Joey Buttafuoco’s Advice For Lindsay Lohan & Dina Lohan — Exclusive

Posted on September 16th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

It might sound odd to get advice from a Long Island man who is famous for having a affair with a teenage Amy Fisher, who later shot his wife in the head. But, his opinions are actually sound.

Joey Buttafuoco, who is writing a book called Closure 20 years after the scandal, has some advice for someone who has graced tabloid headlines for the past three years: Lindsay Lohan.

The 58-year-old body shop owner says for Lindsay to stay sober she needs support from mom, Dina Lohan, dad, Michael Lohan, and her siblings.

"Family support is very important because it encourages [Lindsay] to get help and stay in the program but it is really up to the individual to either stay or go," he says exclusively to RumorFix.

"Looking at family support to at least look at you and show you that there is something so important out there for you that you can get control of your life is very important."

Joey speaks from experience: he works in recovery with drug-addicted children and adults.

He says his children saved his life, "I'm here because of my kids and then it's up to you to stay straight and clean. It's tough keeping these scumbags away -- that coke dealer away.  It's tough walking into a 7 Eleven and all there is to buy is beer and booze it's hard keeping these leeches away that just want to suck your bank account dry!"

But don't think tough guy Joey has gone all soft and mushy. Look what he says about about his own children, "If I ever caught anyone giving my kids dope wow! Well let's just say I better not catch anyone giving my kids anything  --that would be the finish line for them."

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    2. Diane says:

      he needs to stop living off of something that happened over 20 years ago and don’t be disgusting enough to use lindsay for attention. 

    3. Tinatina144 says:

      Well, I’m glad he learned from his mistake and is moving on! Good for him.

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