Alex McCord: Producers Set Up Aviva Drescher For A Fight

Posted on September 4th, 2012 at 1:19 pm

RumorFix correspondent Alex McCord thinks the producers of Real Housewives of New York set up Aviva Drescher for a fight by encouraging her to bring her husband, Reid, on a girls vacation.

"In real life ladies don't tend to take such elaborate girls trips but in reality TV they do and it is the biggest event of the season," Alex tells us.

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But she adds that Aviva's behavior concerning her anxiety over the St. Barth's trip is not excused, "She had crazier eyes this week than I have ever seen on Ramona [Singer]. She needed to calm down!

Now on to the other mystery of the episode: Did Real Housewives of New York's LuAnn De Lesseps really cheat with a Johnny Depp look-a-like?

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Alex  says, LuAnn "leads me to believe that possibly something really did happen ... If so, she has learned nothing from five years on reality TV ... she is an epic fail this week."

And if you are wondering why the ladies from RHONY didn't go to the local nude beach on their vacation? Alex tells us, "Maybe the producers don't want to walk up to all the other naked people on the beach to ask them for releases."

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  • 74 Responses

    1. Pam Dryburgh says:

      I had two glasses of wine during last nights episode, it didn’t help Alex….lol  

      • NRO says:

         I agree, liquor didn’t help!

         It (Aviva’s rage) was even uglier than Kelly’s breakdown/meth trip on Scarey Island…..and I didn’t think anything could top that. I don’t know why Bravo picks these mentally unstable people to be on their shows. You’d have to be really sick to enjoy watching the mentally ill. 

        Aviva’s whole “be grateful to Reid” thing was so beyond ridiculous, and yet she still doesn’t really, genuinely apologize for the white trash comment on her bravo blog today.


        Thanks Alex! Love the vlog and a place to voice our opinion without jumping thru’s hoops.

        • stargirl737 says:

          Hey NRO, I like it, especially Kelly having a meth-induced psychotic break…how else to explain her attack on Bethenny? Yeah, Yay Reid, yay Aviva 4 making it to the island, now…you are so boring, and bumming out the girl’s trip, where was the hostess~the one with power, to set things accordingly, drop Reid off at a hotel andl let Ramonja play in Paradise..Xxx 

    2. I dont know about these calls Alex.. i think your pulling these “Maybe this”, & “maybe-is that’s” out of your ass this week , No?.., maybe? ! LOL  
      But i do agree, Luanne=Epic Fail
      MeanViva = might of lost her meds + who where’s that outfit to an island?
      Romonjas =had good points& did NOT call names (right Aviva)

    3. Guest says:

      Ughhhh your voice.

    4. Bsktbabe99 says:

      spot on!!

    5. Karentheresa says:

      Love your commentary!  Did you do something different to your hair?  It looks especially thick  and beautiful.  Wondered if you and Bethany were still friends. 

    6. Pam Woodson says:

      HEY! I liked her comments! She has insights that we don’t! She knows how BRAVO sets things up! I trust her opinions more that I would any of the other recaps! Good job Alex! 

    7. Anonymous says:

      You’re right on Alex!! I wish you were on the show and a couple of the others were not. I love Sonja and Ramona..!! I guess Aviva has more freaking out next week … should be interesting1!

    8. Terpsfan05 says:

      I don’t understand why Aviva was so adamant that Sonja and Ramona kiss Reid’s ass. She even used the phrase go flirt with my husband. He didn’t walk on water to get her there.It was obnoxious and not as bad as “Scary Island” because that lasted a lot longer.

    9. Victoriarudolph says:

      Well, i remember when Kelly came on the show, She was hell bent on destroying
      Bethany. did anyone else pick up on that? why did she hate Bethany so much?
      Then when Aviva said she “heard” Ramona did mean things and said mean things.
      was i the only one paying attention to that? Well we all know, or (if we all
      paid attention) should know, it was Jill and Luann that put Kelly in attack mode
      on Bethany (they may have known Kelly had some mental issues and knew she
      couldn’t leave well alone because of it). Now, Ramona is a mean person because
      Luann said so. do you all remember the first meeting Luann had with the newbies?
      how she stated Ramona “threatening” her and her family? i’m sure that was said
      only to put a pre conceived idea of who Ramona is so the newbies would know not
      to trust Ramona… Carole said it better “i feel like i have just been in a
      drive by” then Luann split. This is Luann and yes Jill (working behind the
      scene) trying to take down Ramona. and as it looks Aviva has some mental issues.
      at the moment she was telling the ladies off,she remembered Ramona was mean.
      what she didn’t remember was that check Ramona gave her for her charity. Aviva
      might want to rethink about an apology for her name calling. she could lose some
      fans because of it. oh yeah, Luann will really be looking like a pirate when you
      see you fail to take down Samonja, they may get their own show lol

      • BrendaLee says:

        ramona doesn’t need anyone to take her down. she’s got no problem taking herself down with her gold digging and pathetic loser of a friend Sonja!

