Bachelor Pad Shocker: Blakeley Jones Moving In With Tony Pieper

Posted on August 20th, 2012 at 4:08 pm

If you watch The Bachelor Pad 3, we've got a major spoiler alert for you!

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Two of the reality stars have not only fallen in love, but they are moving in together, RumorFix has learned exclusively.

Insiders tell us that Blakeley Jones is moving in with Tony Pieper and his son.

The VIP cocktail waitress has been wanting a serious relationship for years, but a source says, "She expects things to get serious right off the bat and scares guys away."

But Tony didn't run away.  The part-time model fell for her so hard that we are told he is going to propose to her during the finale taping.

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    1. Rebeccasmithers says:

      hope it worksthink no matter what anyone says they just work . I hope they have a happy life together and if he does propose I hope she says yes. They are just right for each other and its noones businuss to judge them. 🙂

    2. Guest says:

      I think he’s great for Blakeley and I hope she won’t break his heart.

    3. DO says:

      I did not see that coming at all, but it just might work… they might balance each other out.

    4. Linda janis says:

      I think they make a great couple! They say opposites attract and they do look good together.

    5. Guest says:

      I think it’s great that the only two individuals who showed class and maturity on BP have found love.  I hope it lasts as they both seem like pretty decent people.  Everyone has had such a good time making fun of Blakely, but she was the classiest, most mature person on the show.  She had Chris’s number right off the bat, and loved when she said he is like sh** on the bottom of her shoe.  At least these two won’t have to worry about STD testing like the others from this season of BP.  I sincerely hope Chris and Sarah end up with a whopping case of herpes!. 

    6. they got voted off.. how is he gonna propose? And she is a real BBBBBBB! 

    7. Armmcm says:

      as someone else said, she stalked Chris the first half of the show.  How does she know she’s so in love with Tony that she’s willing to marry him.  It was obvious that she wanted to find somebody on there – just like Jaimie – and I thought she was pretty pitiful chasing after Chris.  I hope Tony knows what he is doing bringing her home to his son.

    8. StellaBlue says:

      I think that Tony looks kind of like Stanley Tucci with hair.

    9. Anonymous says:

      As much as I hope things work out for them, I think she’ll break his heart six months down the road.  She’s enjoying the attention and loving she’s getting from Tony, but I think she’ll eventually go back to her old self and want a bad-boy type of guy.  She’s a bit rough around the edges (tattoos, gutter mouth) and Tony is too much of a gentleman that I think she’ll actually get bored.  It’s clear Tony is majorly in love, but I’m not so sure she is (she says she is, but actions speak louder).

      Like I said, I hope it works out, but I’m not optimistic it will.

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