Rodney King’s Daughter Reacts To Long Lost Son

Posted on July 21st, 2012 at 11:42 am

Loro Dene King, Rodney King's daughter, is outraged that a 21-year-old from Georgia is claiming to be her half brother, because she took a DNA test to prove otherwise, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

Rodney Hughes has been telling reporters that the infamous Rodney was his father, but Dene says she cleared this up months ago with the Savannah student.

"He contacted me and several of my family members an told us this sob story -- that his mom was killed when he was three by her boyfriend and it was supposedly because of [an affair with] my dad," she says. "I felt sorry for him -- so I agreed to take the DNA test," Dene adds risking her own relationship with her dad, who adamantly denied knowing Rodney Hughes' mom.

The DNA test results came back "99.9 percent that we are not related" she says, however she said she no longer had the documentation to show RumorFix. "I could have looked at him and told you he's not my dad's kid," she adds.

The 28-year-old  thought that would put an end to Rodney's quest. But the DJ is on a crusade to prove that Rodney King is his dad an he even got donations to move to LA and prove it. "I take that offensively," Dene tells us, "he's getting donations for someone he never met." She says he's even getting condolences on Facebook, "that's not cool."

For his part, Rodney Hughes posted this on Facebook:

"I wasn't expecting the whole process to be easy, I don't want nothing from them all I want is some good understanding & truth about my life story, this is the closest I've ever got and I won't STOP now. I don't care who have [sic] a problem with it."

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    1. Dee says:

      maybe Dene is not really his (Rodney King) bio daughter, if Rodney Hughes want to do DNA testing then he should be tested with RODNEY KING”S MOTHER.. What make Dene think her mother didnt lie to her about her bio dad. Girl plz

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