Stumblebums Band: LuAnn de Lesseps Treated Us Like Crap!

Posted on August 8th, 2012 at 10:50 am

Viewers of the Real Housewives of New York are now very familiar with the Stumblebums, a band LuAnn de Lesseps hired to play at her Life & Style Christmas party.

The mohawk-sporting group caused a sensation at the event when they followed up Jingle Bells with a sweet little ditty called "F*ck you in the a**".

After seeing Alex McCord's RumorFix recap, the band left us a message explaining what happened at the party and how they were treated by LuAnn. Here's what they had to say:

"You have to understand the band did exactly what it was supposed to do. We played Christmas songs outside in the freezing cold for an hour. They showed none of that. The band waited 2 hours for LuAnn to show up for a rehearsal, she blew it off. They showed none of that. The band had a minimum of 75 emails pertaining to what songs to play so there was no copyright infringement. You don't see that.

LuAnn took a glass of wine from the singer (his first and only glass of wine) after missing her rehearsal. The viewer also didn't see the part where she doesn't want to pay us because it's going to be on Bravo. Like its OK for her to make 26K an episode but the band shouldn't make anything.

Anyhow the band did make a hundred dollars a guy. A nominal fee for working and being treated like crap. They also edited the song so all you hear is him saying "I Wanna F@ck You in the A@@" over and over. They must of really liked it 'cause they were up out butts about signing our releases.

Yeah, it was a helluva way to make a hundred bux. It's all about money and they got the shots they wanted. We don't claim to be clean cut but come on, we do our music quite well. Not to mention that band wasn't even amplified. Another reason we sound like crap...

The Stumblebums."

And there you have it.

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    1. Constance says:

      The band sounded like crap because they are crap, I’ve seen them play live and believe me there’s not much of a difference. They also have a tendency to perform drunk which doesn’t help matters. As far as feeling sorry for them because they performed on tv in front of more people than have ever been tortured by their music before, their whining excuses don’t work on me, what a bunch of crybabies!  The only interesting thing about the post is that it confirms that the Bravo producers green lighted ahead of time the singing of the F bomb song during a daylight Christmas charity event, there was no shock, no surprise, the whole thing was an orchestrated setup. Bravo has a lot of explaining to do…

      • Constance says:

        ps I wonder how the charity feels about having their event hijacked in this manner by bravo and how it damaged the charity’s reputation, I think the fallout is going to cost at least one person their job…

        •  ( actually donated a coat to the event.  Yes, I’m in the band.  How can you degrade someone and not even know them.  Get a life.  We’re good at what we did and that’s it.  We made a ruckus and now LuAnn makes money.  Get the story straight.

          • Constance says:

            A highly successful proud band that has so much time on their hands they reply to every single message on a gossip board, LMAO!

      •  It wasn’t daylight.  Yeah, which show did you see us at live besides that one?  BS…  There wasn’t even a sound guy or any amplification at that event.  You’re full of it!!!
        The Stumblebums

    2. A. Guest says:

      The “Count-less” Lu Lu should have known better them to book that type of band for a charity event- and she is the one who is supposed to have CLASS –  more like CLASS-LESS. 

      •  She’s classless for a whole bunch of other reasons then booking us.  We’re just a band just showing up to do a gig.  How would you feel if you were a band and everyone asked you to play songs other then your own?  Christmas songs.  We did do that too.  You just didn’t see it thanks to the miracle of editing.  I don’t blame Bravo for editing the way they did.  They’re in business to make money.  It’s all about money.

    3. Nelly says:

      26k an episode? OVERPAID.

    4. Nelly says:

      26k an episode? OVERPAID.

    5. Pls stop yelling! says:

      Out of curiosity I googled the stumblebums…..and I wish I hadn’t!!! Total garbage! The singer just yells crap, no thought to lyrics… This band is a one trick pony. Different for shock value, but if you listen to more its just more of the same crap! What a shame to put their musical gift of playing an instrument into the garborater and turning it on…..turning it on is equal to the singer opening his mouth!

