Cher, Joan Rivers And Ellen Mourn Phyllis Diller’s Passing

Posted on August 20th, 2012 at 1:39 pm

As word of the passing of comedy legend Phyllis Diller spread through Hollywood, stars who loved her and knew her are taking to Twitter to mourn the loss of the pioneering 95-year-old funny woman.

Longtime friend and colleague Joan Rivers said "I'm beyond saddened by the death off Phyllis Diller. We were friends - Melissa and I had a wonderful time with her at lunch just a month ago" but with humor added "The only tragedy is that Phyllis Diller was the last from an era that insisted a woman had to look funny in order to be funny."

Diller was a frequent guest on CNN's  The Larry King Show.  He tweeted "I adored Phyllis Diller - she was a great guest, a terrific lady & certainly one of the funniest people ever"

Cher also reacted to  Dilller's passing by tweeting  "Oh! God that makes me sad!  What a shame We loved her in this house!  She was More amazing than I (can) say."

And talk show host and fellow comedian Ellen Degeneres said "We lost a comedy legend today. .  Phyllis Diller was the queen of the one-liners. She was a pioneer."

The View's Whoopi Goldberg called her "a true original," tweeting, "There was NOOne like her, no 1 looked like her sounded like her. A FUNNY FUNNY. Classy& Smart"

Phyllis died peacefully at her home in Los Angeles surrounded by family.

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    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks Phyllis.  I remember watching you on The Phyllis Diller show in the mid 60s, and on many comedy specials.  You were a special, funny lady.  Congratulations on a long, wonderful life. 

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