Alex McCord: “Aviva Drescher Is A Screaming, Smug Harridan”

Posted on September 11th, 2012 at 1:26 pm

We've never seen Alex McCord so riled up.

Our RumorFix correspondent says Monday's episode of Real Housewives of New York was filled with "carnage."

And Alex has some very strong words for new cast member Aviva Drescher. "She was a screaming, smug, self-satisfied, harridan," the former RHONY blogger tells us exclusively. "I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth!" she continues.

The veteran reality star says that Aviva was "insensitive" and she should have realized that when you go on a Housewives trip -- you put your life on hold.

Watch Alex's scathing review of the episode.

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    1. Tipsy wackiness?  It was flat out sloppy drunk.  I hate being around sloppy drunks.  They looked gross and sounded worse.  No thank you. I don’t endorse Aviva’s relentless complaining about the lack of reception but those drunken women were awful to have to watch and listen too. They weren’t tipsy and playful or silly and giddy – they were a wasted and argumentative mess!  I was ready to agree with you that Aviva’s behavior was not good – but Sonja and Ramona were FAR worse.  I wish there could be just a little objectivity here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow. I totally disagree.  I would rather have been stuck with Ramonja than with Adiva and place my bet that the Bravo edit made it look worse than it did.  But either way who really wants to play with a sourpuss complainer and hear her noise ad nauseum?

      • Anne says:

        Well said.

    2. Hippipgma0710 says:

      aww, I love you but think you are too blind to Ramona and the awful behavior she shows 99.9% of the time on the show because you are obviously friendly so you know she’s may not always be like that. Poor Sonja just comes off looking like a poster child of low self esteem with her behavior…she is beautiful and has a banging body, but her lack of self respect and control she has always shown on the show is just sad if that’s how she is in “real” life…anyway, always enjoying listening to your take on things. Peace

    3. Liza_27 says:

      I think seeing Ramona may have clouded your judgment a bit.  Love your recaps, anyhoo.

    4. Another great vlog. Thanks for posting these. Always a treat. 

    5. karen1941 says:

      Good going, Alex, you sure called this one right.  Per Aviva, “I just wanted someone to appreciate that I came down in spite of all my fears to be with them.”  Them or her couples group?  Ms Drescher seems to ‘use’ her weaknesses to manipulate other people and get her own way.  Anyone familiar with the show would know that it was a ‘girls’ vacation and how Ramona feels about that.  We’re sorry Ms Drescher has weaknesses, we all do.  But if she’s planning on using the cast to work out her problems then she’s making herself appear self-involved and petty.  After the trashy treatment of the girls by her father you’d think she’d be a little more grateful and caring about them instead of using her problems as an excuse for poor behavior – including the trashy mouth she seems to have inherited from her father.  

    6. Jajjjdjdh says:

      Alex, i think your great but seriously?? You cant excuse Ramona’s behaviour.

      I get its tough considering your friends with her but your losing cred.

    7. WOW  people think aviva’s actions were ok on any level? that was Scary Island all over again.No one, i repeat No one has the right to talk to anyone like that. that was luass’s way of getting everyones mind off her sexcapade. she is smart cause it worked. Aviva needed to be slapped because she was hysterical (isn’t that the legal way to snap people from insanity?) lol Vacation is to relax enjoy (whatever floats your boat) taking mind off of daily worries. so drink if they want (who was carrying the car keys?) Sonja and Ramona did nothing to hurt anyone, they were partying (remember:Vacation) Aviva was self absorbed and should have been shut down immediately! with her sex addict father (aviva’s description) needs not judge anyone.


    8. Ben says:

      It’s been good to get your opinions this series but I’m really
      getting sick of you sticking up for Ramona. You’re not being honest when it
      comes to her and everyone can see it, very tedious. I know you’re not real friends (nobody could be) with her so whatever
      the reason please stop. 

      Aviva showed herself up in this episode. She really touched a nerve with Sonja when she mocked her name-dropping crap. I felt sorry for Sonja even though she did deserve it. 

    9. Anonymous says:

      Of course they were trying to get away from the hag and probably that snake Luann as well.  I enjoy your vlog and look forward to your inside view.  Aviva is dreadful and truly owes the 2 fun ladies an apology, especially Sonja who she tried to eviscerate.  What an evil ice queen!  Did Ramonja drink too much?  Ever hear of the phrase, You’re driving me to drink, LOL?  Ramona and Sonja are a handful but they will always have a leg up on Aviva when it comes to being civil. 

    10. lilymaid says:

      eye makeup terrific, you seemed to have corrected the bouncy eye thing and that is good too.  Please don’t think that watching drunken women is fun for us all.  The over drinking thing with Sonja is affecting her good looks, her face is a tad puffy.  Reporting on the background of Bravo production is one aspect but making excuses for any hw behavior is not your forte.

      • Alice Johnson2 says:

        You think Sonjas face is puffy wait till you see momma Elsa on Miami housewives someone like her daughter ought to make her stop with the face injections I really feel sorry for her.

        • Pam W says:

          Ha! I know that this is the wrong link for “Miami” but you are sooooooo right about Elsa. She was beautiful when younger but now is a MONSTER and it isn’t just her face! She really seems to be a mean old lady! 

        • Guest says:

          Why do the producers think we want to see everybody’s moms? I don’t. At least not horrific, mean ones.

    11. Bryan says:

      I think Low Budget Morgan is loosing her charms…

    12. Anonymous says:

      I appreciate your behind the scenes insight and agree that Aviva’s behavior was atrocious. 
      I find Ramona and Sonja entertaining and so funny together.  That they genuinely care about each other is obvious.  Sonja seems to have over indulged on the last evening but otherwise they were not drunk or trashy. Just having fun and harming no one.  

    13. KatiNChicago says:

      Omg Aviva needs to get the F*&% over herself already! Another week of her going on and on! She’s pathetic, I really hope they get rid of her, she has made me NOT toon in and just catch the reruns, she has some real issues! LOL I felt for Sonya & Ramona, they just want to have fun & get screamed at for it. Anywho, thanks for the great blog, just don’t be so loud flipping your pages, 🙂 Oh my son did a book report on the book, it’s an amazing story! Wish you were back on the show love!

    14. A. Guest says:

      Is anyone else having problems posting comments????

    15. KC says:

      Great Blogs Alex!

    16. Anonymous says:

      This was a mess. I think Aviva, Ramona, AND Sonja needed a xanax. It really was like watching a trainwreck and not being able to look away! But to be fair, I think all parties were to blame. And LuAnne. She was everywhere. I am sorry, but she needs to butt out of everyone’s business and go sneak around with Tomas or something. She makes me want to punch myself in the face.

