Alex McCord On “LuAnn The Liar,” & “Sonja The Lush”

Posted on August 28th, 2012 at 11:18 am

RumorFix correspondent Alex McCord is pulling the veil off Real Housewives of New York revealing some insight into what really happened on Monday night's episode.

Alex tells us the reason viewers got a tour of the Oasis De Saline Villas in St. Barth's is because it rents for $100,000 a week and "to get any sort of  discount they needed to show you what it is, where it is, where you can rent it for yourself."

The former RHONY tells us, "I love me some drunk Sonja," but reveals what you'll never see on Bravo: Sonja Morgan: the devoted mom. "She's a great mom, devoted to her daughter," she says.

And, what about "LuAnn The Liar?" Alex thinks LuAnn DeLesseps was "fishing for story lines."

When the countess was overheard speaking in French, it seems like, she was playing up to her reputation in the tabloid press, Alex says.

Alex adds that LuAnn could have texted or emailed and no one would have heard her conversation. "She wanted to be overheard," Alex says.

Heather Thomson, Sonja and Ramona Singer's reactions were fake, she insists, "There was no way in the world they would have heard that conversation in real time and half of them would not have understood it."


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    1. NYC Gal says:

      Alex, loved your insights! Have been eagerly awaiting your take on LuAnn. Love these blogs!!

    2. NRO says:

      I rushed to my computer this afternoon to read your comments on what I thought was THE most interesting episode of RHNY to date.

       I, too, wondered why Luann was speaking of her “secret dalliance” right in front of the cameras. Your explanation does make sense, but then WHY does she feel the need to be relevant? Don’t Real Housewives get paid per episode no matter what? (or are you implying this is for her longevity with the series?)

      Kudos to you for taking the high road – when Luann was so nasty to you on camera last year, it was the beginning of my thinking I might be done watching the show. Despite her snotty rudeness to you, you are not delighting in or using against her, what appears to be, her bad judgement on national television. I appreciate your level-headed, mature analysis.

      Loved the dancing scenes at the bar!

      • Alex McCord says:

        Once a cast member is picked up for a season they will of course be paid whatever was agreed, but if at any time within the production period they aren’t “bringing it” they could potentially find themselves being filmed less, which would not bode well for the next year.

    3. Priscilla says:

       I’m with NYC Gal. I loved this vlog, too. I suspected that LuAnn was fishing for a story. Still I’m OK with that because I liked the one she came up with. If only she had tried this one last season. I would have enjoyed a look at Randy in the Riad more than henna tattoos and Herman Munster boots. 😀

    4. Fishgot2swim says:

      And it’s not as if French is such an exotic language spoken only by isolated tribes of cannibals in the Amazon . . .    Worse thing of the night – Sonja.    “Got Clooney” comment was lower than low . . . and we’ve seen LOW on RHONY 

      • Anonymous says:

         Did she actually date Clooney???  Every woman he dates is outed in the media.  Never saw her connected to him. 

        • fasrthorse says:

          No, Carol is 46 years old.  She is too old for Clooney.  He likes his girls young and most of all he wants them to keep quiet.  You see, Clooney is not into women.  He likes “group dates” and always has a young guy around.

      • Gary says:

        My take on the comment was that Sonja thought Carol was cute, had a good body and so it was no wonder Clooney dated her.   I thought it was more of a friendly/joking compliment.

    5. Xoamanduhhhhh says:

      *Heather Thompson

    6. Jlm says:

      You seem a little jealous that Luann is still on the show and you are not.

    7. Sandyry says:

      love love love you doing this video. thank you! 

    8. Lauraq120 says:

      Alex we GET it, you go to St barts! Yawn…

      • Anonymous says:

        Is that the only part you picked on—-she n Simon always said they vacation there several imes year. I like this Alex …JMO

        • Alex McCord says:

          LOL, St Barths has been our favorite vacation spot for the last 10 years, and it’s an 8 square mile island so there are only so many places you can be….it’s hard not to play tour guide!!