      • KristaB says:

         u dont make any effing sense. Kelly would have said something during the reunions if Luann or Jill ever wanted to put her against Bethenny. Bethenny and Kelly go way back and we all heard the story, especially on the reunions. Pay attention to what Alex McCord is saying on the video: PRODUCERS are the ones who behind the scenes inflate egos and doubledeal. They are the ones feeding bits and peaces and making those selfish ladies lose composure and common sense.

      • Momofjandn says:

         Aviva stays in the Hamptons the same as Ramona does. She doesn’t need Luann to tell her about Ramona. I hear about Ramona’s “full of herself’ attitude and inconsiderate behavior and I live on the opposite fork from the Hamptons. When you have an attitude like Ramona it gets around. She treats everyone like what you see on the show.

      • gbyetoby says:

         Why does everyone have these crazy hateful conspiracy theories about Jill?  I highly doubt Jill has any influence on LuAnn now that she has been kicked off the show, much less the puppet master behind Ramona’s demise this season.
        And for the record, LuAnn did not instigate the fight. Aviva asks Ramona “you don’t have a problem with my husband being here, do you?” before LuAnn even says anything in the conversation. Aviva was on a rampage and she was looking for a fight.

    10. Dsacks says:

      So love you recapping RHONY!!! 

    11. Liza_27 says:

      Love, Love,Love, Love, Love… thanks!!

    12. Lynnwhitlock4 says:

      How about Heather being so obvious with running around being the Tomas date checking police and the ensuing gossip?  Who would walk into a room and relay back the act in detail?  I wonder how close she inspected the supposed tryst to know.  Guess she needed some relevance in her otherwise boring presence.  

      • Anonymous says:

         Who would walk into a room and relay back?….Well, I would. (not really)…back in high school.  7 Minutes in (Sonja’s arse) Heaven.  I agree with you.  Boo on Heather.

    13. NYC Reader says:

      Love your commentary Alex!! And good point about daylight vs. dark out re: Aviva’s landing and arrival, I hadn’t picked up on that! I always look forward to your recaps- thank you!

    14. Bryan says:

      Oh poor Alex, Your the epic fail since you were booted from the show, D’lulu still there and she knows exactly what she is doing to keep people talking also, her smirking during the fight was fabulous 

      • Alextoo says:

        You’re your own worst enemy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you reading her recaps if you don’t like her?

        • Bryan says:

           I like her commentary and her knowledge of the machinations of the show, but perhaps if she had been more like the ones she is criticizing she might have been kept on  but then probably in reality it was Simon that  was the real reason they got rid of her

          • Anonymous says:

            You make a good point. She’s much better at commenting on the drama than she was at creating it. Too bad she doesn’t have that insight.

          • Heather, (hey pris) says:

             Right On Bryan. I love the Housewives and I like to watch Alex’s Commentary, but as for Alex … I don’t love her. I didn’t love her on the show but these vlogs are alright.  These fans are intense, they attack if you don’t like alex. Anyway, I think she got fired because she was too far up bethany’s ass even after she left the show, and the last season she was too negative and there were too many.  Even though watching Alex and Kelly fight was painfully wonderful.

            • Bryan says:

               I never laughed so hard when D’lulu told her, “Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes ” when she told her how bad her shoes were, and they  were bad

    15. Sindi1962 says:

      always liked u on the show just found out u were doing recaps but i bet some others dont know you are doing this

      • Whb068 says:

        Alex, you are incredibly articulate in this format….much better than when you were on the show. bTW, I was on the same flight as you last year in March from saint Martin to NY. You are more beautiful in person and your kids are lovely. Best of luck with your new venture

    16. NRO says:

      Can’t believe you didn’t mention the “butt-f*ck” (bleeped out of course) comment made by…..hmm, I can’t remember now – I think it was Carole? 

      That, in and of itself, was interesting, but the fact that Sonja and Tomas were apparently walked in on (by Heather?) who reported back to the camera their exact uh, “mating position” is pretty weird – it’s not like that house was small. You’d have to go out of your way to bust in on them. I was hoping you would comment on that. Alex!