    17. Anonymous says:

      It’s all such a shame. I can’t help but think about all of the hard-working people out there who work 60+ hours a week (including myself) that would TREASURE a vacation – let alone to St. Barth’s. So few people have opportunities like these women do, and all they can do is ruin them and  take them for granted. Quite disgusting. </end rant

      As for the show, I've never been a big Ramona fan. She tends to make herself an easy target. HOWEVER, I don't think she deserved half of the angry judgment she received on this trip. I did not see any behavior from her that was "inappropriate" or "inexcusable." Was she unhappy about Reid staying at the house? Sure – I would be, too. Having a grown man in the house who is not your husband would make it awkward for anyone. Did she jokingly talk about Reid staying somewhere else? Sure – and again, I don't think it was all that out-of-the-ordinary. Did she drink a little too much a few nights? Sure – she was on vacation. She was letting loose, which all of us need from time-to-time.

      Aviva accused Ramona of practically being unfaithful in her marriage, even though she wasn't there to witness exactly who (ahem, LuAnn and Sonja) was enjoying male company. I truly felt bad for Ramona. She apologized and took the higher road, only to have it re-hashed and thrown back in her face every 5 minutes.

      I agree with you, Alex – I'll take sloppy, goofy, naked drunks over tense, angry, foul crazies any day of the week…

    18. karen1941 says:

      Yes, where was the, “Once a nurse always a nure” when Aviva needed that theraputic slap? 

    19. Cara Bristol says:

      I appreciated your insight as one who has been there. (BTW, I’d always wondered how often the camera’s were around).

       I watched the show and was quite surprised by Aviva’s behavior. She seemed combative from the start. I can only guess that perhaps she was stressed from the flight, and then it never got better.

    20. Erica Emmets says:

      Love your blog Alex!i totally agree with you… I am definitely not enjoying Aviva and all her anger. Thanks for your insights & commentary…. Love it!

    21. Gabrielle says:

      Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU! Honestly you speak the truth! It was disgusting how Aviva was acting she also said they were bringing back men which was disturbing because from what I remember Luann was the one to bring back Thomas it doesn’t matter if Sonja had sex with him she’s at least single! Aviva again really is too much and I honestly applaud Ramona for not flipping out on her, I would’ve slapped her. And I don’t know if these women don’t listen but Ramona has said plenty of times before she doesn’t like surprises.

    22. Mike1979 says:

      Great Blog!  I think for next year’s trip they should have you and Jill Zarin drop in a really stir up some S-it! I would love to see that. Especially if you push her in the pool.  She is nasty

    23. Jajriley10 says:

      I think aviva’s anger is so over the top it has to do with the Harry factor, she seems to reAlly hate Sonja and treats her like a prostitute for her gross father

      • NRO says:

         I agree. Aviva’s extreme rage against Sonja specifically had to be explained somehow – and I think it’s because Sonja slept with her ex-husband Harry. (I mean all this over saying “dynamics would change if a man stayed at the villa”? Yes, group dynamics do change when anyone- male or female-  is added or removed from a group…so what? I don’t understand why saying that is worthy of such theatrics…)
        Of course didn’t Luanne also sleep with Harry?

        • Guest says:

          Yes, LuAnn did too. Aviva is just mean… Glad she isn’t my mom. Poor kids. Wait til her kids are teens and she flips a lid!

    24. Jdm says:

      Alex, always love your posts.  But you clearly want us to know that you’ve been to St. Barths and that you know EVERYTHING about it.  We got it, so you can stop now.

      • Bro24dy says:

         What’s wrong with that???? N O T H I N G….Do hope you listened to the “rest of the story”.

        • Alex McCord says:

          Yeah, I have to report on the show, and three episodes of it were shot in a very small place I know well.  We could also talk about how the B-Roll for SoHo is shot on Smith Street right by our house…yes, in Brooklyn!

          • Sara Carter says:

             You don’t “have” to report on anything.. you choose to! You make it sound like someone is forcing you to do this… Just saying!

            • A passive aggressive little twit aren’t you?
              Do you actually believe there is no contract involved here?She’s just volunteering with all her extra time. Wow.

            • Akiko says:

               Yeah Watch it Sara, how dare you blaspheme the Alex McCord.

            • Jdm says:

              Just to clarify, I love the the vlog.  But I think this is journalism (and I mean that as a compliment) and I think the reporter should not get in the way of the story.  For example, I find it very interesting that the B roll for Soho is shot in Brooklyn.  I really really do.  I just don’t really care that it is near your house.  Just my personal preference.

            • jennifer says:

              Alex didn’t get hired to be a journalist. She was hired to be Alex McCord – one with a very large fan  base.  Yes, we want to hear about her life!

            • jennifer says:

              Alex didn’t get hired to be a journalist. She was hired to be Alex McCord – one with a very large fan  base.  Yes, we want to hear about her life!

    25. Laura10801 says:

      I wanted to like Aviva all season.  She’s interesting, intelligent, brave (yes, brave despite, and maybe because of, her anxieties).  She should be likable.  She’s likable on paper.  I just don’t like her, despite my best efforts.  She came across as incredibly selfish and insensitive on this trip, but that isn’t a shock considering how she behaved towards Heather all season.  Last episode she said she expected them to throw a welcome party for her.  This week she said the ladies should have hung a banner congratulating her on her bravery in coming.  Sheesh!  What an exhausting, demanding narcissist.  She made Ramona actually seem like a sympathetic person.  I thought Sonja’s reaction to her craziness was inappropriate, but understandable.

      Gosh these women make me feel so mentally healthy and well adjusted.

      • Manderson171 says:

         Laura…totally agree with you. I watched the last series and am watching this one just because I cannot believe that people in the so called”high society” in NYC and Hamptons could actually behave like that, expose themselves like that, but well, I learned that lots of these housewives series are basically ppl that climbed socially basically marrying older rich men…or worse, dodgy business man.
        Yes, aviva mande ramona look actually good…there is a reason why ramona is there,it’s to couse controversy and drama…I actually, was in the Hamptons when this loud drunk group walked into nammos and sat next to me…I just thought they were lost really, since I did not see any one that loud and drunk in the hamptons the whole week I was there…to my horror someone told me that it was ramona, jezz I know poor people that would be mortified if they behaved like that when under the influence of alcohol.
        But for aviva is worse…she is actually sober and behave like a real prat, a spoiled biatchy, fears we all have…but she is actually crazy…she fears to live! Dear aviva, you got in an accident when young…that is unfortunate…but you were a surviver …that is what you should remember…you are behaving like a victim…so you are losing…you are defeated. You really come across as the most pathetic of the whole lot…
        And yes you father is disgusting, I would hide him from public eye…and your husband a pig…no of these women are fat…if all crazy, unbalance, whatever..but not fat in fact Ramona, Sonja, Luann even being older are far more good looking that Aviva…well, I do find aviva very very ugly.

    26. ETK says:

      Aviva has replaced crazy Kelly and self absorbed Jill.