          • fasrthorse says:

            I recall that you and your husband go in the low season.  Not the same thing.  You just can’t keep up, you poor thing.

      • fasrthorse says:

        Alex goes in the low season when it costs $100 per night.  She likes to stay “off the beaten path(cheap) at Saline Beach.
        French custom is to go topless which is tolerated.  Alex, Simon, and their 2 boys sun completely nude.   

    9. Somedayme2 says:

      “real time and have of them would not have”

      The first have should be half

    10. IamJoyceM says:

      Perfection! Your comments are spot on. Well done Alex! Still missing you from the show. 

    11. Jennifer says:

      LuAnn is irrevelalant, as is Heather and Aviva.   Love Love Love Caole.  

      • Tigerhope64 says:

        I think Carole and Heather bring balance to the show…. Although I don’t think we have seen all of Heather’s Potential! I love love love Heather! She represents more of a true housewife, like Alex did, balancing a husband., career and family! She also has great charities and has a lot to offer the series!

    12. KLG says:

      Love you Alex and miss you!!!  You would know better than any of us how it works behind the scenes.

    13. RHONY fan says:

      Fishing for a storyline…makes sense….ugh why do I watch this stuff?  

    14. stargirl737 says:

      Omg, thank you Alex for giving me another angle on the LuAnn scandal…Ooohhh…it was for all of this hullabuloo, smart move then! I love your insights! And I know from the RHONY that you and your family actually do know St. Barth, have spent a lot of time there, so your outlook is priceless. So did Carole pay nearly $100,000.00 out of her own pocket to hostess the ladies? Is that how it works? I don’t know who’s rich and how these things work. Best tlo you and yours, Xx

      • Guest says:

        Carole, Aviva, Heather and Ramona are quit wealthy. But would they pay for a trip? Doubt it, Bravo would I’m sure.

      • Alex McCord says:

        Bravo would pay, or negotiate a trade.  The only time cast pay for their own activities is in the first season before it’s a hit, or if it was something they planned independently and regardless of filming, and the producers requested permission to film it.

    15. Guest says:

      Thanks for the info!

    16. ButterBean says:

      Thanks for the info Alex! I agree with you on LuAnn conjuring up a storyline – it didn’t make sense when watching it, and your explanation fits very well into her conjuring up a story.

      I guess she feels the need to stay relevant because there’s a whole new cast, and who’s to say she won’t get the axe come next season?

      Thank you Alex!!

    17. Pondviewpam says:

      Spot on as always.  I totally agree about LuAnn.  LuAnn is way too smart to let herself be caught in a lie.  Thanks Alex for the St. Barths tips, it has been years since I have been there, and now I want to go back right away….big smile! 

    18. guest says:

      Alex, love you by the way. <3. Why would Luann speak so loudly on the phone about being with Tomas, knowing that Jaques (sp?) would find out? She called him the next morning and told him she was with some Italian friends (lying to him by the way) when she knows that someone would either fill him in or he would see the episode later? She seems so fake in my eyes.

    19. Diandra A. says:

      I Love Alex! And, she was picked perfectly for Rumor Fix; very expressive and informative! During your last season, I was just getting used to you putting “certain people” in their place…really wish you stayed…

      Wishing YOU & your FAMILY well!

    20. Linda L says:

      i miss you on the show -:(

    21. says:

      Seems a bit pathetic that Luann would make herself seem like an immoral lowlife in front of her boyfriend, family, especially children all to stay on the show. It’s obvious that that’s what she’s doing, as you explained, but it just seems desperate and pathetic.

    22. Lizf says:

      first time watching this, very entertaining, now i can get my alex mccord fix!! thankyou 

    23. Bryan says:

      Poor old Alex, I bet this episode really ticked her off, you know she would have loved to have stayed at this place, all she could do was watch from afar.

