Tamra Barney: Alexis Bellino Is a Hypocrite and Faux Christian!

Posted on July 19th, 2012 at 10:26 am

Tamra Barney is hitting back at accusations of blasphemy from Alexis Bellino, saying not only is Alexis a hypocrite but a bad Christian.

In her recent Bravo blog, Alexis had this to say about Tamra:

"Jesus Jugs doesn't just cross the line, it catapults over it. That comment has offended Christians everywhere. How does she decorate her home in crosses yet make a remark like that without an ounce of guilt? Then she is promoting Jesus Jugs wine glasses her Facebook page? So now it's blasphemy along with defaming Jesus and monetizing on what He sacrificed for us."

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But in an exclusive interview with RumorFix, Tamra defends herself and says Alexis has no right to point fingers.

"Unlike Alexis, I don't need to hide behind the Jesus curtain and I don't feel the need to preach," says Tamra. "When someone is constantly preaching about something they are lying! Alexis and Jim are faux Christians, like her ring. Does she think Jesus would be proud of her for judging me as a Christian, and the crosses in my house? Jim Bellino used to take Peggy Tanous to strip clubs after church when they were dating!"

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Tamra adds on Twitter: "I don't hide behind the Jesus curtain because of my past like him! Strip clubs, selling fake sports memorabilia."

Yikes - assuming all the OC ladies are brought back, season eight is going to be VERY interesting!

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  • 99 Responses

    1. Anonymous says:

      Tamra is vile. Absolutely disgusting and vile. And, most people who heard her moronic juvenile ‘Jesus jugs’ line agreed. Why else did she take the post down from FB? She KNEW she had gone too far. Hating Alexis wasn’t enough, she had to hate on a religion, which is never ok-it’s bigoted and wrong.

      And, Tamra is so dumb she apparently doesn’t know what the word, ‘judging’ means. Alexis isn’t ‘judging’ her by calling her comment blasphemous, she’s simply describing it, accurately. Pronouncing punishment for said blasphemy would be judging. Idiot Tamra

      • Phoenix9320 says:

        Miss Alexis needs to own HER blasphemous words!!  SHE refers to herself as JESUS BARBIE.  What is blasphemous for one is blasphemous for another.  

    2. Anonymous says:

      Tamra is just trying to wiggle her way out because Lexie will not put up with her B.S Who would believe peggy. if true that is in the past. you could pull up alot of crap on tamra. lexie will not bow to tamra like gretchen has so she is mad and can not handle it.Tamra always thinks she can control the show. she must have dated or is dating someone on the bravo staff to get such high treatment.bravo oc wives going down hill with – people like her.

    3. Trinity61666 says:

      Go Tamara….call it like it is…its on film…how can any normal minded individual NOT see all the hipocracy, and back paddling that some of the “ladies” do..

      • Veda Pierce says:

        Most people do NOT agree with that assesment, if it were true, she wouldn’t need to have someone deleting and blocking all the fB comments and tweets. She doesn’t delete all, but a LOT!

      • Veritas1018 says:

        It’s not a question of hypocricy, all these Real Housewives are hypocrites.  This has to do with common decency.  Who does Tamra think she is – God?  She is so far from a decent human being.  Is that the way you act if you don’t like someone?  Do you roll your eyes & smirk, do you make disparaging remarks?  I don’t, if I don’t like someone I just keep my distance & I do not plot with my friends on how I can destroy them.

        When Alexis invited Tamra to lunch to talk, Tamra was cruel.  This woman does not have a sensor on how she insults people. She is so child like, that my heart goes out to her children.  What sort of role model is she for them. I don’t know if you have any children, but in my daughter’s school they discuss bullying and the adverse effects it can have on others. 

        I think “Go Tamra” encourages bullying.

        • G5cracker says:

          you need to get a life…

          • Veritas1018 says:

            this is a discussion board where people voice their opinions.  If you don’t like what people have to say then get off the site. 
            Maybe you should take a class on bullying and the effect it has on children, as well as adults before you make ignorant comments. 

        • Phoenix9320 says:

          If you READ the post, at no time did I say the others are NOT hypocrites.  I said ALEXIS is being a hypocrite because she’s blasting Tamra for being blasphemous when ALEXIS is doing the EXACT SAME THING in referring to herself as Jesus Barbie.  Blasphemy is blasphemy whether it comes from a “Christian” or not.  

