Gladys Knight Sides With Janet Jackson In Fight With Paris

Posted on July 25th, 2012 at 4:22 pm

The Jackson family appears to be a greed gridlock, and legendary singer Gladys Knight is blaming Paris Jackson for dragging the family name through the mud.

Paris, who is Michael Jackson's feisty 14-year-old daughter, has been tweeting about her grandmother's sudden disappearance.

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"She shouldn't be putting their business [out there]," Gladys said on The Talk Wednesday.

And although a  surveillance tape shows a nasty slapping exchange between pop star Janet Jackson and Paris, Gladys is siding with the superstar.

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"Paris is 14 -- how old is Janet? Who's the one to try to direct the other one?" she said.

The security tape shows Janet trying to snatch a cellphone from Paris'  hand and allegedly told her, "You're a spoiled little bitch," to which Paris responded with, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"

Gladys said she would not tolerate that behavior by the teenager: "If she called me that, she would have no teeth. That's the way we were brought up -- You respect your elders."

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    1. Mckaylawarwick says:

      she never said that though, rumors keep flyin, yo!

    2. “If she called me that….”  Who called names here, Gladys??  Supposedly it was JANET who called her own dead brother’s child a B*TCH.  And you would side with HER???!!!  That’s fine…just another washed up celeb whose CDs I won’t buy anymore.

      • Valenta says:

         I 100% agree with you!!! Thank you!!!

      • Chameleongal says:

        Exactly! This one comes from the mentality that “adults are always right”. 

        • Tee Jay says:

          Most times we are…you must be 12….Just live dear, just live…

        • guest12 says:

           No it comes from the mentality of a child staying in a childs place and to not put your family business out for the world to view! Mrs. Jackson should put Paris and Prince in boot camp.

        • guest12 says:

           No it comes from the mentality of a child staying in a childs place and to not put your family business out for the world to view! Mrs. Jackson should put Paris and Prince in boot camp.

      • Tee Jay says:

        Its been confirmed that that didn’t transpire. You are soooo ready to hate on Janet…why? unhappy with your life Elise. ANd unless you know the Jackson’s personally, please stop supporting the conjecture!

        • guest12 says:

           I agree with you Tee Jay. I am so sick of these people trying to hate on Janet. You know the crazy thing is that the media is “trying” to vilify Janet. I think that it is sad that before all of this the media couldn’t report on all the MONEY that JANET as donated to the homeless, aids foundation, school dropouts, feed the children and a host of many of other charities.But, they are so ready to put her in a negative light.  I’m also sure that if Janet were to have slapped that fast tail Paris, Paris would’ve been all over Twitter airing more of her family business!

      • Motun says:

        The problem in this country is that people  think their kids are now their friends. Nobody wants to parent anymore. In my household, if you are rude to your elders using the f word and dragging family name on some bull crap tweeter, you should expect to be slapped and you will definitely be slapped and scrub some floors with a tooth brush. Thats why there are a lot of lunatics running around in the streets because air heads want to be their kids friend and not their parent. I hope she slapped her real good. im with gladys on this one.And only air heads say things like ” i wont buy the cd” . who cares? what in ur pea head makes using the f word on your aunt a good thing when she is preventing you for putting family business and insulting family on tweeter

        • Josie says:

          You have forgot one thing, Janet is not Paris’ parent. From what I gather, she’s not even a present aunt. She just can not be a apart of that child’s everyday life and then show up at HER home and think she’s going to run her. (That is Paris’ home by the way. It isn’t Havenhurst, the Jackson compound in Encino, it’s the home that Katherine recently purchased in Calabasas with MJ’s money, a.k.a Prince, Paris, and Blanket’s money.) Not to mention, they came in and took the childrens grandmother, the only guardian they have had since their father passed, take her away for over a week, all the while they have not been allowed to speak to her or see her which probably reignited any feelings of abandonment that they may have. As for Gladys Knight’s comments, they are completely ignorant. Janet should knock out Paris’ teeth? Really? We all know how well beatings worked out for the Jackson family, so she feels that the cycle should start all over again with the grandchildren. It’s so sad and pathetic how people think hitting a child has anything to do with parenting.

