Lindsay Lohan’s “Mean Girls” Co-Star: “I Hope She Pulls It Together” — Exclusive

Posted on September 20th, 2012 at 4:00 am

One of Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls co-stars says people should stop being judgmental about Lindsay and her brushes with the law, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

Just Wednesday morning the 25-year-old was arrested again for allegedly striking a pedestrian with her SUV and fleeing the scene.

Lacey Chabert, who played one of the Mean Girls, tells RumorFix exclusively, "You just never know what people have going on in their personal lives. I think that people should stop being so judgmental. I just wish her the best and hope she pulls it together -- she’s so talented, I don’t know,  all I can say is I wish her the best. "

Lacey, who also starred in Party of Five,  counts her time on the set with Lindsay as her favorite Hollywood experience. "She’s very sweet, we enjoyed working together," the soon-to-be 30-year-old tells us.

So how has Lacey managed to stay out of the tabloids and keep a clean record?  "I was always very protected growing up in the business and I always had a strong family life and a strong faith in God and a life outside of my job and -- I don’t know -- I feel very blessed to do what I do and I wouldn’t do anything to mess that up."

Lacey says she doesn't have any advice for her former co-star, but tells us, "She is in my prayers."

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    1. Andy R says:

      “fleeing the seen?”

      Gawd, get an editor. 

    2. Megalana says:

      I have alot going on in my life but I would never strike a person with my car and leave the scene. Come on now.

    3. Guest says:

      I love how one of Hollywood’s MOST judgmental people is always telling other people not to be. I guess it’s okay to be hateful, as long as you’re the one doing the hating, huh?

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