EXCLUSIVE: Rupert Sanders “Infatuated With Kristen Stewart For Months”

Posted on July 26th, 2012 at 9:49 am

Ever since pictures were released of Kristen Stewart kissing director Rupert Sanders, rumors have been flying thick and fast as to what exactly happened between them and for how long.

RumorFix reached out to exclusive sources who tell us that Rupert, 41, was obsessed with Kristen and chased her for months.

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"He was absolutely infatuated with her," our source tells us. "He was after her for months but she was just in love with her boyfriend. She never chased him, never pursued him. He is much older than her and took advantage of his position. She was never a victim but he absolutely was the one to go after her. It was pretty obvious what was going on."

Reports that Kristen followed Rupert around the Snow White and the Huntsman set, even when she wasn't filming, are also untrue according to our source.

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RumorFix also learned there was no long-term affair - it was a one-time thing and pretty much just what we see in the Us Weekly photos.

"She was young and mistaken," our source says. "She is a strong girl and admitted she was wrong. That statement was Kristen, totally her own voice."

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  • 52 Responses

    1. gwen0007 says:

      she is no innocent in all this but I have to question the guy’s taste. Clearly it could not have been her acting that attracted him. She isn’t ugly at all but by no stretch of the imagination would I ever think that a man would ditch his wife for her.

      • kiley says:

        Well apparently this man did ditch his wife and kids for her. A very attractive one as well, just like the boyfriend who is adored by many lonely women. Seems she has captivated the attention of these lads quite well.

    2. Nadia says:

       I still love to kristen, and it isn’t important for me what everyone say of her <3

    3. rose says:

      Would not surprise me if he truly did chase her for months, she looks like a young version of his wife anyway,And she is looking stright at the camera in one of those pictures i very highly doubt that she even cared she had been snapped.

    4. guest says:

      lol. her pr team is working over time aren’t they? she’s the victim? nope, it took two to cheat.

    5. Sue Ellen says:

      I’m laughing at the ridiculous insistence that this was a one-time thing and that they’d never done anything like this ever before.  

      We have eyes.  What I see are two people who are very comfortable with one another and have no qualms about making out in two different locations when they’re not romantically looking out at the vista and grinding together.  

    6. Fati says:

      # RobPattinson should go to hit the face RUPERT …..

    7. Candystoysnstuff says:

      I dont believe this, why did he go meet him then?

    8. Katerina Smith says:

      All i can say is, everyone makes mistakes.

    9. twk44 says:

      I think he set her up http://tl.gd/ihu7tl

      • JMel says:

        I thought the exact same thing when I finally looked at all the pics. Not that she isn’t also to blame, cause she absolutely is. But I think Rupert set this up. Perhaps his marriage was already rocky and he thought this would be a good way to break up Rob and Kristen so Kristen would be available for him. Did you know that he started see his wife when she was only 17 and he was well into his twenties. Apparently he likes them young. 

        • Someone says:

          That is untrue. He met liberty when she was 17, much like Rob met Kristen, but he did not date ms Ross until she was almost 24. She has said this herself in You magazine. Rob likes them young, too, so stop making up crap,

    10. tracy says:

      once a cheater always a cheater

    11. N11999 says:

      RS very bad man

    12. Pattinsondody says:

      But she let him kiss him and she kissed him back and she was smiling.so they both are so bad persons .once a cheater ,always a cheater

    13. wulan stew says:

      I believe if kristen didn”t cheats rob

    14. Kaycee says:

      Her PR team is getting so desperate, pathetic, and ridiculous. They’re so shameless putting all the blame on the director.

      • 123 says:

        All the blame on him? She is the one crucifyed all over the internet….he seems a saint.  People barely talk about him. You just see article on her,Rob,her again,her,her,Rob. This may be the first article on him,and I’m not saying the story is true. We’ll never know. BTW if you read well,they say she’s not a victim,because she knew what she was doing…but apparently he went after her because he was infatueted.