          • Motun says:

            She is her Aunt. She doesnt need to be at the home with her everyday. aunties dont typically live with their nieces nor do they typically visit all the time, but they do visit . I have aunts i havent seen in years, but when i speak to them . its always with great respect. That happens only when you are brought up in a good home and have “discipline”. a lot of folks in this country  dont get it because they’ve never experienced discipline. they are used to back talking their parents and when they were young , the best punishment they got was “time out” . Thats why you have dummies running all over the place. its not even really about knocking teeth out, but definitely you will be slapped for blasting the family problems in such a public way and then using the f word on ur aunt. common. dont confuse abuse with discipline. 2 different things.

            • Josie says:

              It still isn’t Janet’s place to lay lands on that child and I don’t care what transpired. If MJ never raised his hand to Paris, it sure as hell isn’t anyone else’s place to. Furthermore, this whole “respect your elders” thing is nice in theory, but in reality, not all elders have a child’s best interest at heart. I don’t know what’s all going on here, but someone is lying and I doubt it’s the kids because they already have the money. I honestly don’t know what role Janet is playing in all of this, but to assume that she is right because she is the adult and Paris is wrong, simply because she is the child, is foolish. And it’s because of attitudes like Ms. Knight’s that children are afraid to speak up when things happen to them. Start listening to kids. They’re not all stupid and they’re not all brats.

            • JD says:

              I’m 43.  I learned a long time ago that I respect people who earn it, not just because they are older than me and/or related to me.  In fact, I believe in cutting toxic people out of my life, and I hope for Paris that she can do the same.  

              Janet is supposedly an adult and she is the one who went there first.  If she cared for her niece she wouldn’t have called her a name.  

              An adult who is trying to discipline a child doesn’t stoop to name calling, no matter what the child does.  

        • guest12 says:

           I 1000% agree with you! A lot of these parents want to be friends with their kids. Or instead of whooping that behind, they want to put them on a time out! I grew up where you did not talk back to your elders and you didn’t use that type of language in front of your elders or period for that matter. I could guarantee that if MJ were alive, he would’ve whooped that butt if that girl got out of line with him. Paris is fast and she needs her mother in the picture and her father to straighten her fast behind out. The world will eat Paris up, if she thinks that she is being cute by putting her family drama in front of Twitter. You don’t do stuff like that and that is Janet’s point.

      • guest12 says:

         Trust me, they don’t care if you don’t buy their cds! I’m sure that Janet and Gladys have more money than you will ever see! 🙂

      • guest12 says:

         Trust me, they don’t care if you don’t buy their cds! I’m sure that Janet and Gladys have more money than you will ever see! 🙂

    3. Anonymous says:

      Paris is a child. Somebody should take that phone and break it is 30 pieces.

      • Al says:

        Janet Jackson is not her mother. If Janet laid a finger on her, she should be arrested. Grow up!

        • Tee Jay says:

          No, Janet is her aunt. Slap yourself! She is very much her elder and should be respected. Besides, this story has been proven to be untrue. 

        • Anonymous says:

           Get real, when Paris is an addict in a few years and in and out of jail everyone will say oh its because her daddy is not there or she wasn’t loved enough. Kids should respect their elders – hell she shouldn’t even HAVE a cell phone, does she need to call her job, or check on her kids?
          You respect your elders, and if you don’t want to get smacked show some respect.

          • Get real says:

            So you already have Paris as an addict and a delinquent? Why, because she doesn’t “respect her elders” the way Gladys Knight thinks he should. And we all know what a well rounded person Ms. Knight grew up to be, divorced several times and a gambling addict. My point is don’t throw stones. Also, notice it was Janet, the one who doesn’t have any kids of her own, who lost her cool with Paris the soonest. Despite what Gladys thinks, no one has the right to put their hands on anyone else’s child.

            • guest12 says:

               PARIS needs to remain in her 14 year old place!!!!!!

            • Anonymous says:

               Man, you said it. It’s sad that so many people need to live vicariously through the Jacksons and act as if they know them personally.

              Paris is a child, but people want to treat her like she is a celebrity or the heir to the throne, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges and a host of others were treated like they  could do no wrong also.

              How many child stars do we need to read about before we realize most kid celebrities have a hard time when they get older. Hell MOST adult celebs struggle when they are no longer the top dog, even Michael’s time was just about up.

