Katy Perry 3, Russell Brand 4 In Rebound Race

Posted on September 3rd, 2012 at 10:03 am

After Katy Perry ended her 14-month marriage in July to bad boy Russell Brand, she has been on the constant hunt for a new man and who can blame her.

She was first spotted with French model and aspiring pop star Baptiste Giabiconi, although her camp denied she was "dating him romantically."

Then Katy moved on and partied several days at Coachella Music Festival where she was seen hugging and kissing Rocker guitarist Robert Ackroyd from "Florence and the Machine."

Katy's most recent rebound was with the ultimate heart breaker John Mayer. The couple had a romantic candlelit dinner on August 1 at the Chateau Marmont where our RumorFix insider tells us, "Katy was touching his leg and playing with his hair all night."  They continued with sleepovers, dinner dates at Soho House, and pool parties with friends. This did not last.

Now poor Katy is back on the market and looking for her new beau.  Could she possibly have her eye on Rob Pattinson?

Since splitting from Katy, Russell Brand quickly moved on and used his yoga studio "The Golden Bridge" in Hollywood as a place to meet ladies. Almost weekly Russell was seen with a different woman.

His first rebound was in February with Oriela Medellin Amieiro a brunette beauty who he met doing yoga. She was caught being dropped off by Russell at her home where she was wearing the same clothes from the night before.

Then Russell was spotted in New Orleans riding bicycles with a mystery woman in March that only lasted for a few days.

Isabella Brewster, the sister of actress Jordana Brewster, had been dating Russell since July -- until he went to the Olympics.

While performing in the opening ceremony at the Olympics, Russell reportedly started seeing Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and was seen leaving her London home this past week.

Looks like there rebound count is  almost tied with the exception that Russell has been seen and photographed with several unknown woman at Yoga and out in Hollywood.

Who do you think Katy's new beau should be? Will Katy ever find love again? Should Russell keep dating a new woman every month?

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      WOW! Its pretty sad that society idolizes people like this…

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