    27. Jeff says:

      I like Aviva. I like Ramona. But I think we have a case here of Aviva needing to just dismiss what was going on giving Ramona a there there pat on the shoulder and a kiss on the forehead instead of a rant and admonishment. Love your blogs Alex. They really cap the show off well!

    28. Ldn says:

      Alex – I enjoy your commentary BUT team blonde is over… NEVER really burst Ramona’s balloon. – Ramona is ALWAYS a screaming, smug, drunk, harridan. AVIVA is no rookie and does not need to be a submissive ally to “Somonja” as she could buy and sell them ten times over; financially, academically and verbally. They tried to own her with ‘mean girls on spring break’ antics her but they got owned. Granted – Aviva was boringly relentless and weirdly prudish towards Sonja, given her own fathers behaviour but I raised my glass of pinot to her. 

      • NRO says:

         Not sure where you get your facts, but according to multiple celebritynetworth sites online, you are wrong. Sonja and Ramona are just as wealthy as Aviva.

      • Guest says:

        Let’s see. Ramona is worth about 18 million because of HER hard work. Aviva is worth about 20 million because of her husbands hard work. Your post is stupid. And poor Sonja? She’s just trying to make it work…

      • Guest says:

        Let’s see. Ramona is worth about 18 million because of HER hard work. Aviva is worth about 20 million because of her husbands hard work. Your post is stupid. And poor Sonja? She’s just trying to make it work…

    29. Pam Dryburgh says:

      Love your comments about St. Barths.  Although you are right that its fun to watch these women tipsy, it is NOT fun watching them being so drunk they can’t talk or walk.  A fan of a couple of drinks, not a fan of totally being wasted and wasted all the time.  Not sending a good message to the teenagers that watch this show.

      • Margie says:

         I completely see your point.
        I have been wondering what the heck Luann’s kids think when they see her on this show. She’s chasing around after Tomas, lying (but calls it a fib), playing shady tricks on Ramona (but calls in naughty) and gossiping til the cows come home. IMO that is not a good role model for anyone.

      • Alex McCord says:

        You’re absolutely right about the message re drinking.

    30. Kim Campbell19 says:

      It is amazing to me how Aviva went after Sonja’s “sexcapade”, her own father is a player, and Sonja is single and has every right to do what she wants.  I don’t like Aviva at all.  I sure do wish that Simon and Alex were back on RHNY, I miss them, and think Bravo was remiss in replacing them.
      I do have to say I wish that LuAnn would have been the one to get the boot, but am liking both Heather and Carole!

      • Bro24dy says:

         DITTO DITTO DITTO…LOVE LOVE LOVE, SIMON AND ALEX.  They’re fun, exciting, “in love with each other” just good people.  I too like  Carole and love Heather.  Kiss Aviva and LuAnn (so very fake and cheap) goodbye.

      • Margie says:

         I agree Kim.
        Love to hear Alex’s scoop. Love Ramona and love Sonja. SO WISH Countess Pumpkin Head had gotten the boot with Jill and Kelly and that Simon and Alex were still on the show. I miss them. I’m glad Carole joined the show but I’m still on the fence about Heather. I wish she hadn’t gone after Ramona since Day 1. It takes the fun out of it for me.
        p.s. Alex, I’m glad someone is able to give Ramona a fair shake. Thank you for that!!!

    31. UES says:

      Yes, yes you’ve been to St. Barths. I go four times a year and don’t discuss it as much as you do (on film no less). Stop talking about SBH!!! I’m sick of people from Atlanta and Indiana coming to the island because of all this chatter. Google exists you know, and you’re ruining the isolation SBH is/was for people. Also? Maya’s isn’t a sunset cocktail place. It’s not even open at that hour. Show’s how much you know. Randy and Maya don’t usually open until 7, earliest. The trip was in January and the sun goes down at 6ish. So… Ugh. And Le Tamarin? Gross. Carole is a pig. That said, why are you team Ramona? What do you really think she has to offer you? She’s a nutcase and an embarrassment to NY. You are starting to sound like Jill… jealous, envious, and bitter to have been kicked off the show. Jill needs to go back to 1st Avenue and keep her thick Queens accented trap shut.

      • NRO says:

         Negativity called.They’re out of you…

      • Alex McCord says:

        Yowza, you sound almost as angry as Aviva came across this week — are you saying that people from the midwest/south shouldn’t be allowed in SBH?  The exclusivity ship sailed long ago; about when they started having the cruise ships day-trip over.  Maya’s opens for dinner at 7 but you can go as early as 4pm for drinks.  The sunset is almost the same time whether winter or summer, and I truly don’t get your Tamarin hate.  It’s best on Sundays when all the restaurant owners from other places go with their kids.  Re what Ramona has to offer me — this is not a transaction.  I like her.  The end.

    32. Bro24dy says:

      Alex, so good to see and hear from you again.  As always, ‘THE VOICE OF REASON”. You nailed it girl.  The new gals are not even close to the previous HW.  You all need to be brought back. The new gals need to go about their lives NOT being a HW.

    33. As a fellow sufferer of severe anxiety and agoraphobia, I agree that Aviva’s behavior was over the top, but I’m sorry….anxiety is a very real disorder that is hard to control. You *know* you are acting like an idiot, but you cannot control it. No one really gives a crap about Sonja and her drunken escapades. It was quite obvious that Sonja had brought at least one man back to the house for a one-night-stand. 
      Aviva was insensitive? How about Ramona and Sonja and LuAnn not giving a crap about Aviva’s severe anxiety? Seriously, have you EVER had a panic attack????

    34. Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the recap..interesting as always.  Good suggestion for the book.  I think it received a Caldecott award for the illustrations. 

    35. NRO says:

      No one has mentioned Reid’s sexist comment about “overweight (or did he say “fat”?) women”, referring to the women not sitting at the dinner table in that particular scene.

      Firs of all – NO one on that show is fat, (and what if they were?) – but talk about a “white trash” thing to say!

      I hope all the female customers of his bank or real estate firm or whatever he owns TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Do you really want to support a sanctimonious, pompous (and not very attractive himself, dare I say?) fool who makes derogatory comments about women ON CAMERA?

      I can only imagine what he says off camera…

      • Lyndehrussell says:

        I totally agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh, he didn’t just call them fat, he also called them old. As he sits there with 2 skeletors, one of whom is a year older than Sonja & the other not far off. I’m sure precious reid is in the same age range as well. & he ain’t so pretty himself. The idea that Sonja or Ramona are fat is insane but Carol & aviva could do with some food.

