Did the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Film Reunion Already?

Posted on August 7th, 2012 at 9:37 am

Did the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills just have a highly dramatic reunion taping? According to a RadarOnline source, yes.

Let's see what the source says:

"The filming took over eight hours, and it was by far the most drama filled reunion taping of any of the Housewives franchise. At one point during the reunion Brandi got very upset and felt that all of the ladies were ganging up on her. She started crying and stormed off of the set.

Of course, she came back after twenty minutes, with a lot of huffing and more tears. It seemed like she was only acting for the cameras, and whenever there was a break in shooting, Brandi became a very different person. Brandi was much calmer and less dramatic, and as soon as filming resumed, so did the acting."

Sounds juicy! Too bad none of it is true, because the reunion taping for season three isn't scheduled until January of 2013. We also reached out to multiple sources who all confirm the reunion did not happen.

In fact, reunion shows are NEVER taped in the middle of production (only Real Housewives of New Jersey did it, and that was because they filmed two seasons back to back). Reunions are taped after the show has already begun to air, so cast members can see what they've said behind each other's backs all season. Hence the drama.

Sounds like this "show insider" has a great imagination though!

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    1. Princess Nothing says:

      Radar r SO DUMB

    2. caram says:

      So glad Rumorfix.com takes the time to fix all of the Radar ‘Housewives’ rumors!

    3. Janvier49 says:

      ROL is just a s**t stirrer.  They know absolutely nothing and just make stuff up.  I can’t think of one thing they have reported as having even an ounce of validity to it.

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