Is Bill Nye The Science Guy Dead?

Posted on August 27th, 2012 at 6:10 am

Famed TV scientist Bill Nye is alive and well, despite rumors to the contrary.

Over the weekend, a rumor about Nye being dead was trending on Twitter, fortunately RumorFix has learned that the man behind Bill Nye the Science Guy is alive and well.

Nye even took to Twitter to send out a message following the death of astronaut, Neil Armstrong, writing:

"Neil Armstrong changed the world. That guy could fly. He raised the expectations of humankind. We accomplish great things, when we look up."

Nye joins a long list of celebrities that have been killed off by Twitter.

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    1. Redoubt South says:

      Bill Nye might as well be goner; he has now said that children should not have access to religious teachings on creation. From being the science guy to an intolerant anti-religious bigot… so yeah, he’s dead. 

      • Sim Salabim says:

        Why would you hobble your precious children’s intelligence with nonsense and fairy tales? I understand the desire to teach them character, compassion and values, but cold hard science is the only way to prepare your children for a highly competitive future where superstitions and ludditism are immediate handicaps.

        • Galen S says:

          Religion is in no way a handicap faith is a gift that you cannot deny your children, miracles happen everyday. Im one my sister is one. You want your children to go through life with no guidence fine you want them to live in fear of death fine, i pray you dont though. God bless you all

          • Leneon says:

              I don’t need a GOD to teach me right from wrong. I don’t need to be scared into being a good person….I do it because I have a good moral compass. It’s call being a Human!  As human we need to be thinkers and not followers that rely on fantasy for living their life.

            • Emma says:

              You can think for yourself, be Human, and not “follow fantasies” while still having faith. It’s all in the human soul. I believe everyone has their own beliefs, and they just need to find the balance with each other. Miracles happen, disasters happen. Children who grow up with or without a religion will both be just fine. You are right, you don’t need to be “scared into being a good person”, but to some, like me, see the Bible as morals and hope, not strict rules to follow 24/7. You are right, you don’t need “a God”, however you should respect all other ideas as well. Death is a huge mystery to all, and many have extreme ideas of what will happen beyond life. Who knows what is “right”, what is “wrong”? It’s a beautiful, bittersweet mystery…And also, why is everyone posting about religion– I just wanted to make sure that one of my childhood heroes hadn’t passed 🙂

          • Brian K. says:

            “Live in fear of death”? That is one thing that is only feared by those who don’t enjoy life. Doesn’t matter if you are an Athiest or a Diest. Fear of death is only fear of not living life to its fullest, and no religion or lack thereof can give that to you. That is something that must be taken for yourself. Bashing anothers belief for the sole reason that you think they are wrong is ingnorance at its hight. That goes to both partys involved in the evergoing debate. If you decide that you want to raise your children within the doctrine of a faith then please by all means do, for some it is indeed a necessary part of life and they would feel they lack guidance without it. Religion can be one of the greatest factors in a persons decision but it does not necessarily need to be there for others. Pushing it on to someone will help neither side come to accept. Rather come to accept that both sides will remain stagnate in this conflict. The people will continue to change and even the names of the sides might change but until the end of time we will not know who the of the two will be “right”. The proof or disproof can and should be discussed but in a forum of enlightenment, not in this discussion of hate.

            • Disappointed says:

              So I guess you’re ok with never seeing those you care about again? You’re ok with having no real purpose to live other than to fulfill some dumb self seeking behavior? Quit arguing, no you have no real purpose, because those people you think you’re helping “live” to the fullest, yeah they’re just going to die in the end… you might as well kill them off……so you can contribute to “survival of the fittest”…….so people can see your true character

          • Mike121087 says:

            tragedies also happen everyday, 

      • MJ Balick says:

        Even if you disagree with him on something, that does not make him dead.

      • Forever Steve says:

        You’re the bigot. Religion or anything to do with any MYTHS from ancient books  shouldn’t be taught as truth in any school. Good for Bill Nye for standing up and being against the indoctrination of children.

        • Astrodelly says:

          I am in agreement with you Forever Steve.  If I want my child to learn about religion I send her to Sunday School or I teach her at home.  I don’t expect, or desire, that her public school teach her about the beliefs of the bible.  If they want to read it in English class, then please by all means read it, but please don’t proffer it as an alternative theory in science class.  

          • Redoubt South says:

            Nye has no business in the family. We have all known and loved him on TV… even those of faith. But when he steps forth and tries to rule what your kids are to learn? That’s just wrong… religion or science, no matter. 

