Chris Harrison: Blakeley Shea Jones Is A Little Girl, Needs Tony Pieper

Posted on September 9th, 2012 at 6:00 am

If you're a Bachelor Pad fan, you know some odd pairings have come out of the popular dating/competition show.

But the relationship between Tony Pieper and Blakeley Shea Jones came as a total shock to everyone, even host Chris Harrison, who has seen it all.

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Harrison, who has been The Bachelor host and expert for 10 years, tells RumorFix that the he couldn't have predicted the unexpected engagement between the two BP3 stars, "In the beginning [of Bachelor Pad 3], if you lined everybody up and picked somebody for Blakeley or picked somebody for Tony, you wouldn't put them together."

But the couple, whom Chris refers to as an "interesting pairing", made sense because their love for each other became obvious on camera. The ABC host explains to RumorFix, "The more they kind of started coming together on the show as partners, you can just see it really made sense."

EXCLUSIVE: Blakeley Shea Jones & Tony Pieper Engaged

He continues, "She's a vulnerable, little girl and she kind of wants that guy who's going to be just overly honest and protective and trustworthy and dependent.  And that's him, he's that dad, he's the caretaker, and he's taking care of her.  They just quickly fell in love."

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