        • SickOfStew says:

          they wouldn’t DARE paint her as a victim after what she did. I swear you Robstens will do anything to believe Kristen is perfect, poor poor kristen everyone hates her and are picking on her…Jesus, get a clue, the girl had an affair (which is more than likely NOT a one time “indiscretion” as she put it) with a married man that has kids. those pictures say a thousand words and NO not that they are fake or that she was set up but that they knew each other were comfortable and more than likely were having an ongoing affair from the time that she was working on Snow White. I am sorry but as far as I am concerned she is a soulless witch who doesnt care about anyone but herself and how far she can further her career.  yeah call me a hater, I dont give a rats ass 😉

          • Sarah says:

            First, I’ll say I don’t give two s*its about Kristen or Rob, OR Rupert. But the fact is that Rupert is the one in the marriage. Kristen is in her early twenties and is in a relationship, yes, but did not legally bind herself to Rob, and should not at this young age. Maybe people are only talking about Kristen because she is the more famous of the two, but Rupert is as much, or more, at fault than she is. HE cheated on his wife, with whom he has children. HE is much older. HE should know better. I think he’s a sleazebag, and she’s just a naive little girl who was led down the wrong path. Rupert is the homewrecker in actuality. Especially if he obsessively pursued her as this article states.

    15. Wootwoot says:

      Lol at anyone beleiving this piece straight from Kristen’s publicist.

    16. KScrew up says:

      Oh please, her PR people are working overtime on this. She’s like a shark, she sank her teeth into Rob and rode his coattails and then moved on to the director of the next teen franchise. She wants to direct, get behind the camera, she thought this guy could get her farther than Rob, since the Twi movies are almost over. She was just set her sights on the guy she thought she could use the most. She’s a user and a loser. She knew Sanders was married, she’d worked with his wife and children. This is what happens when you’re a spoiled brat who’s had everything handed to you on a silver platter. 

      • Sloan69 says:

        Couldnt have put it better myself. That is exactly what I think of her too. I wonder who the next unfortunate person will be on her next movie??

      • Tweety says:

        Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Why in the world would she need to ride Robert Pattinson’s coattails.  She was the one that made sure he got the job as Edward in the first place.  He was barely in New Moon and it did excellent at the box office.  Snow White wasn’t a teen movie.  The audience skewed over thirty.  If anything, he latched onto her.  Both men have a smaller resume than she does and Kristen put Rupert on the map.  She made a horrible mistake.  But, don’t get it twisted because you don’t like the girl.  She has paid her dues in this industry.  Rupert and Robert are the ones that have to play catch up. 

    17. Jared says:

      Can her PR team stop? This is embarrassing and making Kristen look like an idiot

    18. 123 says:

      This is the first article about him. All over the internet there are ONLY articles about Kristen as she cheated alone. Kristen has her faults,but him too. She can’t be accuse for his mistakes too and it seems everybody forgot it. 

    19. LuLu says:

      LOL Kristin stewart PR team, stop trying to make her appear desirable. This diseased looking director is all she could score, who probably helped her get the role, shows how desperate and insecure she is. Just sick.

    20. Anonymous says:

      If you believe it was a one time first time thing, you need to take off your tinfoil hat.  She is grinding on him she is familiar with her.  So her PR saw the damage they all did with her apology and how no believed that as well as  story so now they want to blame him 100%?  Not buying it at all.  It has nothing to do with liking her or not it has to do with what those pics say

    21. Candystoysnstuff says:

      Yeah next they will say that he was trying to rape her, hard to explain the smile on her face tho…..this is just so over the top it has become disgusting, poor Rob.