    24. RealFans Steve says:

      Alex — you are the best! Let’s touch base via DM on Twitter… hello to Simon 🙂

    25. Lindasopp says:

      I really enjoy your comments. Keep it up. You are looking beautiful.

    26. Amanda Dixon says:

      wish you did this for all housewives shows.

    27. Anonymous says:

      Alex, you really wanted everyone to know that you’ve been to St. Barth’s didn’t you? Good for you!! You’ve gone somewhere, you even bought a sweater there to prove it. LMAO!!!

    28. Aque says:

      Loved seeing you and your awesome reviews, keep up the great work!  Wish you’d come to my town and present the evening news!! 🙂

    29. Anonymous says:

      Alex, love your blogs! . When are you getting your own talk show?

    30. Ana R. says:

      Great insight Alex! Makes watching the show much more interesting.

    31. Glenndi says:

      Love your comments and look forward to them every week!

    32. Elizabeth says:

      you are doing a great job Alex :):)

    33. Margie says:

      Still enjoying your vlog and still missing you on the show.
      I agree with you that LuMan needs a story line. However, I don’t think she’s as smart as you give her credit for. I do know that I’ve read story after story about her being unfaithful. Would it surprise me if she brought home someone who gave her some attention? No, it would not.
      Considering how much I dislike her (LOVED when you put her in her place until she ran last season) I did find it pitiful to hear her begging to be “special” at the nightclub. Sadly for her and for us viewers, she is not special but she is boring.
      Bravo – dump LuMan and bring back Alex and Simon. PLEASE!!

      • Disneygeek56 says:

        I agree! Alex, Heather and Carol would be great together. So time for all new blood. We were just getting to know Alex and they booted her. DUMB MOVE!!! Love her!!

    34. Ben says:

      Poo-Ann’s cover-up story about bringing the Johnny Depp
      lookalike home. I admit, didn’t see through it at all – thought she just got carried
      away and had to have him no matter what, as she did seem to be instantly
      smitten and obsessed.     


      Now that you have explained it like you did, it makes sense and
      is so obvious – she really is desperate to stay relevant – thanks. I’m looking
      forward to next week to see how her silly and weird storyline plays out.


      Her French surprised me, it’s really slangy and she doesn’t
      seem to have grasped the basic grammar. Why tell people you’re fluent in French then expose your lie on national TV?


      There’s no substance to that loopy lady, ‘she’s all fur coat and no

      • Auby64 says:

        Not to mention her poor French pronunciation.  They really needed subtitles even if you are fluent in French.  No wonder her kid is flunking French in school!!

    35. well Sonja could speak french and understand it Plus she and Lumann speak the same language when it comes to men LOL
      i will say this about that situation i only hope Tomas got paid a bundle to sleep with that “dumb Tranny” lol

    36. PS as you already know Alex i miss you on the show and beg Andy every chance i get to get you back pronto

    37. Ben says:

      I thought it was so funny when Carol said she was woken up
      by two male voices and one of them was Luann (can’t remember the exact words
      but it was very well put).  

    38. lindy loo says:

      Love ya.   Keep your comments coming. 

    39. Coupongirls1026 says:

      I am not even bothering to watch the episode until I come to watch your commentary, I think I get more out of it and things that didn’t make sense do after we get the behind the scenes hints and tips. I am really enjoying your video blog, see you next week!

    40. Aaron Lucas says:

      Alex McCord, you are my reality TV show hero.  Seriously, this commentary is what I’ve been WAITING for.  I love love love how you can dissect what the women might be thinking, how the editing plays into the episode plot, and ponder the “real” story. I think I’m beginning to look forward to your commentary more than the episode itself!
      – Aaron

    41. IAHGVA says:

      Have to congratulate you, you make watching RHONY much more interesting. It is still trash TV, but I feel less guilty watching it thanks to your insightful comments. You are definitely a different person than the edited version of you displayed by Bravo last year. Makes me now wonder whether Ramona is not as dumb as the show let us believe, although it will be difficult to make me swallow the contrary.