    4. Lnmiller1974 says:

      Tamra has the guts to say what most think and are afraid to say. Alexis does act like she’s better than everyone and is childish. Tamra is not afraid to speak her mind regardless of the repercussions.
      She’s real.

      • Veda Pierce says:

        Guts??? Is that what that loathesome, horrid behavior is called? She should speak her mind a little less often. Nothing brilliant or creative ever comes out of her trashy mouth…and nobody likes her anymore. She has the same 25 fans. Nobody will EVER hire her to promote any product…I’m sure the swill she peddles disguised as wine is not doing well, and her gym will fail.

        • the Truth says:

          If I was a Local Christian Church, I would Picket her Gym 24/7 until every last person turned away. Thats the least she deserves. Oh and Tamera, your vagina probably looks like beef jerky by now..just saying  🙂

      • Heather says:

        Having the guts to say something is one thing, going out of your way to destroy people is another. She is so trashy, between her foul mouth, getting naked in a tub with her boyfriend on tv and putting Brooks hand on her breast, just to name a couple, what a poor role model she is for her children. Simon should be granted sole custody, all this woman does is do shots, worry about her sex life with a younger man and bash everyone she decides she doesn’t like.  That’s not guts that’s an insecure and jealous individual.

      • Marinda says:

         Yes, she’s real alright.  A REAL nasty piece of TRASH!

      • Kathleen F. says:

        There is a difference between childlike and childish.  Alexis is Childlike. (innocent, not to be confused with stupidity)  Tamra is childish; completely lacking in self discipline (stupid).  

      • andrea says:

        no she doesn’t.  tamra NEVER spoke up to vicki about brooks until the party at heather’s.  she definetely has the guts to talk about people behind their backs though.  look at how she even stooped to trying to engage her son ryan in gossip.  you really need to look at her through a different pair of eyes.  i think what you enjoy is tamra’s cruelty, which is not at all something to admire. 

    5. CarlyD says:

      Please people..PLEASE don’t fall under the spell of Alexis Bellino’s line of b.s.  Come on can’t you see she knows that none of you would follow her on her own merit so she has to coerse you under the guise of being a Christian crusader.  Look truth be told, I would have rethought the comment about the Jesus Jugs thing, I don’t think it was entirely appropriate, HOWEVER we are human and make mistakes.  Alexis is trying to use her faith as a selling point which is just as bad as anything else that was said or done.  Being the true Christian that she is Alexis should have forgiven and moved on…BUT she doesn’t want to because it’s more popular to hold a grudge.  Not only does she want to hold a grudge but now she wants the recruit the entire Christian community to be mad at Tamra, too.  Don’t be taken for fools.

      • Veda Pierce says:

        We’re not stupid and “falling under a spell”. We can all see with our own eyes how hateful and spiteful and vicious Trash-Bag Tamra is. She really is getting uglier and uglier everytime she’s on tv. She couldn’t wipe the snarl off her face during the whole reunion…and her little, beady, shiny eyes scared the crapout of me! She really is turning into a little troll.

      • Joanie says:

        “I don’t think it was entirely appropriate” – please tell what part of it is appropriate at all.

      • Kmonty says:

        CarlyD, have you just started watching the show?  Tamra has been doing this to all the housewives for years.  She smiles in their face, and sticks a hatchet in their backs.  Alexis may not be the picture of what most of think of when we refer to Christian women, but that really is only because of all the weave and plastic surgery, not her bahavior.  She tried to stay away from Tamra, she tried to ignore her, but Tamra wouldn’t let up.  The last few seasons it was all aimed at Gretchen, before that it was her and “Ugly inside and out Vicki” against the others.  Anyone remember Lynne?  She tried to stay out of it all, and got butchered by Tamra and Vicki until she was phased out.  I may not agree with how Alexis bows to Jims every command because I think she is weak and drives me nuts with “Jim this, Jim that”  and “don’t want to go to anything without Jim..however she is still married, while I am not.  So I am not about to judge.

    6. Joanna says:

      I really think the Bellinos need to consider legal action against Tamra Barney.