            • Anonymous says:

              Gladys Knight is an adult, we are talking about a child.
              This is the problem in society, people want to be friends with children and act like they are little adults. They are not, mentally no 14 year old is ready to make ADULT decisions.
              That includes Paris.

              If someone DID kidnap katherine, Twitter is not the place to go, call the police – that shows her immaturity. Everybody says it takes a village, Janet is part of Paris’ village.

              Yeah I have Paris as an addict and a deliquent, she is already headed down the wrong path. She could easily end up there, let’s not forget she was raised by an addict (Michael) and now is being raised by an enabler Katherine.

              Tough love and somebody ready to make sure a child knows where the lines are is one of the best thing for a child. .

          • guest12 says:

             You are speaking for real! Love your comment. “does she need to call her job, or check on her kids?” lol lol lol lol lol

    4. Shia says:

      Smh, Gladys get your facts straight before you start talking sh*t.

      • Tee Jay says:

        Her facts are straight. She’s been knowing the Jacksons for like 40 plus years…how long have you known them???

        • Motun says:

          thank you for saying that. a lot of retarded comments from people who just love to hate the jacksons. no valid thought or research into what they say.

          • guest12 says:

             Ok, I agree with you. I wonder if they hate on the Kennedy’s as they do the Jackson’s? As I recall, the Kennedy’s have so much dirt in their closet, but it is so hush hush! Mmm, why? 

    5. LetsPlaceBlameWhereItsDUE says:

      They all want Michael’s money. Thats what its about. If there were no strife, there would be nothing for her to tweet about.

      • Motun says:

        She’s a spoiled brat who needs serious Parenting. she shouldnt even be on tweeter. Small minded people just say “they want money, paris tweet on” . They  dont put any real effort in  knowing they are talking about and that is the goal of the media. and because the media knows the public is filled with small minded people, they do their spin thing  with her dumb tweets and then comments such as the ones i see emerge.

    6. Hateraider says:

      MJ had his reasons for keeping his kids away from these people and that is the reason the trust is the way it is. These family members didnt come out of the woodwork until there was money to be. They know whoever has the children has the money. Paris knows the family dynamics and is savy to what these idiots are pulling.

      • Lola says:

        Exactly!  Great to see how sharp that Paris is.  And from what I’ve seen so far, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

        • Motun says:

          Force my but. she is dragging the family down and feeding the media, who werent very kind to michael. it never ends well when you are feeding media information especially if you are too young to understand everything thats up.

          • Josie says:

            It got results, didn’t it? Maybe twitter isn’t the best way but if you are a child and no one is paying attention to what you’re saying, it may be the only way. All those kids knew is that their grandma was there one day and then gone the next and they weren’t allowed to speak with her. Now if I am a child who is 10, 14, or 15, and my sole caretaker since the death of my father has gone and I haven’t been allowed to speak with her, I am going to feel a bit insecure, especially when the adults in question were being very contradictory with their responses. Notice Prince or Paris didn’t say anything when their granny was gone for a day or two, or even three. For all they knew at that time was that their granny went to visit their aunt. But then after their granny was for almost a week and she hadn’t so much as called them to check in, they knew something was off because the first thing Paris said was “This isn’t like her”. Then when the kids try over and over again to speak to her because they are worried, the adults in Arizona are saying “Grandma’s fine” but still are not letting the kids speak to her, just to reassure them. Meanwhile, Grandma’s missing at the same time these very same relatives that have her are questioning their father’s will. I don’t blame Paris or Prince. They are not stupid and know that there is game going on.

      • Forrealtruth says:

        Are you an idiot? Michael DIDN”T keeps his kids away from his family! And Janet has her own money!  Teenagers manipulating people to get their way is what I see. Paris DOES need to be brought down a notch! If Grandma was suppose to be resting away from stress Paris should have respected that instead of DEMANDING to talk to her. Step back little girl!

        • Josie says:

          That is her guardian. She and her brothers have every right to speak to their mother. Ad what about Tito and Marlon? Katherine is just as much their mother as she is Janet, Jermaine, and Rebbie’s. Why weren’t they allowed to speak with her? Paris may be a “little girl” but she has adult common sense!

      • guest12 says:

         Janet has her own money. She is the 7th wealthiest female entertainer in America. She doesn’t need Michael’s money.

