this music come alive / 3, 2, 1 / Get this, get this, get this party on

Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro / Sexy Party, Time for Octo

Definitely not a tune we expect to pick up many ASCAP awards this year. Listen here, if you dare...

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    1. Gj says:

      Are these people on drugs? Why else would they think this is okay?

    2. Arlene says:

      Wow!! Octo is really putting on the pounds…….said on 3 of her ustream shows, she will pay cash for a million $ gated mansion..LOL!  Adam Barta is now a laughing stock in the music biz..Obviously  not looking for a serious career, no one with real talent would let a video such as this farce, see the light of day….Or is it again, on the advice of porn star manager, Demi Delia, to release this pathetic attempt to entertain…..remember, Adam, this is your legacy….Octo is already a proven failure….homeless….will never own her own home……people know, she is nothing but a con artist grifter, will forever receive welfare……not a redeeming likeable person…realty show will never happen…..all at the expense of 14 little souls…sad for the kids…..glad the nannies are now talking!!! Stay tuned for that release!!1

    3. deepbluezz says:

      I would like to know who’s brilliant idea it was to make a video including the 8 toddlers dancing to “Sexy Party” while Adam in in his underwear.  This so called video seems to have been filmed in the same kitchen Suleman did some scenes from her porn disaster, Home Alone.
      Everything this woman has tried has been a fail, she lies constantly..the truth coming out of those overinflated set of lips is something Octomom is not capable of doing.

    4. carmella says:

      Just knock it off anything about this person

    5. Barb says:

      Even worse is  the video on youtube with her and the guy parading around in his undies in a kitchen where she drags her  shell shocked looking octuplets into the “scene” to do “ring around the rosie”. The pair roll around on the floor in some sort of failed attempt at break dancing as the innane song plays. What is this and why are the poor kids dragged into it? The raunchy cover with him cupping her bare breasts with crucifixes on the wall above a bed is just not an acceptable “package”.

    6. Bluewater says:

      quines son ustedes para que la critiquen dejenla en paz,  por que no sefijan en sus vidas ella esta a ciendo todo por sus hijos si  ustedes estuvieran en su pocicion a rian  lo misvo talves peor de lo que ella esta a ciendo, por que no la mantienen ustedes en ves de estarla gusgando  jente metiche que no tienen nada quea ser, porque no se fijan en sus problemas personales antes de jusgar a Suleman a si como ustedes la estan jusgando es la vida de ustedes 

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