Tareq Salahi Back On TV! — Exclusive

Posted on August 30th, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Accused White House Party Crasher Tareq Salahi has found himself back in front of the camera -- this time he's the star!

RumorFix has learned exclusively that Michaele Salahi's former husband is the subject of a new TV documentary called In It To Win It.

Veteran Documentary Producer John Campbell is going to chronicle Tareq's run for governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Campbell says the documentary has no political motivation, it's more of "a human interest story  -- a story of resilience and the human spirit. Here we have a guy whose triumphs and tribulations have been aired globally and could have easily hidden for years, yet he didn't."

Tareq promises, "This is not a scripted or guided reality program."  He adds viewers will get to know the "REAL Tareq Salahi."

Filming begins on Sunday September 16 at Tareq's "Crash the Candidates BBQ."

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    1. If  you want to see a documentary that shows you the real Tareq Salahi be sure to check out:


      You will see a true con man in action

    2. David Mortz says:

      There’s no IMDB listing for a “veteran” documentary filmmaker by the name of “John Campbell”.


    4. Sitesd says:

      LMAO…We VA voters are not that stupid!

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