Why LeAnn Rimes Is Checking Into A Treatment Center

Posted on August 30th, 2012 at 5:37 am

Country singer LeAnn Rimes has enrolled in a health facility for treatment to address "anxiety and stress." The Blue singer checked herself into a 30-day in-patient program on Wednesday, the day after she turned 30.

Her representative Marcel Pariseau tells RumorFix, "LeAnn has voluntarily entered a 30-day in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress. While there will be speculation regarding her treatment, she is simply there to learn and develop coping mechanisms. While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated."

The country star will continue to perform in September, with her spokesperson adding, "The facility has granted her permission to keep her weekend tour obligations, as LeAnn doesn't want to disappoint her fans. She will report back after each weekend."

Rimes adds, "This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be. All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I'm hoping they're not going to affect me as much. I'll have the tools to know how to deal with them."

The star's husband Eddie Cibrian has pledged to fully support his wife during her treatment and has praised her courage for seeking help. He adds, "My wife is the most remarkable and courageous woman I know. I am so proud of her for having the strength to finally take some time for herself. I will be with her every step of the way."

Rimes' representative adds that the star is not seeking treatment for an eating disorder or substance abuse.

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    1. Diane says:

      you don’t go to rehab for anxiety and stress.  that’s what therapists are for. 

    2. BlueZone says:


    3. carmella says:

      anxiety and stress in rehab?  Perhaps it’s the real problem that is causing the anxiety and stress that you need rehab

    4. Ajunem says:

      Meth. That is why she is so skinny,or her hubby is cheating again,

    5. Capolisa says:

      Anorexia or Bulemia, which is it? The laxatives are part of her addiction. I’ll bet she’s on the scale 5 times a day to.

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