    22. Wendy says:

      I think the 50 pictures released show him as the complete aggressor and Kristin unfortunately  responded to the attraction.  The pictures show him making all the moves and I think he worked and worked on her and she in a moment of weakness caved.  Obviously she kissed him back and was smiling, she was comfortable with him and she probably admired him. He used her admiration as a way to spend time with her and she put herself in situations she knew she shouldn’t.  I thought things were a little strained with Kristen and Rob at Comic Con and definitely at the ET Canada taping, whatever it was between was probably part of the ups and downs of a relationship.  Kristen has had so much weight on her shoulders for 5 years, she’s moving on from Twilight and if nothing else it was a safety net that she was losing. Being an actress has to have ‘uncertain future’ as the number one con to that career choice, it has to be a big unbelievable stress.  She loves acting and she loves Rob but hated living in a fishbowl, it has to be a heavy twisted way to try and live. She had just quit smoking- which had to be a stress reliever and then you have this man who you admire continually pursuing you and flattering you and asking to meet you and it becomes the frog in the pot of water- you don’t realize what is happening until it starts to boil.  The only way the frog avoids that is to say never, never ever get into a pot of water.  I honestly believe Kristen will never ever be lulled into a situation like this again.  She’ll have relationships and admirer’s but she will never let herself cheat again.  She’s a tough girl and I believe no matter what happens in the future she will never ever feel this pain again.  Rob will probably stay away from her for the same reason- he can’t risk this much pain.  It is so sad and I know Rob is the victim but I totally feel for Kristen and I think the public shares in the downfall of a public figure.  

      • susan says:

        Knowing Rob and his position on fidelity I do not think they can patch things up.  My sister had an indescretion but his husband was able to forgive her but the difference is there were only a few of us who knew what happened.  In this case the whole world know 

    23. Mari says:

      Let me guess, the source is KStew’s management? I’m sorry I am not buying this article. It sounds too much like damage control for KStew and putting the blame on one party.

      The fact of the matter is that she is an adult. If she did not want to get involved with that guy she would just have said no. But she chose to enter this affair knowing that he was married with kids and even knowing the wife and the kids.

      And I am also not buying the one time thing. They were too cozy with each other in those pictures for this being just a “momentary lapse of judgement”.

    24. iCRAP says:

      so they’ve both moved out of the $6 million pad they rented together? that is so rich. i loooooove to wipe with $100 bills.

    25. Felice says:

      Way too comfortable with each other to be their first and only time. Still, for whatever reason, I think this had to be staged. How do you date someone for years on the down low, and then get caught in a parking lot in broad daylight?? 

    26. Naty says:

      I think its true. I mean, Kristen is not innocent. But Rupert is the married man! and much older.  Why only blame Kristen? Rupert hurted his family and children!!!

    27. Ritalopezguzman2 says:

      Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders may have been a shock to the public, but it wasn’t a shock to Kristen because Kristen actually had the pictures taken – as in tipped off a paparazzo – and had the audacity to send them to Liberty Ross.

      “Kristen went into Snow White and the Huntsman acting all friendly towards Liberty while she was after Rupert the entire time. When she felt like she had Rupert all about her, she flipped on Liberty and told her she should give Rupert a divorce to save herself the embarrassment of having her husband stolen from her,” says a source. 

      “Liberty was living in denial until Kristen sent her the pictures, but it was Liberty who sent them to all the major outlets. Kristen didn’t think she would do it because she’s so full of herself, that she thought Liberty would be too embarrassed to have this get out.” Well, looks like Kristen’s assumption was wrong.

      “Kristen is proud of what she did, though. She thinks she’s better than everyone else and she’s all about herself. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone else.”

      The source also adds that Ross will be filing for divorce in the very near future.

      • LOCA says:

        Uh Rita?  …Rita honey what asylum did you escape from?  The pics were
        taken by a pappz for USw.  Now put down the pen and go with the nice men
        in white…

    28. Guzman600 says:

      I just want to say that kristen Stewart got staged by the director because he knew that she’s a very known actress it’s so weird that the photagraher was there at the time I think all this is the directors fault and she too young I don’t think she would cheat with the director who is as old as her dad so I’m team Kristen Stewart 😀

    29. mel1961 says:

      What woman in their right mind would cheat on Robert Pattinson?  Much less with someone like Rupurt Sanders! He is ugly!

    30. malparido viejo loco espero que no te des el gusto de arruinar lo mejor que tenia kristen viejo cabron obsesionado de mierda, roba cuna.

    31. Not a fan says:

      There is no way this was a first time thing…Look how he has his legs between hers…Her butt grinding into his crotch….Him bending down below her neck to do what…answer his cell phone…I think not.. I really feel sad for his wife and two children…

    32. do says:

      A one time thing not several makeouts

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