    6. BlueZone says:

      The Stumblebums thought Kim K was there and they were singing to her.

    7. Bryan says:

      That band was great!!!, and anything and anyone that can shock Pinot Singer is fine by me.

    8. NYC Reader says:

      Gotta give them credit for being willing to appear on the show. I also found it interesting to read their description/ their experience so I am glad they took the time to share it.

    9. Anonymous says:

      The way the so-called Countess (can’t forget that all-important “U” in that word!) treated the band is absolutely appalling and VERY UN-countess-like.  It appears The Slumberbums were professional, showed up on time with all the proper equipment and performed their job exactly as they were asked to do.  LuAnn hired them, she had to have been well aware of their preferred genre — her choosing them was a very deliberate attempt to create good TV, keeping herself relevant and the producers happy.  She knows that if she doesn’t create enough drama during the season there won’t be a next season for her and she loves those paychecks, as well as using the show as a vehicle to hawk her wares. 
      I feel bad for the band for the way they were treated, BUT! since they must have known this gig would be televised I’d be very, very surprised if they didn’t do their homework and didn’t expect any drama. 
      But again, making good TV is no reason to treat hard-working, decent people so poorly.
      Congrats to the band, for having more class in your middle finger than the Cuntess has in her entire body.  Oops, that “O” key must be sticking, sorry!  😉 

      • Stephen says:

        Hmm sounds to me like some people are looking for excuses as to why the band performed so poorly. It’s great to love what you do and be confident about it but when 95% of the audience don’t think you are good then maybe it’s time to sit back and figure out what could be improved instead of telling people to ‘blow me’ and saying they’re full of it! 
        The band knew they were going to be on tv and I presume they prepared well in advance and knew what equipment would or would not be there. It’s ridiculous and maybe desperate to be blaming Lu-ann and her unclassiness and her pay packet or her taking away a drink (which I doubt was the first or only!) or singing in the cold for an hour or any of that. 
        At the end of the day if they sang well then there wouldn’t be a can’t blame editing as it doesn’t change a good performance into a bad one and ‘being treated like crap’ certainly doesn’t make a good singer sing bad!!! And the talk of money is annoying, most bands wanting to be more well known would have jumped at the chance to be on such a popular tv show and would have done it for nothing!
        What I see in their message is 
        blah blah blah poor us blah blah blah blame Luann for everything blah blah !

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re correct, 95% of the audience didn’t think the bad was good, but that’s only because it wasn’t the band’s audience!  IF the audience had been comprised of people who enjoy that genre I’m sure that the numbers would have been reversed and 95% of them would have been very satisfied.  =)  
          Again, I feel the fault lies with Lu-ann, for not matching the band with the audience. 

    10. James Rook says:

      That’s why LuAnn is the model for “Thug In A Cocktail Dress” boys!  So who ended up paying you $100?  How come you didn’t file ‘theft of services’ on her a$$?

    11. Kathleen says:

      Now that Lynnchicago is no longer with us I’m going to watch Alex McCord. I watched a few today for the first time and I like what you have to say. I am sorry about Lynn though. I thought she was a fantastic blogger I will miss her.

    12. Nashoba Wicahpi says:

      Classless LuAnn DeLaWho?  She claims to have Native blood but knows absolutely nothing about what she is talking about.  She is accountable for nothing she says or does…if she is on RHoNY next year, I will boycott the show.  Who cares about her worthless, irrelevant life?  

    13. Magickofme says:

      I have never seen Stumblebums live.  However, that song was obviously edited.  The words and music didn’t flow together at all.  It was choppy.  Whoever cobbed it together did a shitty job.  The show got what they wanted.  They got the Shock Value.  Meanwhile, the band was made to look like sh!t.  Anything for ratings which is exactly what they were looking for and they got them!  Total Bull Sh#t!

    14. 247snob says:

      Been hunting the band n the song forever.
      Crazy i just got a tiiiiny bit closer! (Bullsh!t abt the treatment…im not surprised. Filth)

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