        • Redoubt South says:

          is there an ounce of difference between one indoctrination and another? Who’s the bigot? The one who says ‘make your own choice’ or the one who says ‘you have no choice’?

      • seamus mcdermott says:

        Would you be so kind as to show us where he said that? Thanks.

    2. RastaBob says:

      Science and reality vs. myths and lies? What should we teach our children – I know what the bible thumpers think.

      • Do you know what Rastafarianism is?

      • Nathan C says:

        If you can’t tech the word of the Great Spirit which is proven by its own religion how can you teach science which is only proven by science…. which one has been around longer… that will be the one that keeps going the longest

        • Religionisfraud says:

          Science has been around since the beginning of time genius. Mankind didnt invent it and some Genie in a bottle certainly didnt nod his head and make it exist either. Religion is nothing more than a tool used to make people behave and not do anything bad for fear of going to “Hell.” 

          • Thefossilfinder says:

            Completely true, religion is like the ” bogey man”, used to scare kids and taken way to seriously

          • PL64 says:

            “Science has been around sice the beginning of time”, really?  So the black plege came about because smart Science people had it all figured out.  I think you got this one wrong buddy.

        • Thelattermovement says:

          Religion has even around longer but is on a rapid decline science might (for lack of a better term ) die first but when religion dies it will. Ever be the same because it is made up science is not someone will find out the exact same thing as before no matter how long it takes

      • PL64 says:

        Evolution Science is not reality.  The differnece between Evolution and Science is Science can be backed by facts but Evolution can not!!

    3. Mjhenotsh says:

      …why can’t there be an in-between. Everyone is always so “religion is a lie, those people are idiots” and “even if science might be able to prove it, beliefs are the most important thing to have” Here’s an idea, understand that the bible was never written by God (or god for you whom absolutely deny the fact) but in fact, people that did not have any clue to where they came from and no possible way of finding out. I have a strong belief in god, but I also very much accept evolution as how we got here and I think it makes sense. Everyone is so anxious to get at each others throats, but why not keep your beliefs also as ideas…

      • frank arnold says:

        damn that is so true , i read this and i was like whoever this person is they know what should be done and what they are talking about :), i like u belief the same , i belief there is a god but i dont believe he wrote the bible and i also very much accept evolution as how we got here and i think it makes sense also,

      • Alywolfsong says:

        there is an in-between, it is easy to both have faith, and have passion for science, it is just that thoes of us, that are comfortable with both, do not need to be loud, and harass everyone because we do not need others to agree so that we can accept what we already know.

      • Dustin Goodwin says:

         There is an in-between, but if you’re looking on the internet for balance, you are looking in the wrong place. In their day to day lives, most sensible people aren’t so extremist. Also, the way you insisted that Christians GIVE UP THEIR BELIEFS, you are an extremist as well. Why can’t you understand that it’s peoples’ right to believe what they want? It is cruel to force your beliefs on them, just as it is cruel for them to force their beliefs on you. Live and let live, if you are wise. Are you?

      • PL64 says:

        I would believe in Evolution if there were more facts backing it up.  Smart people like Bill and stupid people have one thing in commen.  Instead of changing their mind to fit the facts they change the facts to fit what they believe.

      • Angela Knapp says:

        Faith is one thing. I see no issue with faith in any deity, deities, spiritually, or whatever. Faith obviously can include belief, but you do not need absolute belief in something to have faith. But, I think that faith is something personal. Something that doesn’t need to be vigorously rammed down other people’s throats. Or used to commit crimes and hatred against another. (But then I feel that faith should be found anywhere)

        And I think it’s easy enough to have faith in whatever it is you wish to have faith in, whether it’s God or simply yourself, or spiritually. And to accept science for what it is. People get so hostile when they’ve been shut up, shut out, oppressed, and frankly ‘picked on’. But then that breeds hostility from the side they are being hostile against. 8| And things go nowhere.

    4. Redoubt South says:

      What a bunch iof hypocrites. All the talk about ‘don’t hate’ but when it comes time, you gladly join the slaughter of those who have a religious faith… the names called are horrible. 

      Leave people alone. If they want to believe in God and raise their own children to do the same… mind your own business. 

      • Tammaro15 says:

        Telling a child that evolution is horrible and all your beliefs is wrong in a way that telling your kids the tooth fairy is real all their life

      • Meimeipandabear says:

        Truth but….if a specific person is beating religion in their child (literally beating) then you should take action. Otherwise mind you own.