      Nice that Heather and Ramona are getting along. I wasn’t enjoying the bickering. Not my idea of entertainment.

    17. Anonymous says:

      I really enjoy your recaps. Getting your perspective really does enrich the experience of watching the show. However, I do think you blame the producers for too much. They can’t control people’s behaviors or reactions to things. Aviva is old enough to know that bringing her husband (late) to a girl’s trip was going to cause friction. Common sense, not the producers, should have told her that.

    18. Margie 732 says:

      I look forward to your recaps Alex! I was hoping you’d point out that LuMan once again started something and ran for the hills (or up the stairs in this case). I always think of the time she met you to put you in your place. Once she figured out that she couldn’t go toe to toe with you she ran away. She’s doing it again this season. When Mario confronted Jacques at dinner – she ran off to the bathroom. When Aviva confronted her about the mean wine game – she ran away from the party. Once she threw Ramona under the bus for the Reid discussion – she ran all over the darn place playing innocent and not owning up to her part in it. **in fact, in her blog she acts like none of us are smart enough to remember her part in that discussion**
      Also curious about something…wouldn’t you agree that her continually dismissing her lies as fibs or white lies is a bad idea considering she’s raising teenagers??? Baaaad parenting plan in my opinion.

      • Diziliz says:

         you are so right about LuAnn – like when they were all at dinner in NYC and the group was asked who else slept w/ Harrry? LuAnn just grabbed her glass & took a swallow without telling the truth yet again. What is it with her?

    19. Karenkorpi says:

      I love that you’re breaking it down.  Reality TV is basically a race to the finish,
      Keep in mind, you can’t be kind.  To stay on the air, fellow ladies beware.
      To a point.  If your too invictive, you get evicted.

    20. Karenkorpi says:

      I love that you’re breaking it down,  Reality tv is basically a race to the finish.
      Keep in mind, you can’t be kind.  To stay on the air. fellow ladies beware.
      To a point.  If you’re too vindictive, you get evicted.

    21. Anonymous says:

      Good job this week Alex. Hope your allergies are better. I miss you and Simon. I don’t miss Jill though. I also am very disappointed in LuAnn. For somebody who espouses “class” at every opportunity, I don’t think having a tryst on vacation with a French Johnny Depp in St. Barths exhibits much “class” and to be honest I speak French better than she does, and I was born in Brooklyn,NY. I dislike, Heather and Ramona this season alot. Get rid of both of them for next season. If they don’t this one may be my last. I like Sonja for her honesty. At least she admits to having sex with men everytime she has the chance, and doesn’t hide behind the facade of being a “classy” comptesse. Lu Ann is a good looking woman, but has TERRIBLE taste in men.

    22. FairyQueen says:

      Alex – you nailed it; the Aviva situation looked so produced. And why did she think they should throw a party for her? go thank Reid 6 million times?? What do you think about Ramona & Heather finally getting along? And how do you think Carole handled this whole mess w/ Aviva & Reid. Seems like she just let it happen. Thanks so much for your wonderful insights!

      • Alex McCord says:

        I think it’s great that Heather and Ramona are getting along — they have a lot in common.  Carole might have been victim to something that’s happened to me in the past — when you’re so shocked by what’s going on, you forget you’re a participant and not a viewer.

    23. Katheryn says:

      Love all your comments Alex, and the Countless (see you next week) did come from the lower end of the gene pool, didn’t she?    I would love to see Aviva, Heather and LuAnn not invited back for Season 6 they are a waste of time and space, at least for me.

    24. Sarita says:

      Just last week you were saying that LuAnn was just fishing for a storyline and this week you’ve decided that LuAnn did genuinely get caught up, and it’s a fail that she didn’t remove her mic pack. I agree that it was a fail, but I did think that what happened in St. Barth’s was more than just fishing for a storyline or playing to LuAnn’s tabloid gossip.

    25. Amy says:

      Alex you are WONDERFUL, so smart and with-it.  Not sure why they let you go from RHONY, but having you dish on all the behind-the-scenes stuff is terrific.  I wish you much success in all your endeavors!!!

    26. realjunkie says:

      Alex, I think you are right about the producers feeding the women insecurities.  Aviva was obviously told before she got to the house that Ramonja was not happy Reid was coming.  Not Carole, not Luann, not Heather.  Just Ramona and Sonja.  I mean, she went crazy. And just wondering, you mention the change from day to night: what was Aviva doing all that time? Like you said, it was bright sunshine when she landed, and pitch dark when she got there. Just curious! Great job as always!

