Alex McCord & Simon: Bravo — You Don’t Tell Us What To Do!

Posted on August 5th, 2012 at 8:30 am

Who knew the video blogs that former Real Housewives of New York star Alex McCord tapes for RumorFix would become so controversial?

The blogs, that WetPaint calls "juicy," reveal information the former cast member knows first-hand like when producers "set up" shots.

Apparently the top brass at Bravo isn't too happy about them -- the network has fired off a letter to Alex's agent asking for the reality TV star to "put a lid on it."

That feisty Alex taped a special blog for us responding to the controversy, telling her fans, "I appreciate the comments everybody has been making on the videos about the Real Housewives of New York City and I'm going to keep doing them!"

Her husband, Simon Van Kempen, who appears in the video, has a message for his former employer, "Bravo you can't put Alex in a corner."

Alex tells us she has no "insider information," her knowledge comes from being on the show for four seasons.  "I stayed 100 percent away from filming," she tells us.

She says she is in touch with cast members, but "during the production period we all stayed away.

She says, "I'm watching the show just like anyone else is."

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    1. Jennifer says:

      Alex I miss you and Simon on hope you get your own show soon, you are a lot of fun.

    2. OkieWells says:

      Bravo should be loving these “insider looks” by Alex. It brings more attention to show — or maybe they know that and the whole cease and desist thing is for publicity. Either way, I love your vlogs, Alex. You clear up the distractions (art clearance, weird timing, talking head interviews) and questions we viewers have.

      We’re not stupid. We can handle your backgrounders without having our minds blown. Makes the whole series much more entertaining rather than the manufactured and tedious drama.

      Alex — Nice job without a teleprompter; that is *not* easy!  You have a great screen presence. Smart of RumorFix to nab you! Keep it up. Wish you’d do it for all the HW franchises.

      • Ctodust says:

        It’s all about the money, Bravo doesn’t get a piece of it from RumorFix. I’m sure their legal people are working on a way to change the contract that any “housewife” can’t make money on the side without Bravo getting their piece of the pie.

    3. FrancisB. says:

      Now I know why, even after fans have asked her numerous times in comments to her video blogs, alex has never revealed what went down at bravo which led to her firing and what andy cohen’s true role was in the shakeup on the show, she probably fears a lawsuit. I guess rumorfix will just have to wait until one of the fired housewives writes a book…

    4. Hokbyme says:

      Of all the housewives that have been let go or perhaps all of them put together, you are by far the most intelligent, and have found a way to allowt the watchers to hear the truth. Great job.
      Keep all the fun tidbits about the workings on these reality shows coming Alex.

    5. Dougdenslowe says:

      I think Alex has found her ninch.I’d love to see her host a “The Soup”type show or a talkshow dealing with reality shows.I love her being candid and her honesty and humor are also assets.
      Keep up the good work,I’m here for the ride!

      • Michelle says:

        That is a great idea.  She really has good comedic timing and can make fun of herself.  She comes across sooooooo much more likable in these UNEDITED videos too.

      • Cyninbend says:

         ITA!  Alex is cute, fun, natural and relates so well to the camera.  That’s a real talent!  She do a great show about reality shows–a women’s take on them?

    6. James Rook says:

       So glad I caught this week’s video blog by you and Simon because, as always, it was highly entertaining and informative…and just so refreshingly honest.  Shame on Bravo they really blew it and thanks for not bowing down to their letter…I would watch every single one of your reviews on ANY show or sitcom to hear your takes on the maxi and meta communication, as well as the manipulative moves the playa’s make.  Well done.  Good to see you both again. I only have one problem with the show…I want MORE!

    7. janet says:

      Bravo didn’t want to fire alex, of the 4 released she was the least obnoxious. It was simon that lost her the job for a very particular reason. She’ll admit it one of these days…

    8. lilymaid says:

      Please Simon, butt out, do you really need to obscure Alex…..get your own job,

    9. Dbrown1299 says:

      I would love to for Alex to have a question and answer forum.

    10. Amii37 says:

      Simon is so gross I can’t watch,Go away and let Alex do her job…

    11. Hey Alex and Simon I know why they want you to zip it, your probably hitting to close to home! Oh Bravo TV too bad so sad you let them go! Hmm, no wonder why people are turning their backs on NYC wives and NJ wives, look at how you are turning friends in the bitter enemies! And I love the photo of Alex and Simon! Keep doing what you are doing! The fans are speaking and have spoken, we won’t take anymore set up crap!

    12. cindy t. says:

      Alex acts like a different person when she’s with simon, a lot less attractive one. Always trying to be witty with devilish comebacks, it really tarnishes her. Watch the hostage video above again, notice her demeanor and their bizarre body language…yuck!

    13. Nice and knowledgeable Video.

    14. bella says:

      I have now bookmarked RumorFix just for Alex’s video blogs! 

    15. Anonymous says:

      Love the video recaps, especially love that you are telling the behind-the-scenes tid-bits that puts all this so-called “reality” into perspective. Your viewer perspectives too are very enjoyable and I like the format (cozy, quick, witty, insightful and informative).  Brilliant idea by RumorFix and Alex.  Execution gets better and better with each video.

      I wish Alex would do a Recap sequence on another show too!!  Bravo Alex, Bravo.   

    16. Anonymous says:

      Alex, you actually could have a career in entertainment reporting HOWEVER you’re not the same w hubby in the frame.  Sorry.  Look at your footage at how professional you are without him — and your management needs to push you to do solo efforts. I know you love your husband, but he saps your energy — and you come off way less professional and savvy. 

    17. Debbie H says:

      Alex love ur videos, am I the only one that has trouble with the volume?  And please promise not to tape outside. I have heard planes, hedge cutter, lawn mowers, dogs barking, fire trucks, etc. You get it.   Thanks you for bringing us the inside scoop!

    18. Cnh1918 says:

      Alex & Simon- Keep up the good work.  I don’t know how much you were edited when you were on Housewives of NY but you seem so much happier now. 

    19. AliMcJ says:

      You are much missed on RHoNY: your interest and participation in art were a lovely oasis in a sea of crude,

    20. stage right says:

      Alex, the new more ash blonde is MUCH much better and the smooth straight look is great on you.
      the other color was way too brassy and also too close to your skin color.
      this is far more of a contrast and looks lovely.
      if i had my way w/ your hair i would throw in just a few ash low lights to give more contrast and warm up skin tone.
      it would esentially be a mixture of aviva and heathers hair colors (just incase you get in the mood and opt to try something new!) 
      Bet you a million bucks you would look GORGEOUS!

    21. Tp35 says:

      Agreed. It’s all about the editing. Amazing,how it changes everything you see. It is very different than what you see. Scripted reality.

    22. Susan says:

      Love, Love, Love Alex and Simon.  Huge mistake not to keep them on the show.

    23. Tammy Hope says:

      I just love Alex! I was so sorry to see her go,I would have liked it if she had stayed & Luann had gone.Some times I don’t think brovo knows what there doing,but I admit I still watch.I love that Alex found the gig on Rumor Fix,I love her comments she’s great.I would like to see her do the same thing on all the housewifes shows.That would be a hoot!I’d love to see what she would say about Tamra Barney!Keep up the good work Alex!

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