    5. Gc031179 says:

      Apparently someone didn’t like his scientific views and “prayed” he would be killed off via Twitter.  My high school physics teacher had a quote on the wall that I have always remembered: Above all else, you must love the truth.  Whoever started the rumors, didn’t love the truth.

      • Fed up says:

        Evolution is truth? It’s funny how they call it a fact when there are not even facts to back it up….just religious hype of a secular nature. A reason to not have anything to answer to.

    6. awaaToinkzzz says:

      I dont see whats the use of fighting here….but to those who deny God, I can only tell u one thing, Science was only invented to help people glorify God…

      •  Then why did the Church condemn scientists as heretics and punish them accordingly?

      • Omega says:

        So then god sat around the universe for 14 billion year until he created us 20,000 years ago so the we could spend 18,000 years “inventing” science just so we could glorify “something” that we didn’t even follow until 2000 years ago? Makes perfect sense!

    7. sharnice green says:

      why yall do that man like that lien ass i was really go to this mans funeral an everything i was cryin to 2 days lol i grow up watchin him in school loved him!

    8. All you Theists are ignorant retards…. You haven’t even read the Bible!!! I AM, ITS A SICK BOOK! Genesis has 2 stories about the creation of Adam & Eve, how did they both happen? They also had 2 sons, their sons got married, if Adam and Eve had 2 sons, were did their wives come from? God demands that people give their first born son to him to proove their love for God, so that means everyone is supposed to kill their first born son! Genesis 19: Basicly, a city is in chaos and a guy moves into a mountain with his 2 daughters, somehow his daughters find Whine, get their father drunk, and get pregnant! Ecodus is all giving rules, basically, if you sin, you need to kill an animal. OH YEA, MY FAVORITE PART OF IT: “If a man is to lie with an animal, he will surely go to hell.” HAHAHAHAHAHA If that had to be put in there, someone must have been doing it! Why do we have to curcumcize boys? Why doesn’t God just do that for us before we are Born?

      BOTTOM LINE IS, HOW CAN YOU SAY THE BIBLE IS “THE TRUTH” IF YOU’VE NEVER EVEN READ THE DAM THING?      (Listening to a Child Molester read a couple of verses and then making up a bogus meaning for it doesn’t count!)

      • Go Sailor says:

        Where in the world are you getting all of this? Not from the Bible.

        Two creation stories? Where? Abel didn’t get married, he got killed, and Cain married to one of Adam and Eve’s daughters, technically his sister (and before you say anything about incest, the Earth had to get populated somehow, there weren’t any diseases at that time). Nobody ever killed their firstborn for God in the Bible, but God sacrificed his “firstborn” for mankind. The rest is so ridiculous that I’m not going to bother.

        You may not agree with what the Bible says, but making up slanderous lies is another thing.

      • Sorry says:

        Most Christians read the bible…’s a lie by liberals to say they don’t, but it’s obvious that you haven’t ever read one but listened to a cynical view point like bill mahr

    9. Tony says:

      Why are you people so paranoid? If your the “in between” obviously him more anyone
      Else has an argument with you. It’s the self righteous crazy televangelist that try and shove religion down people’s throats that are the ones being ridiculed. Watch bill maher’s religulous documentary, it show how ignorant some religious figures can be.

    10. Kellytharp says:

      Have fun in Hell.

    11. Hannahstriker says:

      If you are not a believer of Christ (God) I am perfectly fine with that, but all I can tell you is that ever since I became a Believer my life has changed. I am a whole new person.

      If you are ever aganist God read “Job 38:4-30”

    12. Macintosh says:

      i hate that guy. hes just mad ugly. SERIOUSLY????? why cant he die??

    13. Brfjre334 says:

      i thought he died it said on youtube im in 5th grade and i watch him in math he rocks!! hes like really cool i hope he NEVER ……..dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”(

    14. Meimeipandabear says:

      Evolution has always been a THEORY, this means it may or may not be true. You can choose what you want to believe. I can’t wait for the day when we don’t separate people into groups based on race, background, beliefs, ect. and we work together as one society. Whether a person believes in something or not shouldn’t dictate the way you treat them. Although acting on a belief is different. 

    15. Kody says:

      Bill Nye is not dead, because I saw him at a award show. He is just probally hiding from people,but he is still making videos, but not on disney channel anymore, just on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Pamelawalker says:

      yea he is not dead

    17. Pogo5510 says:

      Dat niggas got a dent in his head!

    18. Stupido123 says:

      how did this happen

    19. Disappointed. says:

      I knew it was too good to be true

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