      I was wondering two things: 1) is there a contractual requirement for each housewive to host an event at least once each season with every other housewive invited ? It seems on every franchise I am watching (basically all but NJ and Miami) that it happens like on a rotating basis, so wonder whether this is coincidental or contractual?

    42. IAHGVA says:

      Have to congratulate you, you make watching RHONY much more interesting. It is still trash TV, but I feel less guilty watching it thanks to your insightful comments. You are definitely a different person than the edited version of you displayed by Bravo last year. Makes me now wonder whether Ramona is not as dumb as the show let us believe, although it will be difficult to make me swallow the contrary.

      I was wondering two things: 1) is there a contractual requirement for each housewive to host an event at least once each season with every other housewive invited ? It seems on every franchise I am watching (basically all but NJ and Miami) that it happens like on a rotating basis, so wonder whether this is coincidental or contractual?
      2) do you have contractually to attend Watch what happens live or are those housewives participating just comfortable with Andy. How much does Andy has to do with the editing of the show ? Is he just presenting the reunion and WWHL or is he much more involved? What happens if you refuse to attend the reunion ?

      Thanks a lot, pls keep up the excellent work, the very insightful comments, and your spirited witty humor. I hope you would consider commenting the other franchises as well.

      A new avid watcher

      • Alex McCord says:

        Thanks! To answer your questions, there’s no contractual requirement to host events. Cast members either offer to host something, or if there’s a trip they choose a hostess. We had a certain number of ‘press days’ we had to do each season, but no requirements to go on WWHL or any specific show.  Don’t know how involved Andy is now, as supposedly he took a step back now that hosting WWHL has grown into a larger job.  He used to be very involved.  So far, only one HW has no-showed at a reunion (Jacqui from NJ,) and I guess the jury is out on that because the current season airing was filmed before that reunion.  Let’s see whether she is part of next year’s cast….

    43. Anonymous says:

      Oh no. LuAnn did something that is not ladylike. Oh what will the royals say!! She lied to Jaques who to no fault of his own I can’t understand half the time…. she had another man over and admitted in her action packed blog (I nodded off) that she told a white lie. I have never read her books or anything but I’m sure her actions that WE all saw on the episode were not in those pages. Heather heard what she heard, and why in the world would she lie???? THOSE actions certainly were not in those books. I don’t know has anyone read them? I digress, the point is, LuAnn should just be a grown woman and admit her wrong doings and I would have so much respect for her. But instead. “Money can’t buy you class, it buys you a trip to St. Barts to a bar where you meet a Johnny Depp look-alike and you drink too much tequila and you brink him home and you forget about elegance all together.”

    44. Anonymous says:

      I enjoy these blogs. Nothing will compare to Scary Island, and that is not a compliment. I lost respect for Andy Cohen allowing a breakdown to be aired. I remember Simon saying he likes Lulu, not when she’s being the Countess. I know what he meant. I loved when she danced into the frame when the crazy ladies were getting ready. Heather is a buzz kill, can’t stand the fake talk and lying about gossiping. Carole was fun this episode and I’m not a fan of Cool Carole usually. I understood the Louds reference.

    45. Holler says:

      Pretty sure she meant the SNL Loud family, not the PBS one.

    46. carmella says:

      Why would you even air the trist LuAnn had with Thomas on national tv.  Besides that why lie about it when the girls knew they were not italian friends but one french friend.  Still can’t figure out what whe brings to the show.  As for Sonja, the last few episodes show her drunk

    47. Donna says:

      I am glad I found your website.  Good for you. You tell it like it is.   

    48. karen says:

      Alex, you may find a drunk Sonja funny but I don’t. I don’t find a drunk Ramona funny either. I just don’t like drunks period. Sonja and Ramona act like they are 10 yrs old. I can not stand either one of them. But I like your insight.