        • jrt says:

          Why didnt politically correct Carole set Reid straight as she so quickly did for Luann.   Carole is as bad as Aviva imo….she just hides it better

          • karen1941 says:

            The self-appointed monitors of our ‘political correctness’ drive me up the wall.  When they’ve been around a while they will realized that what is politically correct in one decade will be a slur in the next.  But I do think that deliberately calling others hurtful or demeaning things is thoughtless and cruel – as was Reid at dinner.  Of course, Carole didn’t correct Reid or creepy George (in Miami) for the ‘squirting orgasm’ comment.  Not exactly dinner conversation among the well bred.  Frankly, it was Disgusting!  And watching the ‘drescher clan’ spiral downward makes me sick! 

        • Aloha Kid says:

           ehomer, very accurate, as is your take on Carol. Her comment about catching/watching the sex act to which she described “butt-f***ing” was horrendous. Apparently she’s Miss ‘hip and cool’ automatically assumes a man standing behind the woman is sodomy? Poor thing, now we know why she was paying so much attention. Carol needs the education.

        • Mec1140 says:

          Skeletors!  RFLMAO!

      • Heather says:

        I totally agree, Reid is just as obnoxious as his wife. They both need a reality check and to grow up.  His remark was ignorant and insensitive.  None of the women are fat.  How would he feel if someone made an inappropriate remark about his wife’s teeth, or God forbid her missing leg.  It amazes me everyday at the insensitivity people have for other human beings.  Aviva really has some psychological issues that she needs to address. 

    36. Pam W says:

      Once again, I feel that, Alex’s insights were, well, insightful! I love being able to hear comments based on real experience. “Housewife Survivor” is a great line and really not such a bad idea when you think about it! Are you listening Jeff Probst? I, usually, watch these shows twice but I couldn’t take this one a second time. It wasn’t because of Aviva but because of Ramona and Sonja. Sure Aviva gets a little irritating with her phobias but for the most part seems have a kind, gentle and caring personality. Actually, this is how I feel about all of the new women and so it makes me wonder WHY, any of them, ever signed onto this show. DIDN’T THEY EVER WATCH IT? NY was the show that brought a new level of NASTY to Real Housewives that didn’t exist in the OC. In the beginning, I could understand someone signing on thinking that it might be fun but not anymore. Anyway, my take on Aviva is that she FINALLY hit a point where DRUNKEN R &S pushed her over the edge! I was actually happy that she told them off! I HATE that R & S brought her down to their DIRTY level but they did. I would think that Alex, more than anyone, could relate to this. You know how you wonder about the people who have stayed on SNL for too long. The ones who haven’t moved onto TV or movies. Well, I wonder WHY R & S would ever stay on this show. Obviously they have not been offered their own shows or gigs, on morning shows, so instead they stayed, content to be portrayed as a couple of LOUD MOUTHED, SLOPPY DRUNKS! Their daughters are both old enough that they could “catch” an episode or at least hear about it from friends. I would be embarrassed to claim either of these women as my mother. Nothing charming about two old broads, who still think that they’re hot, party girls from the 80s, in a downward spiral. Good TV for BRAVO? Yes, but they actually like themselves!  I think that Aviva said the line “Legend in her own mind” and it’s the truth!  As far as the concert goes, I think that R &S didn’t attend because they KNEW that it WOULDN’T be shot. They wanted ALL of the attention for themselves and can’t stand it when the spotlight isn’t on them EVEN if it’s for negative reasons. BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carole. How does she always stay so calm? I would like to think that it’s just her self confidence & intellect but I haven’t ruled out medication or pot! lol Liking Heather A LOT because she’s got some great one liners! I enjoy kinder more gentle wives with minimal drama.  I don’t even mind Luanne but R & J need to be the first to move onto “The Real Housewives of Rehab”. Maybe I could watch them if Dr. Drew was in charge! 

    37. NRO says:

      Hard to fathom why Aviva can not only accept and joke about the filth coming from her own father’s mouth, but proudly put the guy on national TV for all to see….yet she is clearly “disgusted” by drinking and sexual activity on the part of her fellow housewives. Both women who had “one night stands” are single, and no one was drinking and driving and endangering others.

      But telling a woman you can “give (her) a  squirting orgasm” is acceptable dinner party conversation? Unwanted sexual attention is sexual harassment, and I did not find her father charming or funny or attractive.
      Sorry, but I don’t buy it, Aviva. You can’t have it both ways.

      She clearly has something deeper going on – maybe she’s bi-polar, or simply furious about the women who slept with Harry, her ex. I don’t know but man it’s ugly.

      • karen1941 says:

        Couldn’t agree more NRO, Aviva’s father is a ‘red neck’ and she sounded as ‘white trash’ as him while schreeking at Sonja and Ramona.  Seems kinda funny,….. Aviva is trying to fix Sonja up with  her father….ONLY to find out Sonja is bedding her husband).  How embarressing for such a well educated socialite to be “bestied” by the likes of Sonja.  Go, Sonja!  Oh well, another year of therapy for Aviva.

        • Guest says:

           You clearly do not know what a “redneck” really is.  A redneck person is a down home, good ol’ boy….her father is definitely NOT a redneck.  Rednecks are not gross, inappropriate people.  Her father is.  He doesn’t know what appropriate behavior is at all, or at least he didn’t demonstrate that he knows.  And I agree, Aviva has absolutely no business criticizing anyone for their behavior, then turn around and accept her father’s behavior with no more than a weak complaint.

          • karen1941 says:

            In today’s mobile society you are likely to find that ‘to the roots’ ignorance anywhere.  Aviva’s father is a male chauvnist pig too ignorant to see beyond his blinders in any direction.  And he does live south of the mason dixon line, which is beyond the meaning in this day and age. ie, the use of the word Harridan. 

          • The term REDNECK has stolen and romanticized by Jeff Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour. His first books and recordings tell the truth. A redneck in your family was a black eye someone to be embarrassed about who had no morals or self respect. In general a white trash relative was too lazy to work, lived in a rent house or trailer and was on welfare.

            • silverchakra says:

              Actually that is incorrect, Melissa and is now only true amoung those who don’t know any better and Jeff Foxworthy had nothing to do with it. A redneck was someone who dared to strike against the mine owners who also “owned” the miners. They wore red bandana’s around their necks, thus the term “redneck”. “Guest” is correct in what the meaning of the term morphed into over the years. However, what those in the south saw as a good thing- “down home, good ‘ol boy”, in the North “redneck” came to mean stupid, lazy, uneducated, ill mannered, etc. So, in a family not from the South I imagine Melissa’s description may be true from a skewed perspective that has unfortunately often been accepted as fact. (I don’t mean to imply where Melissa’s family is from- I just meant generally speaking) Basically, anytime someone resorts to categorizing a person by using a term that is negative or they “think” is negative, they feel the need to step on that person to elevate themselves. Anything one says with negative intentions about another says much more about them than the intended target.

