Joe Jonas & Darren Criss Holding Hands: Fake Or Real?

Posted on July 6th, 2012 at 1:33 pm


This crazy montage of pictures of Glee's Darren Criss and Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers holding hands spread on Facebook like wildfire on Friday, but RumorFix has discovered the photos are fake!

PICTURES: Darren Criss In High School

For instance -- look at photo number one -- that was taken when Joe and Ashley Greene were dating -- see how some skilled graphic artist replaced Ashley with Darren and a few hearts!


Look at photo # 3, we found the original picture of Darren -- and Joe was no where in site.

If that doesn't convince you -- take a look at this one.

Both Joe and Darren have been dogged with gay rumors for years.

Joe Jonas addressed rumors last year in Details magazine by saying, ""There's nothing wrong with being gay, but I'm not."

Darren, who grew up in San Francisco in the musical theater community, tells Vanity Fair, "I had to come out and say, well, I’m sorry, but I think I’m straight."

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  • 21 Responses

    1. putos says:




    2. Myrtle says:

      Joe is not gay; he just likes to have anal sex with men

    3. Lisa says:

      Those aren’t the real edits though, the post is on (who is the “skilled graphic artist”) and the post actually is tagged with “manip” which means photo manipulation.

    4. Shana says:

      That looks so romantic!

    5. Guest says:

      Lmao, how did this even became a rumor? This is the worst and most obvious manip ever. Do you have eyes? (no offense to the author, though). 

    6. Viola ♡ JB says:

      This is soooo stupid… 1st of all Gay is not an insult and 2nd Joe has a girlfriend but when your lame and have nothing to do u’d think this assholes


      oh thank god i almost got a heart attack joe jonas gay no way i mean he is the heartbreaker

    8. Sisco2k says:

      I wish!

    9. juan jose says:

      mas vale que sean truqueada porque nose que haria si te viera con otro joe… TE AMO MUCHO!!!!!

    10. Francis Francis says:

      Darren is sooooooo in the closet. But Joe, seriously? He is straight. And Darren is waaaay out of his league anyways. #nickstheonlyhotjobro

      • Noahdavid53 says:

        Just incase you didn’t read the article he had to come out as straight.
        He also refers to himself as the gayest straight man you’ll ever see.
        Darren has nothing to hide, he is just simply straight.
        Dream on. Haha.

    11. Callmenoworelse says:

      They make a good couple though don’t you think?? Joe Jonas isn’t gay but his boyfriend is.

    12. Brianna says:

      I ship it.

    13. CrissColfer is Real says:

      “I think I’m straight.” 
      Sureee, Dare-Bear. Keep telling yourself that… 😉

    14. frickenawesomenesss says:

      i think he is look at the video on youtube aint nobody got time for dat autotune remix and youll see him very gayly dancing in a black balletsuit… anyways i never liked them sooo

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