    7. A. Guest says:

      I believe this was my last season for watching the RHOC, the fighting is getting more and more over dumb bs. I remember when it first started yes there were disputes however it was more of fun atmosphere with the women taking trips and doing stupid things.  I miss those days instead of every episode of stupid pettiness.

    8. Phoenix9320 says:

      soooooo, Jesus Barbie is ok????  Alexis is being a hypocrite if she says Tamra is wrong and she’s not.  

      • backgound thoughts says:

        When Alexis calls herself Jesus Barbie in her mind, it’s not an insult to her faith – she is referring to physical appearance; she considers herself a Barbie – She could have said Jesus GI-Joe, whatever – But when Tamra referred to her as Jesus Jugs it was said with hate and disdain, and what I don’t get is…Tamra had breast implants too…yes she had them removed – but she still had them.  Who is the hypocrite?
        I agree – Tamra owes Alexis an apology…and if she hates her that much – then she needs to go….Alexis is not Tamra’s problem; Tamra i her own problem. who is she to tell the cast that Alexis needs to change? Does Alexis need to grow up – yes.
        But who the heck said that these women are a good role model – when they are fake, and pretentious and mean spirited??

    9. Joanna says:

      She tweeted that he (Jim) was a coke dealer, then took down the tweet. Guess she cant stand by her accusations after all.

    10. T0671 says:

      Tamra is the most honest one on the damn show! Good for her for calling out everyone’s lies and bs. Watching the show I just think Alexis is fake as hell and needs to go! I am with Tamra when someone acts all goody goody (like Alexis) it’s stupid no one is that perfect but Alexis tries to belittle them and treat them like there dumb. When in real life let’s face it Alexis isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. I can’t even believe how humiliating it was for even me to watch her do her tv stuff. Poor thing is clueless. She seems to be a good mom and should stick to that.

      • Veritas1018 says:

        Tamra does not have one honest bone in her body. What she likes doing is equivalent to what teenage female bullies do in high school. She makes faces & rolls her eyes when people talk, & she loves to instigate to start trouble, that is not something an intelligent adult does.  She picks out her yearly victim & tries to destroy them.
        I guess you forgot all the things she did to Gretchen at her dinner party a few years ago. She kept feeding her drinks to get her drunk, kept laughing at her & making eyes along with Vicki at how foolish she was acting. Then when Gretchen went into the bathroom with her son, she said “I don’t know what’s going on in there”, laughing & making faces.
        Then, she kept accusing Gretchen of cheating on Jeff when he was in the hospital, and as much as Gretchen kept denying it, she insisted the man Gretchen was cheating with kept calling her home at 1am.  No matter how much Gretchen denied it she was relentless on making her look bad to Jeff & his kids. Then when Jeff gave Gretchen a pink motorcycle, she again made faces and nasty comments. Then she ripped apart Slade.  I don’t like Slade, but she went out of her way to bad mouth him regardless of how much Gretchen tried to defend him.

        Now, that makes me wonder why in the world would Gretchen forgive this evil BIT*H.  Tamra didn’t make a little mistake with how she treated Gretchen, she was her project on how to destroy people. At this point they deserve each other.

    11. His Sassy Kitten says:

      Sadly I look at the demise of all the HW shows with the introduction of Tamra Barney.  She brought ugly and mean drama to the franchise which sadly has been followed and continually ramped up each year. 

      BTW Tamra,  you say someone who is constantly saying something over and over – preaching – is lying, well then you are the Queen.  She calls out Alexis for berating her on the Jesus Juggs products, but then she has the audacity to cry that Alex is a bad Christian for talking about her, even though she maligns Alexis every chance she gets.  Ugh, what an ugly example of a woman and mother.  Yet, as long as she’s Andy Cohen’s pet, she’ll continue to make bank on these faults.

    12. Abby Leon says:

      Did I miss something ? When the HELL HAVE THEY SHOWN ANY OF THE HOUSEWIVES GOING RELIGIOUSLY TO CHURCH?!!!!!!!! NEEEEEEVVVVER!!!! THERE THEY GO AGAIN, MAKING MOUNTAINS OUT OF MOWHILLS! I’VE HEARD LOTS MORE OFFENSIVE COMMENTS ON THOSE SHOWS. The only thing I don’t agree with is if They are truly selling anything with those words (JJ) I won’t say it….I remember this advertisement: WWJD, that was fine cause it actually had a well meant religious message.