            • BK Guest says:

              Actually, originally the term “redneck” referred to poor rural farmers who suffered from sunburn on
              the back of their necks due to their work in the fields.  The term describes people who, due to a lack
              of pigmentation, get reddened skin after long exposer to the sun. The original negative
              connotation stemmed from the red neck identifying one as a field worker and thus less affluent.  Later in history the term was adopted by striking
              miners wanting to identify with the working class in order to gain support for the
              idea of forming unions.

              Lack of education
              and opportunity produced ignorant, bigoted ideals among this class of farmers
              which gave the terms ‘redneck’ and ‘down home, good old boy’ the negative connotation we know
              today.  In the south and elsewhere only those
              included in this group consider those classifications to be to be a good thing.  

            • karen1941 says:

              So dispassionately, correct.  Whatever it does, or did, mean it is clearly a term intended to denegrate the person you are discussing and as silverchakra says to thus elevate yourself.  I apologize for even using such a term.  karen1941

    38. i almost always agree with Alex but just cant on any of this im sorry i love ramona and sonja but on this trip neither acted with any kind of maturity at all if they were 20 they wouldnt be able to get away with this but at thier age they both need to grow up a little
      Ramona walking away from the dinner table to tell sonja how boring they all are just because she is drunk and they arent is just disgusting and then Sonja bragging about having bagged Lu Anns leftovers is disgusting beyond words it really was almost like watching girls gone wiild except none of these women are “girls”
      and teh fact that they couldnt deal with someone bringing thier hubby for 2 days after they had all had thier girls vacation for 5 days shows that they are all just self centered and disgusting they actually made Heather look good!

    39. Anonymous says:

      agreed !! Can’t stand this Aviva character, she is absurd. She had no right to act the way she did.  You would think the Queen is coming and everyone should bow to the fact she came.  She added nothing but total misery to the vacation, and Bravo Andy get rid of her. She is the worst of the worst., I would take Zarin back over this shrew.  She has no class at all.  She is the one that acted like White Trash.

    40. JMBM says:

      That entire episode gave me a headache. I wish they all could have been grateful that they were visiting a gorgeous island and staying at a beautiful house (most people in the world will never be so fortunate) Every argument was blown out of proportion, life is too short. 

    41. JMBM says:

      That entire episode gave me a headache. I wish they all could have been grateful that they were visiting a gorgeous island and staying at a beautiful house (most people in the world will never be so fortunate) Every argument was blown out of proportion, life is too short. 

    42. Starrkitty says:

      C U next Tuesday!!!!!!!…hahahahahahhahahahaLove you Alex

    43. Starrkitty says:

      C U next Tuesday!!!!!!!…hahahahahahhahahahaLove you Alex

    44. Ltcsqd51 says:

      Ok Aviva went overboard.  But please Romona has been doing that for years. And Alex is always explaining away everything Ramona does…and says. 

    45. karen1941 says:

      Must admit that this episode did do one thing for me.  It takes a while to get to know the new cast members.  At first, I got all three of the tall, thin, kissy kissy ladies mixed up – then just the princess and the neurotic.  After this episode I all know all three of them by name and personality or lack thereof.   Re: lack of personality, the countess is still floating around in her oblivious cloud trying to dominate and organize ‘summer camp’.  Where ‘is’ her mind?  Give Sonya her due, at least she has to drink all day to become as oblivious as the countess.  And uniquely she has a kind, undiscriminating soul.  Ramona can blow her cool in a flash but forgives just as quickly.  Heather, if you really plan to avoid all conflict, then you’ll end up where Jennifer and the Barhop person did – who?  This brand of entertainment is akin to wrestling so you have to be a whacky caricature.

    46. Befit88 says:

      My one comment about the whole thing was that at the end of the day who fricken invited Aviva … come on she’s so holy than thou! The blondes made it a vacation… and Heather turned out to be a lot more fun..I’m still trying to figure out the yuck factor .. Sonja had sloppy seconds and bruises said it all! She had better time… go girl!

    47. carmella says:

      I agree Aviva was way out of line.  I think she really needs more therapy on being away from her comfort zone (he husband).  Perhaps it’s her husband  that controls that aspect of her life?  What ever happened to not being a mean girl in the beginning of the season?

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder if she really doesn’t want to be away from her husband because she is afraid he would “stray”? I kept thinking that every time she brought it up this season. And her father is a disgusting pervert and a sexual harasser! Andy, you should be ashamed to have a man like that on your show. Please get rid of them both. Alex and Simon were so much more real and genuine and Simon is a real hoot! Bring them back.

        • karen1941 says:

          Wow, stifled, the more I think about it the more sense your theory makes.  A-diva’s animosity toward Sonja is due to Harry’s affair with Sonja.  Will A-diva’s rath eventually fall on Lu?  Adiva sure has a piece of information that could hurt Lu.  A card up her sleeve for later?.  And Ramona’s questions about her ‘forged in steel’ link to Reid is dangerous to A-diva’s position of control in her marriage.  Lastly, A-diva’s flaunting of Heather’s order about the jacket is another clue that A-diva will do anything to achieve her control needs. Anyone who poses any threat to the fulfillment of those needs will be thrown in front of the bus. 

    48. Jan says:

      As usual so fun to get your take.

    49. Jillian says:

       Alex I agree with everything you had to say this week.  I do enjoy watching Ramona and Sonja they are the reasons I continued to watch the show this year.  See I had planned to stop watching because you and Simon were gone and I loved seeing the two of you on the show.   I did stop watching until I starting reading this blog and then returned to the New York Housewives.   Reid is a horrible little man and his big wife looked horrid in the brown swimming suit cover.   I can’t stand Aviva and she just gets more irritating as the season continues, as does the See You Next Week LuMan.   LuMan is the person who brought back at 3:00 in the morning for who knows what??????   Aviva is white trash as is LuMan and I would like to se them gone from the program.   Carol always says the right things since she is P.C. at all times (lol), and when not she does apoligize.    End the end I watch this program because of Ramona and Sonja.

    50. Anonymous says:

      Alex– Love your recaps, as always! I have a question. This was the first housewives trip that I kept seeing what seemed to be a hair/makeup guy in the bathroom with Sonja and Ramona. Do housewives always have hair/makeup on the trips? Do they bring/pay for their own people or does Bravo supply them?      

    51. Anonymous says:

      I think Aviva’s been acting like a stuck up pretentious women before the show even aired. All she ever has to say is that she’s different because she was “born and bred” in manhattan. As if she makes her better than the other ladies?

      Secondly, her comments about Sonja are infuriating. I do think Sonja married for money and fell “in love” with the lifestyle versus her husband. However, how dare Aviva claim she is so different from Sonja? She obviously comes from a wealthy family and seemingly spend upwards of $500K (someone paid—I’m guessing her father) on three degrees which she has never used. Nothing in her background ever discusses her career, simply her education. Which leads me to believe she got married & “retired” without ever working! How is that high class versus Sonja who at least makes attempts at her career?