    27. MsPinkGlitter28 says:

      I LOVE and look foward everyweek to watch your recaps Alex:) your great you adress eveyrthing DRAMA related nd I LUV IT!! Can’t wait for next weeks!!!

    28. Anonymous says:

      Alex, seriously what is wrong with Ramona this season? She seems like she is totally amping it up for the cameras? Are you still friends with Ramonja?

    29. Anonymous says:

      Why the hell didn’t she just take the ferry? Not too smart Ms. Vassar.

    30. mememe says:

      Nice Curtains

    31. Candy says:

      LOVE your recaps and miss you enormously on the show.  I make your chocolate walnut pie all the time (hint–I bake the walnut crust until golden brown before pouring in the filling).  Anyway, I was SHOCKED that they showed Sonja smoking!  First time I have seen a Housewife smoke on the show, although I suspected that Luann also smokes.  What do you make of that?

      • BonBon says:

        Kim Z. from Alanta used to smoke all the time. I haven’t watched Atlanta for 2 seasons so I do not know if she still does.

    32. Tee says:

      Love u Alex!  You are so spot on!  I also noticed that Sonja had her hair down when she and Ramona were walking into the resturant in the final scene and once everyone sat down it was pinned up.

    33. Carsonjo says:

      Luann is such a trouble maker! Just like when Ramona tried to fix Bethenny and Jill’s friendship … I was so hoping she would have got the ax off this show. I would bet she had that fling with the pirate too. As far as Avita, how could she possibly judge anyone with that pervert father of hers!! He is nasty!

    34. Anonymous says:

      My husband is dropping me off at girls weekend tomorrow, there better be a party waiting for me. Money can’t buy you class, but is can buy you CRAZY!

    35. Anonymous says:

      Hey Alex.  You’re doing a great job.  Unlike when you had to fit within the reality TV mold, where you were often stiff, you seem very natural and likable.  Keep on giving us the inside dirt…How do the ‘housewives’ fake acting natural when there are camera crews all over the location??  Tell us what that’s like…

    36. Champ- Ion says:

      They need the producers from Season 3 back… One housewife must go and if I was to pick both 1 person from old/new cast – old cast, I’d pick Sonja (she is a mess now and hasn’t been able to deliver much) and Heather (I think Heather isn’t a true fit w/these ladies and show).

    37. Elizabeth says:

      Aviva, shame on you for your appalling behavior and attitude.  Let’s get rid of Ramona once and for all.  Ramona is just too crazy.  Keep Sonja, ditch Ramona.  I don’t think Aviva is going to last.  Heather was so much better this week, more interesting.  Carole is just mesmerizing for me.  She is like the one rational person at the dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner.  Also, Russ is hooooot, hot, hot!  I don’t Luann had an affair.  I think she wanted us to think that, that’s all.  Ramona has it wrong, Luann is not stupid.  She is a great actor.

      Great work Alex.

    38. Nick says:

      I think it’s quite obvious that the producers lead Aviva to believe the arrival segment was going to ABOUT her overcoming an obstacle and “inspiring others.” Feeds right into Aviva. When she arrived and there was all that tension from the two “girls,” Aviva’s arrival anxiety burst at the seams. It’s quite cruel and I’m sure that’s what happened.

    39. Ozarkgir1224 says:

      Hey Alex,

      Once again your insight was priceless. I thought something was off but I couldn’t put my finger on it and then I watched your blog and all of the little inconsistencies that I couldn’t spot we’re there. Arriving in the light but getting to the villa in the dark, why not use the ferry, so you wouldn’t have to bring the husband also the stuff with Luann she just made an outsized fool of herself and put all of the cheating rumors that Ramona use to bring up to her right back into people’s minds. I really enjoy your video blogs and I hope you get to expand your comments to all the other RHO shows. Good luck and I will be back after the next episode.

    40. Anonymous says:

      “Aviva might have put her foot down…”


    41. googleyes says:

      Since I discover your vid blog I cannot wait for it every week… miss u on Rhony and luv luv this inside scoop… Go Ramonja!! I do like Kell bdw.. just saying.. didn’t she dated JFK jr??

    42. Bj says:

      Alex, you look great.  Been wondering how you were doing after being on Housewives.  Looks like you haven’t missed a beat!!!!  Just discovered you on Rumor Fix and will be watching.  Good job.  We all know it’s Fantasy Housewives and nothing real about it.  Thanks.

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