More Naked Pictures Of Kate Middleton Published

Posted on September 28th, 2012 at 8:48 am

More nude pictures of Kate Middleton have hit the Internet, and this time, it isn't just the top that's off.

Danish magazine Se og Hør ran several grainy photos of the Duchess of Cambridge on Friday, one of which shows her without her bikini bottoms. While the image is low res, you can certainly make it out what appears to be Kate's womanly parts.

The pictures were taken during a holiday trip the royal couple recently took. Prince William can also be seen in several of the images wearing swimming trunks.

Earlier this month, French magazine Closer ran topless pics of the duchess, but a court ordered an injunction due to an invasion of privacy.

That court decision didn't seem to strike fear into Se og Hør Editor, Kim Henningsen. "It's a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity," Henningsen told the Belfast Telegraph. "We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we'll deal with it."

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    1. People really are dumb.
      They should sue.
      Honestly if I was William and someone was doing this to my wife, I would do far worse than sue them! This is not only an invasion of privacy, but also a complete violation of her as a human being. If someone was on the street with a camera that was half a mile away, photographing a woman, and she wasn’t famous, they would be brought up on pornography charges.

    2. Brianna says:

      At this point. It isn’t a privacy no privacy issue, an issue of good reporting, an issue of who was told to/not to publish photos or anything else. This is just porn. Period. Porn is illegal and that’s that. At this point, who ever this man is should really be arrested (and not sure what laws are but maybe, everyoo e who possesses them, I know that is illegal in america but no idea about other countries). I can’t even begin to imagine what Will and Kate will do but, I do know he is not the kind of guy you want5 to mess with and you would want even less I think to mess with his wife! He will make this photographer very very sorry he ever violated his wife and the magazines very sorry that they paid for this nonsense and inflicted further harm on her! He is going to go absolutely nuts like nothing we have ever seen and he should’ he needs to do sometihng to be sure Kate doesn’t end up like Diana_ that would be a tragedy!

    3. Incognita says:

      We’ve all experienced demons, and so the demons are trying everything, even the baby, to get at Kate Middleton.  May they rot in Hell.

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