    13. Abby Leon says:

      Now all of a sudden HW’s are devout CHRISTIAN’S?!!!!! Give me a break! If they were sooooooo concerned with Religion, they would not be on NATIONAL TV WEARING TEENY TINY ITY BITTY BIKINI’S, HAVING BREAST IMPLANTS, & WEARING EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE MAKE-UP AND CURSING THE WAY THEY ALL HAVE ONE TIME OR ANOTHER….

    14. Abby Leon says:


    15. Sellse says:

      Fire Tamra.  She is vile. UGH.

    16. QueenBofOB says:

      Tamra is too butch to be a straight female. She needs to dump Eddie and go back to Fernanda.

    17. I think Tamra should let Peggy speak for herself.  Didn’t Tamra learn her lesson about mis-quoting other people w/o asking first from throwing Terry under the bus?    

    18. Heather says:

      Tamra, you are a vicious, insecure woman and a disgusting role model for your children. You and your fugly fiance Eddie Navarro, Torres, Judge (whatever his alias), who got disbarred for a felony. You claim to be so happy, well if you really were truly happy you would not waste your time going so out of your way to trash everyone. What will Eddie be husband #3 or 4, enjoy yourself because it won’t last. Karma is a real Bit*h and you got it coming big time! 

    19. Heather says:

      Look at Countess Dracula in the background.  My opinion of Mrs. Dubrow & Dr. Idiot just went down even further, by hanging out with “Let’s do shots” role model for diplomacy Tamra and her disbarred fiance Eddie.

      • Kelly says:

        “Countess Dracula and Dr Idiot” – LOL (LOVE IT)

        You can “count”, no pun intended, me in to get nasty Tamra fired!

        • Christysims28 says:

          The fact that you placed quotation marks around the word COUNT actually shows that the pun is intended. And the Dr. is the idiot? I’d like to see how your home compares to his. Tell me, how’s being a moron paying off these days?

          • Zoe says:

            I think the fact that all these reality shows from housewives to jersey shore to the kardashians show that being an idiot actually pays pretty well! honestly, does anyone watch these shows for self improvement? I think half the fun of watching them is so you can ask your friends the next day whether they saw how trashy/drunk/stupid/bitchy (insert name here) was on the last episode. 

            • backgound thoughts says:

              This is the best comment listed here….the most absurd word used on these shows is “friend’. I would Never want any one of these women to be my friend. Furthermore, when I watch or listen to the dialogue of this show which is usally just back ground noise, while I’m doing something around the house…my thoughts are thank God – my life’s days may not be filled with Champs, fancy cloths and socilaite  events – but my life is real and although its not easy, it comes from a real job and hard work. These women are all very supeficial – thats what’s so funny ; when you listen to all the trashy/stupid/mean/arrogant/jealousness and obnoxius bantering, you realize and these women THINK they have it all? Brave should wipe the slate clean – enough – bring on some new characters. These women can’t slay the dragon – its devourng them……. 

          • Ava says:

            Are you for real?  What an irrelevant response. Who cares if anyone on this board is using proper punctuations or making grammatical errors. I think people like you are the morons by trying to impress everyone with your pseudo-intelligence. You must a frustrated substutute teacher.  Go troll some other boards for grammatical errors. 

          • Ava says:

            Oh my goodness, I just realized there was a typo in my response below.  I had to quickly correct the word substitute before you decided to bash me and call me a moron like Kelly.
            LOL LOL LOL

          • Ava says:

            Oh my goodness, there are two typos in my response, did you catch them?  Of course you did.
            “You must be a frustrated substitute teacher.”  I’m just trying to keep you on your toes.

    20. Joe Flambe says:

      Funny thing, is that Gretchen and Tamra are the only real OC personalities. All the rest are from other states.

      And living in OC most of my life, they are probably the least example of a typical OC person. Unpretentious and they actually have a sense of humor. Heather and Terry actually are quite cool since they are not from OC.

      I’m not sure why people think Tamra is vicious now, she was bad before but, if you were smart enough to figure it out, she’s only presenting fact when she calls somebody out. Previously, she was just stirring up stuff with Gretchen and Slade.