        • Tjoyce994 says:

          Roland Martin from CNN was on Tom Joyner’s show a few days ago. Jermaine wanted michael’s estate to pay his child support. Apparently Michael used to pay it. Since Michael’s death Janet has been paying it and doesn’t want to any more. Katherine’s share of the estate revert back to the kids when she dies. She can’t pass anything on.
          The estate owns the house and has barred Joe, Janet, Rebbie, and Jermaine from the home. He also said that the kids caregiver gets $70,000 a month PER CHILD. This is About money.

    7. Kevinodvoice says:

      I’m sorry! Janet was wrong for calling her out of her name! Janet is the adult and should have presented herself in that manner! Paris, was wrong and right at the same time!

      • Motun says:

        folks folks folks. enough already. it never happened. but if it had, the kid still deserved to be scolded for blasting the family on tweeter. thats no good.

    8. Skitso says:

      Gladys theirs no excuse for Paris behavior but we don’t know what’s going on. Maybe if they would have just told the kids what and where their grandmother was going maybe none of this would have happened. She’s reaching out for answers because her aunts and uncles aren’t telling them anything. Communicate with these kids, they are old enough to understand. Everybody else (Gladys/Chris B) let them handle it with out your advise. Peace

      • Al says:

        Paris is right. The Jacksons are thieves and abusers. Thank god her brothers have Paris to protect them!

        • Motun says:

          you are hollow in the head if you think tweeting is protection .Every tweet is just feeding the media, which made Mike’s life a living hell, ammunition to use against the family-as they are now, and the kids on a later date. if you dont know the us  media works by now, then you dont knwo nothing.

          • guest12 says:

             So true. The US media is treacherous. The same media that made Michael’s life a living Hell is the same media trying to pit the kids against the other family members. You are right, the media will use this against Paris at a later date. To be continued…

      • Motun says:

        She was asked a question, and she gave an answer so dont get on Gladys. Her answer was on point.

    9. Sandra Oh says:

      Love love love Gladys but this is none of her business and she needs to STFU.

    10. blsdj says:

      The judge needs to send Child Protective Services in the home and see how that family REALLY LIVES. We outsiders are hearing 2 sides of the story and the Jackson’s are known for their dysfunctional lives and drama.  Is their drugs in this house???

      • A grandmother says:

        Absolutely!  Paris is 14, Prince is 15, Blanket is 10. I was reading even tweet of Paris’s, and was glad she had some way to tell about what she has been going through. Her tweeting was a cry for help. Just imagine what she went through. How could she not feel scared and helpless.  Those children have been through enough. Leave them and Katherine alone, and do what you want to do in court. Katherine Jackson loves  Michael’s children, and they love her, and most of all they need her.  She is their rock. I don’t care if she’s 82, watch her on Oprah last mont. And the children’s welfare comes first, no matter what.When is everyone going to get that through their heads?  Everyone else, get in line. Katherine is a wonderful grandmother and those innocent kids need a stable home and that’s what she provides.  Child Protection Services need to check out the scene. I’m sure all will be well and all this ridiculous behavior on the so-called adults part will be documented.  They want families to stay together, and those who do not have the children’s best interest, should not be allowed to visit. Don’t blame a young girl who is being emotionally abused.  Children need to know they are safe?  Everyone else needs to leave them alone. God bless you Paris, Prince, & Blanket. Be strong and we’ll be praying for you.  All will be well.  

        • Jodiejodeena says:

          I agree, I think that the tweeting has been a cry for help.  I certainly hope those in authority are paying attention before something horrible happens to one of those children or their grandmother.  I am seeing both child AND elder abuse here.  

    11. blsdj says:

      Sources say Randy and Jermaine Jackson have both asked the executors for money to pay their back child support to the same woman. Each had 2 kids with this woman who use to live with Katherine but was court ordered out when they moved to this rental while the original home is under renovation. Katherine and Joe do not own the home. Michael did and it was near foreclosure when he died but the executors have paid off most of the millions of dollars in debt that Michael was in at the time of his death. The estate is now profiting and the Jackson siblings want to fire the executors who are doing a good job.

    12. Al says:

      Gladys is a gambling addict. Of course she would side with people trying to steal children’s inheritance. She would love to pay off her debts. Paris knows what’s up, and she’s the only one looking out for her grandmother, her two brothers, and her deceased father. These kids were ambushed, and they weren’t told where their grandmother was at for 9 days.

