Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen: “New Gay Couple Of The Century?”

Posted on August 18th, 2012 at 8:53 am
Still A Rumor

MediaTakeOut called them "The New Gay Couple Of The Century."

The rumors started as soon as a picture surfaced of Anderson Cooper's rumored boyfriend, Ben Maisani, kissing another man.

Then people, who follow the CNN host and Bravo's Andy Cohen, noticed this:

They both Instagrammed the same sunset shot from a yacht in Croatia, and Anderson even sent out a photo of the Watch What Happens host from the ship.

So -- if you are wondering are Anderson and Andy vacationing together?

The answer is yes.

They are also joined by Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos.

Ben's New York neighbors tell us he is in Europe as well -- and from what we are told he, at least, started the vacation with Anderson. We are not clear on his whereabouts since the cheating scandal broke. None of Anderson's tweets or Instagrams show Ben -- but they never have.

The big question now: Is Anderson Cooper dating Andy Cohen?

I doubt it.

Sources tell me they have been friends for a very long time, Anderson has been on Andy's show multiple times and they have attended several events -- including fashion shows -- together.

My guess is if they are having heart-to-heart talks, it's probably about The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Don't expect the extremely private Anderson to share personal information. Here's an example of how guarded his is -- more than 20 years ago when Anderson first got into the TV news business, no one knew Gloria Vanderbilt was his mother until months or years later -- I know, because I was one of those people.

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    1. Tbone says:

      I smell a new Bravo hit, gay house husbands of New York City!

    2. RichB in PS says:

      Rumor or otherwise, both ‘AC’s giggle while does gossip and the other does the news.

    3. Gene says:

      Anderson is still with Ben on his $250000 per week yacth, check out the Croatian news from yesterday , there is Ben walking around with Anderson

      • Bryce says:

        So either Anderson has an open relationship (doubtful, he’s been notoriously jealous with his past boyfriends) or he bought the B.S. story his gold digger sold him to explain the pix. My personal guess is very private Anderson can’t take the firestorm a public breakup would cause so soon after the pix became public, so he’ll wait a few weeks until the story dies down before he kicks him to the curve. Do you know how many NYC boys would love to date a guy who’ll soon inherit a fortune of over 200 million? Anderson can do much better if he wants, hell, he can have any male model in the world he wants, including the straight ones!!!

        • $38216881 says:

          this might be a long shot, but sometimes we see in relationships like these (where the men are smart, easy-breezy, and open minded) that the boundaries of the relationship is defined more and more as the thing goes on, with neither of them stamping ownership on each other.

          Just a hunch, but I just have a feeling that may be the case, here. We tend to forget, Anderson is a very busy dude. Maybe he’s taken pressure off this Ben dude, by letting him come and go as he pleases.

          but on the flip side of that, is Anderson so open minded that he would set himself up to be judged and pitied, with a BF caught suckin face with a ‘trick’ in a park.

          gotta think he’s ‘smarter’ than that…but then again, what the Hell do I know?

          and btw, I didnt know that he was in line to inherit that much money from his Mom. Is she really that wealthy?

      • Katy G says:

        Not walking with Anderson but running away from the group! They’re going on separate night outings in a foreign city desperate not to be photographed together. The story is absolutely true, Anderson looks miserable! And if you understand Serbo-croatian, the report is not about Anderson the famous reporter and his TV star friends, it’s entirely on the scandal with his boyfriend and whether he’s bopping Andy Cohen! Body language doesn’t lie, Anderson and his group couldn’t even fake smiles for the paparazzi, they’re having a miserable vacation.

    4. Bahekwahashteni says:

      The pathetic american people who feed their lonely lives by
      Following other people’s misery!!. Get a life, pathetic lifeless losers and
      Leave the guy alone, he is not obligated to keep anyone
      Posted and you losers should be civilized anf back off.

      • Drakensoul says:

        Andy Cooper really appreciates your support.  Now that you have demonstrated your soulful undying connection to him you are sure to springboard to the top of famedom as well.  *Sarcasm*
        Jesus is very impressed as well.  GOOD JOB.

