Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s Guide To Parenting?

Posted on August 29th, 2012 at 1:10 pm

In addition to stripper, porn star and tabloid cover girl, we can add author to Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's resume.

The real life Brady Bunch matriarch is offering her guide to parenting in a new blog posted on ... and with twins, four singletons and octuplets, we're sure she knows a thing or two about the subject.

In his first entry on the website, the mother of 14 says that her father and grandparents spoiled her rotten as a kid, likely hindering her abilities to know her limits later in life ... hence the kindergarten class living inside her home.

"Although I felt loved, as an only child, I can’t ever recall hearing the word 'no.' At the time, my parents implemented the only parenting skills they were familiar with: my father spoiled me, as his parents had with him, and any attempts my mother made at disciplining me were negated by his overly-permissive and indulgent parenting style," she writes.

With her first six children, Octomom claims that she adopted a lax approach to discipline; but that all changed when she had her octuplets.

"As the babies grew, so did their need for consistent structure and discipline. My form of ‘discipline’ for infants was to redirect, and teach them what to do, rather than reprimand on what not to do. For example, if one hit or bit another, I would sit on the ground at their level, look directly into his or her eyes, and firmly, yet calmly, say to be gentle and remind them we do not hurt others. Most importantly, I would use ‘soft touch’ to show them what to do. I would hold my hand over his or her hand, and gently stroke the child that was hurt," she continues in her post.

Even with a house full of sometime rambunctious kids, the mother of 14 says physically discipling your children when they're out of line, is, out-of-line.

I believe spanking is a disadvantageous form of discipline because it condones violence. Kids follow by example more than what we as parents lecture to them. By showing our children how to behave and treat everyone around them (including sisters, brothers, parents, friends, and even animals!) with empathy, kindness, and respect, we are shaping healthy, well-adjusted human beings who will, in turn, teach others the same.

To read Octomom's entire guide to parenting, click here.

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    1. LogicalLady says:

      That picture looks like an advertisement for porn, not parenting advice. Just because she birthed a passel of kids, doesn’t make her an expert on parenting. Any fool can give birth, and only a fool would give birth to more children than that one person could possible raise let alone afford.

    2. Aria says:

      Someone who doesn’t bother parenting kids has no business giving others advice on how to parent.  Shame on Mamapedia for holding her up as an example of admirable mothering.

    3. BelleStarr says:

      Head on over to mamapedia and read what everyone thinks about her and her “parenting advice”. What a joke.

    4. Ddonna54 says:

      This is such a joke. She has shown that she can’t handle her children without nannies so how is that parenting them. What she needs to do is to get a steady job and start showing her children what a responsible person is like instead of a flake that can’t even stay with one thing before she jumps to something else. 

    5. Kimba10 says:

      This POS should have had her tubes tied at birth. She is an example of what you DON’T want to do as a parent…leave babies in pee-smelling rooms to sleep on bare mattresses with no sheets, lift them up by one arm to carry them around (can pull their shoulder out of socket!), toss cold bottles into cribs without a backward glance, yeah…she’s a real authority. Just because her uterus carried all these children doesn’t make her a mother. Well, she’s a real mother, but not the maternal kind. 😉

    6. A. Guest says:

      I hope they are not paying her for this service of so-called advice!!!

    7. I see things somewhat less black and white.

    8. carmella says:

      A guide to parenting? Perhaps she should have written the guide long before she had all those additional children she could not afford. 

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