      Wow, some are some dumb viewers out there. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLL

      • Anonymous says:

        Could the problem then be just Tamra’s delivery of her lines?  She does scream in people’s faces and shake her finger and look uncontrolably distraught when questioned about her veracity in whatever fight is going on. Were I sitting at one of those tables, listening to her accusations, I would take the nearest grapefruit and smash her face into it – makeup or no makeup.  She’s earned her reputation.  Now she can sleep in it.

    21. Kensington7272 says:

      Tamra isn’t that dress a little flashy compared to what everyone else seems to be wearing?  But then again Simon always said you dressed inappropriately.

      “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl.”

    22. Micromanrick says:

      she thinks she runs the show now!! and that soo ugly snake in the back too is soo jealous of ALEXIS!! N u r so right Vicki they r so jealous of her!!and heather shows off her money n it’s ok for her the asshole!!and heather huband is worst than the women!!get him out of there!!this is suppose to be a women show about housewifes not the husbands!! It’s not getting better with all the men in!!tamra n heather r soo jealous of ALEXIS becuz she is HOT,YOUNG n BEAUTIFUL!!! so Alexis don’t let them get to u!!!

      • English please? says:

        do you speak English?

        • Anonymous says:

          I think Microomanrick was trying to use commonly used “texting” abbreviations to speed up her typing.  Or not. On the other hand, maybe you’re right.  Maybe she can’t spell at all…….

    23. Anonymous says:

      I stand behind Tamra 100%. Jim and Alexis are not normal.He is vile and she does not have a brain cell to finish a thought. She lies and lies over and over and she gets caught on camera.She stretches the truth and is as fake as they come.Jim is controling and wants a trophy wife who does not have her own independence. I think tamra sometimes needs a filter with what she says sometimes I like that she calls it as she sees it and she will tell you what’s on her mind.I liked Gretchen more this season as well.That friend of Alexis….you know the one that ate the bow off heather’s cake? She is awful and she is a friend of Alexis and you know what they say…”Who you hang out with and call friends says alot about your own character”
      That girl is a train wreck.

      • Julie says:

        Actually, Sarah (the woman who ate the bow), was Gretchen’s friend as well as Alexis’s friend.  I did not like Gretchen this season, I think she threw Alexis and Sarah under the bus to be friends with Tamra.  I did not like Tamra at the reunion because she lied her way out of everything Alexis and Vicki threw at her. 
        She tried to play off the snarky “nose job” comment, and made it sound innocuous. She did say it sarcastically, like she did not believe Alexis had sinus issues.  It was also very unprofessional of Terry, as a surgeon, to make light of the operation without knowing all the facts.
        Tamra also tried to play off her rolling eyes and the smirk she made at Vicki.  I don’t care for Brooks, but Tamra has a nasty habit of constantly rolling her eyes and smirking whenever she doesn’t like someone.  Brooks saw it, I saw it, and it is very annoying and rude to Vicki.
        I also think Gretchen was horrible to Vicki.  Vicki apologized numerous times to her at the reunion and Gretchen was unreceptive.  Yet, Tamra apologizes and she forgave her.  I’m sorry, but Tamra has been unconscionably cruel to Gretchen and Slade for years.  I can’t believe Gretchen forgave her, Tamra hit way below the belt.
        Personally, I think Tamra and Gretchen are doing all this for the money. I read on another site the salaries:  Vicki – $450,000/season, Tamra – $350,000/season, Gretchen – $250,000/season, Alexis – $200,000/season, Heather – $30,000/season (I guess because she is new).  So, if they get rid of Vicki, Tamra and Gretchen get the bigger bucks.  Question is, if Tamra and Gretchen become the top dogs, who will they devour next?  They have to keep the drama going if they want rating and larger salaries.

        Sorry to ramble on, this is all just my opinion, and I respect your’s as well. 

      • andrea says:

        it’s amusing  how you accuse alexis of lying over and over, disregarding that fact that tamra is a known liar herself.  she “calls it like she sees it” my a**.     jim may have a “trophy wife”, but let’s remember that simon tossed his “trophy wife” out with the trash where she belongs.    and let’s not forget that sarah, was also one of gretch’s best best girlfriends too.  your post is so one sided and ignorant.  next time, try looking at the whole picture and from all view points, then maybe you’ll have an opinion worth something. 