    52. Anonymous says:

      Alex … I’m just curious and this has nothing to do with the episode but are you taping in your bathroom or Bed Bath and Beyond? 😉

    53. Guest says:

      Thumbs up!

    54. KristaB says:

      Alex, you seem to be defending Sonja and Ramona a lot in this video. If the shoe was on the other foot, I’m not so sure they’d be doing the same. There’s so many things to comment but I’ll just say this: if they really wanted to go back to the house for some down time, they’d not get as wasted as they actually got. I think Sonja and Ramona’s were extremely inelegant to Carole. And I don’t see Sonja trying to send a message to Aviva trying to tell her to cool down and be less of a pain in the neck in the front of cameras. I actually felt she was saying: hey, I know everyone and I can take you down and destroy your image in any NYC high society circles. Well, too bad for Sonja that she’s actually a nobody.

    55. Lfrench says:

      The comment by Reid about overweight, aging women bothered me too. Who is he talking about? All yhe housewives look slim and they take care of themselves. Aviva happens to be super skinny. Reid earns the biggest schmuck of the week in my book and Aviva needs to get over herself-boring!!!

      • NRO says:

         Oh my God! I missed the “aging” part of the insult!  That’s even worse!!  Overweight most of us can “correct”,  to a degree, but aging is part of life and nothing “fixable”. (again, not that there’s anything wrong with being older – we all hope to be, right?)

        Reid clearly was just trying to be nasty, as none of them are fat or much older than he or his wife. And on camera, to boot!

        Women of NYC -stop using his business services and tell him why!

    56. LMN says:

      I look forward to your comments almost more than the episode.  Thanks for the input.  Miss you on the show.

    57. EvaM says:

      Awesome Vlog Alex!! Spot on!

    58. EvaM says:

      Hahaha! Alex- I just adore u!! ‘see u next Tuesday’ !!

    59. Nellymcnell says:

      How can Aviva speak of white trash, and offend these ladies who are doing what BRAVO ask
      of them.  We saw haw Aviva thought her father was so funny and cute when he talked rather abusive to women, and her first husband not exactly respectful to women.  Her husband might have helped her, but that is what a man does.  I would never demand my friends to thank my husband for what he does for me.  She lacks the understanding that is normal.  She did not thank Sonya mother for babysitting her daughter….. She seems not to feel she deserves good treatment from men. Now anytime a man does something good we have to hear these ladies beg for attention, for their spouse.  Oh maybe that is why we did not want the men involved.
      Carols great loved her insight, and reminded us how strength within helps to overcome pain,
      when the wild girls saw her pain, they left her alone.  All you need to do is communicate well.

    60. MissAmia says:

      No, SonJa has “interns” which is “free help”

      I am about sick of the “intern” abuse!
      She can’t afford an assistant. 

    61. Anonymous says:

      Hi Alex. In retrospect, so missing you, “normal” crazy Kelly and even Jill.  The new housewives are really not blending well in my opinion.  I want to like them but I think the least drama of them is Heather.  I’ve seen accolades to Carole as if she were the new Mother Theresa, however she’s got quite a sharp tongue on her when they cut to her comments…and Aviva, what crazy bin did they pull her out of?? If Carole is there to market her books, Heather is there to market her yummy line, is Aviva there for what?   The crazy factor apparently, (we all saw her obnoxious dad, so maybe it runs in the family).

    62. Nellymcnell says:

       Alex, on Carole R.s blog she wrote about being the hostess of that trip.  She dumps on the two party animals for bad manners, (not saying she doesn’t have a point).  Who really plans and pays for this Bravo or Carole?  I mean all the girls trying to stay on the program and be gold?
      Did Carole not see that they play for the cameras or are they  rude and just ignorant and white
      trash enough not to be completely in debt to her for her warm hospitality and appreciative for
      the entire vacation?  Confused

    63. Anonymous says:

      Love, just love your recaps.  Maybe RumorFix can have you do this for some of the other Real Housewives programs?  Please, RumorFix.

    64. Meems says:

      As usual your video blog was fantastic. Glad they’ve gotten rid of the horrible music they kept playing in the background. It was very distracting. The show is definitely taking a turn. I really liked aviva at first (now idk) still loving heather and Carole. Wondering if the countess will make it to next season. All her story lines seem really b-o-r-i-n-g! Especially the whole pregnancy & Thomas stuff. She should go back to what worked for her. Auto tuning and getting celebs like Natalie cole at her parties. Anyways. I thought it was really lame that aviva was so in her own head that she or no one else for that matter realized how upset Carole was at the restaurant and the fact that no one went after her made me feel bad for Carole. I really like her. She’s good people;) keep up the great work. I look forward to these every week;) c u next Tuesday! Love it!!!;)

    65. Why am I watching this? says:

      Dear Alex, how much do you think the whole “girls’ trip or not” argument was just producer induced nonsense?  I can’t believe any of these women really care at all.  If the cameras were off, wouldn’t Samonja shrug their collective shoulders and go to the beach or the bar if it was clear that Long Suffering Reid was there to stay?  Are these arguments even real or are they actually about other things?  And since you’re a graphic designer, will you just make Aviva a banner already.  She’s really hurt she didn’t get one, QUITE FRANKLY.

    66. Larene says:

      I had a feeling BRAVO Egged people on to get them to FIGHT..Hummmmm
      you LOOK Fantastic… Keep up the good work

    67. Mia Marino says:

      OMW! Aviva, Aviva, Aviva! Can it be all about Aviva? I’m thinking Aviva has learned a HUGE housewive’s lesson this week. Don’t “F” with the original cast members. We are invested in watching these ladies and Aviva I’m afraid is not going to be a part of the storyline for long. Miss you and Simon, Alex.
      You would have thought that with the mental health issues we had with Kelly that Bravo would hire someone to evaluate the mental health issues of anyone else they would put on the NY drama fest. Aviva wears her mental health issues on her sleeve. I know more about her phobias than my own(Spiders and cockroaches ewww). I’m not impressed with the Reid/Aviva combo. I like Carole. Heather is type A typical NY business woman, so she fits. Can’t wait to see what happens next year.

    68. SedonaZona says:

      Alex, I am enjoying your vlogs! Just curious – why do you talk so quickly in the beginning of each taping? It seems so unlike you. If someone is encouraging you to do that…yikes. Love it when you give the “inside” scoop on the show and the girls. Wish you were still on the show…you were one of the few real people who were cast. Look forward to seeing you on Couples Therapy. Keep the vlogs coming! 

    69. SedonaZona says:

      ps. That photo of Aviva’s face is CLASSIC. ROFL.  Looks like something out of “Scream.”

