EXCLUSIVE: PETA Hot And Bothered By Kim Kardashian

Posted on August 28th, 2012 at 10:10 am

The folks at PETA are speaking out about their fur loving nemesis Kim Kardashian and the animal hide that she's rocking in a sexy new photoshoot.

Kim, who was doused in cooking flour by someone associated with PETA earlier this year, posted a couple racy pictures on Twitter of herself wearing a lace bra and fur coat. Kim says the wardrobe choice was made for a vintage photoshoot.

After seeing the images, a spokesmen for PETA released this statement to RumorFix exclusively:

"Kim Kardashian doesn’t need 140 characters to show she is heartless. Her picture says it all."

And Kim isn't the only one getting under PETA's skin this month; the animal right's group has also targeted Lady Gaga after she was spotted wearing a fur piece designed by Hermes.

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    1. Rikol4 says:

      I don’t like KimK and i don’t like Peta even more> the animal/s are dead. do something else other than fight people for wearing fur. Kids in this country are dying of hunger. some will go to bed hungry tonight and you raise all those money to save cats and dogs!!! Well i know places where dogs and cats are staple foods. so kill yourselves. Much as i dislike you Kim, Rock all the fur you can #chinchilayourwardrobe.

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