        • Anonymous says:

          you have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.I stand by what i said.
          Alexis is fake and does have only one brain cell.All she could truly be is a trophy wife.She is a liar…telling Heather that she was a news commentator.She could’nt even look heather in the eye when she said it. She does a few minute human interest puff piece once a week. the only reason she has a clothing line is that jim paid for it. There is also the comment that “Costa Rica” is in Mexico….Really Alexis…read much?.
          I believe that sometimes tamra needs a filter with what she says,but she does say what everyone else is thinking.Simon didnt boot tamra…tamra booted Simon.Simon was a controling jerk.I am shocked she stayed as long as she did.

          • andrea says:

            saying that tamra “needs a filter” while calling alexis a liar, only shows how narrow minded you are.  they ALL have phony and untrue moments on the show.  alexis is not perfect, nor does she claim to be, but tamra’s CONSTANT attacks on her (mostly behind alexis’ back, like a coward ) only emphasizes tamra’s own cruelty and her own personality faults.  was tamra “calling it like she sees it” when she claimed that terry dubrow called her the “phoniest person he’d ever met”?  why is she criticizing alexis’ breasts when she herself had giant implants put in not once, but TWICE herself.   btw, simon was the one that filed for divorce, not tamra, and i don’t blame him one bit.  who wants to be stuck with a woman who values her reality tv status over her own marriage and family?   

            • Anonymous says:

              OMG why don’t we agree to disagree and move on already.Yes Simon filed for divorce first,but Tamra was the one that initiated the separation and got the ball rolling in that direction 1st.He was controlling and verbally abusive.I would have initiated a separation as well.he is not a nice person in anyway shape or form.yes Tamra had….HAD implants and she had them put in for Simon’s sake…not her own and she had them removed.
              I stand by what i said.

            • andrea says:

              OMG…thanks for ignoring the “phoniest person he’d ever met” point that i was trying to make.   tamra fans NEVER have a legit excuse to explain why she did that.   not only was it a LIE, but she totally threw terry under the bus for it, just to HURT alexis. admit it.  as far as tamra’s divorce from simon, it was simon that claimed “verbal abuse” as well as infidelity from tamra, which is completely believable.   you probably chose to forget the scene where tamra admitted to “screwing up ” BOTH of her marriages.  i also suggest you go back and read her blog when tamra had her second pair of implants put in.  not only does she rest the decision to have her tit job squarely on her shoulders, but she was also THRILLED with the results.  i stand by what i say.                     

            • Anonymous says:

              We can agree to disagree. I am done talking about this…let’s move on. You are like a little chuahahua that won’t stop yipping and yapping.
              Obviously i see a different side to Tamra than you do, You act like you know them all personally.
              I have a life and I am moving on from this conversation.
              it would almost be in my best interest to delete my membership to this sight to not have to deal with you again.Go crawl back under the rock you came from.This is my last posting.

            • Andrea says:

              HA!  you’re the perfect tamra barney fan.  ignoring and resenting, (rather than absorbing) the FACTS when they’re presented to you.   keep your blinders on, that’s exactly what tamra depends on from her fans. 

            • Anonymous says:

               i think you should get a life and move on.

            • Andrea says:

              i think you should grow a brain before you post anything again.  you keep proving my point each time you comment. 

            • Anonymous says:

              No i’m not proving your point every time I comment.I am trying to take the high road here.I am not sitting here forcing my beliefs and thoughts on you or anybody else for that matter.I have a right to my opinion.I am not putting you down because you have your opinion.You have a right to it.you are just narrow minded and can’t see past your own view pint and dont seem to care about anyone;s view point but your own.then it dawned on me that maybe these blogs and comment boards are all you have in life.You seem to have memorized all the blogs of the housewives.Some of us don’t have that kind of time.The Real Housewives Of O.C. is the only one that i have watched.I have watched it from the beginning.I have my own viewpoint and my own eyes and perception of it.That show is my guilty pleasure.As far as my brain is concerned,well you don’t even know me.You have no idea what my background is to make a comment on my brain. So let me tell you a bit about myself. I graduated Magna Cum Laude(It’s latin meaning “with great honor”)  from one of the top medical schools in the country. I am a female Trauma doctor/Surgeon and a damn good one.You would be damn lucky to end up in  my ER when I am working.I am damn good at what i do. I happen to see something in Tamra over Alexis.They both have room for improvement,but so do most of the people in this world..tamra ay be able to get some improvement reading a book from Doctor Oz or Doctor Phil. Sadly though , Alexis is still trying to make it through “One fish two fish red fish blue fish by Dr. Seuss.Maybe one of her kids can help her out. So Andrea have a nice life and stop forcing your thoughts on everyone.its America and we all have a right to say what we believe and think.happy blogging.