      • Motun says:

        Hateration club goes on and on. The 5+ people liking your comment including you are why we have dummies running around acting  a fool, you know, snooky-esque people. Why is gladys wrong? you dont disrespect your elders. I know ur mum didnt tell u that but u are supposed to respect your elders. if they are molesters and abusers, then that is something else, but not every house hold has an abuser and a molester. There is a lot of that in this country because folks stopped parenting a long time ago. if you live in a disciplined home and brought up properly, you should be slapped when you disrespect ur elders on tweeter or anywhere else. Gladys is soo right.

    13. Chameleongal says:

      This is why kids are so afraid to report abuse, emotional, physical, sexual….because of assholes who thinks age automatically means respect. Who is the one to direct the other? You know how many adults have used that line to molest children?!? Gladys is an idiot.

      • Motun says:

        Nope. no one is saying age means respect. If you are brought up in a good home where parents are not abusive and respect is thought at a young age, you have no business disrespecting your elders. you should be corrected and punished so you dont repeat the behavior. There is a difference between molestation and discipline so please to confuse yourself. molestation is molestation. discipline is a whole different ball game. discipline is what is lacking in this country which is why u have lunatics on tweeter and every where else acting like fools. Gladys is correct in everything she said.

        • Wichita Sims says:

          As a mature adult of a physically abusive father, joking about abuse is actually no joke. I have ongoing health issues still at my age (over 50) because of my father’s “discipline.” Abuse is simply abuse and talking about knocking a child’s teeth in for something they said constitutes abuse. I wish I had the knowledge and maturity when I was a child to understand what my father was doing to me was simply wrong. I was 15 before I took any action – and it was legal action against him with an attorney to stop the abuse. That would be 1 year older than Paris. Being an “elder” does not automatically make that person in the right. 

          • Motun says:

            Again. there is a difference between abuse and discipline. when your father is beating you up because he’s drunk and mad, because you gave him a coke instead of a pepsi, basically for ridiculous things and they do it on a consistent basis for years, that is abuse. that is not discipline. discipline is knowing that you dont insult your elders when you are the one misbehaving and you dont get disciplined for ridiculous reasons. when you cross a line such as using the f word, using the b word on your aunt, insulting family members in public, then you should be disciplined and if you get slapped for it, you deserve it. that is not abuse, hommie. dont get it twisted.

            • Wichita Sims says:

              I agree with you that there is a difference between abuse and discipline. “Knocking teeth out” is abuse by all legal definitions and if reported will result in the minimum of an aggravated assault charge. 

              We disagree on the slapping issue for discipline. There are other methods for adolescent discipline that are more effective, less traumatic, and non-violent.  

            • Josie says:

              Exactly! For some reason, especially in the black community, discipline means beatings and that resolves nothing! I have a black father and he never raised his hand to me, nor my two sisters, or my brother…my mother would’ve been livid! My father was in the military so it’s not that he wasn’t strict, but he didn’t beat us to get respect either. We were punished growing up and trust me that taking away privileges was a lot more effective than slapping us or pulling out a belt. I have yet know of anyone who has benefitted from being hit as a child. Spanking is for people who are too damn lazy to parent!

        • JD says:

          Gladys should be ashamed for suggesting that “teeth be knocked out” — that is abuse.  Sadly, I lost any respect I had for her.  Frankly, I lost respect for most of the Jackson’s too.  I was quite a fan of Janet’s when she had a career.  Now..not so much.  What a disappointment!

          • guest12 says:

             Umm, Janet still has a career. She is working on several movies. What career do you have? Janet is still going to the bank depositing MILLIONS! Can you say the same? You probably are a fan of Britney Spears and Madonna?

      • Al says:

        The Bible says

    14. Ms says:

      First of all! Gladys is right! You white people don’t understand. Most BLACK households don’t tolerate that crap! You don’t speak to adults like that! This isn’t the first time Paris has spazzed out on twitter. Janet ALLEGEDLY called her a spoiled b*tch. I disagree with the b*tch part but the spoiled is valid. Paris is a spoiled little brat and needs some home training!

      Janet doesn’t need MJs money her reasons there are genuine. I can’t speak for the other brothers.

