Is Ryan Lochte Dating Reality TV Star K. Michelle?

Posted on August 1st, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has landed himself a reality TV boo, VH1 Love and Hip-Hop star, K. Michelle. According to MediaTakeOut, who refers to Lochte as Luchte:

"K.Michelle is in a bit of a dilemma ... she's currently dating one of the most popular Olympians, Ryan Luchte, but he's not claiming her. Why you ask? Well, people close to Ryan don't think that K. Michelle has the right image for the OLYMPIAN.

As one person in the know puts it, 'K. Michelle is real hood ... that's not the image he wants to portray. Besides it's never good for a handsome man to tell people that he has a girlfriend.'"

The website then posted a picture of the two "boo'd up," which they say is empirical evidence that the two are definitely a couple. Well, RumorFix also did our own research and found a number of pictures of the two together looking "boo'd" up, but K. Michelle says things are not what they seem.

"This is so out the blue and old news. I am single. I have friends and I support their endeavors! #carryon," she tweeted on Wednesday evening.

If there ever was a romance between these two, it appears things may have ended because the reality star is currently in New York, some 3,000 plus miles from London were her alleged boo is competing. Not to mention, Ryan's mom has said in the press recently that her son is too busy to date.

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And as far as K. Michelle being too ghetto for Lochte, the guy wore a grill (albeit diamond studded) in his mouth while accepting a gold medal earlier this week ... not exactly the sign of a distinguished gentlemen.

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  • 23 Responses

    1. Lisa Slade says:

      Ummmmm…..Wow! Well it’s kind of a “mismatch of personalities” on the outside…and not because of race…it doesn’t matter that she’s black and he’s white…But Romeo came from the other side of the tracks than Juliet! Yes they seem like they come from two different worlds but either…he sees beyond that to the heart of who she is…or he is just mesmirized by her “Big Ass Booty” My guess is…If she didn’t break the “Booty Spell” when she opened her mouth then there might actually be an attraction there…Who are we to judge…If they really like each other…so what!….A white man with a black woman on his are only makes him sexier! Who da hell said, “Its never good for a handsome man to tell people he has a girlfriend…” Who made that dishonest bullshyt up??????!??!!!

      • Isabel says:

        Who is anyone to judge? Exactly right. We don’t know these people and what they may or may not have in common. Had you heard of Lochte before this? And did you read the whole article, or just look at the pictures? Here’s an interesting excerpt:

        ‘And as far as K. Michelle being too ghetto for Lochte goes, the guy wore a grill (albeit diamond studded) in his mouth while accepting a gold medal earlier this week…’

    2. Foreignkemei says:

      – They’re bueatiful .

    3. Isabel says:

      cute couple!

    4. DJones says:

      I am down for the swirl! Let it happen! 

    5. Mrs Kcarter says:

      Is anyone really looking at these pic!! Body lang is everything look at how she is all up on him, not one pic shows his arms around her or anything it all her on him, poor thing if she dont know it will never be as long as his MOM has something to say about his love life smh come on people look at the big pic here. all for show she is trying to come back. rt??

      • Gurn21 says:

        you are a hater

        • Johnpauldietz says:

          she is a TRUE hater. you have eyeballs don’t you? damn! speaking the truth is being a hater? the body language says it all. he’s not really into her big lips or big boodie! period! but he’d make a good couple with RHIANNA. her bootie is just right!

      • Moni says:

        Yeah, I also noticed that he is not initiating any physical contact in these pics. Maybe they really are just friends like their reps have said, b/c he is not acting at all like that is his girlfriend. 

    6. Penila21 says:

      they would be a cute couple…

      LEBRON new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse) ..funniest thing I saw all day. 

    7. Debby says:

      Well this explains that Grill he wore.

    8. Debby says:

      or tried to wear. one has to agree that it seemed out of place for a possible all american type of olympian. i wouldn’t be surprised if this affects his saleability. news reports indicate that his parents house is in foreclosure. a very, very bad move to make. looks like michael phelps isn’t going to have his star power stolen away. phelps comes across more compassionate during interviews. phelps has matured. lochte seems immature. given the fact that both men are the same age, lochte better hope someone signs him to a hip hop contract. lochte got ’em grill and possible grills on hand while he do ‘in those hip hop songs. i’m not much into hip hop songs but i doubt that a white boy is go’in to become a mega star.



    10. Yes perhaps the swirl could be interesting. She don’t need to justify her relationship to the public…Its ridiculous….K. Michelle is gorgeous….Lochte is super FINE…A very nice piece of eye candy I must add…K do your thing girl….I luv it!!!!…..His mom sounds like no woman is good enough for her boy…Go K. Michelle flaunt with your boy toy….Make’em all mad!!!!

    11. Carmee18 says:

      she kind of look like keyisha cole , or is it just me 

    12. Ladyreign31 says:

      That’s it..I’m gettn me a white man…lol

    13. Johnpauldietz says:

      i think real big boodies look stinky. it looks gross, like she stinks. big boodies like that has to be cleaned more than once a day. blahh

    14. 3etty3oo says:

      If he wants a sista, one would think he could do a lot better than K Michelle. I just think she is a hot mess. & I ain’t hatin, she has such a negative ignorant image. If i was his publicist, i would have him denying her buck toothed ghetto ass too.

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