John Travolta’s Rep Blasts Gay Lover Sex Tape Story

Posted on August 29th, 2012 at 1:44 pm
The National Enquirer, which is obsessed with outing John Travolta, has a cover story on their September 10, 2012 issue that blares out: "Travolta's Gay lover exposes SEX TAPE SHOCKER."
John's reps call the story "ridiculous."
The article quotes 62-year-old Doug Gotterba, who claims he was John's gay lover for six years. Gotterba says he met John in 1981 when he was interviewed to be John's personal pilot and "I was being courted."
The former pilot goes on to say that they flew to Monterey, California and had dinner then John allegedly said, "Hey, would you like a massage?"  Doug says the massage turned into something else. He claims the two had a six year relationship and John allegedly wanted to shoot a sex tape with him, which Doug refused.  "I enjoyed being with John, but he was definitely oversexed," Doug told the tabloid.
John's rep tells RumorFix, "This ridiculous so-called “new” story is a retread of a story published a few weeks ago by the same desperate supermarket tabloid -- the same tabloid that impossibly claimed that John Travolta had an encounter with “Doe #1” in Beverly Hills when he was actually on the east coast working on a movie."

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