    70. luvsmydog says:

      Does everyone remember the Alex/Simon duo and how angry Ramona got about that for how many seasons? Issues or not Aviva is just the same and Ramona hasn’t said anything negatve about that. Everyone needs to remember we are watching the Real Houswives and not Real wives and husbands.

    71. Dawn says:

      Alex is a RHONY has been – yawn

    72. Aburnight says:

      A banner …a red carpet? Ha, what a joke…. disappointed…thought she was better than that. Please don’t use your disability (for lack of a better word) as a crutch through life! 

    73. E.M. says:

      Alex, you were right on the money with everything you said. You are greatly missed. Aviva, what the heck happened, it turns out that the one I thought would be the level headed one is actually the nut job. I felt so bad for Carol, she is a sweat heart. Love,love, love my New York housewives. 

    74. googleyes says:

      LOL.. wow wat an episode.. did Sonja really did it with JohnnyD.. oh my.. after Luann?? Aviva was mean and ugly in this episode.. I tell u, it does change the dynamics of the group if there is a man involve.. especially if the man is staying in the same roof… Luann is an instigator.. did  see how pissed and kinda jealous looking she is when Ramona was toying with her with Tomas…. I’m glad Heather is acting nice to Ramona.. She is boring and trying to be hip hop cool. Ty for the scoop again and regards to ur family..

    75. I think what Sonya meant when she said what comes out of her mouth is money is that it’s the truth.  Aviva had said Alex is two-faced, meaning she lies to conform to whatever situation she’s in.  I believe Sonya was saying, “What comes out of my mouth is money,” and and what she says is gold, means you can bet (money) on what she says, because it’s 100-percent bet it’s the truth.

      I’d much rather hope my interpretation is correct, and not that Sonya is playing up for the show to be entertaining.  I think she’s entertaining without even trying.  Sonya and Ramona as a twosome remind me of two crazy aunts that when they get together they just like to have fun.  I really enjoy watching them giggle and laugh and support each other.

      As always, thoroughly enjoyed watching your vlog.  Thanks, Alex!

      • silverchakra says:

        That’s exactly how I took it, too, Melodie. It made total sense in the context of the exchange. (the word conversation doesn’t really fit)

    76. Smeriglioi says:

      Traveling to islands with the Housewives is obviously stressful.  Two cast members have had virtual breakdowns while vacationing.  It’s too bad because I would prefer to watch fun vacations that uncomfortable nasty woman!!  I do like the new castmates other than Aviva.  Her father is gross and she is just not fun!!
      Alex-  Miss you on the show and enjoyed your comments!  Good luck to whatever your new ventures are and I hope Simon and your boys are well.  🙂

    77. Hopemorikawa says:

      YOU nailed it and YOU know. It’s bothered me from the beginning that Aviva says in her opening something regarding being a lifelong New Yorker.  Maybe I’m way off, but to me this implies a thicker skinned sort…? She is an uber “me” centric codependent and tres boring to watch. Next… 

    78. Skymmie says:

      yep. Harridan is a GREAT word for Aviva.

    79. Jillian says:

      LuMan smiling for making people angry, she is a true C you next Tuesday.   I now think of her as a WH_ _ _, especially having the fling with the Jack Farrow look-a-like.   I can’  wait for Bravo to kick her to the curb, along with that long blond haired nutjob who looks like Herman Munster in her brown pool dress.   Sonja and Ramona are correct the trip was suppose to be a girls week, not a therapy session for a neurotic freak.    Alex I would enjoy watching you and Simon and can’t wait for Couples Therapy to begin, and that may be the perfect forum for the new neurotic freak on the RHONY.

    80. Angie M says:

      I laughed out loud when Alex said C U Next Tuesday. It made me think back to the good old days. We miss you Alex!

    81. Elizabeth says:

      Aviva was downright rude and classless.  Ugh.  Your comments were exceptionally clever this week.  My new fave word: herridan!  Score one for literacy and intelligence.  Take that Ms. Aviva Vassar!!

    82. Zoe says:

      So glad to find this vlog, as I have missed the sane Alex, this season. Aviva is a spoiled brat, and, on this trip, made Kelly seem shy and retiring and well-adjusted. We should’ve seen this coming after she (Aviva) chastised the ladies for missing her fundraiser. I do fundraisers and just always tell people I really missed them if they couldn’t make it – that it would’ve been more fun with them there. You do not chastise adults!

    83. jen says:

      Alex I usually love these vlogs because you give the inside scoop of how these shows are created but lately your past few blogs have been nothing but A) I’ve been to St. Barts too!!! and B) defending Ramona and Sonja.  Please try and be unbiased because even though they are your friends, it would make your vlogs so much more interesting

    84. Sitesd says:

      Honestly, I’m sick of watching two drunks!  If this is NY society, there is a lot to be desired!  Just sayin’…..

    85. karen1941 says:

      Talk about lolli pops and cartwheels, Aviva makes Kelly seem in touch.  If she whines one more time about her trip it’s getting switched off, enough is enough.  Aviva’s prosthetic is not her leg but her self-delusion..  Sonja showed so much class in dealing with Aviva, good girl.  Heather and Carole seem to like their shots and being tipsy too!  Alex, what was the scene with Carole, Sonja and the bearded dude that Carole met at Sonja’s party?  Why was Sonja there, didn’t get that?  Thanks for your commentary, much appreciated.

    86. bunnymunro says:

      Alex; I do enjoy you and am so fond of you, but lets not forget that-
      all of those enormously annoying things you mention that are so difficult
      when doing reality- are just part of the deal.
      That IS what they signed (and keep signing) up for…
      One doesn’t want to endure these vacations and long hours? do not sign the contract 
      before you.

    87. Jill says:

      This is how I feel, Aviva is a real pig monster as is Heather and LuAnn, all three of these people should be terminated from the New York show.   Avia is a pig.

    88. AlexMccCord says:

      Alex is nuts

    89. Sandra D. says:

      I like your vlog and recaps, Alex. I enjoy any background or “making of” bits the most. I think you could have spent more time discussing the details of Aviva’s weird need to push the other women into apologizing to her and her husband. I thought it was hilarious that she thought they should have welcomed her with a party and was pissed that Ramona and Sonja didn’t get out of the pool and come hug them. She really needs to get over herself. I couldn’t believe how much she kept going on and on about it! It was just weird. I couldn’t believe she thought that the women should have “thrown their arms around Reid and thanked him profusely” for getting Aviva out there. That was ludicrous. She really is a bit taken with herself and her manners and all. And the more she went on about it, the more insane she sounded. I thought it was hilarious that neither R. nor S. would give in to that and go do it. Rock on, I’ll look forward to more posts by you!