            • andrea says:

              oh, look who’s yipping and yapping now?  THANK YOU for at least acknowledging that tamra needs to improve herself.  she needs more than a filter, but she needs some major anger management help.  btw, i don’t “memorize” the show and blogs, in fact, there are episodes from this season that i haven’t even bothered to watch.   but i can retain what i’ve seen and read hence, i can back up MY opinions with facts.  i’m sure you’re a wonderful doctor

      • BunkoArtistRossi says:

        sarah was gretchens friend. they used to escort together

    24. Teresa says:

      Calm down people—Breathe! All of this anger is what tears us all apart. Tamra should apologize to Alexis. Alexis should apologize to Tamra. Love and forgive. Stop with all of the hate and bad mouthing. We are all sinners and we all make mistakes. Just stop already.

      • backgound thoughts says:

        Totally AGREE. But if they can’t smooth this over…then maybe it’s time to say bye-bye.
        How can this show continue in this state of inappropriate and ugly behavior?
        Wouldn’t it be great if they could be freinds – but unfortunately it’s more like a Housewives gangster show…they stooped to the New Jersey Mentality.  
        And…When Vickie gets upset, and screams to get her point across – she looks crazy – why does she react that way –  becuase she feels attacked – I worry for her health. She needs to Calm down. And I hope her daughter stops talking about her mom (Vickie)
        That’s not fair – especially siding up with Tamra – she has let her mom down quite a bit lately  – and Vickie is good to her children. If Vickie wants to date Brooks, it’s her life. Her daughter needs to respect her mom’s ideas and wants…Vickie was disapponted in Brianna’s choice to alope, but she dealt with it and moved on – now it time for Brianna to show her mother the same courtesy. Vickie’s a cool lady Brianna if it’s not Brooks it will be another guy – so accept your mom’s pursuit for happiness.
         I wish they could see themselves as the viewers do – it isn’t pretty!  There was so much negativity this season – not so many good things – other than Tamra is engaged. I hope she is truely happy and can focus on what’s good in her life rather than stir the pot of hatred and attacks.

    25. realist says:

      LMAO People it a uhhh.. cough fake reality show…yea right…they r both snickering at how u easy fooled u people are!!!

    26. Jeanj_1959 says:

      jim and alexis are only after money she wants to be rich and thats the kind of things she will do to get it

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, here’s a news flash:  they’re ALL after the money and they ALL want to be rich and they ALL do what they think they have to do to get it.  You won’t find much, if any, integrity with this group – or ANY of the other groups of RH from Anywhere.  That’s what they’re paid for.  Look rich and be their very own, very special b**ches.

      • andrea says:

        what like tamra doesn’t like money?  pu-leeeeeez.  think about what you’re saying jeanj

    27. Elsie says:

      The collective foibles of the cast and resulting conflict feed the show.  Add glamorous settings, shrewd editing, alcohol … and voila … “reality” TV at its best and worst.  Best, for the network, because it attracts such an enthusiastic audience; worst because it aggrandizes the superficial and elevates pettiness to an importance it doesn’t deserve.  Although I’ve got to say, it is entertaining!

    28. Sarah says:

      Seriously……same old story, just different players.  Tamra has been doing this since day one.  I was hoping that she would stop her insecure, delusional behavoir once she “grew up.”  No such luck.  She is just making herself look worse in everone’s eyes but she thinks by pointing out everyone else’s issues, that she will look good.  That will NEVER happen.  Tamra…..you are trashy from the word go!  You need to move on sister!

    29. Ajmogeon says:

      The participants on the show are like game show contestants who are willing to be as cruel and outrageous so to have their contracts renewed. Unfortunately the more reasonable members of the cast do not capture the same attention. The “stars” of the show are perfect examples of people we love to hate.