      • mail4michelle says:

        It’s not just Black households that do not tolerate back talking your elders. I’m from a white family and I wouldn’t have a tooth in my head if I spoke to an elder with disrespect as a child. It was just not tolerated. Period. I think children being “allowed” to be disrespectful these days is PARTLY what’s wrong in our society today. Sad, but so true.

      • Motun Moron says:

        Spoken like the ignorant monkey that you are…..

      • Josie says:

        Excuse me but I think I can represent both races since I have a white mother and a black father and neither ever put their hands on me or my siblings. My father was a military man and he could be strict, but never abusive. As a matter of fact, my father has never raised his voice to me! And my parents must have done something right because none of us have criminal records and all of us continues our education. My brother is a navy seal, my oldest sister is a lawyer, and both me and my other sister are social workers. I am 24 years old and just received my MSW, so I know what I am talking about. Juvenile and adult prisons are filled with young black men, so when is the lightbulb going to go off that your methods are not working. Hitting is not a form of discipline because discipline is suppose to teach a lesson. Get off your rear ends and parent!

    15. Mybadsweetie says:

      Gladys Knight publicly supports child abuse. People will say anything to keep there name in the limelight.

    16. JNYC says:

      Let’s just say what’s going on here… Three white kids are being bossed and bullied by a group of greedy black thugs and, as always, black folks are going to make their judgements based on race. So, yeah. knock that little white bitch’s teeth out, right Gladys? I mean, she’s a white devil afterall, right?  Yeah, thought so..

      • Motun says:

        all what youre saying is coming from “your mouth”.. gladys talking bout  kids in general disrespecting. yeah they get hit in the mouth for being disrespectful white or black. In a household which values discipline, you dont get to talk back to your elders or call them outta their name. not happening. if that happens in your household good for you . Abusive parenting is a whole different thing. But since people in this country dont know the difference between abuse and discipline, it doesnt surprise me the dumb comments against Gladys Knight.

        • Motun Moron says:

          Seriously don’t you have anything better to do?  Nobody cares what you have to say idiot.

        • guest12 says:

           Motun, your points are very valid. Keep up the good comments! People hate the truth, please keep shedding the light!!! In today’s society what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. 

    17. Anonymous says:

      Hate overboard.  

    18. Cedesvsworld says:

      It is not about adults being right, but about respecting adults and family wishes. Even Katherine’s lawyer has said that Janet was upset about Paris putting so much family info out. Janet is still her aunt and has the right to tell her when she is out of line. The Jackson have always been a private family and this includes Micheal. The name calling was wrong, but the slap might have been deserved. There is a difference between discipline and abuse,so lets not start saying that Paris is being abused by the Jacksons. 

    19. Janetjunkie1 says:

      First of all there was no slapping do people just believe what they hear. Ibdont buy for one second that was the exchange btween Janet & Paris. Its all speculation & people commenting in it like Gladys as if this iscall true are just as much in the wrong!!

      • Janetjunkie1 says:

        And btw l am a janet fan & very much disappointed she is getting herself caught up in this.

        • guest12 says:

           Yeah, me too! You know that Janet is pretty quiet and private. So something really bad has gone on with those kids to get pulled into this mess!!!

    20. Disgusted by the Jacksons says:

      I have never been particularly fond of Janet and have always felt that her public persona of being a nice woman with a baby voice was beyond farcical.  She’s probably the greediest one of the whole lot.  I’m glad that the Jackson kids have exposed their family for their perfidious ways.  I hope that they are placed in the hands of a family member or friend of the family who truly cares for them.

      • Tee Jay says:

        You are probably fat and; or ugly. Cuz u are hatin…we dont have all the facts, unless you know the Jackson personally…anybody on here. 

        Let he with no sin, cast the first stone….

      • guest12 says:

         You don’t even know the woman and you are passing judgement on her? Why? Janet worked just like Madonna worked to get her money. Janet doesn’t care what you think of her anyway! She is the 7th wealthiest female entertainers in America. She is a black woman that earned her money! Are you disgusted by the Kennedys?

    21. Blue says:

      Gladys really needs to STFU.  These kids wanted nothing more than answers and direct contact with their guardian. Janet and her siblings emotionally abused them as well as the rest of the family by lying about her whereabouts and blocking all access.  So your answer to child abuse is to knock their teeth out and take away their voice?  You must have MANY skeletons in your closet, Gladys.