      • 3littlebirds says:

        Agreed.  I hate watching those two, their behavior is horrible.  To think they got to stay and Alex didnt?  Makes no sense.  Alex was the only one that had any class on that show.  

    49. Starrkitty says:

      Love,love, love LOVE IT!!!!!!…I can hear Bravo grinding their teeth while they sleep, you must be really stressing them out….

    50. Lois B says:

      Alex,   I look forward to checking in for your analysis of RHONY.  It always adds an interesting new dimension to each episode.  I thought LuAnn’s behavior seemed out of character for the aristocrat that that published an etiquette book just a few years ago!  Things are not what they seem.

    51. Dougdenslowe says:

      Still hoping you get your own Reality Recap Show!You’re the best insider,you deserve more!

    52. Alex, you look so pretty and YOUNG in you vlogs, this new life path suits you! Your explanation makes perfect sense. I had already read Luanne’s blog where she stated nothing happened with 
      Tomas. Shame on me for getting a big kick out of the storyline. I thought we viewers were finally getting some “red meat” to chew on. After all who could blame her? and she is not married. Oh well, speaking for myself I would rather everything be genuine even if it is not as sexy. I have asked you before and so have others, any chance you could do this for all the RH’s?

    53. MsPinkGlitter28 says:

      U R A- MAZE- ING!!! Alex, every week I CAN”T WAIT to watch ur recap. BTW Luv the facial expressions,lol  I want to see u back on the RHONY I am and am not looking foward to seeing u and Simon on Couples Therapy bcuz I know every marriage has its problems but I know U and Simon LUV each other an I will support U guys in anything, Godbless U and ur family. Looking foward to next weeks recap:)

    54. Anonymous says:

      Love me some Alex – you are such a class act, and I can’t wait to see you get your own recap show (I’d love to hear your take on other HW ventures)!  Thanks so much for bringing your sassy, intelligent wit to bear on these situations, giving us “mere mortals” a real inside glimpse into the “reality” of reality television. 

    55. BravoJunkie says:

      I don’t think LuAnn wanted to ask Carol where to take her former boyfriend/lover…

    56. love this inside details!!

    57. sorry ..mistyped..I LOVE the inside details…Im such a sucker I believe everything I I love the commentary… especially the LuAnn story line idea…I really thought she had got caught doing something naughty!!
      I find the RHONY programmes  fascinating as I think they are a sociological study of women’s behaviour .. on speed…of course  heightened by filming which makes everyone go into overdrive.
      Please keep up this commentary!!

    58. Paula Wellington says:

      Alex, could you please let me know when TRHON is coming back to the Uk, I think the last season shown was 3 or 4. Thanks

    59. Elizabeth says:

      I think you are completely on the money about LuAnn’s moment.  She wants air time in a big way, from baby making to making a faux scandal.  I think Sonja is a funny drunk, but I do think, for her daughter’s future sake, she should maybe think about toning it down a bit. Oy and the toaster oven.  Please give it a rest, you are in St. Barth’s, Sonja.  Miste all chrity all ready.  Your commentary is always fab and dead on.  Keep it rocking, girl.

    60. Lindaconner84 says:

      Luann looks more like Count Dracula then Countess anything.  This season is not bearable to watch……..the two bleached blond 80 year olds with plastic faces and wasteland souls are so desperate for attention and so afraid to loose their 31 one minutes of fame +check(why why in their case, could it not be the requisite 10 minutes), that they have given a new meaning to the word “desperate”.  Luann must of looked around and said:  I must also make more self interesting so I will once and for all prove to the world that I never ever understood the meaning or belonged to any class other than “double-wide” class, that I will invent an affair with a greasy pirate!  Yes, that will generate attention!  I MUST HAVE ATTENTION and some cash from BRAVO of course!  I CANT GO back to waiting tables or f%*^$%&#%ing old rich guys for money….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, don’t make me BRAVO, keep me around!