    30. octaviarose says:

      i hope that witch tamra gets sued big time,,why is it so bad to say something about muhamhed and the other religions but its ok to blast christians..I cant stand her..get her off bravo or go down with her,,

      • Phoenix9320 says:

        Sued for what?  She has a constitutional right to speak her mind.

        • Jackie says:

          We all have a constitutional right to speak our mind, but there is such a thing as diplomacy, morals and respect for others.  Something Tamra is completely devoid of. 
          She had no regard for Terry when she twisted his words and told Alexis that he said she was the phoniest person he ever met, behind his back.  He only said the word “phony”, finishing his wife’s sentence.  Tamra is great at lying, like her fake crying and shaking with Briana, telling her how much she cares for her mother.  Give me a break, someone really needs to take this nasty witch down. 
          So, I agree with Octaviarose, someone should sue her for slander.

          • Anonymous says:

            If Tamra Barney were not concerned about having a lawsuit filed against her for the greviances spoken of by Mr. Bellino, she would have kept blabbing away.  But she has not continued to blab away.  Maybe after she confers with her attorney she will again start up – blabbing away.  But we’ll have to wait and see. 

    31. Sue says:

      I grew up in the church and I actually agree with Tamara.  The ones constantly tell you they are christians are the ones to watch out for. Alexis is as fake as they come and if her lips are moving she is lying about something.  She is pissed because Tamara has caught her in so many lies it is scary.  Alexis wants everyone to have her back, but she doesn’t do the same.  Shame on your Alexis (Jesus Jugs)

      • RealityFan says:

        What lies? Please enlighten us with your knowledge.

      • andrea says:

        when are they “constantly” telling us that they are christian?  its only the haters that mention it over and over.  besides, tamra is the one with crosses plastered all over her house, as if she was a true and faithful believer, yet she acts totally evil. 

    32. Korenakay says:

      Im just wondering if she had said it differantly like whooly jugs! Would we had taken it differantly?

    33. Anonymous says:

      Tamra Barney has no desire to use caution in her words.  She has no caution in her life, so why would it extend to her dialog about anything?  Tamra wants to say whatever she wants to say, however she wants to say it, to whomever she wants, with no visible consequences.  Why?  Because SHE’s a RHoOC and her s*it don’t stink and this is IT for her.  If she can’t make this whole RHoOC fly, she’s done.  She’s toast.  She knows it.

    34. backgound thoughts says:

      Apologies are definitely in order.  I see a lot of hate – which is not christian-like and I also see bullying – and this season I saw that Tamra lit the torch and passed it to Heather and then to Gretchen. I see a tremendous amount of hypocracy – Tamra if you’re calling Alexis (JJ) then what were you before you had yours removed. That was so inappropriate – it goes to show, just how immature and stupid you can be. STOP the ugly behavior. Mind your own damn business – and for anyone who thinks that she a truth-teller ….think about how she is judging everyone – who the hell made her the “wise person complete with good judgement”?
      Yes she has the right to say whatever she thinks  – but, remember your tongue can be like a sword and if she is lying about someone’s charachter in terms of criminal behavior  that’s hitting below the belt and just plain wrong. I hope they can repair the damage – Apologies need to be made. 

    35. Xxafter5@gmail.com says:

      Tamra told the truth on the reunion show and these fakers and liars (Miss Piggy and Jesus Jugs) can’t stand it when they get outed. Keep on trucking Tamra and call them all the way out. Don’t be intimidated by that thug Jim and his plastic chin. He isn’t going to sue you. His closet is full of deals where he ripped others off. Christians? Ha! More like thieves and charletons. Please replace them with people who aren’t criminals. They are no better than Danielle Staub. You can do better.

    36. Tltanksley says:

      Alexis is ignorant AND illiterate! Her husband is a weird, controlling IDIOT! She makes excuses for his behavior because she doesn’t know any better. They won’t stay married for long!!!

      • andrea says:

        tamra can’t even spell “tongue”….there are so many typos and grammatical errors on her blog, it’s ridiculous…you should revise your comment here

    37. Patricia Wilson-Bisson says:

      I can’t stand her. She’s so ugly on the inside it’s easy to dismiss her, anywhere.

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