      • Tee Jay says:

        Guess what, Gladys knows the Jackson’s and their situation way more intimately than anybody posting here or any media outlet. Remember it was the media that destroyed Mike and after he died, and it was revealed that MOST OF THE STORIES WERE FALSE AND MADE UP BY THE PRESS(kinda like now), they wanted to jump on his bandwagon. STOP! The flip flip is ugly, and what is even uglier is how quick you all are ready to ASSUME the worse.  Its documented that of all the sibs, he was closest to Mike…and Janet is one of the only folks who don’t want Paris to be involved in the spotlight, clearly she isn’t ready for it. What celeb airs out laundry like this…none of them, because the press spins, spins, spins and the truth always gets lost. 

        Stop hatin!

      • Motun says:

        maybe you need to STFU. she has known them for 40+ years and very close to the family. Like you dont put your 2 cents in other people’s business. Gladys is correct. if you disrespect your elders, you should be slapped. its a shame the slap didnt really happen because she did actually deserve to be slapped. It was just all about being a spoiled brat. the tweets and all the boo ha where unecessary. The adults that were around them knew where the grandma was but still decided to file a report like dummies just because they couldnt directly speak to her evn though they had spoken to the siblings she was with.

    22. Zzipster says:

      What a train wreck. It’s obvious what is going on. The Jackson family has lived off of Michael for years. Now they are trying to pull a big money grab. PATHETIC! 

    23. BioBassBoom says:

      So basically, a lot of people are saying that Paris should not have tweeted about anything? That she should have just went day to day, not being able to talk to her legal guardian, and just be told 10 days + that she is unavailable? Paris did the right thing. Just because someone is a kid, does not mean they can be mistreated by an adult and take it. I like Janet tons and have bought all of her albums since Velvet Rope, but to keep kids from talking to their guardian for 10 days (I’m sure it would have been longer than that had Paris not took to Twitter)…

      Get with the program. She put them on blast, and whatever they were up to fell through so far…

      ALSO, the house that Katherine and the kids live in is paid for by the Michael Jackson Estate. Janet rolled up in there, called her a B**ch and Paris gave that energy right by to Janet and let her know, this is not your house, get the F**k out… (Allegedly this is what they said)…

      So I am on the kid’s side. They should have been able to contact their guardian. The family used their adult tactics to avoid letting the kids speak to their guardian, so Paris got her results by going public.

      Don’t try to say that Paris was wrong when the “adults” were in the wrong first.

      Lets not forget, they also didn’t let Marlon speak to Katherine, and he was very upset…

      • Motun says:

        How was Paris mistreated? You dont know the genesis of the problems. Why didnt Katherine insist on calling the kids ? she needed a break from them and her kids knew it so they helped her get a vacation away from estate and kiddie issues. were they abandoned? no. unless you want to redefine abandonment. Did nobody know where Katherine Jackson was? No.  They and the Trent , who is a cousin were in contact with the siblings but did not accept their accounts of Katherine’s whereabouts. so dummy trent filed a miissing persons report and paris started tweeting. tag team of idiots. They fed the media the idea the katherine was kidnapped by her kids, brain washed, drugged and all that ridiculous nonsense that small minded people choose to believe. they say janet wants mikes money cause she’s drying up. really folks. common, your brains are have better potential than that. i know some love to hate the jacksons. just have a fair account of things.

    24. issa says:

      If the kids are spoiled, it’s because they have been given too much since their father past. Their dad did a good job of raising them. They were such wonderful kids when he died. If their behavior has gone for the worst it is only a reflection of their surroundings. What is going on in that home obviously isn’t okay if those kids feel they need to openly speak about what is going on around them. And if Janet DID call Paris names, then shame on Janet. I will bet Michael would not have resorted to that kind of talk towards his own kids. He was able to keep them in line without hostility.

      • guest12 says:

         How do you know this? Is it a fact? Did you help Michael raise these kids? So I take it that you are “ASS UMING?”

    25. Prettilicious123 says:

      Gladys has no right saying all this bullSh*t
      #1 you dont say ‘you’re a spoiled little b*tch’ to a 14 year old and I’m also 14 years old too
      Plus don’t be saying that “if she talked like that she would have no teeth”
      Gladys Knight, I hope you read this cuz your a b*tch for saying this bullsh*t

      • Motun says:

        you are definitely acting your age and clearly dont have any home training. I bet your mum is your friend. If your are clearly disrespectful to your adult family members , you should expect to be whammed on the face. if you loose a teeth in the process, so be it.