      • NRO says:

         “80 year olds”? Wow, Linda Conner, that’s pretty ageist.  Most of these RHNY women are in their 40’s, and Ramona, while you are free to dislike her, is in her mid-fifties and is in way better shape than most 25 year olds I know.

        Tell me, do you plan on leaving the planet at age 39? You might want to project yourself into the future and think of how YOU will feel when you are 45 and some rude younger person call you “eighty”… if there is something inherently wrong with that. 

    61. Fanfan says:

      Alex, I love your insider insights. I think you are amazing!

    62. Dougdenslowe says:

      Isn’t Heather worried about getting her nose sunburned?It’s a big target!

    63. Reporter says:

      Alex, I’ve always wondered. What did Kelly Bensimone mean when she said Bravo “forced” her to go on the trip to St. John? 

    64. Baleck says:

      Your insight is great. 

    65. Dallas, TX Amber says:

      Hey Alex! I just recently started watching RHONY this year. But I wanted to start from the begginning to get the background & history of the show. Literally my entire Labor Day weekend has been a RHONY marathon of seasons 1-4 on So addictive! I live in Dallas, TX….what brought you here this past week?

    66. Patsy says:

      You are the best thing to do with Housewives….Please someone find a plce for Alex again…she is sorley missed.

    67. Rachel says:

      I love hearing from you, but worried that you all are doing Couples Therapy just for publicity and not because you need it.  I’d much rather just see a day in the life of you guys…

    68. Alex, there is a reason you were not asked back to RHNY Shut the F–k up. you think you are such a F EN know it all but in fact you are GROSSand need to shut your mouth  and I will never come back to this site.

    69. Meems says:

      Fabulous as usual!

    70. JenCapeCod says:

      Alex, great blog..miss u this season…Aviva does not hold a candle to u!

    71. Emsies25 says:

      I love that you dissect the whole show, I feel like as each season progresses it looks more and more edited…..Do you miss being on the show? Would you ever go back onto the show?…..why are you in Dallas!??!

    72. Dellaseim says:

      Iam so glad i found you miss you on the show.I enjoy your comment’s about the show keep up the good work.

    73. Dellaseim says:

      Iam so glad i found you miss you on the show.I enjoy your comment’s about the show keep up the good work.

    74. karen1941 says:

      Breakdowns?!??!!  Everyone always brings up Scary Island and now St. Barth’s but I’ve always believed that the biggest breakdown of the series was at Jennifer Gilbert’s party.  Alex, I know you were present at Scary Island but can’t remember if you were at Ms Gilbert’s party.  At that pary Jill Zarin broke out into a screaming, hysterial attack on Ramona and then fled the party into Jennifer Gilbert’s pantry and sobbed hysterically. Following that Ms Zarin was fired and didn’t resume her role the following season.  In my mind, that breakdown was very uncomfortable and revealing.  Ms. Zarin was soooo upset because Ramona knew something that she didn’t know:  about the death of Bethenny’s father.  Such a bottom feeder.

    75. Petitesweetpea says:

      Love love love watching your videos on the episodes!! I look foward to each & every one of them!!

    76. fastthorse says:

      I read a few of the recent comments and I have to say I don’t agree with them.  Alex McCord could never keep up with these society ladies.  Alex McCord always left a bad taste in my mouth.  She’s boring and her husband is so creepy.  Someone must agree with me.  So now Alex blogs about the current housewives.  Get a life.  Go to work and live within your budget.

      Take a look at the ladies in the pic above.  Alex just doesn’t fit in. 

      Enough of Alex and her miserable life.

      I have had it with Aviva and her husband.  Did you happen to hear Reed bash Ramona and Sonja when he said they were fat and old.  Are you kidding.  Aviva is anorexic.  Ramona and Sonja have great figures, right.  My husband would never even think to criticize a woman.  
      Reed is creepy too.

    77. I think I like you better as the commentator of the show!  You are great and I still say you remind me of Liz Montgomery.  You’re very sharp and observant and I’ve always loved that about you!  All the best!

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