Brandi Glanville Denies Having An Affair With Eddie Cibrian

Posted on September 10th, 2012 at 9:07 am

The Eddie-Brandi-LeAnn love triangle took a bizarre twist last week when rumors spread that Brandi was carrying on an affair with her ex.

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LeAnn Rimes checked into rehab back in August, and some speculated the reason was because her husband Eddie Cibrian was sleeping with his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Thankfully, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star took to Twitter to shut down the rumor, writing:

"I'm NOT cheating with [my] ex husband. I would NEVER do that. #EWWWWWW."

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If the rumor was true, it would be a bizarre spin on the mess that is the trio's lives. Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville's marriage came to an end when it was discovered that he was having an affair with his current wife, LeAnn Rimes, who was also married to someone else at the time.


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  • 7 Responses

    1. anon says:

      I could see him wanting that, but I think she’s gone far too ahead in a positive way to lower her standards to be involved with him again. 

    2. A. Guest says:

      He is actually cheating with future wife #3 so now LeAnn will know what it feels like to have your home wrecked!

    3. guest says:

      Who’s even writing about this? That’s the difference between a real celebrity and wannabe celebrity – she comments on anything and everything about her. Pretty desperate for attention.

      • Betty Jones says:

        Leann is the one craving for attention . Brandi didn’t ask for this she doing well on her own.Brandi is not in rehab she has and can deal with her problems. Leann pursued the cheater landed and married him not she has to del with his cheating ways.

      • princesspr says:

         Let’s be clear on who is “pretty desperate for attention”….that would be LeAnn!

    4. Daisy says:

      Going back to Eddie would be a huge downgrade for her. She would never sink to his level. Brandi has really come into her own. A fashion line in production, a book coming out in the new year and she has a beauty column as well. Ditching Eddie was the best thing she could have done for herself. Ironic that Leann, the woman who basically stalked the family of the man she wanted, looks ill and is in “rehab” even though she claims that she and Eddie have a perfect and blissful union. I guess marrying the serial cheater you had a affair with isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The ex wife is thriving and the current one is an insecure mess.

    5. Iknow says:

      You girls are soo funny,   your such Hypocrites,  When a man throws that “D” jsut the right way, he can come back anytime he wants.   lol

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