    26. tyrone says:

      I see a bunch of filthy rich spoiled black trash thugs supporting the abuse of three white CHILDREN and then more black trash coming out of the woodwork to Support it. if the roles were reversed we’d have the NAACP and Al Sharpton filing a lawsuit and Obama declaring that racism is still alive! well it is, its just that black people r the ones comitting all of the racist acts towards white people. black people r the haters, haters of all white people

      • Truth says:

         Congratulations for being a racist idiot. It takes a lot of work to maintain ignorance and hate, let alone to spew it in public, but I can see that you have persevered in your jack-assery. You must be proud.

        That is all.

    27. tyrone says:

      motun and teejay, u both r calling everyone who disagrees with u derogatory names and then supporting the child abuse of three white children by their black masters as u call it. u both have some serious issues and I hope u both get help before u abuse a child or commit a racist act against someone simply because they aren’t black trash like u.

      • Motun says:

        you responded. i guess you must be hollow in the head. Discipline should rule whether its a black kid or a white kid . I will not take too much time with you. based on your comments, you may be a victim of actual abuse. i know that occurs more in this country than discipline does. may be you were hit in the head way too much .Maybe your mum was your friend and not your “parent” i dont know. go see a therapist. No,  i mean go to twitter.

      • guest12 says:

         Why don’t you comment on The Kennedy’s? So, so much dirt!

    28. tyrone says:

      janet Jackson should be charged with child abuse right now!! where are u now al sharpton? where are u Obama? why isn’t Obama using this to declare racism is still alive and well like he did with duke lacrosse.

      • Motun says:

        slap did not occur, genius. you must be fathered bya TMZ staffer. thats where that story came from. if it were true, the kid would deserve a slap, white or black for being disrespectful. I know you are small minded but everyone deserves a shot at re nourishing their brain.

      • guest12 says:

         Are you this harsh on The Kennedy’s? They’ve done a lot worse than the Jackson’s!!!!!

    29. tyrone says:

      Janet jackson abuses a white child and black gladys knight supports it…….Hmmmm …….sounds like we have some black racist child abusers to me, bet the NAACP and al Sharpton and Obama and Oprah wont say a word about it other than to blame the white children for daring to breathe the same air as their black master, this racism and abuse towards white children has to stop!!

    30. bernier says:

      Let Joe run the family again, that’ll solve the tarrying &I respect problems! You can bet he didn’t take any back sass from his kids &u no parent should have to! When will people wake up &try realize that “being friends” w/their kids DOESN’T WORK.
      I think Paris should get some discipline, Twitter accnt deavtivated, & her phone privileges revoked until she learns what RESPECT is.

    31. Tommy10009 says:

      Janet – “I can’t sing and noone buys my records” – Jackson should keep her greedy Jackson hands away from MJ’s money.  I mean, MJ couldn’t stand his greedy family and stayed far far away from them.  Paris is one smart girl – she knows the score.  

      • guest12 says:

         Um, Janet is worth close to $200 million, she doesn’t need Michael’s money. Are you jealous of her? It seems so by your comments. Why are Janet’s concerts still selling out, number book, number one movies and yes NUMBER ONE CDs. Can Madonna sing? Hmm, I wonder why you wouldn’t make those same comments about her filthy behind??? I could only guess!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          lol..Janet  is not  as  rrich a  people  think–let’s not  forget  her ex-Renee Elizondo  demanded  a  huge  divorce settlement  from  her..  HUGE..  or  he’ll  expose all her  dirt..    she must  have paid  as  he’s  been quiet  eversince.

    32. Anonymous says:

      hmmm..Glady’s  really missed  the  midnight  train  here..  Michael  Jackson NEVER BELIEVED  IN  PHYSICALLY  CHASTISING HIS C HILDREN.. OR CHILDREN..  FULL  STOP!!!!  after  what  he  went through..

      now she  states  this???? I  should  think– if  she tried  to  do  this  to Paris..  Paris  would have belted  her  with a  karate chop.. andshe’ll be the one  to lose her  teeth..not  Paris..

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