Michael Lohan: Lindsay Lohan Needs To Leave The Country

Posted on September 25th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

After Lindsay Lohan's recent health scare Sunday night when she was rushed to the hospital for a lung infection, her father Michael Lohan tells RumorFix exclusively that he is worried for his daughter's well-being.

Lindsay says her NYC arrest last Wednesday caused her so much anxiety that it aggravated her "walking pneumonia" and had to be treated at Mt. Sinai in NYC.

And just like any father, MiLo is worried sick about his baby girl. He tells us, "After what I believe will be a huge success (Liz & Dick), it's my feeling that Lindsay needs to get away from everyone and everything. [She needs to] get out of the country, and focus on her health!"

Do you think the Mean Girls star will take her father's advice?


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    1. Vexer6 says:

      TMZ is full f crap, her arrest wasn’t what triggered the attack, it was the high pollen count that did, and Lindsay isn’t going to leave the country.

    2. Hello says:


    3. Stacela says:

      Her last asthma attack in Miami put her in the hospital, of course it was actually a cocaine overdose. Please Lindsey, leave the country and take the rest of the loser Lohans with you. 

      • Diane says:

        of course?  were you there to know with such certainty. gotta love people who believe every bit of gossip they read as fact.  it’s actually a very well known fact that she has asthma problems and has for years.  

    4. Blue says:

      She can cause some chaos in Russia.  No matter where she goes, she will cause trouble.  

    5. KingKongsMomma says:

      Sad that a young girl with so much energy and promise has grown up to be so troubled.  It is an insult to Liz Taylor to have Lindsey portray her. Lohan was a good actress at one point, but she has weathered beyond her years. How many second chances does she get? Anyone else would be dead or in jail by now.

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