    90. Sandra D. says:

      I like your vlog and recaps, Alex. I enjoy any background or “making of” bits the most. I think you could have spent more time discussing the details of Aviva’s weird need to push the other women into apologizing to her and her husband. I thought it was hilarious that she thought they should have welcomed her with a party and was pissed that Ramona and Sonja didn’t get out of the pool and come hug them. She really needs to get over herself. I couldn’t believe how much she kept going on and on about it! It was just weird. I couldn’t believe she thought that the women should have “thrown their arms around Reid and thanked him profusely” for getting Aviva out there. That was ludicrous. She really is a bit taken with herself and her manners and all. And the more she went on about it, the more insane she sounded. I thought it was hilarious that neither R. nor S. would give in to that and go do it. Rock on, I’ll look forward to more posts by you!

    91. SUBERO7KLO says:

      I think Aviva s father is WHITE TRASH.He is an embarassment yet Avivva seems to
      accept his behavior.If I were Aviva I would be very careful about calling others derogatory

    92. Lagabbergirl says:

      I agree with Vikki . Dynamics did change on that St. Parts trip when Aviva arrived. Didn’t Heather say that to her face at lunch? I was enjoying the trip myself up until Aviva got there. She expected a party and a banner? Really? Real issues honey.
      The only one who didn’t forget that Carole was the Host was Heather! This is the one time where you see Heather sitting back and not interrupting anybody. And it was fun watching ‘Samonya’. Heather was right again ,”it’s fun watching Ramona and Sonja, they’re harmless .”

    93. tiffany says:

      LOL Alex Mccord calling someone else a screaming haradin….This is hilarious!

    94. karen1941 says:

      The new housewives ensemble needs ‘a bethenny’ to bring everyone back down to earth.  The countess just doesn’t get it, kudos to Carole for protecting her friends from the self-deluded ‘royal’. Clearly, we’ve all heard enough from ‘the Aviva’ to last us for a lifetime.  Ramona, … Ramona!  She just isn’t aware of anyone’s boundaries. All I cound do was laugh and shake my head when she went into Aviva’s kitchen to set the staff straight.  In my home, she would have been quietly but firmly reminded that she was a guest,  Only friends and family have access to the private parts of the home. Relax, Ramona, and let the Aviva take care of herself, please!  I had a friend who played the clown to cover her own problems and insecurities, I think Sonja is much like her, but she is no fool and what a classy act when she talked with the Aviva at lunch. Carole still takes study.  Soft spoken but with the balls to face the countess and not afraid to make fish faces at a cocktail party, maybe a little ‘gracie allen’ quality.  She has legs, I think.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see her launch from realhousewivesofny. 

    95. Heather says:

      I think Aviva needs some serious psychological help. She expected the women to throw a party and roll out the red carpet to welcome her to the island, and all the women should basically kiss her husband’s butt because he escorted her there. What sane person keeps going on & on & on about wanting an apology, even back in NY. Carole and Luann are annoying cowards for not telling her to end it already. Only Heather has told her to basically stop talking about this sophomoric topic. AVIVA, SHUT UP ALREADY!

    96. Laura says:

      Aviva displays all the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The basic definition is, self-centeredness, lack of empathy & “an exaggerated sense of self-importance”. What really disgusted me was when she acted irrationally and called Ramona & Sonya “white trash”.  To make matters worse her over-sexed father, whom she should be mortified of his behavior, called Ramona “trailer turd”.  He is a disgusting old pervert, now we see where Aviva gets it from.

    97. Sarah says:

      Thank you Alex for calling it like it is! Aviva is so self obsessed and self righteous – it’s unbelievable. The fact that she took a vacation that was supposed to be about the women bonding and made it all about her was ridiculous. You really expected to have a banner welcoming you? Take a cue from Ramona and “take a Xanax!” I miss Alex and Jill – these new ladies are annoying.

    98. Anonymous says:

      yes Aviva doesn’t even need to be on this show, she is an uptight, self-righteous pain in the butt.  Talk about blowing something way out of proportion and she keeps talking on and on about the same thing.  I pity her husband.

    99. Heyecho says:

      Alex, I love your commentary and your double gold hoop earrings. Would you share where you purchased them?

    100. Cheri says:

      Perusing the “Before they were Housewives” photos on the Bravo website, I found it interesting that while Heather had 14 photos, Sonja 20 and LuAnn 27,  Aviva made 137 photos of herself available. Can you say  ‘Narcissistic’ ?

    101. Pkvcms says:

      Aviva is beyond horrible. Self-centered, petty, judgmental, and clearly in need of some serious psychotherapy. What a poor addition to the show and her disgusting father is the icing on the cake. If she is back, I’m not. Vassar sure turns out some class…

    102. Kreinholt7 says:

      I surprisingly enjoyed your review. You were so much more enjoyable in this type of format verse you on rhony. So much less obnoxious. This is your forum.

    103. Jslone29 says:

      OMG! Aviva never stops! Is she trying to get a invite to return? I think she’s devising a plan to be asked back! No one wants her but I’m sure they’ll ask her now!! She brings the drama times ten! I personally won’t watch anymore if she returns because she’s too hate filled! There has to be a limit, right? I’m now ashamed to watch this show. Aviva does need to go away…she will lead this program into a black hole of hate. BYW, I miss my Alex!! The only intelligent voice of reason! Good thing I have this site to return, love love!

    104. Maggie43 says:

      There are two things that bother me about Aviva. First:  She has a prosthetic leg, but doesn’t want anyone to define her by a disability.  However, she’s always bringing it up. Someone should take this woman on a tour of the VA hospital.  Second:  She gets angry at Ramona for having her father escorted out of a party for his rude behavior, but doesn’t find it disgusting that her father compares her to his new girlfriend. Why would a father confess to his daughter that his girlfriend looks just like her.  There’s something wrong with that.  In the words of the Contesa,”money can’t buy you class.”

    105. Jennifer says:

      Rumor Fix – I wish you would expand Alex’s show and have her comment on all the Housewives shows!  Alex’s commentary brings so much to each show.  But, it now bothers me we don’t get to hear her comment on what is going on in New Jersey!  -I won’t want Miami!

    106. Cherbarn says:

      Aviva needs to be knocked off her high horse. Maybe she will land on her head and wake up to find that life is not all about her! Really? She honestly thinks someone should roll out the red carpet for Reid and herself. Give me a break!

    107. Transtasman says:

      Life is too short to put up with righteous preachers like Aviva. I felt physical sick after watching her actions and words after the past 3 episodes. She is a bully on all fronts and has no social EQ whatsoever. She is still banging on about something trivial from a vacation trip because she is so boring she has nothing else to contribute to an episode unlike the other women. Hope she realises that not one other housewife unanimously agrees with her behaviour. Please find another housewife with some spark.

    108. Lady shrink says:

      Ramona needs her batteries taken out

      Alex is just so so ugly

      Sonja is a drunk, I pity her

      Aviva is dumb

      Carole is the living mummy

      Luann is bearable

      Heather appears most reasonable

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