      • Bryce says:

        Ummm, news flash: People have been gossiping about other people ever since there were more than two people on the planet. The fact you read and post on a gossip site is proof you’re one as well.  So you’re either a hypocrite or a troller, take your pick.

    5. Anonymous says:

      OMG….if my boy Andy hooks up with Andrew, it would be like a match made in Heaven….I would be soooooo excited for the both of them. I’m happy just thinking about it being a possibility!!!!!!!

    6. Bryce says:

      Gay couple of the century? Which century? It’s only 2012. Do you really believe, even if they have started knocking boots, that there won’t be a more famous gay couple in the next 88 years?! They wish…

    7. Katy G says:

      They won’t even have to change the monograms on their A.C.towels!!!

    8. Anonymous says:

      I really doubt that…more “girlfriends” than a couple. Now, on that trip, I think Kelly Ripa is “odd man out”.

    9. Blakecharlton says:

      This is such a load of press BS. Anderson is still with his BF I just saw them together 2 days ago. Andy is one of his new besties. A new gay mafia is rising.
      They both are bottoms and would never date each other. Sorry I tell it like it is. 

    10. $38216881 says:

      ok, this would be the first time that Ive posted on a rumor. But I just wanna interject some good ol’ common sense here. And may I add before I say my piece, I purposely avoided reading any of the posts below, because i didnt want my opinions and insight to be influenced in any way.

      ok…so last I heard, Ben Maisani actually went on the vacay with Anderson and his friends, Andy Cohen included. Rumor is, Anderson just went with Kelly R and her man, plus Cohen..but Ben went on the trip as well, but was no photographed with them. He was ‘captured’ on video, talking to Kelly’s guy, I think, with Anderson.

      Now as far as him ‘dating’ Andy Cohen?….here’s where I have to be as blunt as humanly possible. And the ability to NOT judge in this case, is not possible, so just roll with it.

      Ummmm, I dont see how the two of them would be ‘dating’. Why you say?…well, obviously AC and his guy arent broken up, despite what we saw him BF doing in a park with some dude. But aside from that, I know people in “queer NYC”, who know people, if you know what I mean…and Im not bragging, Im simply referencing my point with a qualification to comment.

      …so with that being said, Anderson Cooper is a bottom. Ive seen two of his prior BFs, in person…one of which Ive even seen “online” on a ‘men looking for men” website, and both of them are TOPS..and I got no feeling AT ALL that he was topping either one of them..sorry. This is where years and years of just being gay, opens your eyes to what gay men are, and what they arent, where sexual roles and preferences are concerned. And many, many times (not always), but often, you can safely assume who’s the top and who’s the bottom in man/man relationships, without even seeing a lot of them online, anywhere.

      The men Ive seen AC with sure didnt strike me as bottoms…and I know a few people who work in NYC media, who have even seen AC with boyfriends who were never photographed by mainstream or media or otherwise. All of them were very masculine, bigger dudes, who really seemed to like Anderson, and “appeared” to be TOPS.

      whats this got to do with Andy Cohen, you ask?…well, I dig Cohen, so this isnt a derogatory comment brought on by some kind of ‘hater-ism”, but if Andy Cohen is a top, my name is Diana Ross.

      as someone said on another blog, “two bottoms, does not a TOP make”. All you have in the end with that scenario, is two dudes sharing toys. And I dont think Anderson is the kind of bottom that would share toys with or have sex with another bottom.

      Just sayin..

      • moionfire says:

        Funny you say that since Andy Cohen has said he is a top on TV. He could be lying of course.

        • $38216881 says:

          I would imagine there was a fair amount of sarcasm, in his voice…I mean, really now.

          if there are guys out there in the World (and yea,its actually “a small World, after all), who like effeminate, cross-eyed, handsy, nelly tops, then more power to ’em…but I aint buyin’ his top fantasies, sorry.

          • moionfire says:

            Don’t be so close minded. Who tops or bottoms isn’t that simple. Sexuality is more complicated than that.

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